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Chapter 968: Decisive Killing


A soul-stirring loud sound blasted the stage. Along with it, an enormous jade-green wave of fire carried great momentum as it wildly surged out from the point where it had exploded in a flood-like manner while emitting a loud bang!

At this moment, the entire Sky Stone Stage had begun to intensely tremble. Numerous arm-thick cracks spread out unceasingly from the points where the fire wave reached. The speed at which the fire wave spread was extremely quick. Within a couple of breaths, it caught up with the experts from the Hong clan who had just surrounded Xiao Yan earlier. The fire wave churned and swallowed all of them like a gigantic fierce beast!

Chi Chi!

Blood spluttering sounds were emitted from within the fire wave. Immediately, over a dozen figures seemed to have suffered a heavy blow as they flew backwards. Their bodies rubbed on the ground, forming hundred-meter-long bloody scars that startled one's heart.

The spreading fire wave seemed to have wrapped around over half of the Sky Stone Stage. A countless number of people rubbed the perspiration, that had appeared because of the high temperature, off their foreheads with trembling hands. Their lips shivered as they looked at the fire wave that swept over before quietly disappearing. A shocked expression filled their eyes. Under that destructive strength, they had sensed a kind of terror that was spreading deep within their souls…

That was the terror of death. Under the explosion of the fire lotus, they had sensed a thread of the aura of death.

It was fortunate that the fire wave ultimately did not spread into the audience seats. However, the high temperature that was emitted still caused some people in the front row to feel their bodies become boiling hot. Some of their clothes even let out a 'chi' noise and self-ignited, shocking them until they repeatedly screamed in panic.

The spreading fire wave continued for nearly a minute before coming to a slow stop. Dense dust covered half of the Sky Stone Stage, causing one to have difficulty seeing what exactly had happened.

A breeze suddenly blew over while the dust permeated the place. It carried the heavy dust as it flew toward the sky before drifting to a distant place.

Following the scattering of the dust, the interior of the Sky Stone Stage finally appeared in front of everyone eyes. However, their eyes solidified and became dull when they looked over…

All they could see was a pit, hundreds of feet in diameter, appearing in the enormous arena below. There were numerous vein-like lines outside of the pit. They crossed each other and occupied half of the Sky Stone Stage.

Numerous gazes stared at the enormous pit in a dull manner. Momentarily, the entire Sky Stone Stage had descended into silent disbelief. Such frightening destruction had been created by a young Dou Huang…

As residents of Tian Bei City, the people seated in this place had a decent understanding of the hardness of the Sky Stone Stage. It was reported that this enormous stone arena could endure an attack by an elite Dou Zong. However, from the looks of the scene that appeared in front of them, either that was a false rumor or the attack earlier had already exceeded the attack of an ordinary elite Dou Zong.

Those people who had experienced the frightening scene earlier were more inclined to the second possibility. Although the thought of a Dou Huang attempting to display an attack comparable with that of an elite Dou Zong might appear incredulous, the enormous pit in front of them told them that this was indeed the truth.

Han Chi's group had slightly widened their mouths. It was a long while later before they recovered. They inhaled a deep breath and suppressed the churning of their hearts. Their gazes swept across the surroundings of the enormous pit. Over half of the dozen experts from the Hong clan earlier were lying not far away with charred black bodies. Some of those stronger and luckier ones still had some breath left. However, they were clearly in a seriously wounded situation.

"This time around, the Hong clan… can be considered to have suffered a great loss…"

Han Chi heart laughed in a cold gloating manner as he looked at the charred black fellows. Quite a number of those dozen plus experts from the Hong clan, who had surrounded and attacked Xiao Yan earlier were Dou Huang class experts. This kind of strength might not be considered a peak existence in the Hong clan, but they were definitely the Hong clan's backbone. Even the Hong clan would have difficulty withstanding losing so many of them in one go.

"Where is Xiao Yan?"

Han Xue by the side anxiously asked while Han Chi was gloating in his heart.

"In the sky." Han Yue's pretty eyes looked at the sky as she softly informed everyone.

Everyone gazes hurriedly shifted up when they heard this. They saw a human figure standing in the empty sky. A pair of ten-foot-long crystal bone wings were slowly flapping behind him. There was a slight Wind Lightning Sound when they flapped, appearing extremely gorgeous.

