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Chapter 981: Killing Hong Tian Xiao

Fiery-red Dou Qi appeared just like a fire as it emitted some heat and wrapped Hong Tian Xiao within it. His hand was holding a scimitar that was over ten feet long. It danced in a mighty manner as it carried a blade glow that contained a hot wind and whizzed out. They immediately hacked at the Earth Demon Puppet’s body.

“Clang! Clang!”

The scimitar violently hacked at the body of the Earth Demon Puppet. Under the full strength of Hong Tian Xiao, some scars appeared on the silver surface of the puppet’s body. However, no fresh blood flowed out. The Earth Demon Puppet appeared to be completely unaware of these wounds on its body as its powerful fist carried a low, deep sonic boom that smashed toward Hong Tian Xiao. This caused Hong Tian Xiao to appear a little miserable as he tried to dodge. After all, he was not immune to all sorts of pain like the Earth Demon Puppet.

The corner of Hong Tian Xiao’s eyes drifted toward the figure that was slowly stepping through the empty air. His originally ugly face had become much darker. With a furious cry, the large blade in front of him danced and formed a wild wind. Sharp blade glows emitted ‘shua shua’ sounds as they threw the Earth Demon Puppet’s fist aside.

“Fire Splitting Blade!”

The fiery-red Dou Qi agglomerated crazily on the enormous blade. Hong Chen Tian’s eyes turned cold as furiously hacked down. The blade glow cut through space and ruthlessly struck into the Earth Demon Puppet’s arm. The blade cut half an inch into it. The fiery-red blade caused a ‘chi chi’ sound to appear while white smoke was emitted from the Earth Demon Puppet’s arm.


The eyes of the Earth Demon Puppet remained empty despite having suffered such an attack. It ignored the large blade in its arm as a silver-colored fist was suddenly thrown forward. It ruthlessly smashed into Hong Tian Xiao’s chest.


A frightening strength surged out when the fist came smashing over. Hong Tian Xiao’s throat let out a muffled moan. His body shook and he hurriedly stepped back. A thread of sweetness in his throat was forcefully held back by him.

“Since you dare to hurt my puppet, you shall die!”

Hong Tian Xiao’s feet stabilized his body. Before had time to do anything else, however, a somewhat indifferent voice suddenly sounded behind him.

The voice was transmitted into Hong Tian Xiao’s ears, and his eyes immediately shrank. His gaze looked in the direction where Xiao Yan had been, only to see an afterimage slowly disappearing.

A chill suddenly surfaced in Hong Tian Xiao’s heart as he looked at the scattering afterimage. The chill had just materialized when frightening wind suddenly shot over from behind him.

Hong Tian Xiao hurriedly turned around while he was feeling shock in his heart. His hand holding the large fiery-red blade did not hesitate even a little. He agglomerated the Dou Qi all over his body and ruthlessly hacked down.


The sharp blade glow was swung at the enormous spiraling spiritual cannonball. Both paused for a moment when before Hong Tian Xiao’s arm suddenly trembled and the spiritual cannonball suddenly exploded.


An invisible wave of air spread out. Hong Tian Xiao, who was the first to be struck by it, once again felt his throat become sweet. A thread of fresh blood involuntarily seeped out of the corner of his mouth. He could not be bothered to wipe off the trace of blood as he hurriedly opened his mouth, “Little brother Xiao Yan, this is a grudge between the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion and you. It has nothing to do with the old me. The old me was forced to attack.”

“Do you think that I will believe you?” Xiao Yan looked at Hong Tian Xiao. His face contained a faint ridicule. This old fellow was really quick to shed responsibility.

“Little brother Xiao Yan, my Hong clan is indeed at fault regarding this matter. As long as you open your mouth, my Hong clan is definitely happy to compensate your losses!” Hong Tian Xiao’s expression was dull when he saw this. His gaze rotated as he hurriedly said.

“Compensation?” Xiao Yan’s footsteps paused as he asked with some interest.

