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Chapter 2053

The four ships looked incredibly disgusting, being covered in blood all over and about the size of the Starvore. It looked like they had emerged from a pool of blood and they resembled different internal organs, namely the heart, lungs, liver, and spleen. The heart flew away from the Eye of the Blood Abyss and took on a monitoring role, able to flee at any time. If they lost, that would be their escape vessel. It could probably also become a new surveillance ship to track the sun for the main troops that were on the way. The Blood Abyss Wargod was nothing if not thorough in his planning.

The other three ‘organs’ dispersed and started attacking the sun from three directions. The Blood Abyss Wargod and his ship remained to face off against Tianming. Things were starting to get rather dangerous; Tianming hadn't expected that the Eye of the Blood Abyss was a mothership with four smaller vessels, each of which were immensely powerful in their own right.

"No worries. Leave it to your old man," Wudi nonchalantly said.

"Are you sure you can take on three seventh-level sovereigns?" Tianming asked.

"Haha, they'll all die before a single one of their hairs reach the surface!"

Tianming felt rather relieved at hearing that. He knew that Wudi was mainly going to rely on the Flameyellow Guard Formation. Given its current strength, the sun might be more powerful than a skypiercer-class world. "Even so, the formation might still end up breached. I’ll have to deal with the Blood Abyss Wargod quickly if I’m to save the sun!"

There was no turning back. If the foes before him didn't die, the main fleet of the mysterians would be able to find them. Once the other two of the Three Sovereigns Mysterium arrived, there would be no more hope.

"Should I use the ship against his or should I directly fight the Blood Abyss Wargod?" It seemed that the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb couldn't compare to the Eye of the Blood Abyss, so directly fighting the sovereign might be the better choice. But he knew that, as long as the enemy ship wasn't vanquished, the sun would always be followed. Even if the Blood Abyss Wargod was defeated, he could still escape in the ship. Tianming could still give chase with the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, but once he got too far from the sun, he would no longer be able to fight on the same level. Not to mention, the ‘heart’ that had already left the battlefield was a huge problem in its own right. Tianming decided he would first vanquish the Eye of the Blood Abyss.

The enemy had already started their offensive; the Blood Abyss Wargod wouldn't waste any time on conversation. Tianming quickly returned to his ship and activated its core. The nine dragon heads came to life and roared at the eyeball ship, ready for confrontation.

"Not bad, it's a divine astralship that can fight at close range. It's definitely a skypiercer-class ship." The Blood Abyss Wargod returned to his ship and did the same. The battle began without any word or ceremony. Right as the other three ‘organs’ began attacking the Flameyellow Guard Formation, the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb clashed with the Eye of the Blood Abyss, letting out a resounding rumble!

"The faceless specters' divine astralships aren't anything to scoff at!" They were famous for being tough, after all, and that characteristic was reflected in the Eye of the Blood Abyss. Being a spherical ship, it didn't have any obvious structural weak points. The claws of the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb simply slipped off its surface, leaving nothing but faint marks. The sphere, on the other hand, only needed to slam into the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb to shake it from within and without. Not to mention, it was also spinning at high speed.

"It's actually this hard to deal with?" Tianming started feeling a mounting pressure. Over the next few clashes, the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb fared worse than the enemy ship. The difference in their mass was too large!

"This can't go on." Even though the Eye of the Blood Abyss could only ram, it was a practical enough move. With enough collisions, real damage would begin piling up. "My advantage lies in control! The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb is agile enough. I have to win in more roundabout ways!"

He immediately gave up on fighting with brute force. "The Flameyellow Guard Formation is an advantage for me. I don't have to fight them head on out here." The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb immediately turned tail. In fact, it even locked on to one of the ships of the Fiendshade Quadruplets near the sun.

"Do you think you can run?" The Eye of the Blood Abyss swiftly gave chase. While the Blood Abyss Wargod was astounded by the power of the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, things were still under control. However, the tomb managed to evade the eyeball ship's attempt to ram it from behind.

"Amazing! Looks like you're quite an experienced pilot now," Ying Huo praised. The evasive maneuver was shocking to see indeed.

"I gotta stay calm!" Tianming was sweating from the close call just now. He kept telling himself to watch out for a fierce charge by the Eye of the Blood Abyss. Fortunately, missing them meant that it would overshoot them by quite a bit. Eventually, the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb made it into the flaming cloud zone.

"Come on! We'll close the cage behind you and fight!" Wudi roared as the flaming beasts manifested in the formation. The Eye of the Blood Abyss encountered quite a lot of obstructions within the formation as countless flaming beasts and nova source bursts shook it to no end.

"How could a minor world like this possess such a fierce astralguard formation? It must be an ancient deific-class world! Li Tianming's ship might have an even stronger form, too!" The Blood Abyss Wargod felt his blood pumping, but he wondered where the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb could be.

"Admiral, it's here with me!" One of the Fiendshade Quadruplets sent a distress call to the mothership.

"So that's what you were going for." The Blood Abyss Wargod chuckled and gave chase. While his ship was fast, the formation made it so that he couldn't move too freely. Wudi had given it his all to impede the ship, while the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb was completely unobstructed.

"Trying to run, huh?"

The largest of the dragon heads was above the lung-shaped ship in the astralscape. The ‘organ’ was much smaller than the main ship, and of a completely different class. It wasn't that the Fiendshade Quadruplets didn't deserve larger, more impressive ships, but rather that larger ships wouldn't be able to fit within the Eye of the Blood Abyss.

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The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb accelerated toward its target and unleashed the Ninedragon Apotheosis it had been charging up, immediately shattering it into pieces that burned up in the flaming formation beneath. The Eye of the Blood Abyss only managed to catch up in time to witness the sight.

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