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Chapter 1560: The Doors Of Time And Space Had To Be Opened Earlier, We Cannot Wait Any Longer

Lea had originally already been doting on Gu Mengmeng. Now that she was pregnant, he would naturally pamper her even more, how could he let her stay hungry?

So he lightly patted her back and said, “Hold on, it will be ready soon.”

Elvis carried Gu Mengmeng to sit by the fire, while she laid lazily in his arms while waiting for food. When she saw Cole already awake, she smiled slightly and said, “You’re awake.”

“Yeah.” Cole returned a slight smile. He responded with a word but his eyes had dimmed.

Lea was used to Gu Mengmeng’s taste so all the dishes he prepared were according to her taste, so she naturally was satisfied while eating it.

After she was full, Elvis and Lea held her on each side to take a stroll in the cave to digest the food. After walking two to three rounds, she said that she was tired and wanted to sleep.

It was the first time Lea and Elvis had taken care of a female child, so they did not think that there was any issue. After all, a girl was fragile and difficult to care for, so they thought that it was natural for Gu Mengmeng to feel tired.

Moreover, sleeping after eating and eating after waking up was practically Elvis and Lea’s ideal lifestyle for Gu Mengmeng so they did not have any complaints.

But Cole’s face darkened even more.

Elvis carried Gu Mengmeng into the room to sleep and soon, her steady breathing was heard.

Cole placed the bowl in his hands aside and said, “Both of you, come out for a while.”

Lea and Elvis were stunned. Even though their relationship with Cole had improved slightly, his presence was still awkward. If there was no need, they would not interact at all.

Especially between Elvis and Cole, there was no relationship at all, they were just unable to stand each other.

It was the first time Cole had used such a rude way of calling them, almost sounding like an order.

“It’s about Ah Gu,” Cole added.

Elvis and Lea looked at each other, then stood up and walked out.

Cole used his glance to indicate that they should go somewhere further to talk and not disturb Gu Mengmeng.

Elvis and Lea did not have any objections and followed Cole to the other side of the cave.

“What’s wrong?” Elvis asked with a displeased face.

Cole looked back at the Gu Mengmeng’s room door and said mysteriously, “How long has she been in this state?”

Elvis and Lea looked at Cole in confusion. What did he mean by ‘this state’?

Cole frowned a little impatiently, but he suppressed it and explained, “Ah Gu;s womb, if it was a male child, it’s too small. But if it’s a female child… don’t you think that it’s too big? It’s already like this after a month, then how big would it be when it’s ready for delivery?”

Once Cole said this, Lea was surprised and his brows were tightly furrowed.

“She would feel tired during pregnancy, but Ah Gu’s health had usually been great, and she had two of the seven treasures, Tear of the Beast Deity and Love of the Sky, supporting her body, would it be normal for her to be so groggy and sleepy? You this witch doctor…” Cole criticised half way and did not continue. But he sighed and shook his head.

Elvis did not have any medical knowledge but he could understand one thing. That was that Gu Mengmeng was abnormal, she was in danger.

Elvis grabbed Cole’s neck and pinned him tightly against the wall, saying, “Explain clearly, what’s wrong with Xiao Meng?!”

Cole blocked and pushed away Elvis’ hands, saying, “The doors of time and space had to be opened earlier, we cannot wait any longer.”

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