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Chapter 962

Chapter 962: Lightning God Descent

Hong Chen’s entire body was covered in a layer of lightning web. Silver snakes shot in all directions. Perhaps it was because of the Secret Technique, but his body had also become much stronger. Looking from a distance, he appeared like a silver-colored metal pagoda that was filled with a threatening aura.

His aura soared. After continuing for a moment, it finally came to a slow stop. Hong Chen’s gaze stared intently at Xiao Yan as he let out a cold laugh. His hand was clenched and a dark-black metal hammer appeared. A lightning glow lingered over the metal hammer.

This metal hammer was a treasure of the Wind Lightning Pavilion. It was named the Mighty Lightning Hammer. Its body had been created using lightning stones. If a person who practiced a lightning Qi Method used it, that person’s Dou Qi would experience a strengthening effect. Adding that the lightning stone were naturally heavy, it was filled with strength when one swung it. An ordinary expert would not dare to receive it head-on.

A stern expression flashed through Hong Chen’s eyes as he held the Mighty Lightning Hammer. He randomly swung it a couple of times and it was accompanied by an ear-piercing sonic boom. The sonic boom was transmitted to the ground and a couple of holes formed in the hard arena.


Hong Chen sensed the strength surging within his body before staring at Xiao Yan with dense, cold eyes. He eventually cried out in a cold voice.

Xiao Yan frowned slightly upon looking at the completely armed Hong Chen. After using a Secret Technique, his strength had almost reached that of a nine star Dou Huang. Looking at this, the effects of this Secret Technique were indeed quite good. Moreover, from their earlier collision, Xiao Yan was able to sense that the Qi Method Hong Chen practiced was definitely a Di class Qi Method. Otherwise, he would not have just taken over a dozen steps back after receiving his ‘Octane Blast’ head-on.

This person possessed a top quality Qi Method, Dou Technique and weapon. His fighting strength was naturally shocking. Given this person’s strength it should not be difficult for him to challenge someone above his level. Forget about someone from the same level, it was likely that he could even fight with an expert at the peak of the Dou Huang class. No wonder he dared to be this arrogant.

If it was someone else from the same generation who met Hong Chen today, it was likely that this person would have difficulty fighting with Hong Chen unless that person possessed some special trump card. Unfortunately, Xiao Yan was not included in these people from the same generation…

Challenging someone above one’s level might be difficult matter to some people. However, it was an extremely common thing for Xiao Yan, who had once turned that Old Ground Demon Ghost, possessing an unfathomable strength, into a crippled state. Hong Chen might be able to fight across levels, but he was not able to fight across classes!

Fighting across levels and fighting across classes might only possess a one word difference, but they were two completely different concepts. They were also completely two different realms of strength.

The gazes all over the place gathered on this battle that was gradually entering its main event. The sudden increase in Han Chen’s strength caused quite a number of people to quietly click their tongues. This Wind Lightning Pavilion was indeed worthy of being a faction that could be ranked in the Central Plains. A Secret Technique was actually able to allow one to raise one’s strength this greatly.

While they quietly praised, some gazes were also turned to Xiao Yan. After that scene earlier, there was no longer anyone who dared to underestimate this unfamiliar, young man. By being able to force Han Chen until the po

int where he had to use a Secret Technique, this fellow was clearly not an ordinary person. It seemed that the victor of this fight between the Hong clan and the Han clan today was really one that was difficult to predict…

“Just what is the background of this little fellow? By being able to reach such a level at such a young age, he should not be some unknown person. Why is it that the name Xiao Yan had never been heard within the northern region of the Central Plains nor within the entire Central Plains?” Hong Li looked at Hong Chen who had used the Lightning God Descend from the seats of the Hong clan and involuntarily spoke with a slight frown.

The gray-clothed old man by the side shook his head slightly. He similarly felt that the name Xiao Yan was extremely unfamiliar.

“The Central Plains is incomparably vast with many hidden experts. It is normal not knowing them. There is no need to worry. Since Hong Chen had used the Lightning God Descend, the victor is more or less decided. After all, with his current condition, his lightning affinity Qi Method and the Mighty Lightning Hammer, even an expert at the peak of the Dou Huang class would find it difficult to defeat him…” The gray-clothed, old man mused before speaking his thoughts in a faint manner.

Hong Li nodded upon hearing this. This little fellow was indeed amazing for being able to force Hong Chen to use the Secret Technique. However, that was all…


Xiao Yan smiled in front of the countless number of gazes. He slowly clenched his hand and an enormous Heavy Xuan Ruler appeared. The heavy ruler was inserted into the ground and its wide body appeared just like a dark-black shield. Its heavy feeling was something that even Hong Chen’s Mighty Lightning Hammer could not compare with.

Surprise flashed across Hong Chen’s eyes when he saw Xiao Yan draw a heavy ruler as a weapon. The cold smile on the corner of his mouth grew even denser. After having displayed the Lightning God Descend, his strength had been strengthened quite greatly. If his opponent was the agile type, he would still be faced with some trouble. However, if his opponent also used a heavy type weapon, that person would not possess the ability to retaliate in the face of the dancing Mighty Lightning Hammer!

