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In the following days, Lin Xun grew stronger and stronger in the daily brutal training.

Lin Xun made a remarkable transformation in a very short time, by Young Ke's individual training, and Condensate Pills supplied continuously, as well as his unremitting efforts.

He broke through the sixth level of Martial Realm and reached the “Xiao Zhoutian”, the seventh level of Martial Realm. The spiritual power in his body was strong enough to compare with the top overmatches on the ninth level of Martial Realm. The quality of his spiritual power was even better than that of ninth-level practitioners.

His Marching Boxing achieved the Mastery in realm of Martial Tao. A basic boxing as it was, its power in Mastery completely changed in any movement which was powerful and unparalleled in this realm.

The most important thing was that Lin Xun found his own style of boxing through Marching Boxing, that is, solidification and majesty, with the momentum like a vast gulf swallowed by the sea!

He also made a breakthrough in spiritual cultivation by lighting up the third star in the sea of his consciousness! The scope of his perception expanded to a 100-meter area, where all tiny changes would be discovered by his ears and eyes.

According to Young Man, now Lin Xun was no weaker than a practitioner on the eighth level of Martial Realm by his pure physical strength.

This was called “Metallographic Jade Quality” in physical cultivation, which meant that the body was as precious as gold and as flawless as jade.

In terms of combat experience, Lin Xun had experienced hundreds of fights, and had got lots of experience not only from the confrontations with super overmatch - Young Ke, but also in the actual battles. He transformed the feelings and experiences into a part of combat effectiveness.

All these changes made Lin Xun immerse in cultivation more. Even though he was still beaten black and blue by Young Ke every day, the progress he made could make up for all this.

Lin Xun enjoyed the feeling of getting stronger. He even forgot the passage of time and how many points he had earned now.

Old Mo was not idling during this time. He studied various spiritual tattoos and constantly adjusted and modified the spiritual furnace every day, seeming to be in a state of insanity and self-forgetfulness.

Comparatively speaking, Young Man had more leisure time. In addition to helping Lin Xun apply medicine to his wounds every day, she prepared meals and instructed Lin Xun occasionally to find some tricks on fighting and cultivating.

As time went by, the atmosphere in Camp 39 became tenser and tenser.

All the trainees were preparing for the monthly assessment. Except for daily training, they spent almost all their time in improving themselves.

Monthly assessment was not only a matter of whether they would be eliminated, but also a matter of individual glory.

They were all young people, vigorous and proud. They had their own means, shrewdness and special family backgrounds. It was natural that they couldn’t tolerate being overwhelmed by trainees from other camps in the monthly assessment.

On the other hand, this monthly assessment related to the honor of Camp 39. If they failed, even their camp would be laid off!

It was a great humiliation to those proud young trainees that they could only be assigned to other camps as losers even if they could stay and continue their training.

It was worth mentioning that when the monthly assessment was only three days away, there were only 24 people left in Camp 39, including Lin Xun.

In other words, during this period of training, four people were eliminated because they were unqualified in training.

Young Ke's requirements were harsh and cruel. According to the Fatty Middle-aged, Young Ke was the most demanding drillmaster in all forty camps.

As a result, Camp 39 had always been ranking first in the elimination rate, and the number of remaining trainees had become the smallest among the 40 camps.

This was a dangerous situation at least for the confrontation between two camps, since the camp with fewer trainees was bound to be at a disadvantage!

Fatty Middle-aged had reminded Young Ke before, but Young Ke never changed her attitude so that no one could help.

For all the trainees in Camp 39, no one dared to question it for the fear and awe of the Drillmaster Young Ke although they had some doubts about it.

They were all under great pressure in this way. The key to monthly assessment was the confrontation between the camps. The smaller the number of people in a camp, the greater the loss the camp might suffer!

With only three days to go before the monthly assessment, Lin Xun's life remained the same as before, without any change due to the upcoming assessment.

Only when he was repairing his injuries at night, Lin Xun suddenly realized a problem that why no one had chosen to break through to the Gang Spirit Realm so far since many trainees in Bloodthirsty Camp had reached the ninth level of Martial Realm and each of them had extraordinary natural endowments and amazing potential.

Young Man was surprised when she heard Lin Xun’s doubt, “Didn't anyone tell you when you came to the Bloodthirsty Camp?"

Lin Xun had a look of incomprehension on his face. He was sent here due to a strange combination of circumstances. How could he know that?

Quickly, Young Man gave him the answer, “The reason they have suppressed the realm is to prepare for entering the Gang-producing Lake after a year! In other words, they came to the Bloodthirsty Camp in order to temper themselves by the cruel training on the one hand. But the ultimate goal is to open up the perfect ‘Pond of Spiritual Power’ in the Ocean of Qi when they break through to the Gang Spirit Realm!”

