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Chapter 971-974

Chapter 971: Incomplete Scroll

The place that appeared in front of Xiao Yan was a lightning world. Unimaginable numbers of thunderbolts came smashing down from the empty sky like a waterfall. They carried a soul-stirring bang along with a rich Heaven's Might.

Xiao Yan's Spiritual Strength had just appeared in this lightning world when the numerous tilting lightning bolts seemed to have sensed him. With a 'chi la' sound, they cut through the air and suddenly emitted a glow, covering the entire sky.

Xiao Yan's brows were slightly knit in the face of these lightningbolts that had been shot in all directions. He knew that these were not genuine bolts of lightning, but were instead things created from Spiritual Strength that had been left within the scroll. This caused him to feel some joy.


With a tap of his finger in the empty sky, a powerful Spiritual Strength materialized where his finger had pressed, erupting out in an unceasing manner.

The countless numbers of lightning bolts, that came rushing over, immediately crumbled wherever the Spiritual Strength moved. The lightning transforming into silver-colored light spots, that permeated the sky, before slowly turning into nothing.

Xiao Yan broke the remnant Spiritual Strength within the scroll with his finger before he slowly swept his gaze around. The entire place was filled with a glaring silver color. Below was an extremely large silver lake. Lightning swam all over the lake like silver snakes, giving it the appearance of an electric pond.

There was nothing else present in this place other than the electric pond below. It was also void of any information related to the so-called Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body.

Xiao Yan's gaze scanned this space an inch at a time before it finally paused on the electric pond below. His brows were bunched up. After musing for a moment, he once again pressed gently into the electric pond.

Powerful Spiritual Strength swiftly surged down and finally swept through the electric pond. The lightning glow that lingered above swiftly scattered. Following the scattering of the lightning glow, the lake gradually became as clear as a mirror.

Xiao Yan's eyes were focused on the electric pond, which had turned clear. A moment later, a slight ripple quietly rose on its surface. Numerous words formed from the lightning glow wherever the ripple reached.

Xiao Yan stood high in the air and looked down. He was coincidentally able to clearly read these words made out of lightning. Joy surged into his eyes. He focused his mind as his eyes carefully swept over those words, firmly remembering them in his mind.

There were not many words formed from lightning glow on the surface of the lake. After around ten minutes or so, they Xiao Yan had commit them to memory. However, when Xiao Yan began to organize and practice it within his heart, he ended up knitting his brows tightly once again.

According to Xiao Yan's guess, the information was indeed related to the method of practicing the Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body. However, the sequence was completely chaotic. One could not gain the slightest clue from reading it.

"Chen Yun possessed quite a high position within the Wind Lightning Pavilion. He should not be in possession of a fake Dou Technique, but why is it that I cannot see any of the training methods for it? Moreover, if I look at it carefully, I seem to feel that there are many things missing." Xiao Yan softly muttered.

Xiao Yan mused for a moment before once again shutting his eyes. He began to slowly organize the chaotic information within his mind. This organizational process continued for nearly an hour…

By the time Xiao Yan opened his eyes again, the doubt within them had already disappeared. After this long period of study, he had indeed discovered some problems. Th

is was indeed the training method for the Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body. However, it was incomplete. It was merely a portion of the entirety. The feeling of it possessing a defect had originated from this earlier.

"The Three Thousand Lightning Movement has already been divided into a few portions. This Chen Yun possessed only one of them. How regretful…" Xiao Yan sighed somewhat gloomily. However, he felt that it was normal after thinking about it. Being the most prized treasure in the Wind Lightning Pavilion, how could this Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body be placed in the hands of an Elder. Placing them separately was the safest method.

"I wonder where the remaining portions are. If I have the chance, I will definitely gather all of them. If I am able to successfully master this Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body, it will definitely be a great help in the future." Xiao Yan gently sighed. He once again glanced at this lightning world and shook his head. His body gradually became pale and disappeared a moment later.

Following Xiao Yan's disappearance, this lightning world once again became rampant with a wild violence.

Xiao Yan slowly opened his eyes within the cave. He looked at the bright-silver-colored scroll in his hand and involuntarily laughed. It was not easy to obtain a Di Class High Level Dou Technique. However, it was fortunate that he had not gained nothing. At the very least, he had obtained a portion of the method to practice the Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body. According to his guess, the remaining portions should be in the hands of the other Elders from the Wind Lightning Pavilion. If he had the opportunity in the future, he might be able to think of a way to get them.

After softly laughing, Xiao Yan stored the silver-colored scroll into the Serene Sea Ring. After which, he shifted his mind away from it. Currently, the most important thing was to remove the so-called Blood Lightning Seal in his body. Otherwise, it would really be as Chen Yun had said. With this thing as a beacon, he would be sensed no matter where he was.

Xiao Yan exhaled gently and swiftly entered his training state. His mind sank into his body and began to scan every inch of it.

However, Xiao Yan was stunned to discover that there was nothing unusual within his body after the scan finished. There was not the slightest trace of the Blood Lightning Seal.

"It is impossible for it not to exist. I personally witnessed that thing enter my body…" Xiao Yan muttered. A thought immediately passed through his mind and the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame followed his veins, and was slowly circulated. Finally, it erupted and spread throughout every part of his body.

