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Chapter 513: 513
Randy led the nine people with him as they entered the Ascension Tower.

The team member comprised, David, Limera, Udin, Gusti, Akihiro, Oubin, Pristine, Long Xinya, Zhen Yi, and lastly, Divine King of Divine Empyrean, Randy Christian.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Divine Empyrean sent the strongest team. In the end, it was a team comprised of Happy Guild and Sacred Tortuga only.

Randy himself actually worried as his two wives joined the team. This was not his intention, but Zhen Yi and Long Xinya resolution.

The last moment of discussion, Zhen Yi and Long Xinya stepped up with a great determination to join the Ascension Battle. Of course, it was the most reasonable to let the two women participated in the last battle.

Zhen Yi had Divine Grade Bloodline and also high level, ranking 3 on the Level Ranking board of Asia. Long Xinya had Divine Grade Bloodline and also high ranking, ranking 2 on the Level Ranking board of Asia.

It could be said both women were the strongest after Randy. It was a reasonable choice to take them with the team. Randy did not include them to the team because of his selfishness, he did not want them to participate that he was not sure to win. This was why he did not want to be King, he wanted to prioritize his closest, not for his kingdom or nation.

However, Zhen Yi and Long Xinya last words in the last meeting made Randy could not prevent them to join the team.

"I am fighting and getting stronger not for myself alone, it because I want to fight alongside you as well. I want to share the burden on your shoulder, I want us to fight together."

Zhen Yi and Long Xinya were so determined to participate in the battle, then the team determined with these ten people. Limera was the ranking 1 holder while Oubin was the ranking 2 holder on Level Ranking board of Africa.

The team was the top ranking in each region which also the strongest, people with Divine Grade Bloodline. Moreover, Randy also taught Limera, Oubin and his two brothers about the Elemental Avatar.

Only Oubin and Limera who could learn Elemental Avatar until this time, that was why Randy both were chosen.

After the team entered the Ascension Tower, they entered the same hall as three days ago. The other two teams already arrived while the same four Guardians also present.


"Good, the three teams are here now. I will explain the rules!" As soon as Divine Empyrean entered the hall, Hermit Varikh clapped his hand once and began talking, "The rules are simple, the last group stand will be the winner and get the right to go to Ascension World!"

You are allowed to kill your opponent, but if you want to let them alive also okay. You only need taking the flag on your opponent back and it's your win!" After Hermit Varikh stopped at this explanation, Randy felt there was a thing that grew on his back. Not only, Randy, everyone felt the same.

He saw there was a flag grew from Evan's team and Abyss Realm's team. Randy immediately looked back and saw his teammate also had a flag grew on their back. Divine Empyrean's team had a red flag on their back, Sirius' team was a blue flag, and Abyss Realm's team was a black flag.

"You can feel it, right? Yes, the flag is connected to your flesh. If you don't want to kill your opponent, you can pull the flag after you defeated your opponent. After all, we hold the trial not for you to kill each other, we want to choose the right force who can advance to the new world. I can tell you the Battle of Ascension is for your own good."

Don't worry about the flag. If the flag gets pulled out, it will not cause an injury, only a little pain. I believe everyone can endure such pain~"

Also, there is a choice for surrender. You can surrender and get teleported out from the battlefield! Just like I said, we set the trial, not for you to kill each other. However, we will also not prevent you if you want to fight to the death. So we provide a surrender option for you to choose."

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Also, you can't use the feature in Battle System during the trial. Battle System is disabled during the trial, but don't worry, it would not affect you or your skill in the slightest."

Lastly, we also prepare a little prize for the winner and there is also a punishment for the loser. Your guild or kingdom or whatever it is, only be able to take another trial three years later if you lose this one."

That is it, is there any question do you want to ask?" Hermit Varikh ended his explanation.

Basically, what Hermit Varikh explained was not the rules, but the way of the Ascension Battle ran. Rules were set up to restrict, but there was a restriction at all.

Meanwhile, Randy was eyeing Sirius' force. There was something weird with Evan's team. He found the nine people who followed Evan was a people with Evil hidden stat, nine of them. The two vice guild leaders of Sirius were not in the team.

Even though Happy Guild and Sirius never clashed each other, but Happy Guild managed to get the external information through Shadow Group. The seven men and two women Evan brought with him was Demon Deacon.

Demon Deacon was people with Evil hidden stat. Sirius was sheltering these people and it was known to the public. However, based on the information he received, the two vice leaders were stronger compared to these Demon Deacons. Then, why did Evan choose these nine Demon Deacons, but not his two vice guild leaders?

Evan's team was somewhat unexpected to Randy. But there was one thing sure, these nine people must be stronger than the two vice leaders. It was impossible for Evan to bring the weaker one with him.

Meanwhile, Abyss Realm's team comprised five Horns and five Anglers. The power of the Abyss Realm was unknown to Randy. He had no idea how strong they were, but one thing for sure. All of them were Divine Grade Undead.

"No question? Good~" Hermit Varikh nodded his head and smiled, "Good luck!"


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Along with the clap, the three groups vanished from the hall. They were teleported out to the battlefield for the Ascension Battle.

Randy was not prepared with the sudden transportation. His vision blackened out for three seconds, and then, he and the team were stood on flat land.

At the same time, a notification rang in everyone's head.


Battle System: Welcome! You have arrived at a lower-level Dimensional Battlefield!


Battle System: The Ascension Battle will begin in…

After that, there was a big projection appeared before Randy and the team. The projection showed a number, number "10". After a second, the number changed to 9. The projection was a countdown for the Ascension Battle.

Meanwhile, Randy did not care about the countdown, but he looked at the surrounding curiously. Dimensional Battlefield, it was a place for Saint Grade and Divine Grade Beast to battle.

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Randy looked up, he could not find sun or source of the light, but in this battlefield was as clear as noon. The Dimensional Battlefield Randy curious about was just a normal flatland. There was nothing special, this place was truly a place for fighting.


The countdown reached 0 as Randy was busy for looking at the surrounding. The number changed into two words, "Battle Starts!" which was also an indication the Ascension Battle officially started.

The Dimensional Battlefield itself was not that big. Randy and the team could see another two groups from where he was now. On the right side, it was Abyss Realm's team and on the left side was Sirius' team.

The three teams formed a triangle in the flatland. The distance between the teams approximately about 1000 meters.

The Guardians placed them in a flatland with no obstacle, they really intended for the three teams to face each other from the start. This was a frontal confrontation.

However, there were three teams in Dimensional Battlefield. There was no one dared to start the battle even after the countdown was over. The team who initiated the attack and the team got attacked would be in a disadvantage situation and created a big advantage to the third team.

Retreating or hiding also not an option as it was a flatland. There was no place to hide. Each team could not retreat further as there was an invisible barrier blocked.

If it was other teams who participated in this Ascension Battle would face a huge dilemma, but it was not the case for Randy.


Randy led Divine Empyrean team toward the Abyss Realm. At the same time, Sirius team also rushed toward the Abyss Realm team. The thousand meters distance shortened in the blink of an eye.

Divine Empyrean team and Sirius team surrounded the Abyss Realm together. It was clear, both teams intended to finish off Abyss Realm first.
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