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The following week the Happy Guild was hunting the Territory King. Every Garuda's member had an order to find the Territory King's location. Of course, the Garuda's members only looked for the Territory King in the low-level beast territory, Bekasi Territory.

Bekasi Territory location in the east of Jakarta Territory. There was another name for Bekasi Territory, The Deadly Beauty.

People called Bekasi Territory with The Deadly Beauty. The reason this territory called beauty was because the scenery was beautiful. A tree like an Oak tree was everywhere in Bekasi Territory which made the scenery was breathtaking.

Why breathtaking? Because every tree-like Oak Tree had different leaf's color, red, yellow, white, blue, green, even there was a black Oak Tree. Why was this territory deadly? Because so many people died in Bekasi Territory. The people who died in Bekasi Territory exceeded the people died in other territories.

As to why many people died in here, it was because the beast resided in Bekasi Territory. All beasts resided in Bekasi Territory could do camouflage. Yes, all beasts in Bekasi Territory was good in camouflage which made many people died under the beasts with the sneak attack.

So, people who usually hunted in a group, 5 to 9 people in a group. Many people insisted hunting at Bekasi Territory despite the high risk as the beast's body part of the camouflaged beast could be sold at a high price.

But it was not a problem for Garuda's member to hunt there at once looking for the Territory King's location. Because they were hunting in a group which comprised 20 people in each group.

It was Randy's idea by following his motto, better safe than sorry. That was why he proposed for Garuda's member to form a group which comprised 20 people.

While the Garuda's members were looking for the Territory King in Bekasi Territory. Randy and Zhen Yi were looking for the wolf and the Territory King at Bogor Territory. Zhen Yi said last time she saw the wolf was in the Bogor Territory.

However, there was no result after a week time searched for the wolf and the Territory King. Likewise, for the Garuda's members. They also could not find the Territory King in Bekasi Territory in a week time.

They kept searching before finally, the Garuda's member found the Territory King of Bekasi Territory. Randy had to stop for the search of the wolf reluctantly and headed to Bekasi Territory.

But Randy surprised after he reached Bekasi Territory and face the Territory King. Because the Territory King was not a beast also not the usual monster. It was a tree, yep a black oak tree was the Territory King of Bekasi Territory.

No wonder the Garuda's members could not find the Territory King in a week time. It was because of the Territory King camouflage itself as a tree. No, it was not camouflaged; it was indeed a tree.

[Supreme Underworld Oaker]

Grade: King Monster

Level: 108

As per usual, Randy was letting Zhen Yi, Udin, Gusti, Akihiro, and Asuka to face the Territory King first.

They were in trouble to fight Supreme Underworld Oaker as the difficulty to fight the tree was harder than the beforehand Territory King.

Supreme Underworld Oaker used its eight roots, long root to attack and defend. The root was about 10 meters long, so Randy must join the fight to cover them.

There was an idea struck in Randy's mind when he wanted to join the fray. He cut three roots before became a spectator again. Despite lost its three roots, Zhen Yi and the rest still could not get any advantage. Even Asuka as an archer was becoming useless now as she didn't know where the Supreme Underworld Oaker's weakness.

Usually, Asuka always aimed at the mouth, eyes, and other soft spots. But now, the monsters they faced was not the usual monster. It was a tree, also, her arrows could deal great damage.

The fight was lasting for 20 minutes before Randy forward to help them. Randy with ease cut the remained roots with his Darkness, a Legendary grade sword.

Zhen Yi unable to do it even though she had a Legendary grade sword as she was lacking in strength compared to Randy.

Even though Randy could dispose of the remaining roots, it was difficult too in the process to cut the roots. At least it was harder to fight this monster than the beforehand Territory King. Almost had the same difficulty when he faced a mutated Territory King, The Green Lord. But this tree was weaker than The Green Lord yet stronger than Demon Genderuwo and Primitive Ebony Oxsen.

Randy understood why the fives were in trouble and could not gain any advantage when they fight against the Supreme Underworld Oaker.

Randy only manage to kill the Supreme Underworld Oaker after 8 minutes fight. Actually, it was because Randy didn't know how to kill this tree. Even after getting a cut into two, the tree still alive.

The roots kept growing and fight before finally he lifted the Supreme Underworld Oaker from the ground. He saw a human face in the bottom part of the tree, Randy cut it which later the roots stopped growing and there was a token fell from it.

The news of Happy Guild was hunting the Territory King spread across the whole East City. Again, the Happy Guild was becoming the hot topic.

Also, the rise of the level of the Happy Guild's core member after killing Territory King made four names from Happy Guild appeared in the top 20 Level Ranking, Zhen Yi, Randy Christian, Akihiro Tanabe, and Udin.

This news made the Happy Guild's prestige skyrocketed up. There were countless people wanted to join and became part of Happy Guild. But of course, Randy rejected them. He needed to reorganize Garuda first before receiving more members.

The Happy Guild's growth also made other guild grew wary. Also made them felt fortunate as they didn't offend Happy Guild. But there was one voice from other guilds, it was not to offend Happy Guild. Other guilds made their member to no get conflict or a problem with the Happy Guild, branch guild Garuda included in the warning.

There was no sound from the Happy Guild's enemy, Dragon Dynasty and Sky Sect for the rise of Happy Guild.

Meanwhile, the Happy Guild's activity to hunt didn't stop. Randy and Zhen Yi were hunting in the Bogor Territory in the last two weeks but found nothing. He could not find the wolf that killed his two best friends. He also could not find the Territory King of Bogor Territory.

The sun was ready to set, the night would come soon.

Randy and Zhen Yi finished their hunt and search today as the night would come. They were heading toward the Evergreen City, the first city in the new earth.

After a long run for 10 minutes, both arrived at the east gate of Evergreen City. In the gate, there were four people in duty guard the gate. These fours were Garuda's members.

Randy did as the city supervisor advised to put guards in each gate. The city supervisor was right, there were monsters attacked the city, but the monsters killed with ease by the guard as the monsters which attacked the city were low-level monsters.

Even though it was only low-level monsters and easily killed by the guards, still, the low-level monster could damage the city's properties if there were no one guarding the city.

The city guards selected from Garuda's members and each person would have a shift to guard the city. Of course, the guards were getting paid, 50 silvers per month.

Garuda already leveled up to level 2 and had 200 members in it. Gusti asked them who wanted to become a guard of the Evergreen City and he said there was only 50 spot available.

Also, there were three shifts, and each shift was 8 hours guard. With this, the people who became guard would not have their level left behind by others as they still could hunt after the shift ended.

Even though 50 silvers were not much for Randy, but it was different for these people. 50 silvers were much for them, it could cover for 1-month expense for the meal and it was still there were much leftover as Happy Guild provided them for the housing.

Even later he would provide his guild member equipment at a low price. Not only equipment, later if he got a bunch of potion makers he would sell to them without taking any profit and he already said this to all Garuda's members.

Randy already gave them this much if there were still many spies in his guild...

'Should I kill them?' Randy shook his head.

The four guards noticed there were two people came, and they recognized the twos. The four guards put a stance like a real guard immediately. They stood straight, greeted the big boss and the big lady boss.

Why did they call Randy big boss? It started from Udin and Gusti as both were calling Randy boss. Gusti ordered Garuda's members to call Randy, boss, as they were from a branch guild.

Randy and Zhen Yi nodded their head in response. Now, both were used addressed like this.

"It's time to do a cleansing," Randy said in a low voice. Only Zhen Yi could hear Randy's voice.

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