Under the focus of the gazes of those present, Xiao Yan in the sky flapped his bone wings and slowly landed at the edge of the pit. He looked at those experts from the Hong clan, who were struggling to climb up, with an expressionless face. He clenched his hand and the heavy ruler flashed and appeared. He strode forward and appeared beside a wounded expert Dou Huang from the Hong clan. Without saying anything, his ruler was swung as though he was hitting a ball.


The heavy ruler slammed into the body of the Dou Huang, and he immediately flew backwards. The clear sounds of bones breaking reverberated over the entire arena, causing many people to feel a chill in their hearts. They knew that with this swing of Xiao Yan's ruler, it was likely that the person would end up a cripple even if he recovered unless the Hong clan could take out a high tier medicinal pill to repair his bones.

Xiao Yan did not stop after crippling an expert from the Hong clan with his ruler. He turned his body while maintaining a cold and indifferent face before walking toward another expert from the Hong clan who had managed to survive the fire lotus explosion.

The eyes of this expert immediately revealed horror upon seeing Xiao Yan. He had just took out his weapon from his Storage Ring when a human figure flashed in front of him. The heavy ruler was swung and a 'chi' sound appeared. That person shot back like a rubber ball before landing on the ground a hundred meters away. No one knew if he was dead or alive.

The coldness on Xiao Yan's face became denser after having finished off another. He turned around and walked to the next injured expert from the Hong clan.

The entire place was silent as they watched Xiao Yan walked to the people from the Hong clan, sending person after person flying with the swing of a ruler without the slightest hesitation. A chill that was difficult to contain surged from their hearts as they watched the cold and indifferent face of Xiao Yan. This fellow might appear young, but his tactics were quite vicious. From the looks of his manner, it was clear that he wanted to truly cripple the Hong clan!

Han Chi's heart also pounded violently each time Xiao Yan's ruler was swung. Although he was shocked by Xiao Yan's vicious actions, it must be said that his actions were truly decisive!

After the matter today, Xiao Yan already knew that the Hong clan and him would definitely be in a situation where neither would rest until the other die. Since this was the case, he would naturally not leave the Hong clan with any strength to seek revenge on him. Xiao Yan would not slow the slightest mercy against his enemies. Only by truly hitting the Han clan at its core would he be able to cut off the need to worry about them in the future.

No one could be blamed for this matter. If one were really wanted to find someone to blame, then the Hong clan should be blamed for possessing killing intent toward him…


The heavy ruler was once again violently swung at the last expert from the Hong clan. Xiao Yan did not care whether this person was dead or alive. He slowly turned his head and his gaze landed on a human figure a short distance away, who was struggling to stand up. That person was Hong Li.

At this moment, Hong Li's clothes were tattered. A vest that emitted a glow was faintly revealed under his clothes. Clearly, it was not an ordinary item. He had been able to survive the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame because of the protection of this inner vest.

A pair of vicious blood-red eyes were revealed under his scattered hair. Earlier, he had personally witnessed Xiao Yan sending all of the experts from the Hong clan, who had come, flying like rubber balls. From the looks of the heavy ruler's strength, it was likely that very few people would survive. This time around, the Hong clan had really suffered heavy losses!

"Xiao Yan, since you dare to kill the members of our Hong clan, our Hong clan will not rest until you die!"

Hong Li's finger quivered as it was pointed toward Xiao Yan while he viciously promised.

"Isn't that already the case?"

Xiao Yan smiled. His smile was filled with a coldness. He was just about to move to kill this Hong Li, when a low, deep muffled sound was suddenly transmitted from the other corner of the Sky Stone Stage.

Xiao Yan's gaze followed the noise and looked over. The cold smile on his face grew even denser. He saw Chen Yun being struck until blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth after another collision with the Earth Demon Puppet. Although the Earth Demon Puppet did not know any Dou Techniques, just the attacks that its physical body could unleash were not much weaker than Dou Techniques.

