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Chapter 144 - The Tailing Spy

Lin Yi stared at the text Mengyao had sent him. The first part was something he’d expected- it was a Chu Mengyao-styled sentence, after all, exactly something the Miss would say to him.

But the part about messing around with girls, and that thing about doorsteps? Lin Yi didn’t know what this girl was saying- when was he messing around with girls, and what was this bit about them being at the doorstep?


Lin Yi sent a text back to Mengyao, curious. “Has someone been looking for me?”

Mengyao frowned at the text- was the guy playing dumb? It was a pretty big deal for the school beauty to be asking for him; it didn’t seem very likely that it had happened without prior arrangement.

Yet, looking at it from a different perspective… Lin Yi would’ve told her that he wasn’t at school if the two had made an appointment with each other. That couldn’t be the case.

Mengyao decided to just tell him directly. “Tang Yin! She’s come for you quite a couple times, did you know that? Who’s little Hei?”

Mengyao realized midway that there was a weird ‘little Hei’ in Lin Yi’s text- who was that? It sounded more like a dog’s name than a person’s.

Tang Yin? Lin Yi wasn’t expecting Tang Yin to be asking for him- she looked pissed enough to ignore him for the rest of her life earlier this morning, so what was she doing looking for him on her own?

Lin Yi tried to figure out what Tang Yin could be looking for him for as he replied to Mengyao with a frown on his forehead. “Little Hei’s Heibao. What did Tang Yin wanna see me for?”

Mengyao’s mood turned pleasant instantly at Lin Yi’s text. Why was he calling Heibao little Hei? She’d heard a little bit about this Heibao character, this big bad gangster Zhong Pinliang was bragging about. He’d claimed that the guy was such a big shot that he could take on ten men if need be, but Lin Yi had sent the guy’s face into the ground, disfiguring him and everything…

Heh…… Mengyao grinned softly at Lin Yi calling Heibao little Hei when his ‘what did Tang Yin wanna see me for’ pissed her off again. Did the guy not even know himself?

“How am I supposed to know? It’s your trouble; you handle it yourself.” Mengyao finished, putting her phone inside her bag as she prepared for class.

“So Yao Yao, what did Shield Bro say?” Yushu asked- she’d been waiting for Mengyao to finish.

“You were looking the whole time, you think I didn’t notice?” Mengyao said, a little speechless. What was this girl doing, asking questions she already knew the answers to?

“Hehe……” Yushu grinned, a little embarrassed. “I thought you’d be able to decipher all this……”

“What? Decipher? You think I’m a fortune-teller or something?” Mengyao hmphed. “And what would I even be deciphering his stuff for?”

“Alright!” Yushu concluded- Mengyao didn’t look very friendly at the moment. She turned to the front as class started.

Lin Yi got up from his chair when class finished, making his way to class nine. Tang Yin didn’t have a cellphone, after all- he had to go there personally.

Mengyao knew for certain that Lin Yi was meeting up with Tang Yin as she eyed him leaving the classroom. It annoyed her for some reason.

“Wanna tail him, Mengyao?” Yushu asked with another shitty idea.

“Come on..!” Mengyao said, speechless. “Tail him? Don’t you know how good that dude is? How’re you gonna tail him? He’ll think I sent you if he catches you again.”

“Oh. I’ll just follow him openly then, tell him it’s me who’s curious.” Yushu said nonchalantly.

“......” Mengyao didn’t know what to say. “Fine, go yourself then. Remember not to say anything about me.”

“Kay, I’m off then! I won’t sell you out, so don’t worry!” Yushu said solemnly.

“That’s more like i- wait, what?” Mengyao blinked, realizing that Yushu was trolling her again. “Sell me out? You’re the one who wanted to go in the first place! You-!”

Mengyao wanted to grab Yushu for some punishment when Yushu slipped away with a chuckle.

Lin Yi was only two steps out of the classroom when he sensed someone following him. It was quite a mysterious sensation, this thing people referred to as the ‘sixth sense’.

It was something you’d feel when being followed or looked at from behind, even if you couldn’t see anything. Your body would even emit an aura to fend the gaze off should it be hostile- something known as killing intent.

Whatever the case, you’d feel discomfort when being tailed or peeked on, and many individuals possessed that sensitivity- Lin Yi was but one of them.

Lin Yi didn’t think much of it, since this person had no killing intent coming from him or her- it meant that the follower wasn’t a hostile entity. The jade wasn’t sending Lin Yi any warnings, as well.

Lin Yi glanced at the window on the open door of class nine to see who this person was- he grinned when he saw Chen Yushu in the reflection. What a curious mind this girl had. He decided to leave her be.

He walked forwards and stopped beside a window- Tang Yin should be sitting right on the other side of the wall. The curtains were down and the window was closed shut, but Lin Yi knocked on it all the same. He’d went to her class right after class ended, and she couldn’t have left yet.

Tang Yin heard the knock right beside her, and lifted the curtain up curiously only to see Lin Yi on the other side. She panicked, letting go and dropping the curtain back down instinctively.

She then realized that Lin Yi might’ve heard about her asking for him earlier. She pulled the curtain up and pushed open the window.

“You… came?” Tang Yin said, a little annoyed that the guy had let her make so many trips to his class for nothing.

“Ah, had something to take care of in the morning. I left after we split up at the school gate.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“You don’t have to tell me what you were doing……” Tang Yin said with a blush as she tried to make the line between them clear- Lin Yi’s words were sounding a little too intimate, as if they had a daily routine where they went to school together…

“Okay, so I heard you’ve been looking for me? What’s up?” Lin Yi said straight to the point.

‘What’s up’? Tang Yin really wanted to bite this guy- what was he looking so innocent for? Wasn’t he the one who offered her mom a recipe? Was he regretting that offer already? Did he not want to give it to her anymore? Was he trying to toy with her again?

ill leave the glossary as it is for now.. deal with it some other day. also SORRY IT WAS SO BAD OF A SURPRISE PPL DIDNT EVEN THINK IT WAS ONE

im gonna sleep earlier today, hopefull ill wake up earlier and do a couple of early chapters- stay tuned

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