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Chapter 975-978

Chapter 975: Qingfeng Mountains

Enormous trees rose into the sky within a lush green mountain range. These large trees, that had grown for hundreds or thousands of years, were usually able to grow to a height of a couple hundred meters tall. They were the largest living beings in the mountain range. Even sunlight was blocked by their huge leaves. Hardly anyone was present in this place. Occasionally, the roar of a Magical Beast would appear, frightening off the many birds resting in the forest. The panicked fluttering of wings would form a white figure that spread over the sky, appearing majestic.

There was a tall mountain peak that jutted into the sky within the vast mountain range. The mountain peak was not very large, but it was extremely steep. Its walls were nearly vertical, and its precipitous mountain peak was extremely smooth. Unless could fly, an ordinary Magical Beast would have difficulty ascending it.

Clouds lingered over the peak of the mountain while a young man sat cross-legged on it. A silver-colored human figure was sitting straight beside the young man. The figure's body did not move even a little while its empty-hole-like eyes slowly swept around him. It instantaneously kill anything that approached the mountain peak regardless of whether it was a person or Magical Beast, acting like the perfect bodyguard.

The young man maintained this posture for around two hours before he slowly opened his eyes. His somewhat pale-white face gradually recovered a little redness.

"Little fellow, your strength is too weak. However, it is fortunate that your body is tough. Otherwise, it would have been difficult to endure the pouring of my Spiritual Strength." A laughter sounded within Xiao Yan's heart when he opened his eyes.

Xiao Yan grinned and asked, "Old mister Yao, what level has your strength recovered to?"

"Around that of an eight star Dou Zong. Any increase in the future will be extremely difficult. Any attempt to return to the Dou Zun class will require a physical body that would fit my spirit extremely well." Tian Huo zun-zhe mused for a moment before laughing somewhat cunningly, "Hee hee, however, little fellow, we agreed earlier that you would help the old me resolve the matter of a physical body."

Xiao Yan smiled involuntarily when he heard this. Tian Huo zun-zhe was a great help. If Xiao Yan could allow him to recover to the strength of a Dou Zun, it would definitely be beneficial for him. On this point, Xiao Yan would naturally lend a hand without holding back.

"The original body has the most perfect degree of fitting with one's soul. If a soul were to randomly occupy a physical body, it is likely that the effects would be quite poor. Hence, a body can only be specifically refined…" Xiao Yan softly explained. Yao Lao had once mentioned to Xiao Yan the method to refine a body. Hence, as long as Xiao Yan found the necessary ingredients, he should be able to refine one with his current level.

"I shall leave the matter of the refinement to you. Remember, you must make the best one for the old me. Don't cut corners. Although I have never refined a body, I am also aware that the strength of the ingredients is very important. It will also determine one's achievement in the future." Tian Huo zun-zhe laughed.

"Old mister Yao, please rest assured that Xiao Yan will definitely help you refine the best body." Xiao Yan beamed as he replied.

"Hee hee, it's best if this is the case. Little fellow, you can rest assured that the old me will not let you fall into any danger of losing your life before you refine the body for me." Tian Huo zun-zhe laughed out loud. His heart did indeed feel a gratitude to Xiao Yan. If Xiao Yan had brought him out from that magma world, it was likely that he would have long since turned into nothingness. How could he possess his current grandness then? Moreover, he migh

t even possess his own body in the future and once again feel the wonderful feeling of once again being 'human.'

Xiao Yan smiled when he heard these words. With this expert protecting him, he would be in possession of quite a large amount of capital that would allow him to feel extremely safe when roaming the Central Plains.

"However, even with this talisman, raising his own strength was still the most important matter. After all, he could not borrow the strength of others all the time…"

Xiao Yan mused for a moment as a smile formed. He moved his hand and an emerald-like jade bottle appeared in his hand. He tilted the bottle and a medicinal pill the size of a dragon's eye rolled out. Immediately, an unusual fragrance scattered, commanding everyone's attention.

This medicinal pill was naturally the Mighty Huang Pill. Moreover, it was the best quality pill among those Mighty Huang Pills that Xiao Yan had refined. He did not take it out to be auctioned. Instead, he had kept it in preparation for his own use. Now, it was coincidentally able to come in handy.

The use of the Mighty Huang Pill was able to let an elite Dou Huang raise his strength by one or even two stars. However, this also depended on luck. Something like one's strength not even raising after consuming the Mighty Huang Pill had happened before. Moreover, the unlucky thing was that even if they failed, this thing would similarly no longer possess any effect when they consumed it a second time. Hence, the people who consumed the Mighty Huang Pill would usually pray in their hearts that they would not end up meeting such an unlucky incident…

The medicinal pill slowly rolled on Xiao Yan's hand. A moment later, he gently exhaled a breath, widened his mouth, and swiftly stuffed the medicinal pill into it.

The Mighty Huang Pill immediately melted upon entering Xiao Yan's mouth, transforming into a somewhat warm, powerful medicinal strength that wildly surged into Xiao Yan's body.