Seeing that Xiao Yan was finally interested, Hong Tian Xiao also felt joy in his heart. He hurriedly nodded. Although he revealed a very sincere joy on his face, his heart was filled with a viciousness.

“From what Wu Lei Elder has said earlier, this brat’s strength seems to originate from a spiritual body in him. In other words, he will not be able to maintain this kind of condition for long. Once the time’s up, he will definitely enter a weary state. At that time, I will find an opportunity to kill him… this little bastard has caused my Hong clan to suffer heavy losses. Moreover, he is clearly not a merciful person. It is definitely extremely difficult to reconcile with him after all that my Hong clan has done. Hence, this brat must die!”

Although this evil thought was lingering within Hong Tian Xiao’s heart, his face was filled with smiles. He ceased showing the arrogance he usually possessed. “Ke ke, as long as brother Xiao Yan has this intention, my Hong clan will definitely put in all our effort. If we can resolve our grudge, we might even be able to become friends.”

Xiao Yan seemed to be deep in thought. A moment later, he nodded slightly and said, “Since senior Hong has such an intention, it is naturally for the…”

Before Xiao Yan’s words completely sounded, his eyes suddenly turned dark and chilly. Hong Tian Xiao’s heart silently said ‘not good’ when he saw this. Before he could dodge, however, a frightening wind suddenly appeared behind him.

“Xiao Yan, you bastard. You actually dared to deceive the old me!”

Hong Tian Xiao immediately let out a furious roar upon sensing the great strength of the wind behind him. He immediately swung the scimitar in his hand ruthlessly toward his back. Finally, a clear ‘clang clang’ sound appeared as it cut onto the arm of the Earth Demon Puppet. However, the puppet did not step back. Instead, it strode forward, pulled its arms apart, and firmly hugged Hong Tian Xiao.

Hong Tian Xiao was startled when his limbs were restrained. He quickly began to struggle. Fire-red Dou Qi surged out of his body like an erupting volcano. However, the Earth Demon Puppet firmly restrained Hong Tian Xiao under Xiao Yan’s orders. It completely ignored the heat of the Dou Qi.

“The old me will definitely not allow you to kill me this easily!” Hong Tian Xiao’s eyes revealed a craziness after becoming aware that Xiao Yan had the intention of killing him off after he had been restrained by the Earth Demon Puppet. The Dou Qi within his body collided. Immediately, a wild, violent force hurriedly surged out. From its appearance, this old fellow was actually thinking of self-destructing.

Xiao Yan appeared to have anticipated Hong Tian Xiao’s plan. The Dou Qi in his body surged, and his body rushed forward in a ghost-like manner. His eyes were ice-cold while a jade-green fire palm appeared. It was just like a flame cone as it was viciously pierced forward.


The struggling Hong Tian Xiao suddenly stiffened amid a soft sound. He slowly lowered his head with much difficulty and looked at the fire hand that had penetrated his chest. The viciousness in his eyes had yet to reach its peak when they solidified.

Xiao Yan was expressionless after having destroyed Hong Tian Xiao’s life force with a single attack. Xiao Yan suddenly placed his hand on Hong Tian Xiao’s head and violently pulled. An illusionary spiritual body was immediately pulled out.

“Little bastard Xiao Yan. The old me shall die with you today!”

The illusionary Hong Tian Xiao’s spirit had just been pulled out when it let out a vicious roar. However, before his soul could self-destruct, a majestic Spiritual Strength had surged out of Xiao Yan’s body and violently collided with the soul. Immediately, Hong Tian Xiao’s soul turned illusionary and the sanity within his eyes swiftly disappeared.

Collisions between spirits was the most dangerous thing that could happen. If one was careless, not only would one’s mind be damaged, but the other party’s mind would also suffer some injuries. However, it was fortunate that after having borrowed the Spiritual Strength of Tian Huo zun-zhe, Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength was far stronger than Hong Tian Xiao’s Spiritual Strength. Hence, this collison had greatly reduced the consciousness within Hong Tian Xiao’s soul.

