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Chapter 993: Brief Fight

The enormous mountain range was covered in fog, appearing just like a Magical Beast from ancient times at this moment. Numerous deep rumbling sounds were emitted from the sky of the mountain range. Accompanying the appearance of these loud sounds was a vast energy that came from all directions.


The vast energy churned quickly within the dense fog. In the end, it emitted a sound similar to the churning of ocean waves. This strange scene caused quite a number of people to let out an exclamation. Nature was indeed filled with mysteries.

The enormous energy tide accompanied the surging. A moment later, it charged through the clouds and spread in a crashing manner. This tide shocked some of the people who had remained in the sky, forcing them to rush down. If they were to be swept away by the frightening energy tide, even an elite Dou Zong would likely be hurt even if they did not die.

The enormous energy tide turned into a colorful one.. Under the sunlight, it appeared just like an incomparably spacious river. It hung in the sky, looking extremely gorgeous. However, under its brilliance hid a fatal danger.

Wave after wave of colorful energy spread out from within the mountain range in an unceasing manner. At this moment, quite a number of people had sensed the energy within the Heaven Eye Mountain Range become fierce and powerful. Its appearance was like the Heaven Eye Mountain Range had turned into a magnet that attracted all of the energy over.

Even Xiao Yan could not help but feel shocked in the face of this spectacular scene. By relying on his extraordinary Spiritual Perception, he could clearly sense the colorful energy within it had reached an extremely frightening level.

"This place is indeed worthy of being the Central Plains. Such a scene is not something that one would be blessed enough to see in other places…"

Xiao Yan stood up after letting out a soft laugh. His gaze was thrown toward the Heaven Eye Mountain Range. At this moment, the energy within the mountain range had become so dense that it caused one to be surprised. Although one would not be able to train for long within it, such an attempt would definitely make for some efficient training. No wonder so many people were attracted despite clearly knowing that there were only ten spots in the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool. It was likely that quite a number of people were planning to train within the mountain range during this period of time.

Xiao Yan's gaze shifted over the mountain range before finally pausing on the entrance. The great sea of people there had already begun to move. Regardless of where one was, the first always had some special benefit. It was likely that the first person who entered this Heaven Mountain Blood Pool would also obtain the best effect. Hence, everyone wanted to be that lucky first…

Xiao Yan's eyes looked at the sea of people only to end up smiling. There was a fiery heat within his eyes. The fight for this Heaven Mountain Blood Pool had somewhat exceeded his expectations. It was likely that this competition would also be quite exciting. Moreover, he also wanted to try and see just what level the members of the younger generation in the Central Plains were at.


A chaotic sound of footsteps as well as a loud roar suddenly sounded while this thought lingered in Xiao Yan's heart. Immediately, he saw the large sea of people noisily moved, forming a human flow that wildly surged into the mountain range.

"Has it begun…"

The entire surroundings of the Heaven Eye Mountain Range had become fiery hot within an instant…


A clear cry from a crane sounded and the enormous, colorful crane in the sky immediately flapped its gigantic wings. It flew down, bringing about a wild wind along the way that caused the sea of people below to spread apart. Only some strong people were able to keep their body stable enough to borrow the force of the wind, allowing them to rush to the entrance of the mountain range.

"Elders, the both of you should wait outside of the mountain range. Leave the rest to me." The colorful-dressed lady on the enormous crane glanced at the torrent-like human flow below before speaking faintly to the two old men on the enormous crane.

"Yes." The two elders hurriedly nodded their heads when they heard her words.

The colorful-clothed lady smiled gently upon seeing this. This fight for the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool was a grand event that occurred once every three years. Moreover, most of those who joined were from the younger generation. Being able to stand out in this place was proof of one's ability and talent.

The colorful-clothed lady pressed her toes gently on the crane's head. With a twist of her delicate waist, she transformed into a colorful light that shot forward. In a couple of flashes, she appeared at the front of the flow of people. Her black hair danced in the wind behind her. This mesmerising scene caused quite a number of men to reveal a look of amazement in their eyes.

