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People crowding the mission area got exhilarated. Master Xun began to take on tasks, which gave hope to those practitioners who issued their tasks and waited here. They wondered what kind of unique works Master Xun would refine this time!

“Damn it! Wang Lin, you are so fucking lucky!” said someone with kind of jealousy.

The man called Wang Lin was noble-looking. It was his task that had been taken on by Lin Xun.

“Humph, I don’t think so. We just heard that Master Xun is a legendary figure. As for how powerful he really is, no one knows. So, Wang Lin, you celebrate too early,” someone was being sarcastic out of jealousy.

For that, Wang Lin just listened and smiled, without saying a word, because he knew those guys were just jealous!

“Wang Lin, how many copies of spiritual materials have you prepared this time?” one of Wang Lin’s good friends couldn’t help asking.

This was extremely critical. Spiritual tattooist often failed when making spiritual weapons, so they always prepared backups.

“Three copies,” Wang Lin said.

“Just three? It may be not enough. But for Master Xun’s extraordinary attainments, his failure rate wouldn’t be so high.”

His words made Wang Lin feel a little worried anyway. He was crystal clear that the more powerful the spiritual weapon was, the higher failure rate.

“Whatsoever! I'll prepare a few more copies if Master Xun needs.”

Wang Lin laughed to try to look calm but actually he already began to calculate how much he was going to pay for more copies.

After all, the spiritual materials needed to refine a middle-grade spiritual weapon of Human-rank cost really a lot.

Over an hour had passed with the hubbub of these practitioners.

During this period, the practitioners who came to the Commune of Spiritual Tattooists heard that Master Xun had begun to accept refining tasks, and now more and more practitioners gathered at the mission area.

And the lucky dog Wang Lin drew more and more attention, which brought him a lot of pressure.

Everyone was waiting to see what kind of middle-grade spiritual weapon Master Xun would make this time, and whether it would be as unique as the Snowfall Saber sold yesterday.

Did he really deserve the reputation he enjoyed?


Suddenly, a melodious voice arose, and eyes of all practitioners on spot brightened, because it meant a task had been accomplished.

Soon they saw a maid come in a hurry with a rectangular jade box and handed it to a person in charge of the mission area.

This person in charge was an old man with a thin figure and a stern look, serious in speech and manner. Those who were familiar with him knew he was called Guan Pinghu.

Guan Pinghu looked at the jade box and said in a low voice, “Task 37 has been accomplished. If the one who issued this task is present, please take it away right now."

Task 37?

Many practitioners were stunned.

Wang Lin was also dumbfounded at the moment. He responded and cried, “Here, I’m here. Task 37!”

After saying that, he rushed forward and handed the certificate to Guan Pinghu.

At the moment, the whole crowd was in an uproar!

Master Xun refined this middle-grade spiritual weapon in only more than an hour! This was beyond their imagination.

The reason why they hesitated just now was that they had no idea that Task 37 would have something to do with Wang Lin. After all, it took only more than an hour from receiving the task to completing the task. Who could imagine that a masterpiece could be completed in such a short time!

Everyone focused on the jade box in Wang Lin’s hands with strong curiosity.

To their disappointment, Wang Lin did not want others to see his treasure. Guan Pinghu led him into a secret chamber.

However, this didn’t dispel people's curiosity. On the contrary, they became more and more curious.

Before long, Wang Lin came out. He looked weird, with a mixed feeling of being shocked, unexpected and ecstatic. It seemed he was trying to suppress his excitement, but the joys deep in his eyes sold him out.

“How is it?”

“Wang Lin, bring out your treasure to widen our horizons!”

“Yeah. Let’s have a look at Master Xun’s masterpiece.”

Many practitioners could not help shouting.

“Guys, I can only tell you that Master Xun is truly worthy of his name. In my opinion, his accomplishments in spiritual tattoos definitely exceed all your expectations. It’s really unbelievable!”

Wang Lin took a few deep breaths and said so with admiration.

The whole place was in an uproar.

What kind of works could satisfy Wang Lin to such an extent and make him say such admiring words?

Unfortunately, when they tried to ask for more information, Wang Lin had already left in a hurry.

“In one hour and thirty-six minutes, Master Xun finished a middle-grade spiritual weapon of Human-rank. Judging from Wang Lin’s face, his spiritual weapon, like the Snowfall Saber yesterday, must be unique and had strong power,” someone analyzed calmly.

“In this way, did Master Xun accomplish this task in one try? And there was no possibility of failure at all?”

Many practitioners were lost in their thought.

They had thought people just exaggerated Master Xun. But now since they saw what happened on Wang Lin, everyone fully realized that the Master Xun’s accomplishments in spiritual tattoos were absolutely fathomless!

