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Chapter 978: Fire Lotus Might
Bright glaring light energy appeared like a sun, which suddenly appeared in the sky. The intensity of the light had basically caused this weather, which had become a little dim because of the thunderclouds, to become extremely bright.

The strength of such a glow had far exceeded the fiery hot sun in the distant sky! Just what kind of intense glow was this? It was likely that no one in this world had seen such an intense light. A person’s eyes would likely only see a complete whiteness. This place seemed completely empty, causing everyone’s hearts to be startled…

The loud rumbling thunder appeared just like the roar of a thunder god that reverberated over the sky. However, the expected soul-stirring explosion did not appear. The spot where the three-colored lotus made contact with the enormous lightning fist had numerous spatial folds that were visible to the naked eye. The two extremely frightening energies were quietly eroding each other.

Along with the erosion of the two frightening energies, a half foot wide black hole slowly appeared. The space where the two energies collided could not endure the other’s presence and ended up forming some spatial cracks.

The spatial black hole gradually widened. It spread until it was around a hundred feet in size in front of the countless number of shocked eyes!

The enormous lightning fist and the three-colored fire lotus had begun to fluctuate following the growth of the spatial black hole. Numerous thunderbolt-like silver snakes followed the enormous fist as they wildly poured down. They were violently channeled toward the fire lotus. In the face of the enormous lightning fist’s wild and violent attack, the three-colored fire lotus became unusually calm. It rotated slowly and numerous fire seedlings, that vaguely carried three colors were emitted, blocking all of those silver bolts of lightning that came pouring down.

Although the battle between the two was completely silent and an overly soul-stirring explosion did not occur, anyone with some eyesight could tell that such an exchange was even more frightening and dangerous. Within a hundred feet radius of this exchange, everyone, including Xiao Yan and the three Wind Lightning Norther Pavilion Elders would likely end up in a miserable state. The space around that location had already been covered by wave after wave of extremely wild, frighteningly violent energy.

The fire lotus slowly rotated. Following each of its rotations, the enormous lightning fist vaguely became a little dimmer. At the same time, the expressions of the three Elders also became even paler. The destructive strength within the fire lotus caused them to possess a fear that unfurled from deep within their souls.


The rotating speed of the three-colored fire lotus suddenly became much faster in front of an innumerable number of gazes. Following the increase in its speed, the rate at which the enormous lightning fist became dimmer increased. In the end, the fist suddenly trembled and numerous crack lines slowly spread out in front of the shocked eyes of the three elders. Eventually, it emitted a ‘crack’ sound and collapsed into a countless number of silver-colored light spots!

Under the might of the great formation, the three Elders’ all out attack was unable to block the frightening three-colored fire lotus…

If Xiao Yan had relied on his own strength to create this three-colored fire lotus, it was naturally extremely difficult for him to achieve this effect. However, the current Xiao Yan had borrowed the strength of Tian Huo zun-zhe. Thus, his strength had already reached a frightening level. The strength of the three-colored fire lotus, that he had currently displayed, was naturally extremely frightening.

After all, the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame was a powerful Dou Technique where its strength would accompany

an increase in Xiao Yan’s strength!

As long as Xiao Yan’s strength continued to rise, the power of the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame would also become more and more terrifying.


The enormous lightning fist collapsed and the three Elders ended up spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood. The shock in their eyes became even denser. It was unexpected that even with the combined strength of the three of them along with the help of the Nine Heavenly Lightning Prison Formation, they were unable to defeat Xiao Yan’s frightening fire lotus attack.

The color of the three-colored fire lotus had become much dimmer as the enormous lightning fist collapsed. However, it was fortunate that it had not simply scattered as a result. It paused for an instant before it emitted a ‘xiu’ sound. It then transformed into a ray of light that charged toward the thunderclouds in the sky.

Seeing this, the long-eyebrowed elder immediately quivered. He hurriedly changed his hand seal and a couple of enormous lightning pillars immediately shot out from the thunderclouds. Their target was the fire lotus.


The lightning pillars ruthlessly attacked the fire lotus, but they did not cause it to pause even a little as three-colored fire seedlings rose out. These fire seedlings might appear to be the size of a finger, but they instantly vaporized the lightning pillars into nothingness upon contact. This scene caused everyone to tremble in fear.

The lightning pillars did not stop the attack of the fire lotus. While the fire seedling rose, the light ray that was formed by the fire lotus charged into the thunder clouds.

“Heaven Hall, Scatter Formation!”

The eyes of the long-eyebrowed Elder immediately shrank to the size of a pin-hole upon seeing the fire lotus barging into the thunder cloud. A horrified loud cry rumbled.

However, before the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion’s experts at the exterior of the formation could recover from his cry, the interior of the thunder cloud emitted a soul-stirring explosion that resounded over the place. Immediately, an enormous fire wave surged out in an untamed floodwater-like manner!

The thunder cloud endured for an instant in the face of the attack from the enormous fire wave before it burst apart, transforming into clusters of tiny electric glows as it did so!