The colorful-clothed lady did not turn her head around to look at the sea of people behind her. Although she knew that there were some people who were quite skilled behind her, these people did not reach the level where they could catch her attention.

The colorful lady's toes pressed against empty air and a faint silver glow appeared. She looked at the entrance within close proximity and the corner of her mouth was involuntarily lifted into a faint arc. Her figure was just like a noble phoenix that descended toward the entrance.


The rushing sound of rapid wind suddenly appeared when the colorful-clothed lady was about to fly into the entrance. Something flashed over extremely quickly. Within two breaths, the figure had rushed above the lady's head.

The sudden appearance of the human figure also caused the colorful-clothed lady to be slightly startled. Her brows were immediately knit together as her hand was clenched toward the human figure in front of her. A fierce suction force immediately surged from her hand.


That human figure merely let out a cold snort in the face of this colorful-clothed lady's attempt to stop him. He flipped his hand and a wild and violent wind surged out of his sleeves. The two invisible winds collided in mid-air, emitting a low, deep sound as they did so. With the aid of the repulsion force, the human figure drew an arc through the air, landing in the mountain range.

"Dammit, who is that little fellow? He has actually entered the mountain range ahead of Miss Feng?"

"Ha ha, the old me has said that with so many present, there will definitely be dark horses appearing. It is just that I did not expect it to be so soon…"


The expression of the colorful-clothed lady was quite ugly after seeing that an unknown person had actually entered before her. She let out a snort in the face of the noise behind her. Her body moved, transforming into a figure that quickly entered the mountain range.


The mountain range was covered with a dense fog. This fog contained a somewhat wild, violent energy that greatly limited one's sight.

A figure broke through the forest and entered this quiet mountain range. He gently landed on the ground, revealing a young face. This figure was Xiao Yan.

"She is indeed worthy of being called the most outstanding person among the younger generation within the Wind Lightning Pavilion. She does possess some ability…" Xiao Yan glanced behind him after landing on the ground, and laughed within his heart. Immediately, he threw his gaze all around him and involuntarily let out a frown. The energy fog was too dense. Additionally, this Heaven Eye Mountain Range was vast. It was going to be difficult to reach the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool.

A graceful colorful figure landed within the mountain range while Xiao Yan was frowning. Her pretty eyes swept around her and instantly paused on the back of a person not far in front of her.

Xiao Yna did not turn his head despite sensing the slight activity behind him. Instead, his body moved and swiftly rushed into the mountain range.


The colorful-clothed lady immediately cried out coldly upon seeing that Xiao Yan was about to leave.

However, Xiao Yan appeared to have not heard her cry. His footsteps had instead become even faster.


The rushing sound of wind suddenly appeared behind him while Xiao Yan was increasing his pace. His expression turned slightly chilly. His footsteps staggered as a colorful satin accompanied by a sharp wind shot past his head, narrowly missing it. Finally, the colorful satin penetrated through an enormous tree in front of him.

Although the colorful satin seemed to be made of cloth, it possessed a metallic luster. Clearly, it was not an ordinary item.

Surprise also flashed through the pretty eyes of the colorful-clothed lady when she saw Xiao Yan strangely dodge her attack. Her hand shook and another colorful satin shot out from her sleeves. This satin appeared like a poisonous snake that curled in midair and trickily entwined around Xiao Yan.

A fury had also risen in Xiao Yan's heart in the face of this lady's repeated disturbance. He abruptly turned around and extended his hand in a lightning-like manner, grabbing the satin that shot over as he did so. A jade-green flame appeared in his palm before immediately touching the satin, turning it into a fire trail that shot toward the lady.

The colorful-clothed lady's face turned cold when she saw the fire trail heading over. A powerful green-silver Dou Qi that seemed to be the merger of wind and lightning shot along the satin. Finally, it violently collided with the trail of fire.