The flame burned fiercely within his body. A moment later, Xiao Yan finally sensed an unusual feeling being transmitted over. His mind moved and appeared at the spot where the unusual feeling had originated from.

The spot where the unusual feeling was transmitted from was an isolated place. However, it was still found with the full search conducted by the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame. At this moment, there was a tiny scarlet-silver imprint on this vein. A vague weak glow was flickering as the flame burned.

"It has indeed hid itself very deep. If not for the strength of the 'Heavenly Flame,' it is likely that I would have difficulty finding it." Xiao Yan looked at this scarlet-silver-colored seal and coldly laughed. He could sense that this trace of seal contained a strange energy. Xiao Yan was not unfamiliar with this kind of energy. When he was practicing the Three Thousand Lightning Movement back then, he had also absorbed a thread of this kind of Wind Lightning Strength from the wind and thunder…

This kind of energy was a little stronger than an ordinary Dou Technique. If an ordinary person were planted with such a seal, it was natural that he would not dare to forcefully remove it because the Wind Lightning Strength would cause a lot of damage to the internal parts of one's body should it explode. However, it was fortunate that despite the Wind Lightning Strength being troublesome, the strength of the 'Heavenly Flame' was even more troublesome and strange!

A cluster of jade-green flames swiftly spread out as a thought passed through his mind. After which, it wrapped the seal and the vein within it. A frighteningly high temperature immediately permeated the place.

Due to the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame having been completely refined by Xiao Yan, this kind of high temperature would not harm him, and it would cause his veins to feel a warm comfortable feeling. On the other hand, that blood lightning seal had become a little distorted under the high temperature. Threads of blood colored energy gradually turned into nothingness as the high temperature penetrated it…

"This Blood Lightning Seal does indeed possess a strangeness. Even the 'Heavenly Flame' required a good amount of time in order to remove it. However, this is because my strength is a little weak. Looks like I should raise my strength as soon as possible. Perhaps I should also consume a Mighty Huang Pill…" Xiao Yan muttered to himself. He studied the Blood Lightning Seal as it gradually turned paler within the 'Heavenly Flame.'

The Mighty Huang Pill was a high tier medicinal pill that was only effective to an expert Dou Huang. An expert Dou Huang would have the chance to raise his strength by one or even two stars if he consumed it. However, a person could only consume such a medicinal pill once. After which, it would lose its effect. Fortunately, Xiao Yan had never consumed one. However, the current situation was one where he might have to rely on this thing…

"Once I have removed this Blood Lightning Seal, I will find another safe place to consume the medicinal pill and raise my strength in an attempt to quickly breakthrough to the Dou Zong class. The strength of a Dou Huang is far from sufficient to roam the Central Plains!"

Xiao Yan made up his mind and hurriedly focused his attention, urging the 'Heavenly Flame to swiftly refine the Blood Lightning Seal.

This refinement continued for around two hours before the Blood Lightning Seal turned into a cluster of blood-colored fog that was finally vaporized into nothingness under the grilling of the flame.

Xiao Yan slowly opened his eyes when the Blood Lightning Seal completely disappeared. He sighed in relief, appearing to have released a heavy burden as he said, "I have finally settled this… now, it is time for me to leave!"

Xiao Yan stood up from the ground and tidied himself. After which, he returned the Earth Demon Puppet to his Storage Ring and walked swiftly to the entrance of the cave. Just as he was about to open the enormous rockdoor at the entrance of the cave, a rumbling loud voice was suddenly transmitted from outside. The intense trembling caused the interior of the cave to become shaky.

"Xiao Yan, come out!"

Just when Xiao Yan was stunned by this unexpected change, a furious roar reverberated over the mountain range like thunder!

"Chen Yun? He has actually chased me to this place…"

Xiao Yan's expression instantly became ugly when he heard the roar from outside. It was unexpected that the old fellow hated him to such an extent. He had actually followed him within such a short period of time. Since Chen Yun dared to give chase, it was likely that Hong Tian Xiao had also arrived. If Xiao Yan did not use some true skill when facing two elite Dou Zongs, it was likely that the matter today would not end well.

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath. A ruthless expression also flashed within his eyes. These two old fellows were pressing him. As the saying went, a rabbit would also bite someone in its anxiety, much less Xiao Yan, who was a fierce wolf with sharp teeth.

"Hee hee, little fellow, it is unexpected that the old me has found you in such a miserable setting when I woke up. It is really a blessing to my eyes…"

When Xiao Yan was planning to go all out in his heart, an elderly teasing laughter suddenly sounded within his heart without any forewarning.

"Old Mister Yao?"

Xiao Yan exclaimed when he heard this familiar laughter. A joy that was difficult to hide surged into his eyes.

Chapter 972: Monstrous Aura

Over a dozen figures were suspended in the azure sky. They were all scattered and their gazes were carefully scanning the mountain range below. These were all people who had come chasing after Xiao Yan. Each of them carried an incomparable anger and killing intent. However, they were unaware of just what Xiao Yan was thinking at this moment.

