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10678 Chapter 10667-

In their minds, even if the spirit Emperor’s bloodline betrayed the spirit race, it would never be the Qing family’s turn!

However, Madam Qing’s action was no different from a public rebellion, and she had done it in an open and aboveboard way, directly standing on the side of the human poachers!

While everyone was shocked, Madam Qing’s next move made everyone’s eyelids Twitch.

She stomped down heavily, and the other 39 giant oil cauldrons shattered at the same time!

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Overthrowing a large pot in public was already an unimaginably serious crime. He didn’t expect that lady Qing would put all her eggs in one basket and directly destroy all 40 large oil pots, killing the entire living sacrifice in front of everyone!

At that moment, even the Ling clan members who were thinking about the Qing clan were shocked speechless.

“Traitor! A traitor! You should die ten thousand times!”

the spiritual race elder fainted on the spot, and the rage of the entire crowd exploded.

Before this, with the Qing family’s prestige, no matter what treasonous things Madam Qing said, no one would dare to touch her. After all, she was in a superior position.

Even if a spirit Emperor wanted to touch her, he would have to think twice. The slightest carelessness would lead to a complete loss.

But now, Madam Qing had successfully turned him into the public enemy of the entire spirit race with just this one move!

Another elder of the Ling clan, who was on the Qing family’s side, saw Madam Qing’s determined expression and said bitterly, “”Why do you have to do this! Why do you have to do this! You shouldn’t have taken this step!”

Now that the situation had developed to this point, it was impossible for them to exonerate Madam Qing even if they wanted to.

“Kill her! Kill her!”

As expected, someone from the other faction quickly jumped out to encourage the crowd. Under the agitation of the crowd, the rhythm of the whole scene was quickly driven, and the voices demanding to kill Madam Qing rose and fell.

Seeing this, Madam Qing muttered to herself, ” although the people of the world are determined, the Ling clan can not destroy itself because of a living sacrifice. If they must be destroyed, then they will destroy my Qing family.

The spirit Emperor, who was sitting on the throne, was ecstatic.

The Qing family had always been the most feared force in the spiritual Emperor lineage.

On the surface, the sovereign and his subjects had always been harmonious, and even in the long history of the Ling clan, it was one of the best stories. But in fact, all the previous Ling emperors had been racking their brains to weaken the Qing family.

Even though the Qing family had been weakened to the point where only Madam Qing was left, she was still a major threat to him.

If Madam Qing had remained rational and tried to unite the people again, gathering the people of the Ling clan who were loyal to the Qing family into a huge force, that would have been the last thing the spiritual Emperor wanted to see.

And now, Madam Qing was rebelling as if she had lost her mind. In the eyes of the newly-appointed spiritual Emperor, this was a blessing from heaven!

Because of Madam Qing’s actions, the reputation of the entire Qing family would be destroyed.

From now on, the Qing family would no longer be a symbol of loyalty. The huge hearts of the people gathered around the Qing family would fall apart.

No one could truly destroy the Qing family, except the Qing family itself.

Madam Qing had done this perfectly.

However, Madam Qing didn’t care about the angry yells of the crowd.

The Qing family’s loyalty was a great threat to the spiritual Emperor’s lineage, but it was also a shackle that was firmly embedded in the Qing family’s head!

If not for this, how could the once powerful and powerful Qing family have fallen to the point where she was the only orphan?

In the eyes of others, her best choice was to follow the teachings of her ancestors and stand with the Ling clan members who were loyal to the Qing family, and build a new Qing family with her own strength.

But she didn’t want to, and at the same time, she couldn’t.

The current spirit clan was no longer the spirit clan that she had been familiar with in the past. What she had to face was not only the ambitious new spirit Emperor in front of her, but also the entire spirit clan that had become completely agitated and fanatical under the continuous instigation of certain people!

The boiling scene in front of them was a living proof.

Madam Qing glanced at the tall figure who was standing respectfully below the spiritual Emperor.

The Prophet of the spirit.

The eldars had gotten to where they were today not only because of the ambitious descendants of the spirit Emperor. This highly-respected Prophet had also added fuel to the fire and even played a vital leading role.

The spirit Emperor and the Prophet worked together to do something that no one in the spirit race could stop.

She couldn’t stop such a huge force by herself. No matter what she did, she was destined to be a moth flying into the fire.

Therefore, using her own life and the reputation of the entire Qing Corporation to put out this fire that was about to start was her last choice.

As for what would happen to the spirit race in the future, she was powerless to interfere.

The Furious Ling clan people couldn’t see Madam Qing’s resolution. At this moment, they only wanted to execute her in front of everyone!

The spirit Emperor said slowly, his eyes filled with greed and pity.”It seems that you have long been prepared to die. But I’m afraid that you are not so calculative just for these 4000 dirty and despicable human poachers, right?”

“You’re doing all this, aren’t you still thinking of paying with your life for that person in the well?”

The angry crowd paused for a moment and followed the spiritual Emperor’s gaze to the dry well in the center of the square. They couldn’t help but become even more excited!

Madam Qing’s heart sank, but she did not refute.

Whether she admitted it or not, at least in the depths of her heart, she would not believe that she did not have such thoughts at all.

In fact, the reason why she had made such a desperate decision today was, to a large extent, because of this subconscious thought in her mind.

If it wasn’t for Lin Yi, she would’ve tried to gather the People’s hearts even if she knew it was a futile attempt. She would’ve done what her ancestors did, restraining the spirit Emperor and the Prophet’s ambitions and fighting for a chance of survival for the spirit race.

But now, all of this was no longer important.

Madam Qing looked at the well. She couldn’t see Lin Yi at the bottom from her angle, but just one look was enough to make her feel at ease.

At the same time, there was a kind of expectation in his heart that he should not have.

Apart from shattering the 39 giant oil cauldrons, her kick also created a crack that was hard to see with the naked eye that spread toward the dry well.

She knew that even if Lin Yi could get out of the well, he wouldn’t be a match for the spirit Emperor due to the sparrow in the cage. However, she still hoped that Lin Yi could get out of the well.

The spirit Emperor could tell what she was thinking, and he said with a teasing expression, ” you still think he can get away? I don’t know if you’re naive or childish.

there is no turning back in life. From the moment you decided to bring him back and put the seal of the Caged Bird on him, he was destined to die.

“And you, it’s impossible to turn back.”