After a pause, she continued, “The Gang-producing Lake can help them achieve this.”

Lin Xun was astonished when he heard this.

Gang Spirit Realm was a new realm transcending the Martial Realm, and it was praised as the beginning of the road of being a real practitioner.

At that realm, a pond of spiritual power would be created in the Ocean of Qi in the practitioner’s body. The spiritual power could be transformed through the pond of spiritual power into the real Gang Qi!

Gang Spirit Realm was divided into three small realms, namely Human-gang, Earth-gang and Heaven-gang. Pond of spiritual power would always be its core in all these small realms.

And the pond of spiritual power was divided into three grades according to the different qualities. The first was the best and the thirst was the worst.

Most practitioners in Gang Spirit Realm in the world just opened up the third-grade ponds of spiritual power, so they were just the general ones in Gang Spirit Realm.

The first and second-grade ponds of spiritual power were related to the practitioners’ talents, root bones, and the basis of cultivation. It was difficult to have the first or second-grade pond of spiritual power if you weren’t an outstanding one, and not everyone could have such a pond of spiritual power.

In addition to a practitioner’s own advantages, it also needed certain opportunities to open up the first-grade pond of spiritual power!

Except Lin Xun, other trainees in the Bloodthirsty Camp all had extraordinary family backgrounds and were excellent in natural endowments. But they had to use all kinds of means to enter the Bloodthirsty Camp not just for improving themselves, and the most important purpose was to open up the most perfect pond of spiritual power in the body when they reached the Gang Spirit Realm.

The Gang-producing Lake was an opportunity to realize their dreams. No one could tolerate being eliminated, as it was tantamount to ruining the opportunity to enter the Gang-producing Lake!

Without the help of Gang-producing Lake, the ponds of spiritual power would be much weaker when they broke through to Gang Spirit Realm.

Of course, there was not only a chance in this world. But for all the trainees in Bloodthirsty Camp, Gang-producing Lake was a chance which could be seized by them!

Understanding all this, Lin Xun could not help sighing. No wonder that Ning Meng had suppressed his realm for four years; it turned out that he came for Gang-producing Lake in the Bloodthirsty Camp.

The other trainees on the ninth level of Martial Realm probably chose to give up breaking through to the Gang Spirit Realm for the same reason.

“Handsome boy, have you understood the importance of the Bloodthirsty Camp? You are now on the seventh level of Martial Realm and you need to reach the ninth level of Martial Realm within a year. You will be reborn if you enter the Gang-producing Lake and break through to Gang Spirit Realm there.”

With a smile, Young Man winked at Lin Xun and reminded him.

Lin Xun thought about it and said, “I certainly hope to be able to do this if possible, but before that, it is imperative to strive not to be eliminated first.”

Young Man praised, “Smart boy, there were a total of 1,000 trainees who entered the Bloodthirsty Camp this time. More than 100 people have been eliminated in less than a month. You can imagine how many people will still stay after a year.”

Lin Xun had thought about this. The elimination rate of Bloodthirsty Camp was too high to hope to enter the Gang-producing Lake excessively.

Young Man recalled, “I remembered that no more than 30 people could finally stick it out and entered the Gang-producing Lake in every term of the Bloodthirsty Camp in the past years.”

Lin Xun was shocked again and he said, “Thirty people? Were more than 900 others eventually eliminated?”

Young Man showed a hint of haughtiness and said, “Do you think anyone can enter Gang-producing Lake casually? This is a great chance! Only a few places can have such opportunities in the whole Ziyao Empire!”

“It seems that I have come to the right place this time...” Lin Xun was full of excitement. The more challenging something was, the more motivated a person was to conquer it.

The day before the monthly assessment, Lin Xun left Old Mo's warehouse and was taken back to Camp 39 by Young Ke.

The monthly assessment would take place tomorrow. As a member of Camp 39, Lin Xun must participate in it.

Before Lin left the warehouse, Old Mo proudly patted his thin chest and promised, “Boy, go fight boldly! Even if you are flattened, you will never be sent out of the Bloodthirsty Camp with me here!”

But when Lin asked if Old Mo could make sure that Lin would enter the Gang-producing Lake, Old Mo shut his mouth and left in dejection with an excuse.

Obviously, although Old Mo could assure that Lin Xun would not be eliminated, that was the limit he could reach for Lin. Whether Lin Xun could enter the Gang-producing Lake or not depended entirely on himself.

Young Man was full of confidence in Lin Xun. She folded her arms proudly across her plump chest and showed her hot body incisively and vividly.

She blinked her eyes and laughed with great charm, “Don't be too eye-catching, and try to keep a low profile. My heart will be broken if you let the Drillmaster Young Ke fall in love with you.”

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