"Chen Yun, didn't you say that that brat had been struck by your Blood Lightning Seal? You should be able to detect his exact spot. Where is he?" A red-clothed, yellow-faced, old man finally turned his head furiously demanded information from the gray-clothed, old man beside him after failing to find any traces despite having searched for awhile.

Chen Yun's expression was a little gloomy at this moment. He had sensed that his connection with the Blood Lightning Seal was weakening on his way here, especially when he had just entered the area around the mountain range. That connection had been completely broken at that moment. Hence, he could only rely on the route transmitted by the slight connection earlier to search. However, it was a futile effort despite having spent such a long time.

"I don't know just what method that brat used to remove the Blood Lightning Seal that I left in his body." Chen Yun gloomily replied. Honestly speaking, he was feeling extremely shocked at this moment. The difficulty involved in removing the Blood Lightning Seal was something that he understood extremely well. However, it had been dispelled within less than half a day. This was the first time that he had been met with such an occurrence in all his years.

"Didn't you have great confidence in your Blood Lightning Seal? If I knew that this would be the case, the old me would have directly given chase!" Hong Tian Xiao became furious upon hearing this. If they were to lose the connection, how would they find that brat after he had fled a great distance?

"What are you roaring for? You give chase? Hmph. Would you not have long since given chase if you had not been afraid of the puppet in that brat's hand?" Chen Yun frowned and spoke in a somewhat irritated manner.

"You… you are speaking nonsense. Would the old me be afraid of that brat's puppet?" Hong Tian Xiao furiously cried out.

"Once we find him, you can go and deal with that puppet…" Chen Yun coldly laughed. He immediately waved his hand and a deep voice sounded, "All of you should head down and search the place an inch at a time. That brat is definitely still in this mountain range. I don't believe that he can flee under my eyes."

The dozen experts in the sky were startled for a moment upon hearing Chen Yun's orders before they turned their gazes to Hong Tian Xiao. They were the people invited by the Hong clan. Naturally, they needed to hear Hong Tian Xiao's instruction.

"Do as he said." Hong Tian Xiao swung his sleeves and commanded them.


The dozen plus invited helpers from the Hong clan finally cupped their hands and spread out after hearing the order. They slowly descended, formed a fan shape, and began searching the mountain range.

Two human figures quietly flashed and appeared within a lush green forest behind Hong Tian Xiao's group while they were searching for Xiao Yan. The lady among them was surprisingly Han Xue. Standing beside her was a white-clothed old man with a bitter smile. The old man's gaze passed through the gap between the branches and looked at Chen Yun's group in the distant sky. A solemn expression flashed in his eyes.

"Great-grandfather, will they find Xiao Yan?" Han Xue's searing hot eyes looked at the invited helpers of the Hong clan as they searched the place carefully before involuntarily asking in a concerned manner.

"Ugh, girl, although the old me was unable to endure your tantrum and ended up bringing you over to take a look, I will still say some ugly words first. If any situation occurs when the time comes, I will try my best to lend a hand on the precondition that no one will discover my identity. You should understand great-grandfather. It is fine if it was just that Hong Tian Xiao. However, Chen Yun is a member of the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Our Han clan cannot offend that kind of faction…" The white-clothed, old man sighed as he spoke with a somewhat solemn face.

"I have taken the risk to bring you over mainly because that little fellow helped our Han clan. The old me does not like to owe another a favor. Otherwise, regardless of how nice you put it, I will not treat a big matter like offending the Wind Lightning Pavilion as child's play."

Han Xue gently bit her lower red lip with the back of her teeth as she quietly nodded. She softly said, "Xue-er knows her limits. At… at that time, great-grandfather should intervene based on the situation… if it is not possible, then just leave…" Her round eyes had immediately become much redder at the end of her words.

The white-clothed, old man once again laughed bitterly when he saw this manner of hers. He rubbed Han Xue's smooth black hair and sighed, "Ugh, by being able to make my little grand-daughter act like this, this little fellow called Xiao Yan really does have some skill…"

Han Xue's pretty face revealed embarrassment when she heard his words. She was just about to speak when a 'bang' sounded in the distant mountain range. Upon the sounding of the explosion, numerous whistling sounds began to be transmitted from the distance. One could even hear a faint cry of "he is here."

"Has he been discovered?"

Han Xue's hands were tightly clenched.

"Brat, I thought that you had wished to hide for an entire lifetime!"

Chen Yun spoke with ridicule. His figure was suspended in the sky as his sinister gaze looked at the young man who was slowly walking out of a cave.

"There are really quite a lot of people who have come. Looks like Elder Chen really hates me…" Xiao Yan's gaze swept over the sky around him. Finally, they paused on Hong Tian Xiao's body while he spoke with a smile.

"Once you land in my hands, you will clearly experience the hatred of the old me." Chen Yun viciously spoke. The faint pain that was being transmitted from his hand was just like a thorn ruthlessly piercing into his heart. That humiliation caused the killing intent in his heart to surge.

"Brat, this time around, the old me wants to see just how you will be able to flee! I have promised my nephew that I will break all your limbs and bring you to him." Hong Tian Xiao's gaze revealed a fierce glow as he stared at Xiao Yan. His sinister voice caused the surrounding helpers invited by the Hong clan to feel a chill in their hearts.