Following the surging in of the great amount of pure medicinal strength, the corner of Xiao Yan's mouth also twitched. It was fortunate that his veins were tough. Otherwise, he would have difficulty consuming such a large amount of medicinal strength in one go.

Xiao Yan gently inhaled a breath of air when the medicinal strength swiftly surged and flowed into all his veins. A thought passed through his mind and the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame surged around his body. Immediately, the flames charged into his veins and swiftly wrapped around the enormous medicinal strength. After which, it forcefully pulled this wild horse like fellow. Following the route of the Flame Mantra Qi Method, it slowly began to circulate.

The space around Xiao Yan in the outside world began to ripple intensely when the medicinal strength surged within Xiao Yan's body. Wave after wave of energy appeared before agglomerating into an energy swirl in the space above his head. Finally, the energy slowly seeped into him through the top of his head…

Being in possession of a 'Heavenly Flame' made refining the mottled energy from nature an easy matter for Xiao Yan. He was able to refine whatever came regardless of the quantity involved.

Everything slowly came on track, following the gradual activation of the medicinal strength within his body. The medicinal strength of the Mighty Huang Pill might be great, but it was insufficient to cause the current Xiao Yan to feel any panic with his current ability. Everything proceeded extremely smoothly. Whether the Mighty Huang Pill was able to raise Xiao Yan's strength by one or two stars would depend on the results when the time came…

The mountain peak had become quiet after Xiao Yan entered into a slow refining state. Only the Earth Demon Puppet beside him continued its sentry duty…

The Qifeng Mountains were quite renowned within the northern region of the Central Plains. The reason was not because there was a Phoenix within it. Instead, this was the place where the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion stood.

The Wind Lightning Pavilion was divided into the north, south, east, and west pavilions. The north, south, and west were complementary branches while the east pavilion was the strongest. Even though this was the case, any one of the three pavilions possessed the qualification to be ranked among the top tier factions within the Central Plains. The union of the four pavilions was comparable to some of the factions at the peak, and it was called the giant of the northern regions of the Central Plains for that reason.

Qifeng Mountains were extremely arduous in nature. The precipitous mountain peaks were covered in a layer of fog that left one with a paradise-like feeling.

The peak of Qifeng Mountain seemed to have been hacked into two by an enormous axe. There were numerous partially visible buildings hidden within the lush greenery. The most eye-catching part of the entire mountain peak was the enormous silver-colored pagoda that was located on the highest peak.

This enormous pagoda, that rushed into the sky, was named North Lightning Tower. Its body was covered by a bright-silver color. One could faintly hear the slight sound of rumbling thunder emitted from it. This was the sacred training ground of the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion. Only the most outstanding people could obtain the qualification to enter it and train.

On the highest level of the North Lightning Tower was a spacious hall. At this moment, a number of people were sitting within it. Wave after wave of majestic strength permeated the room, causing the guards standing outside of the hall to tremble in fear.

"Elder Yun's Spiritual Lightning Tablet has already broken…"

A silver-colored leader's seat was located in the middle of the hall. Faint lightning glows moved along the chair, spreading in all directions. A silver-clothed figure was leaning on the backrest of a chair while his silver eyes slowly swept below him. Finally, a faint voice reverberated across the hall.

His voice was not too loud but had a strong pressuring feeling. No one dared to underestimate him.

Three old men with different clothes in the hall immediately reacted when these words sounded. They had a clear idea of what a Spiritual Lightning Tablet was. A thread of their spiritual imprint was stored inside. Should they unluckily die one day, this Spiritual Lightning Tablet would also shatter. If this was the case, Chen Yun…"

"There is actually someone who dares to attack a person from our Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion within the northern region of the Central Plains? Don't tell me that it is someone from the Ten Thousand Sword Pavilion?" A black-clothed, old man with two long silver-colored eyebrows spoke in a solemn manner.

"We are temporarily unaware of who it is. This time, Elder Yun had accompanied Hong Chen to Tian Bei City, no? Feng, Lei, Dian. You three elders should investigate just what happened. Capture the person who attacked regardless of who he is, even if he is someone from the Ten Thousand Sword Pavilion. The members of our Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion are not people who can be killed so easily…" The silver-clothed human figure on the leader's seat slowly commanded.


The three old men immediately stood up and respectfully replied. After which, they transformed into light figures that rushed away before swiftly disappearing.

The large hall once again became empty and quiet after these three old men disappeared. A moment later, the human figure on the leader's seat slowly stood up. He gently waved his sleeves and rumbling thunder resounded across the hall.

"It is really a bold move to touch the people from my Wind Lightning Pavilion in this place. I will likely be laughed at by those two fellows if I don't locate you…"

Chapter 976: Nine Star Dou Huang

Clouds lingered over the mountain peak as space rippled. Wave after wave of mottled energy swiftly appeared. It surged into the body of the young man seated on the edge of the mountain peak from all directions. Faced with this endless pouring in of energy, Xiao Yan's body also appeared like a bottomless pit. It did not show any sign of being filled regardless of how the energy poured into him.