Just then, there was a loud and exuberant cry in the distant, “What? Three works of Master Xun are on consignment in spiritual treasure area! I must seize one this time!”

All of a sudden, practitioners in mission area looked at each other and then they subconsciously rushed to the spiritual treasure area.

When they arrived at the spiritual treasure area, the vast open area was already crowded with people. It could be described as a sea of people.

“I’m the head of spiritual treasure area, Jia Zhen. Don’t push. If there is a riot, you are all at your own peril!”

Seeing that the scene was somewhat out of control, Jia Zhen had to stand out to maintain the order. A bitter smile appeared on his face. How could it be imagined that three spiritual weapons from Master Xun would be so popular?

“Cut the crap. Give us the floor price now!”

“Yeah! With all I have, I’m gonna get one of Master Xun’s spiritual weapons!”

“Humph! With your all property? I don’t think you have a chance this time.”

There was a furious row. The atmosphere was already quite tense before the bidding started.

Those practitioners who came from mission area were astonished to see such a scene. What did the word “popular” mean?

This explained it!

On the same day, a Snowfall Saber, a Blood-bronzed Spear and a pair of Gusty-wind Boots refined by Lin Xun sold at prices as high as imperial 1,300 silver coins, imperial 1,600 silver coins and imperial 1,000 silver coins respectively, which shocked the audience.

The news soon spread through the whole Mist City, triggering another sensation.

The average price of middle-grade spiritual weapons of Human-rank on the market was between 200 and 300 silver coins. Even if they were good enough, they could only sell for 600 silver coins at most.

But now the middle-grade spiritual weapons refined by Master Xun were sold at as high as over 1,000 silver coins, which amazed everyone.

The most incredible thing was that not just one but every single spiritual weapon refined by Master Xun could be sold at over 1,000 silver coins, which was really rare.

What did that mean?

It meant that the spiritual weapons Master Xun refined were really special and powerful, otherwise it wouldn’t be sold at such a high price!

All these made the title “Master Xun” a mysterious one, which attracted the attention of many people in Mist City. Even some spiritual tattooists began to ask about him.

Master Xun?

Who was this guy? How came he brought such a big storm in Mist City in just two days?

Nevertheless, the sudden appearance of Master Xun in the Commune of Spiritual Tattooists attracted too much attention in just two days, and he, just like a dazzling comet, became a mysterious figure in Mist City.

When Lin Xun completed two tasks one after another, he stopped resolutely.

With his present strength, if he refined three middle-grade spiritual weapons of Human-rank continuously, he would exhaust his strength. It was not worth the candle.

When he left the Commune of Spiritual Tattooists, Chu Feng told Lin Xun about the sensational events happening in mission area and spiritual treasure area today, which surprised Lin Xun, too.

He frowned immediately. A man dreaded fame as a pig dreaded being fat. He didn't want to gain too much attention.

“From tomorrow on, I intend to take on only two tasks from the mission area,” Lin thought for a while and made the decision.

Chu Feng nodded his head and totally agreed.

After leaving the Commune, Lin went home directly. As soon as he entered the house, he saw Xue Jin drinking at the stone table in the middle of the courtyard.

On seeing Lin Xun, Shue Jin asked directly, “Boy, are you that Master Xun people are talking about all over the city these days?”

Lin Xun was surprised, “You heard the news too?”

Shue Jin responded, “Of course I heard it. I am not deaf. Do you know that you’d be in danger this way?”

With a rare seriousness in his face, Shue said, “The sudden emergence of a spiritual tattooist with unique accomplishments will inevitably attract countless attention. I can even tell you that there are a lot of forces that have sent detectives in order to find out your real identity!”

Lin Xun became serious for what Shue Jin said.

Shue Jin continued, “Whether they are kind or malicious, once you are targeted by these forces, it will only make your situation troublesome and full of variables!”

When Lin Xun wanted to explain, Shue Jin said, “Don’t count on the Commune of Spiritual Tattooists. There are many ways to find out your real identity. Remember! Never lay your hope on others.”

Lin Xun was silent for a moment and asked, “Old Jin, what do you think I should do now?”

Suddenly, Shue Jin began to laugh. He regained his careless look and shook one of his fingers in front of Lin Xun.

Lin Xun said, “A jar of Soul-burning liquor? Deal.” 

Shue Jin shook his head, “Not enough, it's a jar of Soul-burning liquor every day.”

Lin Xun was stunned and agreed, “All right.”

Xue Jin stretched himself and said, “From tomorrow on, you just follow your routine and don’t worry about anything else.”

Then, Shue Jin lay in the corner, sleeping like a drunkard. Lin Xun smiled because he knew that Shue Jin had finally decided to protect him!

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