Xiao Yan lips curled. However, this smile of his contained a frosty chill.

"Looks like the two of you really wish to render me dead and will definitely not give up. In that cause… allow me to take both of your lives…"

Hong Tian Xiao immediately laughed upon seeing the smile on Xiao Yan's face. He mocked, "Arrogant young man. Do you really think that a puppet can save your life?"

The smile on Xiao Yan's face involuntarily became a little stranger when he heard this. He flicked his finger and a silver glow flashed. The Earth Demon Puppet also surfaced in front of him.

Seeing the appearance of this Earth Demon Puppet, the helpers of the Han clan in the sky hurriedly withdrew a little. They were also extremely terrified of this fierce puppet, which had broken off one of Chen Yun's finger.

Hong Tian Xiao's eyes also solidified slightly when the Earth Demon Puppet appeared. His face became slightly solemn. The troublesomeness of this puppet was something that he was also clearly aware of.

"Hong Tian Xiao, since you said thosr words earlier, we'll leave this puppet to you. Leave that brat to me to deal with." Chen Yun's eyes also flickered slightly as they stared at the Earth Demon Puppet. There was a faint fear within them. Finally, he turned his head and spoke to Hong Tian Xiao.

Hong Tian Xiao's face immediately twitched a little upon hearing these words. He inhaled a deep breath of air and coldly laughed, "Leave it to the old me. You, on the other hand, should finish that brat off as soon as possible."

"Relax, this time around, the old me will let him know that offending the Wind Lightning Pavilion was his greatest mistake!" Chen Yun's gaze looked at Xiao Yan in a savage manner as he spoke in a dense voice.

Xiao Yan merely smiled in the face of these two old fellows ill intent. His finger gently rubbed the snow-white ring without leaving a trace. After which, he suddenly pointed at Hong Tian Xiao and softly said, "Kill him!"

The Earth Demon Puppet in front of him stomped heavily on the ground just after Xiao Yan's voice had sounded. The mountain rocks cracked and the Earth Demon Puppet's body shot toward the sky like a fire arrow. It violently flew toward Hong Tian Xiao.

"Hmph, allow the old me to see just how great is this puppet!"

Hong Tian Xiao coldly laughed when he saw the Earth Demon Puppet coming at him with a fierce momentum. Fiery-red Dou Qi surged out of his body like a flame in all directions. His hand was clenched and a two-meter-long scimitar appeared in his hand. The scimitar emitted a hot force when it was swung and violently hacked at the Earth Demon Puppet.


The scimitar hacked at the Earth Demon Puppet's shoulder. However, only some sparks were created. A white scar also appeared where the blade landed.

"What a hard body."

Hong Tian Xiao was slightly startled when he saw this. He tightly re-gripped the scimitar. He then collided head-on with the Earth Demon Puppet, and an intense big battle erupted.

Chen Yun slowly lowered his body while Hong Tian Xiao was pestering the Earth Demon Puppet. He remained suspended in the sky just in front of Xiao Yan. His dried face revealed a frightening smile as he slowly spoke in a dense voice.

"Brat, you have broken off a finger of mine. Later, I will completely cripple all ten fingers of yours!"

Xiao Yan smiled faintly. His feet stomped on the ground as his body rose. A short while later, he drifted and landed on a large tree.

Hong Chen's hands were merely placed behind him as he watched Xiao Yan's actions. His eyes revealed ridicule as he watched Xiao Yan move From the way he saw it, Xiao Yan was merely a mouse struggling before it died in this situation. Moreover, he was the cat playing with the mouse… however, this was merely his wishful thinking.

Xiao Yan completely ignored the ridicule in Chen Yun's eyes. His hands were slowly spread apart as he gradually shut his eyes. A soft mutter sounded within his heart.

"Old mister Yao, please temporarily lend your strength to me…"

A soft mutter slowly sounded. A moment later, the snow-white ring on Xiao Yan's finger shook gently. Immediately, an extremely majestic and vast Spiritual Strength moved along Xiao Yan's arm, wildly surging into him in a flood like manner!

With the pouring of the majestic Spiritual Strength into Xiao Yan's body, the space around him had suddenly, but slowly become distorted. A monstrous aura that was like an awakened emperor that dominated this world!

Chen Yun, those helpers from the Hong clan around and even Hong Tian Xiao, who was fighting the Earth Demon Puppet, felt a momentary dullness within their heads the instant this monstrous aura appeared. Immediately, shock that was difficult to restrain surged from deep within their hearts in a manner similar to wild grass.

Chapter 973: Killing Chen Yun

The majestic aura rippled around Xiao Yan's body while the entire mountain range trembled under this frightening aura. Occasionally, a trembling whimper-like roar sounded softly within the mountain forest. The roar contained a terrified feeling within it.

With the powerful Spiritual Strength within Xiao Yan's body, his toes slowly left the treetop. He was suspended in the empty air in the sky. Perhaps it was because of his body being filled with too much Spiritual Strength, but a silver-white color gradually surfaced in his eyes. This silver-white color became denser until his eyes basically radiated this color. Looking from a distance, his original black eyes had transformed into a pair of silver-white eyes that appeared extremely cold.