Xiao Yan had already maintained this state for three days ever since he had consumed the Mighty Huang Pill. His body was just like an unmoving rock during these three days. Only the repeatedly rotating energy swirl above his head on the mountain peak emitted a soft howling sound.

The enormous medicinal strength of the Mighty Huang Pill within Xiao Yan's body had already transformed into surging Dou Qi that flowed like floodwater within Xiao Yan's veins. Moreover, there was an unceasing amount of natural energy surging in from nature. It was refined by the 'Heavenly Flame,' transforming into pure Dou Qi that merged into this large cluster of energy.

Although there was a large quantity of natural energy, the remaining pure Dou Qi, that Xiao Yan absorbed, was of a small quantity after numerous refinements. However, it was at least better than nothing. Accumulated water would eventually form a river while dripping water would eventually penetrate a rock. Such accumulation over time would reach quite a frightening level. The Dou Qi within most of the practitioners had been acquired in this manner. Relying on medicinal pills to raise one's strength was, after all, a short-cut. It could not be used excessively or one would fail to reach a higher level due to the faster training speed.

However, if one really wished to talk about it, this was the first time that Xiao Yan had used a medicinal pill to raise his strength. He had never used a Dou Spirit Pill when he was in the Dou Wang class. Hence, he was not in the category of overuse.

The training of Xiao Yan lasted for quite a long time. The medicinal strength of the Mighty Huang Pill within his body had already been completely refined a day earlier. However, he did not immediately move. Instead, he chose to continue training. This was because he had vaguely sensed that the medicinal strength of the Mighty Huang Pill alone would be insufficient to allow him to raise his strength by two stars. He always pursued perfection in everything he did. It was a golden opportunity this time around. Naturally, he needed to grasp it and raise his strength by the greatest possible extent…

Another four days passed while Xiao Yan maintained this attitude. During these seven days, Xiao Yan had placed all his attention on absorbing the natural energy. Under this unceasing absorption, the Dou Qi that flowed within his veins had gradually surged and become forceful. Each time it circulated, it would bring about an unceasing amount of energy. Such a filled feeling caused him to possess an impulse to roar at the sky…

Of course, such an impulse was naturally suppressed by him. He clearly knew that if he let out a roar, the hard work that he had put in during his training would likely be wasted.

Time swiftly passed during the training. The mountain peak was still as quiet as before. Occasionally, the Earth Demon Puppet would suddenly raise its head and throw a punch toward a spot not far from the mountain. A frightening force penetrated the air and smashed a Magical Beast, that had flown within a hundred meter radius of the mountain peak, into a pile of flesh. During this period of time, this mountain peak had basically become a forbidden ground within the mountain range. The Magical Beasts that had suffered some losses had also learned to be much more obedient. They would take a detour when passing through this place. Therefore, Xiao Yan's training progressed in an extremely stable manner.

A little activity finally appeared on the morning of the eighth day. The energy swirl above Xiao Yan's head trembled a couple of times before slowly scattering. The fluctuating space around him had also gradually returned to its calm state.

The energy swirl had disappeared for a short while before Xiao Yan's eyelids began to twitch gently. A moment later, they were slowly opened.

The dark-black eyes were ancient yet ordinary. They were so calm that they appeared to have just awoken. There was not the slightest ripple within them.

The training seal was gently scattered. Xiao Yan slowly raised his head and his hand spread out in a flat manner. A thought passed through his mind and the surging Dou Qi that flowed within his veins immediately began to churn. Finally, it was like a horse that had lost its restraint as it fled Xiao Yan's veins and merged into his body…

With the majestic Dou Qi having merged with every part of Xiao Yan's body, a sharp glow suddenly appeared in Xiao Yan's dark-black eyes. His aura was also raising straight up at this moment. It swiftly broke through the seven star level and crossed into the eight star level!

The aura did not come to a stop after breaking through to the eight star level. Instead, it surged wildly. The clothes on Xiao Yan's body fluttered in the absence of the wind, and the stone Xiao Yan was seated on also emitted a 'crack' sound. A couple of tiny lines appeared in the stone. The surrounding permeating fog also appeared to have been pulled apart by a pair of invisible hands.

The fog rapidly swelled. A moment later, Xiao Yan finally reached the peak of the eighth star. A layer of invisible film suddenly appeared and suppressed the rising aura.

Xiao Yan clenched both his hands abruptly as he sensed the faint clogging feeling. He did not stop at this point. Instead, he suddenly stood up and let out a long howl toward the sky.

A clear crane-like cry instantly penetrated the clouds and resounded over the mountain range. It was a long while before it calmed down.

The howl lasted for quite a long time, as though a breath was forced to its limit. Xiao Yan's face had also become flush-red because of this. Green veins pulsed like earthworms on his face, giving him a ferocious appearance.

"Break it!"

Xiao Yan's hands were clenched tightly. The piece of enormous rock under his feet suddenly burst apart. Rock fragments flew in all directions as a stern cry was emitted from Xiao Yan's mouth.