If things continued in this manner, it was only a matter of time before Chen Yun perished to the hands of the Earth Demon Puppet. After all, the Earth Demon Puppet did not possess any impatience or negative emotions. Since Xiao Yan had given it the order to kill the person in front of it, it would swing its fist and smash them at that person even if it was about to die.

"These useless people from the Hong clan!"

Chen Yun's face had become unusually gloomy after suffering some injuries in the fight. The corner of his eyes swiftly glanced at Xiao Yan, and he cursed in his heart. He roared out furiously, "Hong Li, why aren't you calling Hong Tian Xiao? Does your Hong clan intend to be destroyed by him today?"

Hong Li was startled after hearing Chen Yun's furious roar. His gaze viciously landed on Xiao Yan as he spoke in a dense manner, "Little bastard, you can forget about leaving in one piece now that you have killed the people from my Hong clan!"

Hong Li swiftly took out a blood-colored jade piece from his Storage Ring and violently shattered it the moment he uttered those words.

The jade piece had just been shattered when a human figure suddenly appeared in front of him. Hong Li hurriedly raised his head and saw a sinister face. He hurriedly retreated in his shock.


The heavy ruler was waved, and it immediately carried a ear-piercing sonic boom as it violently slammed into Hong Li's body. He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. His body flew into the enormous pit like a meteorite. Finally, it smashed against a large rock. Rock fragments flew in all directions. Hong Li shook a couple of times before his body gradually became stiff.

"Xiao Yan, leave quickly. Hong Li has already sent a message to the ancestor of the Hong clan. He will arrive soon! That old fellow's strength is a little stronger than even Chen Yun's!" An anxious voice was quietly transmitted into Xiao Yan's ear after he sent Hong Li flying with his ruler. Xiao Yan identified it as Han Chi's voice.

Xiao Yan's fist tightened. He inhaled a deep breath and cupped his hands toward the Han clan. The bone wings on his back were flapped as he swiftly launched into the sky. However, just as he was about to grab the Earth Demon Puppet, a majestic aura, that was filled with a furious killing intent, was suddenly transmitted from a corner of Tian Bei City. Immediately, a wrathful roar resounded in the sky above Tian Bei City.

"For daring to kill the members of my Hong clan, the old me will tear your corpse into tens of thousands of pieces and turn your bones into ashes today regardless of who you are!"

Chapter 969: Crazy Action

The raving roar that was filled with killing intent reverberated unceasingly over the sky of Tian Bei City like thunder, causing the entire city to be momentarily quiet. Numerous gazes that faintly carried some shock were shot in the direction the voice had originated.

The roar had naturally reached the Sky Stone Stage. Immediately, everyone emitted waves after waves of exclamations. Their gazes followed the direction the voice had originated in before finally pausing above the Hong clan household.

"It is actually Hong Tian Xiao. Unexpectedly, he has also been stirred this time around!"

"That Xiao Yan is likely going to be unlucky this time around. That Hong Tian Xiao is rumored to be a five star Dou Zong. His strength is even greater than Chen Yun from the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Although Xiao Yan has the help of the puppet, he will definitely be unable to resist the attacks of two elite Dou Zongs."

Xiao Yan ignored the private conversations around him. His fist tightened slightly. If the Little Fairy Doctor had been here or if Tian Huo zun-zhe was awake, he would not need to be afraid of the ancestor of the Hong clan. Unfortunately, one of his two great helpers had been separated from him while the other was in slumber. Xiao Yan really had difficulty defeating two elite Dou Zongs by just relying on the Earth Demon Puppet unless he used the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame that was formed from three 'Heavenly Flames.' However, if he did that, he would definitely be weakened. This place was the territory of the Hong clan. Moreover, there was the existence of the Wind Lightning Pavilion five hundred kilometers away. It was clear that it would be disadvantageous for him if he got too entangled in this place.

"Looks like I can only withdraw first today…" This thought flashed through Xiao Yan's heart. His gaze swiftly turned to the Earth Demon Puppet, who was fighting an intense battle with Hong Yun. His brows were involuntarily knit together. That old fellow Chen Yun seemed to have already become aware of his intention. At this moment, he had suddenly gone all out to pester the Earth Demon Puppet, attempting to prevent it from being taken by Xiao Yan.

"You're seeking death!"