The rising aura continued for a moment before it came to a slow stop. Xiao Yan lowered his head slightly and looked at Chen Yun. whose expression had drastically changed. He slowly asked, "Aren't you planning on crippling my ten fingers?"

The voice was not loud, but it possessed a pressure that seemed to unroll from his spirit, causing Chen Yun's spirit to tremble as a result.

"What has this brat done? Why is it that he has suddenly become so strong? Looking at this aura, it is likely that he has the strength of a seven star or even eight star Dou Zong. Is this real or not?" Chen Yun's expression changed rapidly. The majestic aura that had unfurled from Xiao Yan's body had indeed caused him to be shocked and filled with disbelief. He was certain that Xiao Yan's actual strength should be at the Dou Huang class. However, his strength had shot up like a burning arrow in a sudden manner and reached such a frightening level. From the way he saw it, this was a ridiculous thing.

Doubt flashed across Chen Yun's heart. He really had difficulty believing that Xiao Yan could increase so many levels within such a short period of time.

"Regardless of how the grade of a Secret Technique is, it would likely be difficult for it to possess such a frightening effect… could the strength of this Dou Qi be only superficial?" Chen Yun's eyes were dark and solemn. He refused to believe that this game of cat and mouse had completely reversed within these short few minutes.

"Today, the old me shall see whether this strength of yours is real or if it is merely just an act!" A cold glint flashed across Chen Yun's eyes. He clenched his fist and lightning flickered. It agglomerated into a lightning mace. His body moved and a faint lightning roar resounded.

Xiao Yan's eyes were calm as he looked at Chen Yun on the ground from the sky. An instant later, his hand suddenly reached back. A powerful Spiritual Strength surged before agglomerating into a five-foot-large spiritual cannonball in his palm. Xiao Yan's arm trembled strangely and the spiritual cannonball emitted a 'bang' before shooting out.


The invisible spiritual cannonball had just been shot out when it suddenly exploded around ten feet from him. An old figure appeared in a miserable fashion before swiftly pulling back.

The shock in Chen Yun's face had finally reached its peak while he withdrew. That attack earlier informed him that the majestic aura of Xiao Yan in front of him was genuine. It was not an act put up by relying on some strange Qi Method.

"He is using Spiritual Strength. However, even some tier 7 alchemist have difficulty possessing such a majestic Spiritual Strength. Just what is the background of this brat?"

Chen Yun's heart felt somewhat uneasy. Ever since he had exchanged blows with Xiao Yan, the other party was unfathomable, appearing like a bottomless pit despite only possessing the strength of a Dou Huang on the surface. A puppet, 'Heavenly Flame,' and now this unusually terrifying Spiritual Strength. Each of these things only existed in legend when it came to an ordinary person. However, all of them actually appeared on him, forcing Chen Yun to withdraw the underestimation that he had made in his heart.

"Regardless of what method he used to cause his strength to soar, there will definitely be a time limit to it. Now, it is not wise to fight head-on with him. It is better to leave first and wait until his strength has weakened. It would not be too late to attack at that time!" Chen Yun swiftly suppressed the turmoil in his Dou Qi that was shocked by the Spiritual Strength earlier. After which, his mouth emitted a sharp whistle. He turned his body, used all his might to activate the Three Thousand Lightning Movement and finally transformed into an afterimage. After which, he rushed out of the mountain range, fleeing for his life as he did so.

Hong Tian Xiao, who was battling the Earth Demon Puppet, and the many helpers from the Hong clan in the sky, experienced a slight change in their expression when they heard this whistle. All of them knew that this was the signal to retreat.

"Dammit… just what did this brat do? His strength has actually soared to such a level." Hong Tian Xiao cursed furiously in his heart. The majestic aura that permeated the sky also caused his mind to tremble a little. Dou Qi immediately surged in his body as his scimitar danced, forming a fiery-red blade curtain in front of him that forced the Earth Demon Puppet back. After which, Hong Tian Xiao also hurriedly pulled back.

"You wish to leave?"

Xiao Yan coldly laughed when he saw Chen Yun fleeing. He was indeed unable to maintain this condition for long. Hence, once he activated it, he needed to achieve something. Since this old fellow hated him to the core, he was not someone that could be left alive. A Dou Zong class enemy would ultimately bring about some trouble. It was better to end it once and for all.

A killing intent flashed across Xiao Yan's heart. He raised his hand and pointed it at Chen Yun, who had turned into an afterimage and fled. After which, Xiao Yan abruptly clenched it.

When Xiao Yan's hand was clenched, the empty space a thousand feet away suddenly became distorted before swiftly transforming into a substance-like spatial wall.


Chen Yun, who had unleashed his maximum speed, did not discover the spatial wall that had suddenly appeared. He collided violently against it. The special rebounding strength of the spatial wall shot him. This fierce and powerful force shook Chen Yun until he felt his mouth becoming sweet. He forcefully swallowed after becoming aware of the sweetness.

Chen Yun's body had just rebounded when he recovered. The first thing he did was to swiftly land his body and flee into the forest.