Somewhere, a non-existent layer was broken. The aura belonging to Xiao Yan, which had ceased rising, rose once more, breaking through the eighth star level, finally stopping on the ninth star!

The aura had just broken through to the ninth star when it came to a sudden stop. Xiao Yan's body collapsed in a weary manner. His hands supported himself on the ground while he panted repeatedly with a flushed face. Although his limbs had already become weak, there was a joy that was difficult to hide within his eyes. He knew that the current him had broken through to the ninth star level with the help of the Mighty Huang Pill and his own resolution!

In other words, the current Xiao Yan was a nine star Dou Huang. There was only the gap of one star to the Dou Zong class!

Although this one star has halted a countless number of experts, Xiao Yan had confidence in himself. This Dou Zong would not be his end!

"Little fellow. Not bad. You actually know how to push forward a little at such a moment, relying on your willpower to advance. The old me has not seen this for many years…" Tian Huo zun-zhe's sigh was slowly emitted while Xiao Yan was panting.

"Old mister Yao has overpraised me. It is just that a break was being restrained in my heart, and I wished to spit it out. However, it is unexpected that I broke through this barrier." Xiao Yan rubbed away the cold sweat on his forehead and laughed. After the earlier weariness, he could sense a majestic Dou Qi surging through his body. That weary feeling swiftly disappeared.

"Regardless of how it happened, it is still not something easy to achieve…" Tian Huo zun-zhe laughed.

Xiao Yan beamed. He stood up from the ground and twisted his body. The bones all over began to crackle. A comfortable feeling, that came from deep within his body, traveled through his entire body, causing Xiao Yan to involuntarily let out a groan.

"Is this the feeling of a nine star Dou Huang… it is indeed very strong…"

Xiao Yan clenched his fist and suddenly threw a punch out. The space in front of him immediately fluctuated. A sharp sonic boom was formed on his fist, which possessed an extremely great might. The strength of this force was really a couple of times stronger than a couple of days ago.

After inhaling a breath of somewhat moist air, Xiao Yan turned his head. He glanced at the Earth Demon Puppet before involuntarily smiling. Using this thing as a guard was really quite good.

"Now that I have consumed the Mighty Huang Pill, I should leave this place. After having killed Chen Yun, it is likely that the Wind Lightning Pavilion will not take such a blow lying down. It is now not the best time to clash head-on with them. I should find a city with a Wormhole and leave this place to hide from them. Trying my best to break past the Dou Huang class as soon as possible is the most important thing…"

Xiao Yan mused for a moment. Finally, he waved his hand and stored the Earth Demon Puppet into his Storage Ring. After which crystal bone wings were expanded from behind his back. Wild wind rose with a flap of the bone wings, blowing away the fog around the mountain peak. Xiao Yan's body had transformed into a ray of light that rushed out before flying to the exit of the mountain range.

The forest had finally become sparse after Xiao Yan flew through the mountain range for a couple of hours or so. The outline of a city also vaguely appeared in Xiao Yan's eyes.

Xiao Yan landed not far from the city. After which, he swiftly headed to the entrance of the city. However, he hesitated for a moment upon seeing some human figures on the road. He took out a Doupeng from his Storage Ring, covered his head, and finally walked toward the city.

Xiao Yan's gaze paused on the entrance of the city when he was close to it. Quite a number of human figures had gathered there. He vaguely able heard some words like 'wanted.'

With a slight frown, Xiao Yan approached the city's entrance without anyone noticing. His gaze swept over the wall where the crowd had gathered and his eyes immediately solidified.

A bright silver paper was on the city wall. It contained the portrait of a person on it. Surprisingly, it was that of Xiao Yan's head. Below the drawing was a silver-colored tower-shaped seal. This badge had once appeared on Chen Yun's chest…

Clearly, this was a wanted poster. Its target was Xiao Yan.

Many curious people were gathered in front of the wanted poster. Numerous discussions popped up.

"It is rumored that this little fellow killed Chen Yun of the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion. No wonder the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion has issued a wanted order…"

"Really? This fellow looks no older than his twenties. That Chen Yun is an elite Dou Zong."

"Chi, you have not heard about the matter in Tian Bei City the other day. The Hong clan of the Tian Bei City has been turned into a miserable state."

"What is the use of issuing a wanted order now. No one knows just where he has run off too. He might have already left the northern region."

"The Wind Lightning Pavilion has not only issued a wanted order, but the Han clan of the Tian Bei City has also been placed under house arrest by the people from the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion. They should be thinking of using them to force Xiao Yan out. However, it is not like that Xiao Yan is a fool. How could it be possible for him to fall into their trap when he clearly knows that there are three experts from the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion in Tian Bei City…"

Xiao Yan's body trembled violently upon hearing the last sentence. His face under the Doupeng had suddenly turned gloomy. His tightened fist also emitted a cracking sound.

"Wind Lightning Pavilion…"

A voice that contained a sinister killing intent softly seeped out of the gap between Xiao Yan's teeth! The fury and hatred within it was not the least bit hidden. Clearly, Xiao Yan had grown extremely angry at this moment. His usually expressionless-self had unleashed the anger that he had suppressed within his heart.

