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Chapter 157 - Grand Thief of Jiangyang

“Come on, you little gorgeous… Tell me, okay? This big sis here’s reeeally curious about you……” Jingyi was itching in frustration at that point- why was the guy still thinking about that thousand kuai? There were a couple tens of thousands of dollars in that wallet he’d just stolen, along with some rmb change…

Although, her curiosity in Lin Yi was indeed genuine- she really wanted to know who Lin Yi was… She’d met a really powerful character in the bar for no reason, stronger than even Wu Chentian…

Lin Yi’s insistence only intensified her curiosity- women just had that sort of curious urge sometimes.

“Ah……” Lin Yi had to admit- that beautiful voice, that alluring aura she was swallowing Lin Yi with… it got to him. Her attractiveness was on a whole other level.

But Lin Yi was certain that the maturity in her allure was intentional- twenty seven or eight years old was still pretty young. She was probably even younger than that, too, and it wasn’t easy to tell with the style of make up she’d decided to go with.

Lin Yi was also certain, from the way Jingyi talked to Chentian, that she wouldn’t be too old- She might’ve went for the ‘mature’ look because of her profession.

“Do you usually talk like that to your boss and customers too?” Lin Yi was warming up a little with that voice Jingyi was attacking him with- he wasn’t feeling very natural as of now.

Jingyi blinked at the statement before a blush formed on her face. She didn’t think she’d be one to puppy-whine like that… Every girl knew how, and there were plenty examples in movies to learn from even if they didn’t… Jingyi wouldn’t have went for that mature look if she’d been that type of girl, after all, and she could’ve very well done what the younger girls did, sweet-talking and puppy-whining for their benefit.

The sweeter tone of her voice slipped past her in her curiosity of Lin Yi this time around, and that embarrassed her. Lin Yi wouldn’t be able to see the red on her face in the dim lighting, at the very least.

“Ahaha…… you think big sis is that kind of woman, do you?” Jingyi said, evidently treating Lin Yi like a kid. The guy didn’t look very old, after all, and that resulted in a lowered guard on Jingyi’s part.

“You don’t look like it, but who knows?” Lin Yi said, not very polite.

“How about this? You tell big sis what you do for a living, and yours will be the only ears hearing this kind of voice from me.” Jingyi wasn’t that type of person, but her curiosity took priority. Taking Lin Yi’s age into account also made it more acceptable- she wouldn’t be losing anything by coaxing a younger kid with sweetness, after all.

“You really wanna know?” Lin Yi asked as he looked at Jingyi.

Jingyi nodded.

“Alright, I’ll tell you then. Don’t let anyone else know about this.” Lin Yi said, a solemn expression on her face.

“I won’t.” Jingyi said as she nodded her head subconsciously.

“I’m actually… the Grand Thief of Jiangyan!” Lin Yi said with lowered volume. “I’m currently a turned leaf, so……”

“Uh……” Jingyi looked at Lin Yi, full of disbelief. It sounded out of place, but Lin Yi’s serious face didn’t make it seem like he was lying. She decided to believe his claim. “For real? Don’t worry though, I promised you I wouldn’t tell.”

“Yep. So give me a thousand and then you can leave……” Lin Yi said with a nod.

Jingyi had made a deal, after all- she pulled ten hundred rmb notes out from her wallet and gave it to Lin Yi, who just took it without even counting them.

“Aren’t you gonna give me a contact number?” Jingyi said, a little frustrated that Lin Yi seemed to be done with her already. Any other guy would’ve been the one asking for her number, even if she didn’t……

It seemed that her appeal wasn’t as strong in Lin Yi’s eyes as the two young girls sitting over there, at the end of the day…

“152xxxx1234……” Lin Yi said, giving her his number. “Remember to prepare the money before you call!”

A waiter was moving over to move Chentian’s chair away when he heard Lin Yi’s words- he glanced at the money in Lin Yi’s hands, speechless…… So the guy was providing that sort of service……

He took a look at Sun Jingyi, even more speechless……. Why was the girl resorting to this, with looks like that..? She’d have men lining up for her with one wag of her finger, so why pay for this kind of service……

Jingyi understood instantly that the waiter was misunderstanding the situation after one look at him. It pissed her off a bit, but she took her leave after one final glare at Lin Yi.

Jingyi wondered if Lin Yi had some sort of secret forbidden technique- she’d never been in this sort of position with a man before……

What was more- the guy was even younger than her, with unorthodox methods as well… She’d lost quite an amount of face today, but Lin Yi did help her escape Chentian’s clutches. It was a one time thing, however, and Chentian would be back a couple of days later… She couldn’t run forever.

At that moment, some guy was sweating as he ruffled through his pockets… Where is it……

“Do you have money or not? You look like a gentleman, so I hope you’re not planning to freeload?” The taxi driver said impatiently.

“Bro, I forgot my wallet- it’s upstairs in my hotel room. I’ll go get it right now, if that’s alright?” Chentian cursed at his bad luck- why’d he give all the money to that employee anyway? Couldn’t he had left himself a hundred kuai or something?

“What kind of shit is that? What if you don’t come back down, where should I go look for you then?” The taxi driver said, evidently not trusting Chentian’s words. “Call your friend or something to send you money, I can’t let you leave if you don’t pay up……”

“Uh……” He’d just arrived at Songshan- there wasn’t anyone he could possibly call! “Bro, how bout you go up with me, I’ll pay you upstairs?”

“Go up with you? Are you joking? What if you have an ambush up there waiting for me?” The driver wasn’t stupid. “Also, they don’t allow long term parking here- what if the cops fine me if I go up with you? Stop dragging and call a friend!”

“Alright……” Chentian said as he dialed Jingyi’s number up.

Jingyi had just left the bar when her phone rang- it was Wu Chentian, and he was sticking to her like glue! Impatient, she hung the phone up before saving the number Lin Yi gave her as a contact.

Chentian’s phone rang up again a while after, and Jingyi answered it with an impatient frown. Jesus, give it a rest!! “What d’you want, Wu Chentian?? I’m in the middle of something with my boyfriend!”

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