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Chapter 989

Chapter 989: The Three Large Clans of the Magical Beast World

“Heaven Phoenix Demon Wings?”

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard the shocked exclamation that was emitted from the Gray Wolf King’s mouth. His gaze immediately turned to the bone wings on his back. Both of his eyes narrowed as demanded, “Do you know what these are?”

The Gray Wolf King gradually recovered after the shock lasted for awhile. His gaze carried some fear as he looked at Xiao Yan. Both of his feet swiftly withdrew. Although the flesh and the feathers on the bones had already disappeared, the special scent that was contained within the bone wings allowed him to immediately identify them. Back then, he had once seen a genuine Heaven Demon Phoenix. The pressure that originated from deep within his soul and bloodline had become a memory that he would never forget in his lifetime.

“Where did you obtain this pair of Heaven Phoenix Demon Wings?” The Gray Wolf King’s eyes stared intently at Xiao Yan while he spoke in a solemn manner. From the looks of the bone wings, they should have originated from a dead Heaven Demon Phoenix. However, the Heaven Demon Phoenix was a peak existence within the Magical Beast world. Although they were quite small in numbers, each of them possessed an extremely frightening strength, and heir potential was terrifying. Moreover, every Heaven Demon Phoenix would return to their tribe’s altar when they were about to die. It was impossible for an outsider to obtain something related to the Heaven Demon Phoenix much less the pair of Heaven Phoenix Demon Wings on its body.

“What kind of magical beast did these Heaven Phoenix Demon Wings belong to?” Xiao Yan asked.

“You don’t know about the Heaven Demon Phoenix?” The Gray Wolf King was stunned when he heard Xiao Yan’s question, like he was witnessing an extremely funny thing.

“Heaven Demon Phoenix? That mysterious corpse back then should be this so-called Heaven Demon Phoenix.” Xiao Yan muttered within his heart. He immediately smiled and looked at the Gray Wolf King as he said, “Tell me all that you know about this Heaven Demon Phoenix.”

“Brat, who do you think you are. You actually dare to speak to the old me in this manner? Don’t think that you can show off just because you have obtained a pair of Heaven Phoenix Demon Wings. If the Heaven Demon Phoenix were aware that you used the wings of their tribe member to construct a flying Dou Technique, it is likely that they will begin chasing you and will not stop doing so until you die! At that time, it would be too late for you to even cry!” The Gray Wolf King furiously laughed. His mind had returned to reality upon hearing Xiao Yan’s discourteous words.

“If you are wise, you will hand the Starchless Fruit to the old me as soon as possible. Otherwise, I will tear you apart today!” The Gray Wolf King’s bright-red tongue licked his lips as his somewhat blood-red gaze stared at Xiao Yan. His feet stomped onto the ground in an abrupt manner. His body emitted a ‘swoosh’ sound before appearing above Xiao Yan’s head. A furious roar was emitted. His fist, which had veins pulsing on it, carried a low, deep sonic boom as it violently smashed down.

Xiao Yan faintly watched the Gray Wolf King, who had displayed a wild and violent attack. He flicked his finger and a bright-silver glow erupted in front of him.


The fist of the Gray Wolf King violently smashed into the silver glow. A vaguely metallic sound appeared.

The expression of the Gray Wolf King changed slightly when his fist landed. He could only sense that his arm seemed to have turned numb at this moment. Before he could withdraw and pull back, a silver-colored fist was swung wildly, smashing against his



The fist met its target and the Gray Wolf King felt his throat become slightly sweet. Shock surged in his eyes. Such a frightening force… did it really originate from this brat?

The Gray Wolf King’s body landed miserably. His feet took over a dozen steps, each pounding at least half a foot deep into the ground, before gradually coming to a stop. He raised his head in shock. Immediately, his eyes narrowed and paused on a silver-colored human figure in front of Xiao Yan. He sensed a hint of danger from this human figure which did not move even a little.

“You have two choices. One is to reply to my question and continue being your king of the mountains, or two, allow me to kill you now.” Xiao Yan looked down at the Gray Wolf King from above and spoke in a faint voice.

“With just you?” The Gray Wolf King furiously laughed.

“With it…” Xiao Yan smiled. His finger pointed at the Gray Wolf King. The Earth Demon Puppet beside him immediately let out a bang as it rushed down like a cannonball before violently colliding with the Gray Wolf King.

The Gray Wolf King was startled when he saw the Earth Demon Puppet pouncing over. After the short exchange earlier. He clearly understood just how frightening this silver-colored demon was. Although he was frightened, something stirred a deep fierceness with his body. Both of his eyes turned slightly red and a roar was emitted from his throat. Immediately, he charged forward and violently collided with the Earth Demon Puppet.

The Gray Wolf King chose to fight with his physical body against the Earth Demon Puppet. This was also the fighting method that both parties specialized in. They had just exchanged a couple of blows, however, when the gap between the two was revealed. The Earth Demon Puppet’s strength far surpassed the Gray Wolf King. Moreover, the gap between physical bodies was an entire level higher. One could tell the stronger of the two the moment they clashed.


Both fists violently collided. A wave of frightening air surged out. The rock fragments on the ground completely exploded at this moment, transforming into powder. The small stream by the side also emitted a banging noise. Numerous waves that were a couple of hundred feet in height soared. The trees around were also implicated by the battle with many of them breaking apart.

The Earth Demon Puppet’s body trembled a little as the palm wind scattered. It took half a step back while the Gray Wolf King’s feet rubbed against the ground, forming a scar that was over ten meters in distance. Only then was he barely able to stabilize his body. When he raised his head once again, the fierce aura was finally covered by shock. He clearly understood that it was not impossible for this monster to kill him, given its frightening strength.