Chapter 977: A Very Dangerous Place

A human figure was standing above a lush green sea of trees. His gaze looked to the northern sky and his brows were knit slightly as sunlight landed on his face. At this moment, the face of this expert suddenly revealed hesitation and regret. It was likely that this expression would cause his opponents to feel extremely shocked. This unusually merciless person could actually make such an expression.

The Han clan being held under house arrest by the Wind Lightning Pavilion was indeed something that Xiao Yan had not expected. After all, regardless of how one put it, the Han clan possessed quite some weight within Tian Bei City. Moreover, they did not intervene in this matter. Unexpectedly, the bastards from the Wind Lightning Pavilion were acting in such a despicable way.

The aim of the Wind Lightning Pavilion, by spreading news that the the Han clan was held under house arrest, was something obvious, not even worth mentioning. They wanted to force Xiao Yan to reveal himself and rescue them. Xiao Yan was certain that Tian Bei City was likely already occupied by the experts from the Wind Lightning Pavilion at this moment. The moment he revealed himself, it was likely that he would end up facing an extremely intense battle.

Currently, Tian Bei City had already become a trap, waiting for Xiao Yan to fall into.

This trap was not really hidden by the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Moreover, it was also impossible for them to hide it. Even ordinary people were aware of what it was. How was it possible for Xiao Yan not to realize it? If one were to really talk about it, it was impossible for the other party to completely ignore such an action unless that person was cold-hearted. This so-called trap would naturally be ineffective on people like that.

However, Xiao Yan wasn't not a cold-hearted person. Towards enemies, he might have been able to be cold-hearted. However, to normal people or those that he knew, he was extremely kind and this personality of his allowed him to have quite a few friends and experts gathering around him. People like Hai Bodong, Little Fairy, Queen Medusa to even the Tian Huo zun-zhe all felt this. Those who were cold hearted to even their friends would have trouble getting others to treat them genuinely. This point was part of Xiao Yan's charm.

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath and sighed, "The Wind Lightning Pavilion is really hateful. It wants to force me out. In that case, I will do as they wish…"

"Little Fellow, do you intend to head to Tian Bei City? That place is definitely filled with experts now." An elderly laugh sounded within Xiao Yan's heart.

"A great man has things that he can do and cannot do. This matter is something that was stirred by me. Given my character, it is difficult for me to just stand idly by the side…" Xiao Yan softly replied.

"Ke ke, these words are indeed true. The old me hates the kind of people who implicate their friends and end up acting in a timid manner. Although you are quite young, you really suit the taste of the old me. If you had not mentioned that you already have a teacher, you would not be a bad choice for a disciple." Tian Huo zun-zhe laughed heartily.

"Mister Yao has overpraised me." Xiao Yan smiled when he heard this. His shoulders shook and a pair of crystal bone wings slowly spread apart. He smiled and said, "In that case, let's get moving…"

"Relax, as long as the old me is around, I will guarantee that nothing will harm you as long as we do not meet an expert at the peak of the Dou Zong class." Tian Huo zun-zhe laughed loudly.

"In that case, I will thank old mister Yao…"

Xiao Yan also laughed out loud. He raised his head and looked over the endless sea of lush green trees. A pride involuntarily surged in his heart, and he let out a clear roar toward the sky. The shout was like the cry of a crane that clearly reverberated unceasingly over the sea of trees.

"Even if your Wind Lightning Pavilion has turned Tian Bei City into an extremely dangerous place, I, Xiao Yan, will still not be afraid!"

The cry slowly sounded before the bone wings on Xiao Yan's back were flapped. His body transformed into a ray of light that flashed toward Tian Bei City…


The atmosphere within Tian Bei City was somewhat strange during these few days. This was because everyone knew that quite a number of experts from the Tian Bei City had hurried over upon orders. They had caused the many factions within the city to become anxious. With the strength of the Wind Lightning Pavilion, they would not possess even the slightest qualification to resist if the Wind Lightning Pavilion wanted to expel them.

Fortunately, however, the thing that they were worried about did not occur. The experts from the Wind Lightning Pavilion did not do anything to them. The first thing these people did upon arrival lock up the Han clan's manor. No one could leave or enter. The entire clan was imprisoned in the manor.

Although the Han clan possessed quite a great strength within Tian Bei City, they did not pose much of a threat to the Wind Lightning Pavilion. The grand Elder of the Han clan, Han Fei, might have fought with the experts from the Wind Lightning Pavilion in anger back then, but he could only give up despite feeling suffocated in his heart when the three Elders from the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion attacked together. His strength could at the very most fight with a single Elder. He would definitely be defeated if the three were to attack together.

However, it was not as though Han Fei's resistance did not have any effect. The experts from the Wind Lightning Pavilion merely sealed off the entrances and exits, and did not barge into the manor. This caused the Han clan to feel a little better. The members of the Han clan clearly understood the intentions of the actions by the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion this time around. They wanted to use this to force Xiao Yan, who was hiding in an unknown location, out.