A low, deep explosion erupted in this quiet mountain range. These two powerful energies scattered most of the dense fog around. A half a meter deep pit appeared on the ground.

At this moment, quite a number of people had entered the mountain range. They hurriedly rushed over upon hearing the activity in this area. All of them were startled when they saw that the person fighting was the renowned Miss Feng. Their surprised eyes were quickly thrown toward the unfamiliar-looking man opposite her. Someone who could exchange blows with her was definitely not an ordinary person.

"A Dou Qi formed from the merger of wind and lightning? Miss Feng from the Wind Lightning Pavilion does live up to her reputation." Xiao Yan's eyes stared intently at the colorful-clothed lady as he slowly spoke. At the same time, the colorful satin did not show any signs of breaking despite having experienced such a violent attack.

It was indeed unexpected that this woman possessed a body that contained two elements. Such a constitution might not be as rare as the 'Woeful Poison Body,' but it was also seldom seen. If one were to talk about it, Xiao Yan could be also considered to possess a body that contained two elemental affinities, fire and wood. Of course, the fire affinity formed the majority of his constitution while wood was only present in a small amount. This was the case for every single alchemist since this was the requirement.

A two elemental affinity constitution was not very suitable for training because the elements were not pure. It was still alright for a constitution like that of Xiao Yan. The wood affinity only occupied a small part of his body. However, this woman in front of him was not only able to train until now, but was actually able to perfectly merge these two elemental Dou Qis together. The strength of this merged Dou Qi would soar…

"By being able to destroy my Wind Lightning Pavilion's Nine Heavenly Lightning Prison Formation and successfully escape from northern pavilion chief Fei Tian's hands, you also live up to your reputation…" The colorful-clothed lady's pretty eyes focused intently on the skinny, young man in front of her before suddenly laughing softly, "Don't you agree, Xiao Yan?"

The faces of the surrounding people suddenly paled when these words were uttered!

Chapter 994: Black Clothed Man

"Xiao Yan? He is the Xiao Yan who killed Chen Yun?"

Numerous stunned gazes were looking at the young man a short distance away within a forest that was permeated by fog. The name Xiao Yan had been spread wildly during this period of time. It was rare that someone from the younger generation could force an expert like Fei Tian to personally act. Moreover, the thing that was even more shocking was that this person was able to escape from Fei Tian's hands. This really stunned many people. There was hardly anyone within the northern region of the Central Plains who did not know just how terrifying that old demon Fei Tian was.

Xiao Yan eyebrows merely knit together in the face of the many gazes that contained various emotions from around him. His arm shook and the colorful satin in his hand was shot back before it was withdrawn into the sleeves of the colorfully dressed lady.

"You can walk your own path and I will take my own route. If you don't disturb me, I will also not attack you…" Xiao Yan stared at the colorfully dressed lady as he slowly spoke. He could sense that the strength of this lady was quite great. Moreover, had been picked as the most probable candidate for the position of the next Wind Lightning Pavilion's leader. Xiao Yan definitely did not believe that she did not possess any skill. Currently, Xiao Yan's aim was to become one of those ten names. Thus, he did not want to engage in a direct conflict with her. Naturally, he did not wish to waste his efforts right from the start.

"What an arrogant tone… I will also not attack you now. I will wait for you at the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool. If you have the qualifications to reach that place, we will settle the grudge that you and the Wind Lightning Pavilion possess." The colorful-clothed lady's pretty eyes looked at Xiao Yan as she softly laughed. Her laughter contained a coldness.

"Of course, if you have been defeated before you even reach the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool, it will only mean that all the things that you have accomplished are due to you borrowing the strength of others."

The colorful-clothed lady pressed her toes on the ground after her voice sounded. Her body was like a dancing butterfly. She pulled back with a flash before swiftly disappearing into the thick fog.

Xiao Yan laughed coldly in his heart when he saw the colorful-clothed lady withdraw. His gaze swept all around him as he slowly walked in another direction. A moment later, he disappeared within the fog in front of many gazes.