However, before his body could land on the ground, a human figure appeared in front of him in a ghost-like manner. A fist that was covered with a vast and mighty Spiritual Strength smashed over without any fancy moves.

Space ripples materialized wherever the fist traveled as numerous lines began to spread. They appeared like tiny black snakes filled with a frightening strength which chilled one's heart.

Chen Yun's expression changed drastically in the face of this plain fist. He let out a furious roar as Dou Qi surged out of his body. It agglomerated and formed a thick lightning barrier in front of him.


The fist violently smashed the light barrier and the majestic Spiritual Strength unleashed an extremely frightening strength, like a volcano, before trickily shaking the lightning barrier until it burst apart. The remaining strength also splashed across Chen Yun's body in a lightning-like manner.


A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out as Yun Chen's body smashed into the ground by the ruthless punch. His body rubbed against the forest below, forming a deep ravine that was over a hundred meters long. The trees along the way were all completely blasted apart as sawdust scattered in all directions.

After borrowing Tian Huo zun-zhe's strength, Xiao Yan was able to reach the level of a seven or even eight star Dou Zong while Chen Yun was merely a four star Dou Zong. The gap between every star in the Dou Zong class was extremely vast. Yet, Chen Yun wished to fight head-on with Xiao Yan. It was natural that his ending would be extremely miserable.

The disheveled Chen Yun stopped his body with much difficulty before throwing up a mouthful of fresh blood. The firm punch of Xiao Yan had caused him to suffer a serious injury. Moreover, that Spiritual Strength seemed to be unusually hot and violent. Some of the Spiritual Strength that had invaded his body had already began a destruction on a great scale. Chen Yun's condition was extremely terrible upon facing this combination of external and internal attacks.

"If this continues, I will really die in that little bastard's hand. I cannot continue to be entangled with him…" Chen Yun's eyes contained a viciousness as he wiped off the blood trace from the corner of his mouth. He was just about to flee into the mountain range when that ghost like figure once again appeared in front of him like the maggot in one's tarsal bones.

"Xiao Yan, the Wind Lightning Pavilion will not let you off if you kill me!"

Chen Yun hurriedly cried out. His heart felt a shock upon seeing Xiao Yan chasing him once again.

"It is likely that they will not let me off even if I don't kill you…" Xiao Yan smiled at Chen Yun. However, this smile was just like a vicious demon, that chilled one's heart, from Chen Yun's point of view.

"Just what does it take for you to let me off? As long as you state your condition…" Before Chen Yun finished his sentence, Chen Yun's body shot backwards. A couple of fist-sized silver-colored beads were ruthlessly tossed toward Xiao Yan.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The silver beads had just been thrown out when they suddenly exploded. Powerful air waves flattened the forest within a hundred meter radius.

Chen Yun's figure swiftly fled into the forest after having thrown the lightning beads. However, he did not have the time to sigh in relief when a strange human figure once again appeared. A leg that contained powerful Spiritual Strength was swung. The force on it was slammed viciously into Chen Yun's head.


Chen Yun spat out a mouthful of fresh blood when the wild and violent strength erupted. His body flew backwards and broke a countless number of enormous trees along the way.

Hong Tian Xiao looked at Chen Yun, who was basically unable to retaliate, from the distant sky. His expression also changed.

"Ancestor, should we lend a hand?" An invited helper swallowed a mouthful of saliva as he softly asked.

Hong Tian Xiao's eyes changed rapidly. He immediately looked at the Earth Demon Puppet that had been delayed a little by a couple of people from the Hong clan before clenching his teeth and giving a command, "Retreat. Don't bother with him. That little fellow's strength is far too frightening now. Adding this to the puppet, we will only be courting death regardless of how many of us step forward!"

After saying this, Hong Tian Xiao decisively waved his hand, turned around, and fled without any hesitation. The other people from the Hong clan behind also hurriedly followed.

Chen Yun's entire body was covered with mud as he climbed up from the ground with much difficulty. He appeared extremely miserable with fresh blood flowing down from his head. Additionally, he looked ferocious. He had suffered a serious injury after having received a couple of full force attacks from Xiao Yan. Even the veins in his body had begun to show signs of breaking. Xiao Yan's Spiritual Strength was an extremely destructive with the support of the 'Heavenly Flame.'

Chen Yun panted heavily through his mouth. The space in front of him rippled and Xiao Yan's figure once again slowly appeared.

"Are you still able to run?' Xiao Yan's voice was completely emotionless as his silver-white-colored eyes stared at Chen Yun, which possessed a weary aura.

"Little bastard. Since you wish to kill the old me, the old me shall drag you to die with me!"

Chen Yun's eyes gradually turned crimson. A craziness surged onto his face. Immediately, he charged angrily toward Xiao Yan. His body also swiftly swelled, appearing like a balloon that was about to explode!

Xiao Yan frowned slightly in the face of Chen Yun's crazy act.

"Self-destruct huh…"

Chapter 974: Self Destruction of an Elite Dou Zong

Xiao Yan's feet moved as he looked at the swelling Chen Yun, who was swiftly pouncing over. His body quickly rushed into the air. At the same time, his palms were opened and a thread of silver-colored spatial strength flashed and appeared.

