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Chapter 375: Yiyi went crazy from all the killing

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“Alright,” he said.

After the abyssal passage was opened, the first batch of Abyssals that descended on the Blue Planet had already surged toward the nearby towns, villages, and forests.

The town that Jiang He and the White Pigeon arrived at after passing through was the town with the most abyssal creatures.

After the death of their “commander,” the other abyssal species did not stop killing and devouring. Instead, they became even more aggressive.

“Looking at the shape of these abyssal creatures, the invasion should be from the fifth level of the abyss, the abyss of gluttony. Fortunately, it should only be an advance force.”

After a year of learning, Jiang He was no longer the noob he used to be.

He had memorized all the known abyssal species and the main characteristics of the various abyssal species.

The fifth level of the abyss of gluttony was a relatively shallow level of the abyss. The ruler of the abyss was only at the undying level. He had been severely injured in a battle many years ago and had been hiding in the depths of the abyss of gluttony.

The threat wasn’t that great.

The most unique characteristic of the gluttonous abyssal species was that it would always be in a state of extreme hunger and would continue to devour any living or non-living thing.

It could be said that “if life doesn’t end, you won’t stop working.”


However, this kind of feeding would not only not kill them, but would also promote their evolution.

On the contrary, if they didn’t eat for a long time, their bodies would wither, and at that time, they would devour their own kind or even their own bodies.

This was the main characteristic of the gluttonous abyssal species. It had no intelligence and was born to eat.

“Yiyi, the Phoenix’s fire burns the plains.”

Jiang He gave the order in his heart.

“Qiang Qiang!”

While Ziyue was fighting the three abyssal creatures, Yiyi had already completed the nine true spirit transformations and the divine bird descent. She had completely transformed into the form of the undying Dark Phoenix.

“Qiang Qiang!”

A loud Phoenix cry came from the sky above the town. The survivors in the corners, ruins, and basements quietly looked up and saw a mysterious Dark Phoenix in the sky.

Along with the Phoenix’s cry, black flames fell from the sky like meteorites, landing in various areas of the town.

The moment the “black meteor” landed, the dark Fire exploded and quickly spread in all directions, almost setting the whole town on fire.

Surmounting skill, Phoenix Fire Prairie Fire.

However, the amazing thing was that these flames seemed to have a fixed attack function.

When it passed through humans or ordinary buildings, it did not cause any damage to it. However, the moment it came into contact with the abyssal species, it would explode with a super high temperature of tens of thousands of degrees and burn it into black charcoal.

This was also the result of Yiyi’s three months of training. Its control of the undying nether flame had already reached the level of the thoroughly meticulous!

“Qiang Qiang!”

Yiyi let out a resounding Phoenix cry once again. Another streak of Phoenix Fire Prairie Fire swept towards the distant area that wasn’t covered by flames.

The two Phoenix Flames were enough to cover the entire town.

On the ground, people who didn’t understand the Phoenix language might think that the Phoenix cry was pure and sacred.

In reality, what Yiyi said was medium well! Medium well!”

In fact, Yiyi could have exploded with flames of higher temperature and turned these abyssal species into ashes.

However, Jiang He asked it not to destroy the “bodies” of these abyssal creatures as much as possible because Jiang He wanted to transform them into his “own people”.

“Jiang Changxi, can you try to transform it into an abyssal seed?”

Jiang He said to the ice ghost king.

He had not tried the transformation of an abyssal seed yet, so he did not know if it would be successful.


The ice ghost king nodded, and golden light burst out of his golden eyes. The dark blue flame-like mist around his body suddenly exploded, sweeping toward the nearby abyssal Liger beast like an ice explosion.

Calamity domain, activate!

As the death energy continued to erode, the abyssal Liger beast’s still warm body quickly disintegrated, turning into a dark blue mist.

The dark blue mist kept changing its shape, and soon, it was about to condense into an illusory undead Liger beast.


However, when the abyssal Liger’s body was halfway through its transformation, Jiang Yao let out an urgent cry.

It said that it could turn abyssal Liger beasts into undead followers, but it was still too difficult for it to turn them into monarch-level abyssal species.