Xiao Yan's eyes became chilly when he saw the actions of Chen Yun. Aware of the sudden surge in killing intent within Xiao Yan's heart, the body of the Earth Demon Puppet suddenly unleashed a glaring silver-colored glow. Its attacking speed suddenly increased as both its hands were like hammers which violently smashed toward Chen Yun, unleashing a frightening force.

Chen Yun's expression also changed slightly upon sensing the sudden increase in the Earth Demon Puppet's speed. He hurriedly maneuvered all the Dou Qi within his body. Despite this, his body trembled each time it collided with the Earth Demon Puppet. A numb feeling was being transmitted from his arm.

"Dammit. Just what is this puppet made off? Its physical strength is actually this terrifying!" Chen Yun's heart involuntarily felt some shock as he sensed the pain that was transmitted from his arm.

"Xiao Yan, leave quickly. Don't delay any longer. It will be too late if you delay any longer!"

Han Chi's anxious voice was quietly transmitted over when Xiao Yan was controlling the Earth Demon Puppet, making it increase its attacking speed.

Xiao Yan merely shook his head when he heard Han Chi's reminder. He sensed that he had been locked onto by an aura that was filled with killing intent. Even if he were to turn around and leave now, the other party would swiftly catch up with him.

A glow flickered in Xiao Yan's eyes as his hand suddenly grabbed toward the enormous pit. A suction force surged and pulled Hong Li's body from it. Xiao Yan grabbed his body and observed him. Immediately, Xiao Yan let out a cold laugh and said, "You really have quite a strong life. I am unable to kill you even after all this. But, it's just as well…"

The eyelids of the unconscious Hong Li twitched upon hearing Xiao Yan's words. He wanted to open his eyes, but his serious injuries caused him to simply give up after a futile attempt.

The sharp sound of rushing wind resounded over the sky after Xiao Yan had grabbed Hong Li. Immediately, a vague figure wildly shot toward the Sky Stone Stage in a lightning-like manner. The dark and dense killing intent that spread out of the figure could be sensed despite the great distance apart.

"Brat, put Hong Li down. Otherwise, you'll die!"

That human figure saw the person whom Xiao Yan was grabbing with his hands from a great distance. Immediately, a furious roar was once again transmitted over.

Chen Yun, who was bitterly enduring, felt a joy in his heart upon hearing this roar. His peripheral sight glanced over and did indeed see Hong Tian Xiao's figure. He hurriedly cried out, "Old fellow Hong, the people from your Hong clan have all died to this brat's hand. Quickly kill him!"


A silver glow suddenly broke Chen Yun's blockade when those words had just left his mouth and a fist violently smashed into his arm. Chen Yun let out a moan under this great strength landed. A thread of fresh blood seeped out of the corner of his mouth.

"Chen Yun?"

The light figure that had hurried over paused upon hearing Chen Yun's cry, revealing a red-clothed, yellow-faced, old man. He knit his brows and looked at the Earth Demon Puppet which was pestering Chen Yun. A solemness also appeared in his eyes. With his eyesight, he was naturally able to tell that Chen Yun was being suppressed and defeated by the puppet.

"What are you looking for? This puppet is something that belongs to that brat. Once you restrain him, the puppet will naturally stop. Quickly attack. Don't let that brat escape! Otherwise, the members of your Hong clan would have died for no reason!"

Chen Yun furiously cried out while Hong Tian Xiao was startled by the Earth Demon Puppet.

Hong Tian Xiao's sinister gaze slowly paused on Xiao Yan in the sky upon hearing Chen Yun's cry. He said in a dense manner, "Brat, obediently release Hong Li. The old me will let you have a quick death!"

Xiao Yan was expressionless. His gaze glanced at Chen Yun, who was being suppressed by the Earth Demon Puppet's attacks. From the looks of it, the puppet might be able to kill this old fellow if there was a little more time. Moreover, even if it was unable to truly kill him, it would definitely turn him into a seriously injured state!

Xiao Yan wanted to delay some time but Hong Tian Xiao would not give him the opportunity to do so. He had naturally been able to tell that Chen Yun would not be able to endure for long under the powerful puppet.