However, other than a few people, most of the members of the Han clan did not think that Xiao Yan would really show himself because of this. At this moment, there were quite a number of elite disciples from the Wind Lightning Pavilion within Tian Bei City. Most importantly, there were the three Elders, Feng, Lei, and Dian. The strengths of these three people was a little stronger than Chen Yun. Unless it was some old demon of the Dou Zong class, very few people could fight with them when they joined hands. Even if Xiao Yan possessed the frightening strength to kill Chen Yun, it was likely that he would find it difficult to fight against these three renowned Elders from the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion…

Of course, it was not only the members of the Han clan who were making guesses. The entire Tian Bei City and some other cities, who had heard rumors, were all trying to figure out if Xiao Yan would really turn up. However, most of the people guessed that Xiao Yan would not appear. After all, from the way they saw it, not many people, who were thinking straight, would dare to charge into the dangerous grounds even if he was the young man called Xiao Yan, who had given them a great shock on the Sky Stone Stage back then.

Seven days passed by quickly while a countless number of people were engaged in discussions. Tian Bei City was as quiet as it was before these seven days. The big battle that they had imagined did not arrive. Immediately, quite a number of people became disappointed as a result. It seemed that Xiao Yan really did not dare to come…

Sometimes, humans were a very strange creature. When they made uncertain guesses earlier, they thought that Xiao Yan charging in was an extremely foolish idea. Now, after having ascertained that he would not appear, they could not help but feel disappointed. They even quietly felt a little disdain. Their hearts had placed a charge of abandoning one's friends on Xiao Yan's head.


A graceful pretty figure was seated on a stone chair in a small serene courtyard within the Han clan's manor. Her pretty eyes was a little absent-minded as they wandered the room. The current Han Xue was much skinnier than before. Although she still emitted a coldness, she appeared a little more moving and pitiful.

Han Xue softly sighed as her pretty eyes focused for a moment.

"Xue-er, you have been running here everyday…" A soft helpless voice sounded from behind Han Xue while she was sighing. Han Xue turned her head and discovered that it was Han Yue.

Han Xue's pretty face turned slightly red. She looked at the pity on Han Yue's face when she clenched her hand and suddenly asked, "Elder sister, do you think… will he come?"

Han Yue was startled when she heard this. Seven days had already passed by, and there had been no news of Xiao Yan. Given her understanding of Xiao Yan, he was not a heartless person. However, the few day's wait had caused the confidence in her heart to sway significantly.

"He should… will likely come."

Han Yue finally said after hesitating for a moment.

"I hope that he won't come… those three old fellows from the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion are people whom even great-grandfather greatly fears. Although Xiao Yan is very strong, he is likely no match for the three old fellows…" Han Xue's long eyelashes blinked gently as she softly spoke.

"Won't you be very disappointed if he really doesn't come? Won't you feel as though you have misjudged him?" Han Yue raised her bright eyes and asked with a smile.

Han Xue knit her brows slightly. This question really caused her to feel quite distressed. However, she still nodded her head seriously a moment later. She said, "I will be a little disappointed… but I still hope that he won't come…"

"Foolish girl…" Han Yue shook her head. She rubbed Han Xue's black hair and comforted her with a smile, "Relax, the prince in your heart will arrive in Tian Bei City with his beautiful bone wings, and beat the crap out of these bastards from the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion."

Han Xue involuntarily smiled sweetly upon hearing this. She extended her arms and wrapped them around Han Yue's narrow waist. Her head leaned against Han Yue's shoulder and her pretty eyes contained some moisture. Using a voice that only she could hear, Han Xue softly muttered, "Please do not come…"


Han Xue had just finished muttering to herself when a rumbling thunder suddenly resounded in the sky above Tian Bei City. Immediately, the entire city could sense a majestic aura that was not the least bit hidden rushing toward the city in an extremely quick manner.

The entire Tian Bei City had descended into an uproar when this aura had just appeared. Numerous stunned gazes looked in the direction the aura originated from. A ray of light was cutting through the air in a lightning-like manner from that direction.

"Xiao Yan? He has really come?"

"This fellow really does have some courage. Ha ha, looks like the old me has won my bet this time around…"

Tian Bei City, which had been quiet for a couple of days, seemed to have recovered at this instant. Numerous heated gazes looked to the sky outside of the city. They knew that Tian Bei City would no longer be quiet today…

Three old men on the top of three trees around the Han clan's manor instantly opened their eyes when the aura had appeared. They slowly raised their heads and looked into the distance. A cold smile appeared on their old faces.

"Is he finally about to arrive…"

Chapter 978: Nine Heavenly Lightning Prison Formation

The ray of light broke through the air and arrived, appearing much like a falling star swiftly crossing the sky. Within the blink of an eye, it appeared in the sky above Tian Bei City and transformed into a somewhat skinny figure.


Tian Bei City had gradually become much dimmer and more solemn when the figure appeared. The majestic storm under the dark clouds had transformed the place into a world of water.

