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Chapter 973

Chapter 973: Killing Chen Yun

The majestic aura rippled around Xiao Yan’s body while the entire mountain range trembled under this frightening aura. Occasionally, a trembling whimper-like roar sounded softly within the mountain forest. The roar contained a terrified feeling within it.

With the powerful Spiritual Strength within Xiao Yan’s body, his toes slowly left the treetop. He was suspended in the empty air in the sky. Perhaps it was because of his body being filled with too much Spiritual Strength, but a silver-white color gradually surfaced in his eyes. This silver-white color became denser until his eyes basically radiated this color. Looking from a distance, his original black eyes had transformed into a pair of silver-white eyes that appeared extremely cold.

The rising aura continued for a moment before it came to a slow stop. Xiao Yan lowered his head slightly and looked at Chen Yun. whose expression had drastically changed. He slowly asked, “Aren’t you planning on crippling my ten fingers?”

The voice was not loud, but it possessed a pressure that seemed to unroll from his spirit, causing Chen Yun’s spirit to tremble as a result.

“What has this brat done? Why is it that he has suddenly become so strong? Looking at this aura, it is likely that he has the strength of a seven star or even eight star Dou Zong. Is this real or not?” Chen Yun’s expression changed rapidly. The majestic aura that had unfurled from Xiao Yan’s body had indeed caused him to be shocked and filled with disbelief. He was certain that Xiao Yan’s actual strength should be at the Dou Huang class. However, his strength had shot up like a burning arrow in a sudden manner and reached such a frightening level. From the way he saw it, this was a ridiculous thing.

Doubt flashed across Chen Yun’s heart. He really had difficulty believing that Xiao Yan could increase so many levels within such a short period of time.

“Regardless of how the grade of a Secret Technique is, it would likely be difficult for it to possess such a frightening effect… could the strength of this Dou Qi be only superficial?” Chen Yun’s eyes were dark and solemn. He refused to believe that this game of cat and mouse had completely reversed within these short few minutes.

“Today, the old me shall see whether this strength of yours is real or if it is merely just an act!” A cold glint flashed across Chen Yun’s eyes. He clenched his fist and lightning flickered. It agglomerated into a lightning mace. His body moved and a faint lightning roar resounded.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were calm as he looked at Chen Yun on the ground from the sky. An instant later, his hand suddenly reached back. A powerful Spiritual Strength surged before agglomerating into a five-foot-large spiritual cannonball in his palm. Xiao Yan’s arm trembled strangely and the spiritual cannonball emitted a ‘bang’ before shooting out.


The invisible spiritual cannonball had just been shot out when it suddenly exploded around ten feet from him. An old figure appeared in a miserable fashion before swiftly pulling back.

The shock in Chen Yun’s face had finally reached its peak while he withdrew. That attack earlier informed him that the majestic aura of Xiao Yan in front of him was genuine. It was not an act put up by relying on some strange Qi Method.

“He is using Spiritual Strength. However, even some tier 7 alchemist have difficulty possessing such a majestic Spiritual Strength. Just what is the background of this brat?”

Chen Yun’s heart felt somewhat uneasy. Ever since he had exchanged blows with Xiao Yan, the other party was unfathomable, appearing like a bottomless pit despite only possessing the strength of a Dou Huang on the surface. A

puppet, ‘Heavenly Flame,’ and now this unusually terrifying Spiritual Strength. Each of these things only existed in legend when it came to an ordinary person. However, all of them actually appeared on him, forcing Chen Yun to withdraw the underestimation that he had made in his heart.

“Regardless of what method he used to cause his strength to soar, there will definitely be a time limit to it. Now, it is not wise to fight head-on with him. It is better to leave first and wait until his strength has weakened. It would not be too late to attack at that time!” Chen Yun swiftly suppressed the turmoil in his Dou Qi that was shocked by the Spiritual Strength earlier. After which, his mouth emitted a sharp whistle. He turned his body, used all his might to activate the Three Thousand Lightning Movement and finally transformed into an afterimage. After which, he rushed out of the mountain range, fleeing for his life as he did so.

Hong Tian Xiao, who was battling the Earth Demon Puppet, and the many helpers from the Hong clan in the sky, experienced a slight change in their expression when they heard this whistle. All of them knew that this was the signal to retreat.

“Dammit… just what did this brat do? His strength has actually soared to such a level.” Hong Tian Xiao cursed furiously in his heart. The majestic aura that permeated the sky also caused his mind to tremble a little. Dou Qi immediately surged in his body as his scimitar danced, forming a fiery-red blade curtain in front of him that forced the Earth Demon Puppet back. After which, Hong Tian Xiao also hurriedly pulled back.

“You wish to leave?”

Xiao Yan coldly laughed when he saw Chen Yun fleeing. He was indeed unable to maintain this condition for long. Hence, once he activated it, he needed to achieve something. Since this old fellow hated him to the core, he was not someone that could be left alive. A Dou Zong class enemy would ultimately bring about some trouble. It was better to end it once and for all.

A killing intent flashed across Xiao Yan’s heart. He raised his hand and pointed it at Chen Yun, who had turned into an afterimage and fled. After which, Xiao Yan abruptly clenched it.

When Xiao Yan’s hand was clenched, the empty space a thousand feet away suddenly became distorted before swiftly transforming into a substance-like spatial wall.