The thunder cloud was created by the experts from the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion and the three Elders. Hence, they were naturally implicated now that it had been destroyed. The thunderbolt curtain that had spread all over the place immediately disappeared. Numerous ‘grug’ sounds of blood being spat out repeatedly resounded over Tian Bei City. Some of the people standing on the buildings fell down head first.

The people within Tian Bei City involuntarily wiped off their cold sweat when they heard the sound of blood being vomited from all directions. That majestic storm had also been vaporized by the fire wave in the sky. The stormy weather from earlier had turned into one with clear skies that stretched for thousands of kilometers…

“Even the joint effort of the three Elders from the Wind Lightning Pavilion and the use of the Nine Heavenly Lightning Prison Formation cannot trap him… this Xiao Yan is really too terrifying…”

“After fighting the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion’s three Elders and the many experts by himself, it is likely that Xiao Yan’s name will spread over the entire northern region within a short couple of days.”

“Ha ha, it is really joyous. I have not wasted a trip this time around. This big battle is the most intense one that I have seen in my life. It is likely that Xiao Yan could hardly find an opponent among the younger generation.”

“It is rumored that the Wind Lightning Pavilion has a certain Feng xiao-jie. Her training talent is considered extremely outstanding and is the choice as the next eastern pavilion head. I wonder if she will be able to fight against Xiao Yan?”


The bodies of the long-eyebrowed Elder and the two others in the sky stilled momentarily while the entire city emitted numerous private conversations. Their faces had finally turned pale-white while their breathing had become sluggish. The forceful scattering of the thunder cloud was very harmful to them.


The hand of the long-eyebrowed old man trembled slightly. A moment later, he finally clenched his teeth and softly spoke a word.

“Since you have forced me out, you cannot expect me to simply leave empty-handed after exhausting a great amount of strength to engage in a big fight with you.” Xiao Yan faintly smiled. His eyes congelated and a majestic Spiritual Strength immediately surged out in all directions. Immediately, it penetrated space and violently pressed on the three Elders whose auras were sluggish.


The three Elders’ bodies were already weary. Upon suffering such a heavy blow, a mouthful of fresh blood was immediately spat out of their mouths. Their bodies flew back like cannonballs. When they were forced back, the rings they wore on their fingers slipped off. After which, these rings were grabbed by Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength before flying back to him.

Elder Feng immediately became furious upon seeing that their Storage Rings had been stolen. He was just about to cry out furiously when the gloomy long-eyebrowed Elder stopped him.

“Let’s leave first!”

With a stern cry, the long-eyebrowed Elder and the other two unleashed their remaining Dou Qi. Lightning glows surged and the three of them turned into three rays of light that rushed out of Tian Bei City in a lightning-like manner. After which, they disappeared into the horizon.

Xiao Yan beckoned with his hand after seeing the three Elders fleeing into the distance. He held the three Storage Rings in his hand. It was not that he did not intend to kill all of them, but these three stuck together like chewing gum. If he were to really force them until that stage, it was likely that Xiao Yan would lose more than he gained. He was able to defeat the three of them, but killing them would require him to pay quite a terrible price.

Xiao Yan glanced at the Storage Rings. His finger rubbed over them. Borrowing Tian Huo zun-zhe majestic Spiritual Strength, he was able to easily remove the spiritual imprints on them.

Xiao Yan’s spirit swiftly invaded the rings after having removed the imprint. After a search, three bright-silver-colored scrolls flashed and appeared in his hand.

“They were indeed with these three old fellows…”

These three-silver-colored scrolls were similar to the one he had obtained from Chen Yun. Even the blood veins on its surface were exactly the same. Clearly, these three scrolls should be part of the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body’. However, he did not know whether he would be able to obtain a complete version of them after including the scroll already in his hands.

Xiao Yan could not help but feel a little anxious after thinking until this point. Of course, he would naturally not test it in this kind of situation. He flipped his hand and stored the three scrolls into his Storage Ring. Immediately, his dark eyes slowly turned to Hong Tian Xiao, who was still entangled with the Earth Demon Puppet.

The killing intent within Xiao Yan’s heart was even more intense when it came to this old man. He knew that the news of Chen Yun dying to his hands had been spread by this fellow. The information that the people from the Wind Lightning Pavilion had on him should have also been revealed by this old man…

It might not be possible to kill the three Elders today, but this Hong Tian Xiao needed to die!

Hong Tian Xiao, who was fighting with the Earth Demon Puppet in the distance, had naturally also sensed that the three Elders had fled after being defeated. His expression immediately became extremely ugly.

“These three old bastards!”

Hong Tian Xiao roared furiously within his heart. He had just forced back the Earth Demon Puppet when he sensed a pair of ice-cold eyes, that contained a killing intent, being shot over from a distance.

Hong Tian Xiao’s expression instantly became much paler after sensing the density of the killing intent within those eyes. His mouth was filled with bitterness…

At this moment, he had finally understood just what kind of frightening existence he had offended this time around…

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