The storm came pouring down and landed on the buildings, emitting a clear sound as it did so. In an instant, the entire city emitted a continuous ticking sound. Although the rain had come quite suddenly, hardly anyone entered the buildings. Numerous human figures were under the storm as their somewhat heated gazes stared at the figure in the sky. Many people did not expect this young man, called Xiao Yan, to reveal himself despite clearly knowing that Tian Bei City was already an extremely dangerous place…

At this moment, quite a number of those who raised their heads felt a little respect. There was no need to talk about anything else. Just the courage of this fellow was sufficient to cause them to raise their thumbs.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! The rain curtain seemed to have connected the sky and the earth. Suddenly, a rushing sound appeared and over a dozen figures appeared on the tall buildings. Their gazes were ice-cold as they stared at the human figure in the sky. A low and deep cry was emitted within the rain curtain, "Who are you!"

"Xiao Yan…"

The young man in the sky stood with his hands behind his back. Any raindrop that had entered a ten-foot-radius of his body was instantly turned into nothingness. Looking from a distance, it seemed as though there was an invisible wall covered him. A calm voice was also slowly emitted from the sky while all this occurred.

"By order of the Elders, kill Xiao Yan. Do it!"

The eyes of the green-clothed man at the front immediately turned cold upon hearing that name. Finally, he let out a stern cry.


The cry had just sounded when over a dozen figures rushed over from the surrounding buildings. Their arms shook and over a dozen long silver-colored spears appeared. The spears trembled, cut through the rain curtain, and shot toward Xiao Yan while carrying a sharp wind! Seeing this, the corner of Xiao Yan's mouth was lifted into a cold smile. His hands were curled slightly and a majestic jade-green flame suddenly surged out. A frighteningly high temperature vaporized the rain within a radius of hundreds of feet! The speed of the fire serpent that was created from the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame was extremely quick. With a flash, it appeared in front of those experts from the Wing Lightning Pavilion. Its hot temperature caused the members to be greatly shocked. Before they could unleash an attack, the fire serpent had approached in a lightning-like manner. Its fire tail was swung, firmly smashing everyone's chest. Immediately, numerous muffled moans could be heard as many figures fell from the sky. They landed on the ground, held their chests, and repeatedly groaned.

An exclamation involuntarily sounded from within Tian Bei City when everyone saw Xiao Yan randomly force back over a dozen Dou Wang class experts from the Wing Lightning Pavilion. This leisurely attitude was something that even some Dou Huangs did not possess. Xiao Yan seemed to have become much stronger after having disappeared for a couple of days.

"The people from the Wind Lightning Pavilion are only this great. There is no need for these unimportant people to step forward. Three Elders, you should personally come and capture me if that is your intent."

Xiao Yan's sharp eyes suddenly shot in the direction of the Han clan after randomly defeating over a dozen experts from the Wind Lightning Pavilion. His cold cry still rumbled over the entire Tian Bei City despite the heavy rain.

"You are the first member of the younger generation that the three of us have joined hands to capture ever since we have become the Elders of the northern pavilion." A faint voice that vaguely carried a thread of rumbling thunder slowly resounded. Immediately, the rain curtain in the sky seemed to have been torn apart by an invisible hand. Three old men stepped through the empty air as they slowly walked over.

Xiao Yan's eyes shrank slightly when he saw the three old men stepping through the air and heading over. The aura of these people were all a little stronger than Chen Yun. From his guess, it was likely that they were all five star Dou Zong. Moreover, based on Xiao Yan's observations of the aura of an old man with long silver-colored eyebrows, it was likely that he had reached the peak of a five star Dou Zong.

Three five star Dou Zongs had appeared in one go. Moreover, this was merely the strength of the northern pavilion. If the four pavilions were to gather, just how great would its strength be. This Wind Lightning Pavilion really did not rely on an empty reputation to become a top faction in the Central Plains.

"It is likely that the three of you are Feng, Lei, and Dian Elders, right? The Wind Lightning Pavilion really has a very high opinion of me…" Xiao Yan slowly said.

"You are naturally not some ordinary person by being able to kill Chen Yun. It is not considered overboard for the three of us to appear together." The old man with silver-colored eyebrows replied. His voice faintly contained a rumbling thunder. It seemed that its very nature had caused everyone to feel extremely pressurized.

"That is something that he can only blame himself. No one else should be blamed…" Xiao Yan faintly responded.

"You possess the Three Thousand Lightning Movement and killed an Elder of our Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion. This offence cannot be forgiven. On account of you being a younger generation, we will allow you to return with us to the Wind Lightning Pavilion. The Pavilion Head might be merciful and spare your life." An old man with numerous lightningbolts sewn on his clothes coldly cried out.

"If I were to head there, I might really have no means of surviving…" Xiao Yan smiled as he replied.

"Why is there a need to waste our breath on this fellow. Let's capture him first. The Pavilion Head said that anyone who kills the members of our Wind Lightning Pavilion must pay a price for it. We'll capture him, cripple his Dou Qi, and imprison him in the Wind Lightning Tower forever. We will let others know that they should think of the consequences if they wish to touch the members of our Wind Lightning Pavilion in the future!" A dark sternness flashed in the eyes of a green-robed, old man as he spoke in a deep voice.

