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Actually, when he woke up in the morning, Randy ran to where Mbah Jambrong lived. He wanted to ask him what about the Kuntilanak and Pocong last night.

But as he arrived there, he saw Mbah Jambrong was still whimpering. It was just that his voice was gone. Randy could see that Mbah Jambrong's mouth made a move to shout but there was no voice came out. Also, Mbah Jambrong was crying blood tears which made him shocked.

Mbah Jambrong also noticed Randy's presence. Looking at the man who was killing his pets last night. Mbah Jambrong let out beastly growl with his raspy voice,


Looking at bloodshot eyes of Mbah Jambrong and the craziness in his expression. Randy chose to run from him. It was impossible for Mbah Jambrong told him about how he called those spirits with a condition like that.

Maybe even he threatened him, it was less likely he would tell him. Randy let out a regret sight.

'Last night I should ask him first how he called those spirits before killing it,'

Knowing it was a wasted trip, Randy chose to run away from the crazy Mbah Jambrong. Looking Randy who was running away from him, Mbah Jambrong chased after Randy.

But with Randy's speed, it was impossible for Mbah Jambrong to catch up with him. In the blink of an eye, Randy was leaving Mbah Jambrong in the dust.

He ignored Kuntilanak and Pocong he met on the way. He ran straight to reach next territory as soon as possible.

Pocong didn't give him much EXP anymore to him. He needed to kill eleven Pocong to get a percent of EXP. At least it was what he thought, so he didn't want to stay longer in Bandung Territory.

After half an hour, Randy managed to reach Bandung Territory's border as it was easy to distinguish. Purwakarta Territory was bright green, Bandung Territory was dark green and gloomy, and the new territory in the front was yellow and hot. At least, it was his impression after looking at the front.

The next territory was yellow, also scorching hot. Only by seeing it, Randy could know how hot it was. But what surprised him how could a desert appeared here.

Yes, in the front of him was a desert. Yellow sand spread over everywhere in the front. If he was not mistaken, there was no desert in South East Asia, yet now there was a desert here.

Looking at the scorching hot in the desert, Randy's heart wavered. He really wanted to take a detour this time, it was torture to venture in the desert.

Randy looked at the ground. Beside the dark green grass, was yellow sands made a clear line between Bandung Territory and the desert.

He checked his water and let out sigh relief. There were seventy-eight water bottles in his Storage System, so there was no need to worry about water.

'Then I will run and won't stay long at this damn this desert,' Randy decided to run to pass this damn desert. If he ran with a full speed, he was sure it was not a problem for him to pass this desert in a day.

Randy stepped into the desert and there was a notice from Battle System.

Battle System: You have entered the Cirebon Territory!

After the first step, Randy immediately ran at full speed. Even though he met a beast or monster later, he would ignore it. He didn't want to sleep in this damn desert. In the blink of an eye, Randy already ran for a hundred meters.

Randy kept running under the scorching hot sun. But after running about a thousand meters, he didn't found beast or monster in Cirebon Territory. Even though he felt odd, there was no beast or monster in the desert, he didn't care about it as his main purpose was to pass the desert. If there was no beast or monster, then it would be good for him.

Alas, just as he thought about the beast, there was a scorpion's stinger shot up from below the sand. He was always cautious with his surrounding, so he managed to avoid the stinger.

Randy halted his steps and retreated for a few steps from the stinger. Not long after, there was a creature came out from below the sand. The stinger belonged to that creature, a huge scorpion.

The scorpion was orange in color about four meters long. Its stinger as big as an adult thigh while the tip stinger was as big as an adult thumb.

Randy used his Detection skill on it without hesitation after the scorpion came out.

[Scorching Scorpion]

Grade: Rare Beast

Level: 96

After checking the information, Randy ran away from the Scorching Scorpion. Even though he could kill the Scorching Scorpion, he didn't do it. He didn't want getting delayed by this scorpion and stayed in the desert longer.

As for why he checked the scorpion's information, it was for his beast or monster data in each territory. Later, he would share it with his own guild. He did this in each territory he explored.

