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Chapter 1868 - Asphyxiating

Tianming standing in the front of them alone was enough to stoke their fighting spirits. They were fighting without fear of death against invading flaming demons! Even before the fight, their spirits were already resisting. The souls of both sides seemed to clash into each other even before the enemy arrived.

"Brother Tianming, I'll be looking for an opportunity to fight," Lingfeng said, looking at the sea of flames in the north. He was still weak right now and wasn't suited to fighting straight on, so he had to fight from the shadows to get a chance.

"Go ahead," Tianming said.


"Feng." Lingfeng turned back. Tianming smiled at him and held his hand tight. "After the war, our journey continues. None of us are allowed to die here."

"Don't worry. I still have to make Qingyu happy again, and I won't willingly die until I do that." Lingfeng let go of Tianming’s hand and retreated into the crowd, blending in with it, leaving only Weisheng Moran with him.

"What should I do?" she asked, her face pale.

"Just stick close to me and fight whoever I'm fighting."

"Understood." She resolutely grit her teeth. The mission Tianming had given her was easy to understand. She looked up at the youth before her, who was pointing the Grand-Orient Sword ahead at the front of the vanguard. His black and gold imperial robes and white hair fluttered in the wind. His eyes radiated a divine light, and he wielded an imperial greatsword. Everything about him radiated the aura of a sovereign.

His lifebound beasts had long graced the battlefield. Like usual, Xian Xian was the farthest away from him, in charge of attacking and confusing the enemy while saving the injured. Its roots and vines were really versatile. Yin Chen was scattered all across the battlefield. Tianming stood atop Lan Huang, fully wearing the mantle of the Imperialdragon Princeps. Lan Huang was treated like the ruler of dragons and its roars alone brought the blood of all the troops of the Ninedragon Army to a boil. Above its two heads were two 'cannons'.

Tianming was their spiritual support, and everyone in the Myriaddragon Mountains would witness his actions and deeds. As long as he didn't fall, the number of his Omnisentient Threads would only grow.

The mountain range was already incessantly rumbling. People were just specks of dust on this grand battlefield, and the combatants had no idea how the war was going on the whole. The moment had come; the three hundred million celestial orderians had arrived. The oppressive sea of fire had finally reached Myriaddragon Mountains.

Without rest or pause, they immediately went on the attack. They didn't even wait for the Divine Sun Palace to wear down the formation first. It was nothing but straightforward savagery. At the same time, the gigantic golden head came flying without warning and started charging up its Divine Wrath. The flames of all the totems and the Divine Sun Palace blended with the clouds above, seemingly enveloping the entire mountain range in fire. The invading force of the enemy made for a domineering sight. Their totems majestically rose into the air, filling the sky with so much pressure that it made it hard to breathe.


Every celestial orderian and all of their totems said nothing but that one word. It was like a heavy punch that slammed against the cultivators within the formation before they had even clashed.

"Last time, they lost tens of millions of troops here! This time around, we'll recreate that nightmare!"

Tianming looked at the flaming army calmly as he rose up. Then, millions of totem swords appeared around him. With his two sacrosuns supporting him, his lifebound beasts, totems, and divine wonders were at their peak of power. He was far stronger than when he had defeated the dreamless celestial emperor. The army before him was nothing but dust!

Lan Huang roared as the Primordial Swords around its body jutted out. Its Primordial Soundwave was the spark that ignited the fire in their


All thirty million dragon beastmasters charged with Tianming in front of them, forming the most elite force in their ranks. Meow Meow and Ying Huo fired off abilities into the sea of flames from Lan Huang's heads. The grandest battle on the sun had started, marking the beginning of endless bloodshed.

The Divine Sun Palace launched its first Divine Wrath blast as the signal to attack. Flames covered everything as far as the eyes could see as a pillar of golden light slammed against the Aeonic Infinidragon Formation, heavily shaking it. The shockwaves of the blast spread flames all over, seemingly creating countless fireworks in the air and reminding the Myriad Solar Sects of the nightmarish symbol of power that the sun emperor possessed.

Fortunately, they had Tianming on their side, the favored child of heaven's fate! They knew from their resonance with him that Tianming was bathing in the blood he spilled at the front lines. There was no trickery on either side, just pure, straightforward violence.

The battlefield was far too noisy and chaotic. Tianming couldn't even properly hear Yin Chen's voice through all the slaughter that was going on. He used everything at his disposal—beasts, totems, divine wonders, and his weapons. His hands were covered in fresh blood and corpses littered the ground behind him. In a short instant, he wondered if there was a reason why all these lives had met their end at this point. He didn't know why, only that these were the laws the universe had set.

The flipside of might was violence. Though resources were limited, the demand for them was limitless. As such, eternal peace would forever remain a pleasant illusion. Strife was the only constant in the universe, and the lives it claimed were nothing but insignificant insects.

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