"Regardless of who your elders are, the old me will definitely not allow you to leave in one piece after you have killed so many people from my Hong clan!" Hong Tian Xiao sinisterly spoke. His body shook and it transformed into a light figure that rushed toward Xiao Yan. That stern killing intent caused a chillness to appear on the skin of quite a number of people.

Xiao Yan's eyes stared intently at Hong Tian Xiao, who had rushed over, before he suddenly let out a cold smile. His palm pressed on Hong Li's chest while grabbing his shoulders. After which, he used all his strength to violently toss Hong Li in a manner similar to throwing shot put.

"Old fellow, I have hid a hidden force within Hong Li's body. If you do not catch up to him and resolve it, he will definitely die once the hidden force explodes!" Xiao Yan laughed out loud after throwing Hong Li aside.


The light figure that was wildly charging at Xiao Yan suddenly paused. Hong Tian Xiao gaze hesitated for a moment before he let out a furious roar. He turned around and swiftly gave chase in the direction Hong Li had been thrown. Although his body had moved, another roar, that was filled with killing intent, was transmitted into Xiao Yan's ears.

"Brat, I will use the name of the ancestor of the Hong clan to swear that I will break all the bones in your body one at a time and let you taste what it's like being able to neither live nor die!"

Xiao Yan completely ignored Hong Tian Xiao's vicious roar. He had really heard too many similar threats. However, no one had managed to realize them even today.

Hong Tian Xiao had just turned around when Xiao Yan's sinister gaze suddenly shot toward Chen Yun. The corner of his mouth was lifted into a dark and cold arc as his hand seals suddenly flew. Powerful Dou Qi was swiftly agglomerated.

Chen Yun's heart suddenly sank when he sensed Xiao Yan's actions. He was already barely able to face the Earth Demon Puppet's attack. If Xiao Yan were to join in at this moment, it was likely that his fate would be a terrible one.

"This old bastard, so what if that fellow dies? He is just a trash, what need is there to rescue him?" Chen Yun could only furiously curse Hong Tian Xiao in his heart while he panicked. He had similarly not expect that in the face of two elite Dou Zong revealing themselves, Xiao Yan did not choose to immediately flee. Instead, he had diverted one of them away and focused his strength on dealing with the other. This kind of all out tactic was a crazy one!


Another punch with frightening strength was violently sent flying over, and scattered the majestic Dou Qi in front of Chen Yun, shaking him until he continued to step back.

A feeling of danger rose within Chen Yun's heart as his footsteps hurried back. The corner of his eyes drifted and one could only see a vague figure appearing behind him. A palm-sized crystal energy handprint had quietly appeared where the figure's hand was located. The energy that was contained in it caused Chen Yun's face to change.

"Sea Flipping Seal!"

Xiao Yan cried out furiously in his heart. The hand seal was swung out in a lightning-like manner, and struck at a fatal point on Chen Yun's back.

Chen Yun's face became exceptionally ugly as he sensed the attack that came from behind him. If this had occurred at a normal time, it was definitely not difficult for him to dodge. However, at this moment, the Earth Demon Puppet's fist wind had sealed off the space around him. He was unable to use his agility Dou Skills. All he could do was clench his teeth and swiftly turn around. A majestic waterfall like Dou Qi shot out from both his hands.


The majestic Dou Qi and the Seal Flipping Seal fiercely collided. Xiao Yan's body shook and he hurriedly withdrew over a dozen steps. On the other hand, Chen Yun merely withdrew one step. However, his already pale face grew even paler.


Chen Yun had yet to have the time to relax after having taken a step back when a wild and violent strength, that caused his expression to change, appeared in a lightning-like manner behind him. After which, it ruthlessly struck his shoulders.


Chen Yun was finally unable to endure any longer after suffering this heavy blow. A mouthful of fresh red blood was spat out. His body rubbed against the ground, forming a scar that was dozens of meters long.

The Earth Demon Puppet continued to rush over after Chen Yun's body had just withdrawn. It grabbed Chen Yun's arm and broke the finger he wore his Storage Ring on in front of a countless number of shocked gazes.

