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Chapter 992

Chapter 992: Miss Feng

The enormous colorful crane flapped its wings. In the blink of an eye, it carried a wild wind as it appeared around the Heaven Eye Mountain Range. In an instant, almost all the gazes of those present turned to the sky without any prior agreement. The name of Miss Feng from the Wind Lightning Pavilion was quite well-known in the northern region of the Central Plains. Many people knew that this woman’s training talent was extraordinary, and she had been taken as the last disciple of the eastern pavilion chief of the Wind Lightning Pavilion. It was rumored that she had the highest chance to become the eastern pavilion head among the younger generation.

The strength of the Wind Lightning Pavilion could be considered among the top even in the Central Plains. Whoever could control the faction would definitely find their status soar. Moreover, quite a number of people involuntarily felt envious of this Miss Feng. Such a level was something that an ordinary person would have difficulty achieving even if one worked hard their entire life.

Xiao Yan also sat down cross-legged in a treetop. His eyes were narrowed as he stared at the enormous colorful crane in the sky from a distance. He was faintly able to see a delicate and moving figure at the head of the crane.

“I wonder if that Fei Tian has followed them. If that old fellow also came, there will be some trouble this time around.” Xiao Yan’s eyes slowly swept over the enormous colorful crane as he muttered to himself in his heart.

The enormous colorful crane gradually descended from the sky while Xiao Yan was mumbling. Finally, it stopped at a spot a hundred meters from the ground. With Xiao Yan’s eyesight, he was clearly able to see everything from this distance.

The first thing that was imprinted into his eyes was the moving figure in a fluttering dress, standing on the head of the crane. This lady was wearing a colorful dress, and seemed to emit the aura of a distinguished person at a distant glance. Her face was a little thin and oval in shape. This, along with her purplish-brown gem-like eyes, caused this Miss Feng to appear like the princess of an empire, looking both beautiful and holy. She did not fit well into the scene that was filled with people.

However, the only imperfection of this holiness was the icy indifference that kept one at a distance, giving her the feeling of being unapproachable.

However, a jade must have some flaws in order to reveal its preciousness. This cold indifference did not cause Miss Feng to lose points on her appearance. Her demeanor and beauty were both top quality. Even Xiao Yan softly praised them within his heart. Immediately after that, however, his gaze swiftly turned away and paused on the two old figures behind the lady.

These two old figures looked as though they would fall from a mere breeze. However, Xiao Yan’s expression became much more solemn when his gaze swept over these two. Although these two could not compare with Fei Tian, they were quite stronger than the three Elders from the Wind Lightning Pavilion who had attacked him together back then. Their strengths seemed to be at least that of a six star Dou Zong.

Xiao Yan’s gaze carried a solemness as it swept over the two old figures. He slowly exhaled a breath in his heart. It was fortunate that they were not that old demon Fei Tian. Although two six star Dou Zongs were troublesome to deal with, Xiao Yan would still rather choose them over Fei Tian…

After all, Xiao Yan had to rely on some luck and wittiness in order to flee from the hands of that old demon, who had an incredible strength and was unbelievably fast.

“Is that Miss Feng from the Wind Lightning Pavilion? She really lives up to her reputation, and possesses a nobility similar to a phoenix…”

“Unexpectedly, even she has been

attracted by this Heaven Mountain Blood Pool. Looks like she will be among the ten names this time around.”

“Hei, that is not for certain. There is an unknown number of hidden talent and experts within the Central Plains. One cannot simply rely on one’s outer appearance and background in order to obtain those ten spots. If an overly strong person was to enter, that person would definitely stir an energy tide. At that time, he would merely be seeking hardship. Hence, the only right path is to rely on one’s strength within this Heaven Eye Mountain Range. At that time, the powerful guards within the sect are of little use.”


A thought passed through Xiao Yan’s mind as he heard the private conversations around him. Putting it this way, the Heaven Eye Mountain Range was able to restrict a strong person from entering? Therefore, it was likely that Fei Tian would not be able to enter given his strength… Xiao Yan completely put down the worry in his heart when he thought of this. He was indeed extremely afraid of that old demon.

“However, given my eyesight, I am unable to see the exact strength of this Miss Feng. It is likely that she possesses some mysterious item that hides her aura. Nevertheless, I am not afraid of her. As long as she does not come and find trouble with me, I will also be too lazy to find trouble with her…” Xiao Yan slowly withdrew his eyes as he softly muttered.

Xiao Yan withdrew his eyes and turned them to the entrance of the Heaven Eye Mountain Range. That place was filled with many people. However, there were few people entering the mountain range at this moment. Everyone knew that there were many Magical Beasts within the Heaven Eye Mountain Range. There was no lack of frightening strong beasts among them. It was likely that one was simply delivering oneself to them by entering at this moment. Hence, many people were waiting for the start of the energy tide. Only at that time would the Magical Beasts in the mountain range be much more tamed after being suppressed by the tidal strength. That time would be the safest moment to enter the mountain range.