“Then, let’s possess him!”

Jiang He said calmly.


The ice ghost king in his human form nodded and slowly floated toward Jiang He, finally merging perfectly into Jiang He’s body.

White snow was speechless.

The White Pigeon was speechless.

The undead dragon white Snow’s golden eyes widened as it watched the ice ghost king possess Jiang He.

He had a look of disbelief on his face.

The ice ghost king, whom he had grown up with, could actually possess someone else?

Why did it feel like … He was awesome?

Bai Ge was surprised. She didn’t expect her junior to have developed the ice ghost King’s possession form.

He was simply too handsome!

After the ice ghost king possessed Jiang He, the death aura that surged toward the abyssal Liger beast suddenly became much stronger.


A dark blue fire burned in the eye sockets of the undead Liger beast, as if it had been given a new life.

The abyssal Liger beast had completed its transformation and had become the ice ghost King’s undead follower.

“Go! Kill those abyssal creatures that are invading!”

Jiang He ordered it coldly.

The undead Liger beast maintained its simple intelligence and could identify the enemy. It quickly pounced on a blood bat in the sky.

All the abyssal creatures on the ground of the town had been cleared by Yiyi, leaving only a few in the air.


With just one strike, he had torn a warrior-level blood bat into two.

Judging from the speed and strength that the undead Liger beast displayed, it still retained the physical attributes of a low-tier Overlord, but the energy level in its body was only at the high-tier commander level.

In addition, he didn’t have many skills, and he didn’t have true intelligence. His actual combat power was only at advanced commander.

However, as a follower of the undead, it was already very good.


Jiang Yao felt it was a pity.

Big sister was really too violent. Among the three abyss sovereigns, only this abyss Liger beast’s corpse could be considered intact.

The other two abyssal sovereigns had already turned into ashes, so there was no way to convert them.

However, at this moment, the other areas of the town were filled with the remains of the 70% cooked abyssal species.

At this time, Blue Rain suddenly fell from the sky above the town.

When the rain fell on their bodies, the wounds on both humans and familiars miraculously began to heal.

Even if they were heavily injured, they were quickly treated.

It was Jiang He’s immortal spirit beast.

The domain of recovery and nature.

The celestial beast was now a true ruler-level creature, and the rain of recovery could easily cover the entire town.

“Ah Luo, you finish transforming all the abyssal species in this area first. I’m going to the town next door.”

Jiang He said to the ice ghost king after removing his possession.

He still had to go to other places to provide support.


“Alright!” Jiang Kui nodded slightly and released his calamity domain without any reservations, covering an area of several hundred meters.

The corpses of the abyssal species that were 70% cooked by the undying nether flame were quickly transformed into their undead form under the shroud of the death aura. Then, under Jiang Yao’s control, they began to attack the other remaining abyssal species.

“Junior, I’m going to the village in the East.”

The pigeon said to Jiang He in the air.

The gluttonous abyssal monster had already spread to many places, so it would be more efficient to act separately.


After the White pigeons arrived at another village, Cuckoo used the space blade to accurately harvest the abyssal undead dragon. It released its extreme cold domain and calamity domain, and began to harvest and transform the undead in this village.

Jiang He rode on the back of the cloud Phoenix and headed to the nearby town to continue the purification.

Yiyi’s undying Dark Phoenix form was very strong. Phoenix Fire Prairie could achieve a large area of effect attack, which was most suitable for this situation.

In just a quarter of an hour, the area where the abyssal seed was wreaking havoc had been controlled.

For this, Jiang He even used a high-quality heart of flames on Yiyi.

An epic-level treasure that can quickly recover fire energy.

“But it should be able to be reimbursed.”

The only gain was that the ice ghost king had transformed nearly 10000 abyssal creatures and planted them in the remote mountains nearby with [undead hibernation].

With the passage of time, the strength of these undead minions would continue to increase.

They might be able to play a significant role in the next abyssal invasion.

Moreover, he could also save the steps of dealing with the corpse, killing two birds with one stone.

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