The Earth Demon Puppet held the broken finger tightly and ceased launching any attacks. Instead, it swiftly rushed to where Xiao Yan was located. Finally, Xiao Yan stored it into his Storage Ring with a wave of his hand. The Storage Ring that was removed from Chen Yun's finger also fell into his hand.

"Ha ha, thank you for your gift Elder Chen!"

Xiao Yan held the Storage Ring and laughed out loud. His gaze glanced at the northern sky. There was a furious aura wildly hurrying over from that direction.

"Have you discovered something missing…"

A cold laugh sounded as Xiao Yan swiftly spread the bone wings behind him. With a flap of the bone wings, he rose into the sky, and left.

"Little bastard, my Wind Lightning Pavilion will not cease chasing you until you die!"

Chen Yun forcefully endured the intense pain that was transmitted from his finger. Both of his eyes were blood-red as his teeth violently bit the tip of his tongue. Some essence blood was spat out. The blood had a faint lightning glow lingering within it. With a vicious glance at Xiao Yan, he waved his hand and the essence blood lightning glow was divided into two. One of them penetrated shot toward Xiao Yan while the other flew toward the southern sky.

The essence blood that came flashing over shocked Xiao Yan. He extended his wings and his body rose to the sky in a lightning-like manner. However, the essence blood lightning glow was unusually fast. With a flash, it shot into Xiao Yan's body.

The essence blood lightning glow did not do anything to cause the slightest discomfort to Xiao Yan when it entered his body. He frowned a little while the vicious voice of Chen Yun was once again transmitted over.

"You have been hit with the blood lightning seal of my Wind Lightning Pavilion. My Wind Lightning Pavilion will be able to find you no matter where you run off. Little bastard, I want to see just where you can hide!"

"I will accompany you until the end!"

Xiao Yan laughed coldly upon hearing Chen Yun's words. His gaze paused for an instant on the members of the Han clan. After which, he flapped his bone wings, and transformed into a light figure, that swiftly fled to the sky above Tian Bei City, before disappearing in the blink of an eye…

Chapter 970: Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body

A ray of light suddenly blazed across the completely cloudless azure sky in an extremely quick manner. The figure's eyes swept the distant sky before taking a glance behind him. Only then did the figure slow and mutter, "By unleashing the bone wing's ability to its limit, it is likely that even Hong Tian Xiao would be unable to catch up. Moreover, Chen Yun has been injured by both the Earth Demon Puppet and me. At the very least, he will not be able to give chase within a short period of time. Thus, he need not be overly afraid. As long as that old fellow chased him alone, he would let him try the strength of the Earth Demon Puppet!"

Xiao Yan's figure once again slowed as this thought flashed through his heart. He turned his body and looked in the distant direction of Tian Bei City. However, not a single figure appeared even after a while. Immediately, he shook his head. This old fellow was indeed cautious. He was able to maintain his rational disposition despite being so furious. It seemed that this old fellow did indeed possess great combat experience.

"Since he is not giving chase now, it is likely that he is waiting for Chen Yun to recover. That fellow is someone from the Wind Lightning Pavilion. He likely has access to a lot of healing medicinal pills. With his injuries, it is likely he will recover after a short period of time. Now, the most important thing is to undo the so-called Blood Lightning Seal that the old fellow planted in my body. Otherwise, my situation will be a bad once the experts from the Wind Lightning Pavilion hurry over."

Xiao Yan swiftly made up this mind as this thought appeared. His gaze swept around him before he flapped his bone wings, and transformed into a ray of light that rushed toward a mountain range in the distance. It was likely that no one understood the thoughts within his heart.

Xiao Yan found a remote location within the mountain range and forcefully created a cave. After which, he used an enormous rock to block the entrance. The anxious Xiao Yan finally exhaled and relaxed when warm light from a Moonlight Rock scattered over the interior of the cave.

"I miscalculated. It is unexpected that the Wind Lightning Pavilion is so concerned about the Three Thousand Lightning Movement. Logically speaking, although the Three Thousand Lightning Movement is profound, it is merely at the Di Class Low Level.. There was no reason for this Wind Lightning Pavilion to treat an agility Dou Technique of this class as a treasure that no one can touch…" Xiao Yan sat cross-legged, rubbed his forehead, and bitterly laughed.