"Spatial Seal!"

The space around Chen Yun suddenly fluctuated intensely as the soft cry sounded. It suddenly stirred an intense ripple and the invisible space immediately seemed to have become substance-like, transforming into a spatial prison that wrapped around Chen Yun!

Even an ordinary five star Dou Zong would have difficulty agglomerating such a substance-like spatial prison. However, Xiao Yan was able to create it after borrowing the strength of Tian Huo zun-zhe. Of course, the most important reason for this was that his body already possessed a thread of spatial strength. He used it as a medium in order to maneuver the spatial strength flowing in nature.

The spatial prison had just been formed when Chen Yun's body suddenly swelled to a frightening extent. Immediately, a soul-stirring explosion suddenly appeared!


A frightening energy wave wildly swept in all directions like a tidal wave. The spatial prison resisted it a little before it burst apart. The entire mountain range shook intensely, appearing as though an earthquake had occurred. Numerous thousand-foot-large cracks spread out like spider web. The entire mountain range had descended into a panic at this moment. The strength involved when a four star Dou Zong self-destructed was extremely frightening.

Xiao Yan merely managed to temporarily dodge the attack of this frightening energy storm. His body flashed and appeared in the distant sky. His eyes revealed a solemness as he looked at the rampant energy wave. After this action by Chen Yun, this entire mountain range would likely turn into ruins.

Hong Tian Xiao, who was fleeing the mountain range, also sensed this frightening energy storm. His expression changed almost instantly.

"That old fellow Chen Yun actually self-destructed… by being able to force him until such an extent, that brat… is really too frightening." Hong Tian Xiao suddenly felt a little bitterness in his mouth. If he knew that this brat would be so troublesome to deal with from the start, he would definitely not have made enemies with him. Possessing such an enemy really caused him to have difficulty eating and sleeping in ease.

However, this world did not have any medicine for regret. This was something that Hong Tian Xiao was also clearly aware of. Moreover, he was not an indecisive person. A fierce glow immediately flashed across his eyes as he muttered to himself, "This brat is indeed extremely strange. However, by killing Chen Yun, you will not be able to feel nice. The Wind Lightning Pavilion will not sit back and watch an Elder be killed. At that time… hee hee."

With a sinister smile, Hong Tian Xiao decisively turned his head and waved his hand. His fleeing speed once again increased.


The white-clothed, old man at a certain spot in the mountain range was also shocked by Chen Yun's crazy act. He hurriedly pulled Han Xue as his body penetrated the mountain forest in a lightning-like manner. Finally, his figure flashed and landed on a mountain peak. He looked down at the rampant energy storm in the mountain range from high above and involuntarily inhaled a breath of cool air.

"This old fellow is really crazy…"

Han Xue was similarly shocked by the destructive energy below until her pretty face turned somewhat pale. The self-destruction of a Dou Zong was not something that just anyone would be able to personally witness.

"By being able to force a Dou Zong to take the dead end path of self-destruction, this young man called Xiao Yan is indeed extremely terrifying…" The white-clothed, old man slowly raised his head, looked at the blurry figure in the sky, and spoke in a somewhat hushed manner.

"Is he alright?" Han Xue's eyes also swept over the sky. Her eyesight was far inferior to the white-clothed, old man. Naturally, she was unable to see Xiao Yan's figure.

"What can happen to him. That spatial seal had eliminated Chen Yun's intentions of dying with him." The white-clothed, old man shook his head before immediately saying, "However, since he has killed Chen Yun, it is likely that he has truly become enemies with the Wind Lightning Pavilion. That Hong Tian Xiao will definitely announce the news to everyone when he gets back. Given the style of the Wind Lightning Pavilion, they will definitely dispatch experts to kill Xiao Yan."

Han Xue's hand involuntarily clenched upon hearing this. Her face revealed a worried expression.

"Alright, girl, there is no need to be overly worried. This little fellow is not an ordinary person. He kills decisively and does not possess a weak character. With such a character and his strength, it is likely that he will be able to do extremely well even in the Central Plains, where all sorts of experts hide. It is likely going to be quite difficult to kill him." The white-clothed, old man smiled as he reassured her. His words held Xiao Yan in high regard.

Han Xue nodded slightly. Her hand pulled aside the black hair on her forehead while her bright eyes revealed sentimental thought as she looked to the sky. Her elder sister was right. This person was really too outstanding. He was so outstanding that very few women could hold onto him…


The energy storm raged brutally within the mountain range. It continued for over ten minutes before it gradually weakened. During this period of time, Xiao Yan's figure continued to remain in the sky. His eyes were also gradually shut.

A whistling wild wind blew over the mountain range, carrying some dust with it. At this moment, the originally lush green forest had completely turned into a muddy color.

Xiao Yan in the sky finally opened his eyes when the last wisp of energy storm slowly disappeared. His gaze slowly swept over the mountain range below, which had become extremely chaotic. Finally, he gently landed and his footsteps slowly walked to the spot where Chen Yun had self-destructed earlier. An enormous pit that was a couple of hundred feet in size had appeared at that spot. The black darkness was such that one could not see the bottom at a glance.