After stepping back, the Earth Demon Puppet, which did not receive Xiao Yan’s orders, once again stepped forward. Its body continued charging toward the Gray Wolf King.

“Stop, stop! I admit defeat!”

The Gray Wolf King hurriedly cried out. His expression had suddenly changed when he saw the Earth Demon Puppet charging over with a fierce aura.

The Earth Demon Puppet quickly stopped after his voice sounded. A pair of empty eyes stared at the Gray Wolf King, causing his skin to feel somewhat chilly.

Xiao Yan smiled in the sky. He slowly landed on the ground, stopped beside the Earth Demon Puppet, and said, “Tell me… I want to know all the information related to this Heaven Demon Phoenix.”

The Gray Wolf King rubbed away a thread of blood from the corner of his mouth. His gaze was still fearful as he glanced at the Earth Demon Puppet. After which, he clenched his teeth and said somewhat unwillingly, “The Heaven Demon Phoenix is extremely well known within the Magical Beast world. A tribe like them has a reputation similar to that of the Pill Tower or the ‘Hall of Souls’ in the Central Plains. Moreover, they truly belong to the peak level. As long as the elders within the tribe help activate its consciousness, each Heaven Demon Phoenix will leap to rank 5 upon being born, and will possess an intelligence comparable with that of humans. Most of the adult Heaven Demon Phoenix are at the rank 7 level. Some of their elites are even able to reach a frightening rank 8 level.

“Hence, despite the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe being few in numbers, it possesses an extremely influential role on the Dou Qi continent. Even factions like the Pill Tower and ‘Hall of Souls’ are extremely courteous to them.

“Each member of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe will return to the altar of the tribe and wait to die when death is approaching. Therefore, it is extremely difficult for the outside world to obtain anything from their bodies. One reason is that they are very hard to obtain, and the second is, should the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe discover that one did obtain it, his ending…”

The Gray Wolf King involuntarily looked at Xiao Yan in a gloating manner after speaking up to this point. So what if Xiao Yan had such a powerful helper? This little strength was not even worth mentioning in the face of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe, yet this fellow dared to use the Heaven Phoenix Demon Wings without any attempt to hide them.

Xiao Yan was unconcerned about the gloating eyes belonging to the Gray Wolf King. He frowned slightly. Although he had expected the Magical Beast corpse to be extraordinary, he had never imagined that this fellow would actually possess such a status and powerful background in the Magical Beast world…

“Are there any other factions within the Magical Beast world who could contend with the Heaven Demon Phoenix?” Xiao Yan seemed to have thought of something and he asked once again. He recalled Zi Yan. Her blood was able to suppress the essence blood of the Heaven Demon Phoenix. It was likely that her actual body was also an extraordinary being.

The Gray Wolf King hesitated for a moment upon hearing this. Finally, he replied, “There are two tribes. Both of them have a heritage that stretches to the ancient times. One of them is the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python while the other is the Void Ancient Dragon.”

“Nine Serene Deep Ground Python? Void Ancient Dragon?” Xiao Yan slowly mumbled these two names in his mouth. His eyebrows were knit once again. He had little understanding of all of this. Naturally, he was unaware of which of the two Zi Yan belonged to.

“These two tribes are also extremely frightening. The Nine Serene Deep Ground Python has a large population. Of course, most of them are not of pure blood. However, this allowed the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python to establish an enormous tribe. There is no lack of powerful beings among them. After all, a Magical Beast has a long lifespan. The achievements accumulated over time are naturally impressive. The Void Ancient Dragon, on the other hand, is much more mysterious. I also do not know much about this tribe. However, their strength is something that one does not even need to mention because it is rumored that this Void Ancient Dragon treats the Heaven Demon Phoenix… as food…” The face of the Gray Wolf King was somewhat strange when he spoke until this point. The strength of the Heaven Demon Phoenix was so terrifying that it caused one’s heart to feel chill, yet this Void Ancient Dragon actually feed on it. Even he felt that these words were extremely ridiculous.

“*Cough* This is only something that I have heard from rumors. The Void Ancient Dragon is the most mysterious Magical Beast in the Magical Beast world. It is rumored that they can shuttle through empty dimensions as they please, and are the perfect mounts for traveling through space and dimensions. Hence, I am also unaware of the exact situation…”

The Gray Wolf King coughed dryly. He immediately looked at Xiao Yan and said, “I have already told you all that you wished to know.”

“Shuttling through dimensions… this Void Ancient Dragon really does live up to its name. I wonder if Zi Yan belongs to this tribe. Some of her abilities are related to space…” Xiao Yan tilted his head as he muttered in his heart.

After musing for a moment in his heart, Xiao Yan raised his head and glanced at the Gray Wolf King. He moved his hand like he was tossing something and a fruit flew out of his Storage Ring. “Take it. This is your reward. Additionally, I hope that you will keep the matter today a secret unless you don’t wish to rule this mountain range…”

The Gray Wolf King rejoiced upon receiving the reddish fruit. He carefully stored it into his Storage Ring and said, “You can rest assured that us, Magical Beasts, keep our words. We are not like you humans who like to go back on them. I will not tell anyone about this matter because telling others will only bring trouble to me. Hee hee, however, on the account of you returning this Starchless Fruit to me, I will remind you that it would be best for you not to allow the Heaven Demon Phoenix to discover your bone wings. Otherwise, you will be chased by them until you have no place to hide.”

The Gray Wolf King leaped up after speaking, rushing onto the enormous Magical Beast’s head. With a soft cry, he directed the Magical Beast and left with a whistling wind.

Xiao Yan also exhaled as he watched the Gray Wolf King gradually disappear. He turned his head and looked at the bone wings on his back, only to involuntarily let out a bitter laugh. This thing… seemed to have become a lot of trouble.

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