"Today, I have completely offended the Wind Lightning Pavilion, but I am not afraid. The Central Plains region is massive. Would I be afraid of not having anywhere to go? I don't believe that your Wind Lightning Pavilion's strength can spread across the entire Central Plains region."

Xiao Yan's face revealed an expression of deep thought. He immediately spread his palm and revealed a silver-white-colored Storage Ring. The Storage Ring still contained some fresh blood on it. It was the thing the Earth Demon Puppet had snatched from Chen Yun's finger earlier.

Xiao Yan's Spiritual Strength spread out. However, the silver-white Storage Ring emitted a resistance when his Spiritual Strength made contact with it, reflecting his Spiritual Strength back.

"Has a spiritual imprint been placed on it?" Xiao Yan coldly laughed as he sensed the resistance from the Storage Ring. Spiritual Strength was one of his fortes. Though his actual level was much lower than Chen Yun's level, his Spiritual Strength was not weaker. It was not impossible for Xiao Yan to break the spiritual imprint that Chen Yun had left behind.

Xiao Yan gently inhaled a breath of air. His Spiritual Strength controlled the silver-white-colored Storage Ring, which slowly surfaced in front of him. His eyes suddenly opened and a majestic Spiritual Strength surged from between his brows like floodwater. It violently struck the Storage Ring.


An invisible ripple suddenly surged out of the Storage Ring the moment they collided. Finally, the ripple violently rammed the mountain wall. For a moment, the mountain cave trembled while fist-sized crack lines began to appear.

Xiao Yan ignored the changes in the cave as his gaze stared firmly at the trembling Storage Ring. Spiritual Strength surged out unceasingly. Finally, wave after wave struck at the spiritual imprint within the Storage Ring.

The spiritual imprint that an elite Dou Zong had placed was indeed extremely strong. Regardless of what happened, however, it was merely an imprint. If the actual owner was located near this place, he would at least be able to control it from a distance. However, Chen Yun was currently rushing to heal himself. Where would he find the time to bother about the change of this spiritual imprint.

The unceasing assault of Spiritual Strength continued for a couple of minutes before a slight cracking sound finally appeared in the cave.

Joy instantly surged into Xiao Yan's eyes when he heard this noise. He had finally removed the spiritual imprint of that old fellow…

Chen Yun, who was seated cross-legged on the Sky Stone Stage in Tian Bei City, suddenly opened his tightly shut eyes when the spiritual imprint was broken. His eyes revealed a savage expression as he roared furiously, "Xiao Yan, the old me swears that I won't be human if I don't kill you!"

Most of the people had already left the Sky Stone Stage at this moment. After all, everyone could see that Hong Tian Xiao and Chen Yun were extremely furious at the moment. No one could tell whether they would be innocently implicated under the fury of these two old fellows.

"What are you roaring for instead of quickly recuperating?" Hong Tian Xiao protecting Chen Yun by the side frowned and asked in a deep voice when he saw Chen Yun act in this manner.

"The spiritual imprint in my Storage Ring has already been broken by that little bastard!" Chen Yun grit his teeth and replied.

Hong Tian Xiao was startled upon hearing this. His face immediately changed a little as he said, "That brat only has the strength of a Dou Huang. How could he break your spiritual imprint? Although that puppet is strong, it clearly does not possess any Spiritual Strength."

"I don't know." Chen Yun shook his head with a gloomy face. He said in a dense voice, "Once I have fully recuperated, we will leave together. That brat has the Blood Lightning Seal that I planted in his body. He cannot escape!"

"Relax, he has killed many people from my Hong clan. The old me will ensure that his ending won't be good." Hong Tian Xiao ferociously responded.

"I have already dispatched news to the Wind Lightning Pavilion. It is likely that some experts will hurry over soon. At that time, that brat will have difficulty escaping!" Chen Yun glanced at his hand with one missing finger. The viciousness on his face was so dense that it caused a chill to rise in one's heart.

Xiao Yan shut his eyes slightly as he sat in the cave, which was filled with warm light. A silver-white-colored ring in front of him was emitting a weak glow. A moment later, the glow slowly weakened and Xiao Yan gradually opened his eyes.

A silver-colored scroll appeared in his hand when he opened his eyes.