Xiao Yan's gaze swept over the pit. His footsteps suddenly turned and he arrived at a spot near the enormous pit. There was a swaying withered tree located at that spot.

Xiao Yan's hand slowly rubbed the withered tree while a cold smile was suddenly lifted onto the corner of his mouth. His palm was violently thrown forward and the withered tree burst apart. Wooden chips flew and an illusionary spirit fled from it in panic. It flew toward the the sky. However, it had just moved when the surrounding space suddenly solidified.

"Elder Chen is really quite scheming. Allowing your body to self-destruct while a thread of your soul fled. Unfortunately…" Xiao Yan smiled, looked at the illusionary spirit, and softly spoke.

"Xiao Yan, don't kill me. We can sit down and talk properly. You don't wish to offend the Wind Lightning Pavilion in this manner, do you?" The spirit had just been trapped when it immediately transformed into Chen Yun's illusionary face. At this moment, his eyes contained a genuine fear. If this thread of soul were destroyed by Xiao Yan, he would truly be finished.

"I don't wish to reach such a stage too. However, all of this is because you have forced me…" Xiao Yan softly sighed. He extended his hand and immediately grabbed Chen Yun's soul.

"Little bastard, the Wind Lightning Pavilion will not let you off. Just wait for your death!" Chen Yun cursed viciously upon sensing Xiao Yan's killing intent.


Xiao Yan was expressionless. He tightened his hand and Chen Yun's soul suddenly exploded. It immediately transformed into light spots before disappearing.

Looking at the scattering spiritual light spots, Xiao Yan knew that this Elder of the Wind Lightning Pavilion had gave his last farewell to this world.


"He is careful and does not leave any room for his enemy to escape. This fellow is not an ordinary person…"

The white-clothed, old man suddenly sighed and spoke while standing on the mountain top.

Han Xue stood uncertainly by his side and blinked her eyes. She did not witness the scene where Xiao Yan destroyed Chen Yun's soul. However, she felt that her great-grandfather, who possessed impossible expectations, seemed to give Xiao Yan a very high evaluation.

"Old sir has praised me too much. I am merely unwilling to allow some trouble to follow me again…"

A faint laugh suddenly sounded on the mountain top. Immediately, Xiao Yan's figure slowly appeared in front of the white-clothed, old man.

"Xiao Yan."

Han Xue immediately cried out joyfully upon seeing Xiao Yan appear.

The white-clothed, old man also smiled. However, his feet had shifted forward by half a step without leaving a trace, vaguely blocking Han Xue behind him as he did so. He had personally witnessed Xiao Yan kill Chen Yun. It was likely that this matter would bring about quite a lot of trouble for Xiao Yan if it were to spread. After seeing Xiao Yan's vicious tactics earlier, the white-clothed, old man did not treat Xiao Yan as a kind person.

"Old sir need not be so cautious. Xiao Yan is not a bloodthirsty person. Moreover, I owe Miss Xue-er my gratitude. Repaying kindness with revenge is not something that I can do." Xiao Yan softly laughed. Although the actions of the white-clothed, old man were extremely small, it did not escape Xiao Yan in his current condition.

The white-clothed, old man felt somewhat embarrassed upon hearing this. He cupped his hand together and said, "The old me is Han Fei."

"Xiao Yan greets old mister Han." Xiao Yan cupped his hands together and replied with a grin.

"Ke ke, the old me is unworthy of such a big greeting." Han Fei waved his hands before solemnly saying, "We will not say anything about the matter today. However, it is likely that Hong Tian Xiao will make it public. At that time, you will need to be careful of the Wind Lightning Pavilion."

"Thank you for your warning, old mister Han." Xiao Yan nodded. It was not that he did not wish to chase after Hong Tian Xiao. However, he was unable to maintain this condition for long. Once Tian Huo zun-zhe withdraw the Spiritual Strength, it was likely that Xiao Yan's would experience a weary phase because of the overly powerful energy. How could he kill Hong Tian Xiao in that state?

"Since young friend Xiao Yan is aware of it, the old me shall not say anything more. I will bid you goodbye today. If there is an opportunity in the future, I will come and seek some advice from young friend." Han Fei beamed. His gaze swept around him and knew that this was not a place that one should stay for long. Finally, he cupped his hands and spoke.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded.

"You… you should be careful." Han Xue bit her lower red lip with the back of her teeth and whispered when she saw that they were about to leave.

Xiao Yan grinned and said, "You should also take care."

Han Fei by the side laughed bitterly in his heart upon seeing this situation. He pulled Han Xue along as his figure moved and rushed toward a distant mountain range.

"Be careful of the Wind Lightning Pavilion. It is best for you to leave the northern region of the Central Plains as soon as possible…"

Xiao Yan looked at Han Fei and Han Xue who had disappeared into the distance when a faint gentle voice drifted over with the wind.

Xiao Yan exhaled a gentle breath. His eyes watched the two figures as they disappeared into the horizon. He also turned his body and flew to another side of the mountain range. The current him needed to quickly raise his strength. It was time to consume that Mighty Huang Pill. However, he was unaware how much this medicinal pill would raise his strength…

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