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Chapter 998

Chapter 998: Maze


Xiao Yan involuntarily laughed as he stared at the spot where Wang Chen had disappeared. He was indeed worthy of being a person from the four pavilions. It was unexpected that his vicious words were so similar to the others.

Behind Xiao Yan, Nalan Yanran looked at Wang Chen who had swiftly withdrawn after only a brief exchange. Her pretty eyes contained some shock. Wang Chen’s name was quite well-known. One could hardly find anyone who was a match for him in the same generation. Moreover, this fellow was bloodthirsty and addicted to fights. Additionally, he had an outstanding training talent and his strength grew extremely quickly. By relying on the strength of the Yellow Spring Pavilion, he liked to fight with some experts of the Dou Zong class. The other person, being afraid of the Yellow Spring Pavilion’s strength, was afraid of really killing him. Hence, Wang Chen’s name became more and more renowned as time passed. In the end, there was even rumors of him possessing the strength to fight with a Dou Zong. No one knew whether this rumor was real…

Regardless of whether it was real, the strength of this Wang Chen was something that there was no need to doubt. However, Nalan Yanran did not expect that after only a single brief exchange, this bloodthirsty abnormal fellow would be scared away by Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan was unaware of the shock within Nalan Yanran’s heart at this moment. His gaze turned to Huang Tian and the two others a short distance away as he indifferently demanded, “Why are you still here?”

Hearing this, Huang Tian and the two others hurriedly struggled to climb to their feet and fled. Wang Chen’s withdrawal had caused them to completely lose any confidence they had. By being able to frightened off the renowned Wang Chen, this person’s strength had already far exceeded the level they could contend against.

Xiao Yan only exhaled gently after watching Huang Tian and the two others flee in misery. He turned around and looked at Nalan Yanran. For an instant, he didn’t know just what he should say. The atmosphere immediately became one that was embarrassingly silent.

Nalan Yanran naturally did not say anything in the face of this quiet atmosphere. Her hand gently rubbed the smooth fur of the white fox while her eyes were lowered.

“*Cough*… you… are you also planning to head to the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool?” The silence continued for a moment before Xiao Yan finally coughed and took the initiative to speak, breaking the silence as he did so.

“Yes. Although I know that it is extremely difficult for me to obtain one of the ten spots with my strength, this trip here could be considered training…” Nalan Yanran nodded slightly and softly answered.

Xiao Yan rubbed his hand and suddenly felt a little constrained. He hesitated for a moment before asking, “You… why are you here alone?”

The hand Nalan Yanran was using to rub the white fox paused. She raised her pretty eyes for the first time, looked at Xiao Yan, and said, “Teacher is undertaking a retreat to train. Hence, I have come out alone to gain experience.”

“Have the both of you been alright during these years?” Xiao Yan gaze was drifting as he inquired.

Nalan Yanran smiled when she saw this. She softly asked, “You want to ask about teacher, right?”

Xiao Yan’s body unnoticeably stiffened. He gently exhaled and asked, “Is she well?”

Nalan Yanran’s eyes dimmed when she heard this. She nodded and replied, “Teacher is very well.”

“Is she also in the northern region of the Central Plains?” Xiao Yan asked once again. His voice had become a little heated. The scene of the sadness and struggle of her back when t

hey were parting ways back then suddenly surfaced in his mind. Regardless of who was right or wrong back then, the Misty Cloud Sect was ultimately destroyed by Xiao Yan’s hands. Being the sect leader of the Misty Cloud Sect, Yun Yun could not escape the enmity arising from the destruction of her sect and the killing of her teacher. However, she was unable to hurt Xiao Yan. Finally, Yun Yun, who could not bare to face the situation, could only choose to leave the empire she had lived in for many years, wandering other lands…

Xiao Yan’s heart felt an unknown pain the moment he thought about her. Yun Yun was not wrong from the beginning. The thing that was wrong was both parties position. Right from the start, she was the one who had been hurt the most. Moreover, she had been roaming other lands during these years. Although she was quite strong, it was likely that she, as a lady, must have suffered quite a lot.

Nalan Yanran chose to remain silent in the face of Xiao Yan’s question. It was a long while later before she finally said, “Teacher instructed me before I left that I am not allowed to tell anyone where she currently is… especially you…”

Xiao Yan was stunned when he heard this. He immediately let out a bitter laugh. This woman…

“It’s fine if you don’t tell me. Everything’s alright if she is fine…” Xiao Yan sighed. He shook his head and expelled the emotions within his heart. After which, he smiled and said to Nalan Yanran, “I am also heading to that Heaven Mountain Blood Pool. If you wish, you can follow me.”

“Won’t I be a burden to you?” Nalan Yanran’s eyes brightened before she asked with some concern.

“I am completely unfamiliar with this Heaven Eye Mountain Range. At the very least, you do know something about it. I will be able to worry less if you are around.” Xiao Yan spread his hands as he replied.


Nalan Yanran’s hand gently rubbed the white fox. She hesitated for a moment before gently nodding.


“This place is already close to the Heaven Eye Mountain. It is likely that we will be able to reach the foot of the Heaven Eye Mountain after a short while. There is a natural maze there. However, we possess the Psychic White Fox and need not be too worried about it.” Two figures were swiftly traveling through a forest covered by dense fog when a clear woman’s voice was softly emitted.