"It's a pity that they did not actually fight. I wonder just who would be stronger if the two of them were to really exchange blows?" The surrounding crowd inevitably became disappointed after watching these two people take separate routes, leaving upon meeting each other.

"Hee hee, they are not fighting now because they wish to preserve some strength. There are many powerful Magical Beast within the Heaven Eye Mountain Range. The surroundings of the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool are extremely concentrated with them. If one wishes to charge through this Magical Beast crowd and arrive at the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool without having some ability, it is likely that the person is only courting death for no reason. However, these two people will definitely engage in a fierce fight once they arrive at their destination."

Everyone began to head their own way after the private conversations persisted for a short while. Some of them were alone while others were in groups. After which, all of them entered the mountain range. Due to the interior of the mountain range possessing a dense energy fog, the effect obtained from possessing a map was also limited. Some people could only rely on their luck to search, testing to see if their luck was any good.

The quiet mountain range had gradually become lively as everyone spread out. An unknown number of people had entered the Heaven Eye Mountain Range this time around. This large number of people had caused this mountain range, which was renowned for its many Magical Beasts, to become filled with energy. Of course, there was a hidden danger amid this liveliness.

However, danger and reward coexisted together. There were many Magical Beasts in the Heaven Eye Mountain Range. Adding this onto the unusually dense energy, these mountains did not lack natural treasures. If one was lucky enough to find something, it was likely that one would have gained a lot even without being one of the ten people to enter the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool.

On the whole, the Heaven Eye Mountain Range might be filled with danger, but it could also be considered a treasure mountain. As long as one possessed sufficient luck and ability, it was not difficult to return with many rewards…

Xiao Yan's figure flashed and appeared within the forest that was permeated by fog. His gaze swept around him as he frowned. This fog was blended with energy that could not be expelled. It greatly hindered one's sight. A person was just like a headless housefly within it, repeatedly running around in a random manner.

"The map is completely useless. The only thing that I know is that the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool is located in the deep regions of the Heaven Eye Mountain Range. However, how long will it take to reach the deep region if I continue to randomly roam around?" Xiao Yan paused his footsteps and mused for a moment. His body suddenly leaped and appeared on the top of a tree branch. His eyes swept around before he swiftly leaped up. A moment later, he finally appeared on the top of a tree.

Xiao Yan stood at the treetop and swept his eyes around only to be stunned to realize that the fog on it was even denser. His gaze was unable to see anything even if it was less than ten meters from him. Xiao Yan raised his head and looked up. He involuntarily pulled his neck in upon doing so because an enormous colorful energy tide was spreading out from above. A wave of energy pressure that could not be resisted spread out, causing one to feel afraid.

"I cannot use old mister Yao's strength within the Heaven Eye Mountain Range. Otherwise, the effect would be unpredictable. Hence, I can only rely on myself…" Xiao Yan softly sighed. He knew that the Miss Feng was definitely clearly aware of the route to reach the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool. With the ability of the Wind Lightning Pavilion, they should be quite familiar with this Heaven Eye Mountain Range. The problem of the fog should have long been expected by them. Hence, she was able to rush to the destination without any fear and save the time wasted on other routes.

Since the Wind Lightning Pavilion had a clear route, the other factions like the Ten Thousand Sword Pavilion and some of the weaker factions would likely have also made preparations. Thus, it was likely that their numbers would exceed ten. Xiao Yan was quite far behind them on just this first step.

"It is good to possess a faction behind one… the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool will appear one day after the energy tide appears. In other words, I must reach that place within one day. Otherwise, I will not have the blessing of enjoying the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool…"

Xiao Yan bitterly laughed. He mused for a moment before he suddenly sat down with his legs crossed. His Spiritual Perception swiftly spread from between his brows…

Although Xiao Yan was unaware of the exact location of the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool, it was likely that the formation of this unique blood pool, in the middle of the mountain range, would require an unusually great amount of pure energy. In other words, the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool would be the region with the most powerful energy in the entire mountain range. Xiao Yan's spiritual perception could use this as a medium to search. As long as he locked onto the area with the densest energy and go all out to rush there, it was likely that nothing would go wrong.

