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Yu Shu heard Meng Yao complaining about the fish strips, and tried some herself. It was indeed a little sweet. She was on a diet! There was no way she could eat anything sweet, so the plate was pushed to Lin Yi.

He couldn’t possibly care any less if the fish was sour or sweet; meat was meat. Lin Yi hadn’t eaten the whole day, and he was starving.

It was good, much better than Widow Wang’s food stand. The taste, the ingredients… Everything was levels higher than what Widow Wang could make. Weren’t these two girls being too picky?

Meanwhile, Meng Yao took a piece of boiled fish and put it in her mouth. Her face went red from how spicy it was, and she started to fan her burning lips with a hand. “Oh, it’s hot, it’s hot! Where’s the water?”

The orange juice on the table was the first thing that caught her eye. Without so much as a second thought, Meng Yao grabbed the juice and started chugging it, going through half the bottle before she put it down, satisfied. “Phew! Ahh.. that’s nice.”

Yu Shu blinked as she processed what happened. She looked at Lin Yi, and then the orange juice. Then she looked at Meng Yao’s lips, her face blank with disbelief. Lin Yi, on the other hand, was simply surprised at how open minded city girls were. Not only did they not mind drinking from someone else’s bottle, they even drank it with their lips pressing against it! Very violent drinking, these city girls.

Meng Yao was enjoying herself to the fullest when she noticed how intently Yu Shu was staring at her. “Shu, what are you looking at me for?”

“Uh… Nothing…” Yu Shu sighed, not sure if she should tell her what happened. Meng Yao’s temper wasn’t something you’d want to mess with.

“Staring at me for nothing?” Meng Yao was perplexed as she shook her head. What’s up with Shu? She took another piece of boiled fish for the spicy thrill, and was overwhelmed once more. Grabbing the orange juice, Meng Yao pressed the bottle against her lips.

“Don’t…!” Yu Shu was about to stop her when she saw Meng Yao chugging the juice down again.

“What? What now? Are you okay, Shu? You’re acting weird.” Meng Yao put the juice down before wiping her lips with a hand. She frowned at her friend.

“Um… nevermind…” Yu Shu didn’t know if she should be laughing or pitying Meng Yao as she looked at her oblivious face. The funniest part was how she used Lin Yi’s bottle twice! Once wasn’t enough to satisfy her, apparently.

“Shu, stop mumbling! If you have something to say, just say it!” Meng Yao was starting to get impatient. Why was Shu acting so mysteriously?

Yu Shu didn’t see any other choice, so she pointed at the bottle of orange juice. “That...drink…”

“What about this drink?” Meng Yao frowned. “Just go get another one, what’s the big deal, there’s plenty in the fridge! What’s up with you, Shu?”

Yu Shu burst out in laughter in response. “Hahahahaha, oh man, Yao Yao! Haven’t you realized? That’s not my drink!”

“Not your dri-” Meng Yao froze mid sentence as she turned her head at Lin Yi, her face changing. “Is… this yours?”

Lin Yi simply nodded innocently. So much for that bit about open minded city girls- turns out Meng Yao just mistook his drink for Yu Shu’s.

“FUCK!!!” Meng Yao’s index finger flew up at Lin Yi to point at him instinctively, her face going green. She stared at him with wide eyes, but no words came out of her mouth. With a burst, she charged out of her chair and into the toilet with a hand over her mouth.

Meng Yao could be heard vomiting in the toilet, and Yu Shu, who was enjoying herself up until that point, stopped laughing. Getting up, she made her way to the toilet as well.

“Yao Yao… I told you I didn’t wanna say anything! You were the one who kept forcing me…” Yu Shu seemed apologetic as she watched bitterly. Meng Yao was not having a good time.

“Why didn’t you say anything earli-” Meng Yao was glaring at Yu Shu when another surge of vomit surfaced.

“Seriously, that fast…?” Yu Shu said with a doubtful tone as she looked at Meng Yao. “But mom said that kissing wouldn’t get you pregnant!”

Meng Yao was recovering when Yu Shu’s words hit her with a wall of disgust. An indirect kiss with that fucking Lin Yi! Meng Yao’s eyes wetted instantly as tears dropped out.

Eighteen years! She had been saving her precious first kiss for eighteen years, and now it was gone! Meng Yao was about to faint, but she managed to pick herself up for another glare, her lips trembling. “Are you stupid..? Pregnant?! Don’t you even know basic biology!?”

“Yeah, that’s right, I’m stupid!!! You’re the smartest!!!” Yu Shu was getting frustrated as well. Meng Yao was the one who messed up and kissed Lin Yi, what did it have to do with her?

Meng Yao was getting really pissed now. How can Shu laugh at something as tragic as this? In a fit of crazed rage, she lunged and planted her lips on Shu’s.

The kiss connected solidly before Meng Yao let go, her voice full of hatred. “That’s what you get! Now we’ve both kissed him!”

“Aaaaaahhh!!! W-what have you done!” She couldn’t believe this toxic woman! How could she do this?! Yu Shu, however, regained her composure mentally not long after. Meng Yao did have Lin Yi’s saliva on her, but she was vomiting like there was no tomorrow only moments ago! There shouldn’t be any traces of Lin Yi left on her lips! Yes, yes! She was safe!

With that thought, Yu Shu instantly felt better. One look at Meng Yao frantically gargling her mouth, however, reminded her that she should follow suit and pretend to be devastated.

The two took their time cleansing themselves in the toilet before things quieted down. Meng Yao understood it well deep inside- she could peel her lips off and nothing would change. Her first kiss was gone.

Her feelings for Lin Yi, however, were reaching the boiling point. Letting this man into her villa was a grave, grave mistake!

Meng Yao was filled with killing intent just a while ago, the type that would override all logical thought. She was sure she’d have stabbed Lin Yi with no hesitation should a knife fall into her hands that moment.

Yet all she felt now was pure exhaustion. Too tired to yell at Lin Yi, Meng Yao looked at the table filled with food and the dumb face Lin Yi was wearing. Her lips twitched, and she wobbled her way up the stairs...

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