Xiao Yan grabbed Hong Tian Xiao’s soul when he saw the paralysis appear in his eyes. A majestic Spiritual Strength was like a bandit as it used the most brutal method to barge into Hong Tian Xiao’s soul. After sweeping through it, Xiao Yan completely removed his consciousness.

Xiao Yan swiftly took out a jade bottle after having eliminated the consciousness. After which, he stuffed the spirit into it. His hand rubbed over it and an invisible flame appeared. A fire seal was placed on the mouth of the bottle.

“A five star Dou Zong’s spirit and body. My reward is quite great this time around. If I am able to obtain another rank 7 Monster Core, I will be able to refine another puppet. Of course, the precondition is if I am lucky enough to successfully refine it…”

Xiao Yan waved his hand and stored Hong Tian Xiao’s body, that was gradually turning ice-cold, into his Storage Ring. He finally patted his hand as he spoke to himself.

The exchange in the sky was witnessed by a countless number of people within Tian Bei City. When they saw the final ending of Hong Tian Xiao, quite a number of people quietly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. This brat was indeed quite vicious… with these actions of his, the Hong clan was basically finished. Having lost the protection of this ancestor, Hong Tian Xiao, the strength of the Hong clan would diminish…

The clan, which had once dominated Tian Bei City, had currently been completely destroyed by the hands of that young man called Xiao Yan. The Hong clan could be considered to have kicked a metal plate this time around…

Xiao Yan in the sky stored away the Earth Demon Puppet after having finished off Hong Tian Xiao. After which, his gaze was thrown toward the Han clan. His body moved, and he slowly disappeared from the sky.

Han Xue watched Xiao Yan, who had disappeared, from a silent yard deep within the manor of the Han clan. Her pretty face involuntarily became a little anxious. She was just about to use her Dou Qi wings to rise into the air when a voice slowly sounded within the small yard.

“It is likely that the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion will not use the Han clan as hostages in the future. As long as the Han clan does not mention my existence, it should be able to survive peacefully.”

Han Xue and Han Yue quickly turned their heads when they heard this voice. They looked at the young man who had appeared in the yard. Han Xue’s heart became excited as she took two steps forward. Immediately, however, she seemed to have understood something. Her pretty face became somewhat pale as she asked, “You will not return again after leaving, will you?”

Xiao Yan smiled and softly replied, “I have already offended the Wind Lightning Pavilion. If I entangle myself with all of you, it is likely that the matter today will occur again. Ke ke, when my strength reaches a level where I am no longer afraid of the Wind Lightning Pavilion, I will come visit the Han clan. I hope you won’t end up chasing me away at that time.”

Han Xue tightly bit her lower red lip with the back of her teeth. Her lovely body had a kind of unsteady feeling. She was vaguely aware that she might really have difficulty meeting Xiao Yan again in the future after they parted ways today.

“Xiao Yan, thank you. The Han clan will remember this favor of yours!”

Han Yue softly sighed softly. She stepped forward, pulled Han Xue, and gently spoke to Xiao Yan.

“Senior Han Yue is really too courteous. I am merely resolving trouble that I created.” Xiao Yan smiled. He immediately looked at the pale faced Han Xue and sighed within his heart. Cupping his hands together, he said, “Help me bid big brother Han Chong and the rest goodbye. You are the first group of friends that I have made after arriving in the Central Plains region… hopefully, we will meet again!”

Xiao Yan’s voice sounded before his body trembled and slowly disappeared.

Han Xue watched the gradually disappearing Xiao Yan. She finally involuntarily pounced into Han Yue’s embrace and began to cry.

Han Fei’s figure hurriedly appeared at the entrance of the yard. However, when he saw the crying Han Xue, he could only let out a sigh. His gaze looked to the distant sky as he muttered, “Little friend Xiao Yan, the Han clan will accept this favor of yours. We will definitely repay you in the future if we have the opportunity to!”

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