Xiao Yan nodded. It was indeed more convenient with someone leading the way.

“Entering the Heaven Eye Mountain does not mean that we are safe. Instead, it is even more dangerous because the entire Heaven Eye Mountain Range is being controlled by a powerful Magical Beast Tribe.” Nalan Yanran’s eyes slide over as she glanced at Xiao Yan, who was listening attentively by her side. Her attractive manner was filled with allure.

“Magical Beast Tribe? What is their strength like?” Xiao Yan was startled and he immediately frowned.

“This Magical Beast Tribe is called the Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe. Although most of them are ordinary rank 2 to 3 Magical Beasts, their numbers are so great that it is quite frightening. Of course, the true core of the Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe are still those members who can transform into human form. They are the true controllers of the Heaven Eye Mountain. It is rumored that the tribe leader of this tribe has also reached rank 7. His strength is comparable to an elite six star Dou Zong…” Nalan Yanran whispered.

“With such a Magical Beast Tribe occupying the Heaven Eye Mountain, how can people enjoy this Heaven Mountain Blood Pool? It is likely that such a unique thing also possesses a great attraction to Magical Beast, no?” Xiao Yan doubtfully inquired.

“Ke ke, they do wish to dominate it. However, do you think that the other human factions would agree?” Nalan Yanran covered her mouth and softly laughed. She said, “Back then, a big battle erupted in this Heaven Eye Mountain Range because of the matter of the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool. In the end, it was naturally the Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe who lost. Why would they dare to monopolize the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool? Although they had lost, those overly strong experts were unable to enter the Heaven Eye Mountain Range due to some special effect of the terrain. As a result of these factions being afraid that the Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe would viciously attack their younger generations, they finally came to an agreement. The Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe would occupy two of the ten spots in the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool. Only the other eight spots are available for everyone to use if their ability to fight for them is sufficient.”

“Eight?” Xiao Yan immediately knit his brows when he heard this. It was unexpected that the situation was even grimmer than he had expected. It was already not easy to be one of the ten. Now, two of them were already occupied. The difficulty of the competition was soaring.

“There is no choice. The Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe has the geographical advantage. Actually, they were quite displeased in their hearts. In the past, they were able to occupy all ten spots. Now, it has shrunk by five times…” Nalan Yanran laughed, “According to the agreement, the Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe can place a checkpoint at the Heaven Eye Mountain Range and block those who which to ascend to the top. They can do as they please as long as they do not threaten the lives of those people. Nevertheless, they must gather eight human experts.”

“Hence, it is best not to offend a member of the Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe once we enter the Heaven Eye Mountain. This is because they are able to decide the requirements of allowing people to ascend to the top…” Nalan Yanran’s pretty face became quite solemn near end of her explanation.

Xiao Yan bitterly smiled and nodded. It was unexpected that there were so many issues. Originally, he thought that whoever reached the top of the mountain first would be able to enjoy the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool.

Without realizing it, the surrounding fog had become much fainter while the two of them were conversing. A moment later, a row of orderly towering trees suddenly appeared in their sight. There was only a tree door which allowed only one person to pass through among the enormous trees.

In front of this row of trees were over ten human figures. Clearly, they were all people who had thoughts about the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool.

The ten plus people turned around and glanced at Xiao Yan upon seeing that there were new people who had arrived. Immediately, their gazes solidified on the small white fox in Nalan Yanran’s embrace.

“Psychic White Fox?”

Numerous joyous cries sounded. All the gazes suddenly turned to Nalan Yanran. Those who stopped here were unaware of a method to crack the maze. The sudden appearance of the Psychic White Fox immediately lit their despairing hearts.

Nalan Yanran’s pretty face changed a little upon being stared at by so many heated gazes. She hugged the white fox and gently took a step back.

“Follow me. There is no need to be afraid.”

Xiao Yan faintly reassured her. Immediately, Dou Qi surged out of his body. The strength of a nine star Dou Huang surged out of his body without any restraint. The powerful aura immediately suppressed those people who were about to make trouble. The strength of these people were mostly around that of a five star Dou Haung or below. There was too much of a gap when compared with a nine star Dou Huang.

“Anyone who enters a ten meter radius of us will be killed!”

Xiao Yan’s eyes coldly and slowly swept around him. A voice that contained killing intent was gently emitted, causing everyone’s faces to change. Their eyes began to struggle.

Xiao Yan’s feet slowly walked on this ground that was filled with weathered yellow leaves. The soft ‘sha sha’ sound had become the only noise in this region.

Nalan Yanran followed close behind Xiao Yan. The surrounding malicious eyes caused her hands to be filled with cold perspiration. If these ten plus elite Dou Huangs were to attack, it was likely that even Xiao Yan would have to temporarily take shelter.

The surrounding atmosphere became more tense as Xiao Yan and Nalan Yanran approached the trees. The slight sound of footsteps appeared to have stepped on everyone’s hearts, causing them to feel their breathing stagnate.

Xiao Yan’s footsteps gently landed. He looked at the trees, which were less than ten meters from him, and was just about to sigh in relief when his eyes slowly narrowed into a dangerous arc. At the same time, a savage, cold cry suddenly sounded.

“Everyone, let’s attack together. Once we snatch that white fox over, we will be able to have a share of the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool!”

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