This silver-colored scroll was a little larger than an ordinary one. Its entire body was bright-silver. However, if one were to look at it carefully, one would discover that there were densely packed tiny red lines on it. They were just like veins that spread to every part of the scroll.

Xiao Yan's eyes looked at this scroll and his heart had unknowingly increased his pulse rate. This was the only somewhat strange item he had found within Chen Yun's Storage Ring.

"What is this?"

Xiao Yan muttered somewhat doubtfully. He did not open it because of the strangeness of this thing. Instead, he had extended his hand and summoned the Earth Demon Puppet. He tossed the scroll to the latter. "Open it."

The Earth Demon Puppet receive the scroll. Its hand slowly opened it without any hesitation.


The silver glow on the scroll suddenly soared after it had been opened. Immediately, a furious thunder-like explosion sounded and a thigh-thick lightningbolt shot out. It violently smashed into the chest of the Earth Demon Puppet. The powerful strength sent it flying like a cannon ball before smashing heavily into a wall. Cracks swiftly spread on the rock wall behind the puppet before they finally cracked apart with a 'bang.'

"There is indeed something strange…" Xiao Yan coldly laughed when he saw this. If he had been the one who had received that attack, he would have been seriously injured due to his lack of defense. Fortunately, the Earth Demon Puppet had a strong physical body, and was able to receive the attack in a relaxed manner.

The silver scroll slowly floated in the air after having unleashed its lightning. However, there was still a lightning glow flickering on it.

Xiao Yan's eyes drifted over it as he beckoned with his hand. The scroll slowly descended. When it was falling, the Dou Qi in Xiao Yan's body surged and the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame transformed into a flame that wrapped around his body.

The scroll did not display any unusual signs in the face of the fully armed Xiao Yan this time around. It quietly lay in his hand. Lightning flickered. It appeared like silver snakes swimming around, giving the scroll an extraordinary appearance.

Xiao Yan sighed in relief after seeing no unusual changes in the scroll. His gaze landed on the scroll, and a couple of large words that were formed by the lightning glow appeared in his sight.

Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body. The most prized treasure of the Wind Lightning Pavilion. It was rumored to be a Dou Technique passed down from the ancient times, Di Class High Level. Once this skill is mastered, it is possible to form a lightning illusionary body. The lightning illusionary body has a similar strength to the actual body. As long as the actual body does not die, the illusionary body will not be destroyed. This god-like effect could be described in four words—comparable to Tian Class!

Just a short line of words caused a great storm to immediately stir within Xiao Yan's heart. An avatar with a strength similar to the actual body? Moreover, the avatar would not be destroyed as long as the actual body did not die? If this was really the case, was this so-called Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body not a little too terrifying. The description of it being comparable to Tian class was not an overstatement!

"It is unexpected that the Wind Lightning Pavilion actually possesses such a treasure. No wonder it is so strong. As long as one successfully practices it, a Dou Zun would be equivalent to two Dou Zun. When fighting with others, it would be two against one. What kind of person within the same level could defeat two equivalent enemies?" Xiao Yan's eyes became boiling hot as his gaze swiftly shifted a little.

Behind this line of lightning glow words were some dimmer words. Clearly, this had been added by other people.

"The Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body might be frightening, but it is unusually difficult to practice. One of the requirements is that one must master the Three Thousand Lightning Movement until the highest level. During these many years, there have only been a few people throughout the Wind Lightning Pavilion who have successfully mastered it. The old me has studied it for dozens of years, but has obtained little from it. It seems that it will be hopeless in my lifetime… "

"Three Thousand Lightning Movement?" Xiao Yan involuntarily inhaled a cool breath when he read until this point. He finally understood the reason Chen Yun was so deeply affected when he saw Xiao Yan display Three Thousand Lightning Movement. This thing was actually related to the most prized treasure of the Wind Lightning Pavilion.

"Hee hee, I must thank that old fellow. Otherwise, I would not be aware of such a secretive thing. Now that the Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body has landed in my hands, I will see just how difficult it is to practice it!"

Xiao Yan laughed quietly before shutting his eyes. His Spiritual Strength invaded the silver-colored scroll that was emitting a lightning glow.

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