“It is likely that the energy tide will begin in the next few days. At that time, the number of people swarming into the mountain range will reach a frightening amount. However, there is no telling just how many people will be able to successfully reach the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool… for now, all that I can do is wait quietly….”

Xiao Yan sighed softly within his heart. He once again withdrew his gaze, shut his eyes, and recuperated.


“Elder Mu, are there anyone from the other three pavilions who have come to the Heaven Eye Mountain Range.” The colorful-clothed lady on the enormous crane swept her eyes indifferently over the people below. After which, she opened her mouth and posed a question. Her voice was clear, but it faintly emitted a cold indifference.

“Hee hee, how is it possible for them not to come? The Ten Thousand Sword Pavilion’s Sky Fountain Sword Tang Ying, the Yellow Spring Pavilion’s Wang Chen, and the Falling Star Pavilion’s Mu Qing Luan. The most outstanding young people from each sect have all been dispatched. They have already reached the peak of the Dou Huang class. If they could soak once in the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool, it would not be long before they breakthrough to the Dou Zong class. Who would give up such an opportunity?” A green-robed, old man laughed in a strange manner from behind the colorful-dressed lady.

The lady nodded gently upon hearing this. A faint smile surfaced on her somewhat cold and indifferent face as she replied, “Looks like the fight for the Blood Pool this time around is going to be a heated one.”

“Young miss, the chief has asked you to be a little careful this time around. The Heaven Mountain Blood Pool has attracted quite a number of young experts from the northern region this time around. Other than those three earlier, there are some other people who also possess the qualification to fight with the few of you. Therefore, it is best to be a little cautious when doing things.” That other red-robed Elder slowly reminded.

“For example that person called Xiao Yan?” The colorful-clothed lady lifted the corner of her mouth into a slight arc as she spoke in a soft somewhat chilly voice.

“This person is a great enemy that cannot be underestimated. We met with the northern pavilion head, Fei Tian, along the way here. That Xiao Yan is actually escaped from his hands. It is likely that one could not even find five people in the same generation who could show such an ability. Young miss should also have some understanding of the strength of the northern pavilion’s chief. Hence, it is only naturally for you to know just how difficult it is to escape from the chief’s hands. The matters related to Xiao Yan have been spread all over the Wind Lightning Pavilion recently. Young miss should have also heard of him…” the red-robed Elder spoke in a solemn voice.

“I have naturally heard of him. How could someone, who could break the Nine Heavenly Lightning Prison Formation that the three northern pavilion Elders set up with a large group, be an unknown person… however, I wonder if he could achieve this by just relying on his strength? The Heaven Eye Mountain Range is suppressed by the energy tide. If one’s energy surpasses the limit, one would definitely attract the energy tide over. Hence, one must rely on one’s own strength within the mountain range. It is not possible to achieve anything by using another person’s strength.” The colorful-clothed young miss pulled aside a thread of black hair from her forehead with her delicate hand as she softly spoke. Her purplish-brown eyes flickered around.

“Tsk tsk, old fellow. Why are you saying such words that diminish yourself and praise others? That little fellow might have some ability, but from the way I see it, the entire situation was due to that powerful spiritual body. This little advantage will completely vanish within the Heaven Eye Mountain Range. It is just as well if young miss meets him. She can just kill him if she does so. At that time, we can even gain a favor from the northern pavilion chief if we hand that brat over.” The green-robed, old man by the side laughed, “The pavilion chief has also said that young miss will have difficulty finding an opponent with her strength. Even if she meets some experts of the Dou Zong class, she would be able to fight them. Hence, you should not underestimate young miss.”

The red-robed old man involuntarily frowned when he heard this. He was just about to speak when the colorful-clothed lady in front of him gently shook her snow-white wrist. She slowly said, “Elder Huo, please be reassured that I know my limits and will do my best to be careful.”

“The old me is only giving a reminder. Moreover, it is not certain if that Xiao Yan will come. Although this brat escaped the northern pavilion chief earlier, it is likely that he will still feel some fear within his heart.” The red-robed, old man laughed.

The colorful-clothed lady slightly smiled. However, her smile revealed a coldness that was difficult to hide. Her eyes swept over the area below before slowly shutting her eyes. The thing she needed to do now was to wait for the start of the energy tide. After which, she would use the fastest speed to arrive at the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool. Since the other three pavilions had also sent out those three fellows, the fight this time around would be quite interesting. It would likely not disappoint her. Moreover, the person called Xiao Yan, who had been mentioned earlier, was placed in the back of her mind. Although Xiao Yan had stirred a storm of commotion by killing Chen Yun and forcefully breaking the Nine Heavenly Lightning Prison Formation, these matters were attributed to the powerful spiritual body on him. There had been a lot of doubt about Xiao Yan’s strength…

Such doubt was also possessed by her.

The remaining time passed during this monotonous wait. After such a wait continued for nearly three days, the energy in this place suddenly became turbulent…

The instant the energy in his surroundings changed, Xiao Yan, who had been seated on the top of a tree, finally opened his slightly shut eyes. An unusual expression flashed across his eyes.

“Is it finally about to begin…”

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