With this data, then his guild member like Garuda's member could choose what they wanted to hunt. Also, provided a safety to his guild, so they would know what kind of beast in each territory.

Randy kept running and sweat was pouring from his head as he ran. The sweat was not because he was tired of running; it was because the scorching hot in the desert. He estimated the temperature in the desert was about a fifty degree Celsius to sixty degree Celsius.

After three hours running, he stopped and took out a bottle of water. A bottle of water contained 2.5-liter water. Randy drank the 2.5-liter water in one go. he was so thirsty after running for three hours in the desert which was an unusual case for him.

As for the Scorching Scorpion, it kept harassing him as he ran. From the time to time, stinger after stinger would shoot up, aiming at him.

But as Randy was always in an alert, the stinger never hit him despite he was running at full speed. After stopping for a while, he continued to run again. After an hour running, the stinger was stopping shot up.

This time the one came out from below the desert was a snake. Also, the snake was more troublesome than Scorching Scorpion as the amount of the snake was enormous than the Scorching Scorpion.

Scorching Scorpion was only ambushing one by one while these snakes were attacking in a group. As he ran, there were five to eight snakes would shoot up from below the desert.

Currently, there were nine snakes in the front of Randy, blocking him. The snake was smaller in size compared to the Scorching Scorpion.

The snake's color was crimson red, there was a small white horn on its head about five centimeters. The snake was about two meters and it was as big as half of his arm.

[Crimson Viper]

Grade: Rare Beast

Level: 98

On the ground beside him, there were two Crimson Viper carcasses. He was being ambushed by eleven Crimson Viper, but in the ambush, he killed two Crimson Viper while dodging the nine Crimson Viper attack.

The nine Crimson Viper kept letting out a "Hissss" voice while blocking his way. Randy didn't want to delay more, so he rushed toward the nine Crimson Viper.

He thought the nine Crimson Viper would pounce at him at the same time, so he was ready at any time to dodge while killing. Various scenarios of the nine Crimson Vipers were attacking displayed in his mind.

But he was left speechless later. The various scenarios in his head were becoming naught. Looking at Randy rushed toward them, the nine Crimson Viper ran away from him.

The nine Crimson Viper were drilling back into the sand and Randy stood still at where the nine Crimson Viper ran away.

Randy only shook his head, speechless. He didn't expect the Crimson Viper would run away. Afterward, Randy continued his run. Even though many Crimson Viper ambushed him, his speed was not slowing down.

He kept running at constant speed, his full speed. Another three hours passed, and he was still in Cirebon Territory, yet he already emptied three bottles of water.

Randy stopped as he stomachs growled. He ran for six hours and had not eaten lunch yet. He put the repellent sphere on the ground before eating his lunch.

He finished the lunch in ten minutes before continued running. After running for an hour, Randy stopped as he stunned at the scene in the front.


He swallowed a mouthful saliva. In the front, there was a "magnificent" scene stretched out on the desert. Just looking at this scene made his back hair stood.

There were many huge worms in the front him. A hundred? No! He believed the worms in the front was at least a thousand.

The worm was as big as thrice an adult body. It had about four to five meters long with. Also, what the scariest was its mouth. Its mouth opened wide with saw-like teeth, over thousands of teeth circled in its mouth.

The huge worm was swimming like a fish in the sea. Sometime, a few worms would leap on from the yellow sand like a dolphin in the sea.

Looking at this, Randy immediately hide behind the closest dune. If those over a thousand worms swarmed to him, then he didn't know what would happen to him.

He took a peek from behind the dune, to check the huge worm's information.


Grade: Epic Beast

Level: 110

Behind the dune, Randy let out a heavy sigh.

"Look like I need to wait for these worms before I can continue,"

Fifteen minutes passed by the worm still there.

Half an hour passed by…

An hour passed by…

Two hours passed by. There was no sound of the worm anymore, Randy took a peek and the worm was not there. He let out a sigh of relief. Even though he was strong, he didn't want to face those thousands of huge worms.

After that, Randy continued running again. After running for another three hours, finally, he could see the next territory. But he stunned as for what stretched out in the front and let out a sorrowful sigh.

He just passed the torture of the desert yet another torture was waiting in the front.

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