Xiao Yan's face gradually became cold when he heard this old fellow's ruthless words. Cripple one's Dou Qi and imprison one forever. These two punishments were all so extreme that they were frightening…

Xiao Yan waved his hand and the Earth Demon Puppet appeared. Its eyes were empty as it stood beside Xiao Yan. Its gaze was dark and cold as it focused on that green-robed, old man. Xiao Yan spoke with a cold smile, "You wish to cripple my Dou Qi? I shall see whether you have the qualifications to do so!"

The expressions of the three Wind Lightning Pavilion Elders changed a little the moment the Earth Demon Puppet appeared. They nodded slightly and said, "It is indeed a Dou Zong class puppet. Even our Wind Lightning Pavilion does not possess such a treasure. It is unexpected that you own such a fortune. However, this is far from sufficient to protect your life…"

"If it isn't enough, what about this?"

Xiao Yan's finger gently rubbed the snow-white-colored ring as he slowly asked.

A incomparably majestic Spiritual Strength once again moved along his arm and wildly surged into Xiao Yan's body in a flood-like manner as his voice sounded.

With the surging of the majestic Spiritual Strength, Xiao Yan's aura had also began to wildly climb in front of the many shocked eyes at this instant.

The majestic aura swept through the sky. Even the storm had paused as a result of this. Only when Xiao Yan's dark-black eyes had transformed into an indifferent silver-color did his soaring aura finally stop.

"Is this sufficient?"

Xiao Yan's silver-colored eyes focused on the Feng, Lei, and Dian Elders. His calm voice appeared to have sounded from deep within his soul.

"It is indeed as Hong Tian Xiao has described. This aura of his should be around that of the peak of a seven star Dou Zong and is approaching the eight star level. Moreover, such strength is an extremely pure Spiritual Strength. It is likely that there is a powerful Spiritual Body in you. Otherwise, it is difficult for you to reach such a level by yourself." The old man with long eyebrows observed Xiao Yan intently while he spoke in a low and deep voice.

Xiao Yan's eyes narrowed. The eyesight of this old fellow was indeed extremely sharp. He was actually able to identify the source of his strength at a glance. This old man was much more experienced compared to Chen Yun.

"This strength is indeed extremely strong. No wonder you were able to kill Chen Yun. However, you might not be able to walk out of Tian Bei City today." The elder with long eyebrows spoke indifferently.

"Hong Tian Xiao, we'll leave the puppet to you."

"Ha ha, Elder Lei, you can rest assured that this puppet will not intervene in your battle until this big battle is over." A human figure rushed over from a distance before finally suspending itself in the sky. This person was Hong Tian Xiao.

Xiao Yan knit his brows slightly upon seeing this. This old fellow…

A figure suddenly flashed and appeared from within the Han clan just after Hong Tian Xiao appeared. However, the long-eyebrowed, old man's expression turned extremely chilly when this figure had appeared. He coldly said, "Han Fei, if you dare to intervene in the battle today, the old me will guarantee that your Han clan will be destroyed!"

The figure suddenly paused when it heard this cry filled with a dark chill. Han Fei tightened his fists and revealed a struggling expression.

"Old mister Han, this is a matter between the Wind Lightning Pavilion and me. You should not intervene…" Xiao Yan's faint laughter was slowly transmitted over while Han Fei was struggling.

"Brother Xiao Yan, it is really a joyous matter for the Han clan to befriend you!"

Han Fei inhaled a deep breath of air. He raised his head, and bowed to Xiao Yan in an unusually solemn manner before sweeping his gaze toward the three Elders from the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion. He was filled with fury as he turned around and landed in the Han clan's home.

"All members of the Wind Lightning Pavilion Northern Pavilion, listen up. Form the Heaven Lightning Prison Formation!"

The long-eyebrowed, old man's expression gradually turned frosty after forcing Han Fei back. His cold voice resounded over the entire city!

"Yes sir!"

The cry had just sounded when numerous respectful voices were immediately emitted from all over Tian Bei City. 'Chi La' sounds quickly rang out and numerous lightning figures formed an eight corner shape, coincidentally surrounding Xiao Yan's location.

The lightning glow flickered and suddenly transformed into a thunderbolt that blasted toward the sky, charging into the thick, dark clouds. An instant later, a glaring silver glow scattered down. Countless numbers of thunderbolts descended from the sky in a dense manner. They appeared just like a prison, wrapping the entire area within a thousand feet around Xiao Yan.

"Regardless of your origin, surrendering is your only option!"

A bright lightning slowly surged out of the bodies of the three Elders. Immediately, they transformed into an enormous lightning pillar that shot toward the clouds. Immediately, the surrounding dense lightning glow had become many times denser.

"Other than this, you will only die!"

The chilly cry was filled with a killing aura under the backdrop of the thunderbolt, causing one's heart to tremble.

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