Following the swift spread of Xiao Yan's Spiritual Perception, the traces of energy ripple within a five kilometer radius was clearly reflected into Xiao Yan's mind. The direction in which the energy flow was also gradually grasped by Xiao Yan…

"The north huh…"

Xiao Yan's tightly shut eyes were suddenly opened around half an hour later. His gaze suddenly turned to the north. From his perception, this mountain range's energy seemed to be faintly gathering in that direction.

Xiao Yan leaped forward after locking onto a position. He came down from the tree and landed gently onto the ground, shocking a person who was coincidentally present in this spot. As the person hurriedly stepped back, the weapon in their hand emitted a 'clang' sound as it was being drawn.

Xiao Yan ignored this fellow who appeared extremely frightening. His toes pressed on the ground and his body transformed into a black figure which charged into the dense fog in a lightning-like manner. After which, he rapidly traveled through the forest, hurrying over to the energy gathering spot located by his Spiritual Perception at his fastest speed.

Xiao Yan discovered quite a number of people being pestered by Magical Beast along the way. They were engaged in intense fights. However, he did not stop. His figure shifted past in a ghost-like manner. With the help of his outstanding Spiritual Perception, he was able to sense if there was any hidden Magical Beasts within the dense fog one step ahead of the others. Hence, he had avoided being blocked by Magical Beast during his travel. His advancement speed was so quick that it was frightening.

Xiao Yan used this fierce and swift speed to advance for an hour before he gradually slowed down a little. Following his gradual entrance into the deep regions of the mountain range, the strength of the Magical Beasts hidden within the dense fog also seemed stronger. He would definitely attract the Magical Beasts over if he continued to fearlessly advance. Although Xiao Yan was not afraid, he really did not wish to end up slowing down because of them.

Xiao Yan's toes pressed on a tree branch and his figure agily rushed forward. His eyes carefully swept all around him, and he did not create even the slightest sound when he landed on the ground, appearing just like a ghost.

Xiao Yan's figure once again leaped onto an enormous tree. He was just about to charge forward when his heart moved. His gaze looked toward a spot not far in front of him. A human and a beast were fighting at that spot.

When he saw the large Magical Beast, Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes a little. He was a little startled in his heart as he said, "It is actually a rank 6 Magical Beast?"

Xiao Yan's gaze paused on the Magical Beast. After which, it turned to the human figure facing the beast. Anyone who could reach this place at this time was definitely not an ordinary person. The person in front of him was likely not an exception.

The human figure was wearing light-black clothes and looked quite young. His face was cold and he was carrying a large blue sword on his back. There was a sharp sword aura vaguely being emitted from it. From the looks of the scars around him, it was likely that this person had already exchanged blows with this rank 6 Magical Beast. However, his clothes still remained clean. Clearly, he was not at a disadvantage.

The black-clothed man's face moved slightly when Xiao Yan arrived at this place. His hand slowly grabbed the sword hilt on his back and his footsteps gently shifted. Immediately, he rushed forward.

Seeing the actions of the black-clothed man, the rank 6 Magical Beast emitted a roar. It moved its four legs and viciously pounced toward him.


The man and beast crossed each other in a lightning-like manner. A sword glow was emitted in a fleeting manner.


The black-clothed man stood straight and the longsword in his hand was slowly inserted into the scabbard behind him. The large Magical Beast had collapsed on the ground.

"What a fast sword movement…"

Xiao Yan's eyes narrowed slightly. With his eyesight, he was only able to vaguely see the black-clothed young man drawing the sword. This person was quite powerful.

"Have you seen enough?"

The black-clothed man slowly raised his head while Xiao Yan was stunned in his heart. After which, his gaze shot toward Xiao Yan as he asked with a faint voice.

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