Chen Yun, who had unleashed his maximum speed, did not discover the spatial wall that had suddenly appeared. He collided violently against it. The special rebounding strength of the spatial wall shot him. This fierce and powerful force shook Chen Yun until he felt his mouth becoming sweet. He forcefully swallowed after becoming aware of the sweetness.

Chen Yun’s body had just rebounded when he recovered. The first thing he did was to swiftly land his body and flee into the forest.

However, before his body could land on the ground, a human figure appeared in front of him in a ghost-like manner. A fist that was covered with a vast and mighty Spiritual Strength smashed over without any fancy moves.

Space ripples materialized wherever the fist traveled as numerous lines began to spread. They appeared like tiny black snakes filled with a frightening strength which chilled one’s heart.

Chen Yun’s expression changed drastically in the face of this plain fist. He let out a furious roar as Dou Qi surged out of his body. It agglomerated and formed a thick lightning barrier in front of him.


The fist violently smashed the light barrier and the majestic Spiritual Strength unleashed an extremely frightening strength, like a volcano, before trickily shaking the lightning barrier until it burst apart. The remaining strength also splashed across Chen Yun’s body in a lightning-like manner.


A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out as Yun Chen’s body smashed into the ground by the ruthless punch. His body rubbed against the forest below, forming a deep ravine that was over a hundred meters long. The trees along the way were all completely blasted apart as sawdust scattered in all directions.

After borrowing Tian Huo zun-zhe’s strength, Xiao Yan was able to reach the level of a seven or even eight star Dou Zong while Chen Yun was merely a four star Dou Zong. The gap between every star in the Dou Zong class was extremely vast. Yet, Chen Yun wished to fight head-on with Xiao Yan. It was natural that his ending would be extremely miserable.

The disheveled Chen Yun stopped his body with much difficulty before throwing up a mouthful of fresh blood. The firm punch of Xiao Yan had caused him to suffer a serious injury. Moreover, that Spiritual Strength seemed to be unusually hot and violent. Some of the Spiritual Strength that had invaded his body had already began a destruction on a great scale. Chen Yun’s condition was extremely terrible upon facing this combination of external and internal attacks.

“If this continues, I will really die in that little bastard’s hand. I cannot continue to be entangled with him…” Chen Yun’s eyes contained a viciousness as he wiped off the blood trace from the corner of his mouth. He was just about to flee into the mountain range when that ghost like figure once again appeared in front of him like the maggot in one’s tarsal bones.

“Xiao Yan, the Wind Lightning Pavilion will not let you off if you kill me!”

Chen Yun hurriedly cried out. His heart felt a shock upon seeing Xiao Yan chasing him once again.

“It is likely that they will not let me off even if I don’t kill you…” Xiao Yan smiled at Chen Yun. However, this smile was just like a vicious demon, that chilled one’s heart, from Chen Yun’s point of view.

“Just what does it take for you to let me off? As long as you state your condition…” Before Chen Yun finished his sentence, Chen Yun’s body shot backwards. A couple of fist-sized silver-colored beads were ruthlessly tossed toward Xiao Yan.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The silver beads had just been thrown out when they suddenly exploded. Powerful air waves flattened the forest within a hundred meter radius.

Chen Yun’s figure swiftly fled into the forest after having thrown the lightning beads. However, he did not have the time to sigh in relief when a strange human figure once again appeared. A leg that contained powerful Spiritual Strength was swung. The force on it was slammed viciously into Chen Yun’s head.


Chen Yun spat out a mouthful of fresh blood when the wild and violent strength erupted. His body flew backwards and broke a countless number of enormous trees along the way.

Hong Tian Xiao looked at Chen Yun, who was basically unable to retaliate, from the distant sky. His expression also changed.

“Ancestor, should we lend a hand?” An invited helper swallowed a mouthful of saliva as he softly asked.

Hong Tian Xiao’s eyes changed rapidly. He immediately looked at the Earth Demon Puppet that had been delayed a little by a couple of people from the Hong clan before clenching his teeth and giving a command, “Retreat. Don’t bother with him. That little fellow’s strength is far too frightening now. Adding this to the puppet, we will only be courting death regardless of how many of us step forward!”

After saying this, Hong Tian Xiao decisively waved his hand, turned around, and fled without any hesitation. The other people from the Hong clan behind also hurriedly followed.

Chen Yun’s entire body was covered with mud as he climbed up from the ground with much difficulty. He appeared extremely miserable with fresh blood flowing down from his head. Additionally, he looked ferocious. He had suffered a serious injury after having received a couple of full force attacks from Xiao Yan. Even the veins in his body had begun to show signs of breaking. Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength was an extremely destructive with the support of the ‘Heavenly Flame.’

Chen Yun panted heavily through his mouth. The space in front of him rippled and Xiao Yan’s figure once again slowly appeared.

“Are you still able to run?’ Xiao Yan’s voice was completely emotionless as his silver-white-colored eyes stared at Chen Yun, which possessed a weary aura.

“Little bastard. Since you wish to kill the old me, the old me shall drag you to die with me!”

Chen Yun’s eyes gradually turned crimson. A craziness surged onto his face. Immediately, he charged angrily toward Xiao Yan. His body also swiftly swelled, appearing like a balloon that was about to explode!

Xiao Yan frowned slightly in the face of Chen Yun’s crazy act.

“Self-destruct huh…”

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