“Brat, I shall let you see the Wind Lightning Pavilion Wind Lightning Hammer Skill. You should take a detour when you see the members of the Wind Lightning Pavilion in the future!”

Hong Chen parted his mouth while facing Xiao Yan, revealing his dense teeth. His feet abruptly stomped on the ground and the sound of a thunderous roar rang out. Immediately, his body shook.

Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed slightly the moment that Hong Chen’s body moved. He was only too familiar with this scene…

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth was lifted into an arc. His hand grabbed the heavy ruler tightly and violently swung it to his back without turning his head around.

The heavy ruler carried a powerful pressurizing wind while the sound of a sonic boom repeatedly resounded around the ruler. When the ruler had just reached Xiao Yan’s back, an enormous, dark-black hammer suddenly appeared before being blocked by the ruler.


The heavy ruler collided with the enormous hammer and a metallic sound resounded over the entire arena. Both Xiao Yan and Hong Chen swiftly pulled away and formed a safe distance between them in a lightning-like manner.

“Good brat, you are actually able to see through the afterimages of my Three Thousand Lightning Movement…” Hong Chen stabilized his body and glanced at the disappearing afterimage in the distance. His heart was involuntarily a little surprised. When Xiao Yan waved his heavy ruler earlier, it seemed that Xiao Yan had a great understanding of Hong Chen’s position. The ruler did not hesitate when it was swung, forcing Hong Chen to reveal himself.

“Looks like I need to finish this fellow off quickly. There is a time limit to the Lightning God Descend. At that time, my body will enter a weary period…” A thought flashed across Hong Chen’s heart while some killing intent flashed across his eyes. His body moved and a thunderous sound once again appeared. His body transformed into a lightning bolt that crossed the dozens of meters distance in a lightning-like manner. With a leap, his body appeared above Xiao Yan’s head.

“Thousand Shattering Lightning Hammer!”

Chi! Chi!

A glaring lightning glow repeatedly erupted from the Mighty Lightning Hammer. Looking from a distance, that Hong Chen appeared to have lifted an enormous lightning high in the sky. Its aura was shocking.

The enormous lightning paused for an instant before it was like a thunderbolt that descended from the clouds, violently striking toward Xiao Yan’s head. That instantaneous powerful glow had basically overshadowed the sun in the sky.

“Six Joint Body Flowing Ruler!”

Xiao Yan’s eyes solidified slightly as he sensed the frightening lightning that shot down explosively from all directions. The heavy ruler in his hand danced in a lightning-like manner as numerous ruler’s images followed a profound path and swiftly transformed into ruler shadows, which wind could not even penetrate. Some jade-green flames quietly rose in the defense of the ruler’s shadow.


The ruler’s shadow defense had just been formed when the enormous lightning hammer came smashing down. After which, it violently crushed the ruler’s shadow. Immediately, countless number of ruler’s shadow scattered. However, the ruler’s shadow had just disappeared when a densely packed unending amount of ruler’s shadows swiftly replaced them. Following the repeated appearance of this ruler’s shadow, the enormous lightning hammer also became a little illusionary. The great amount of lightning strength on it was swiftly being dispelled.

“Thousand Shattering Lightning Hammer, shatter!”

Hong Chen’s expression sank a little as he sensed the great defensive strength of Xiao Yan’s ruler’s shadows. He immediately let out a furious cry and the lightning hammer in his hand shot out. His body swiftly pulled back.


The lightning hammer exploded almost instantaneously the moment it left Hong Chen’s hand. Innumerable amounts of lightning strength smashed into the ruler’s shadow defense from all directions. The ruler’s shadow defense swiftly became thinner under this extremely closely packed attack. It was no longer able to replenish itself in time.

“Ha ha, I will see just how you will dispel the special Wind Lightning Strength of my Wind Lightning Pavilion!”

Hong Chen’s body turned around and landed on the ground. After which, he looked at Xiao Yan, who was surrounded by the silver-colored Wind Lightning Strength, before laughing out loud.

“Humph, just what is there to be arrogant about, a mere Wind Lightning Strength?”

A cold laugh was transmitted from the lightning web just after Hong Chen’s laughter sounded. Immediately, a jade-green flame erupted in a sudden manner. Under this flame, that Wind Lightning Strength seemed to have met its nemesis as it was swiftly vaporized by the high temperature into nothingness. After an instant, the lightning web that contained a wild and violent strength completely scattered in front of many stunned gazes…

“This is… a ‘Heavenly Flame’?”

While the flame was surging, the gray-clothed, old man on the Hong clan’s seat suddenly opened his eyes and exclaimed.

A human figure which was completely wrapped in a jade-green flame slowly walked forward in the arena below in front of a countless number of gazes. One could even vaguely see that skinny figure within it.

“Are these your tactics? I really overestimated you.” The flame churned repeatedly on Xiao Yan’s body as a faint voice was slowly emitted.

Hong Chen’s expression immediately turned ugly upon hearing this. He tightened his grip on the Mighty Lightning Hammer in his hand. Finally, he understood just how troublesome his opponent was this time around. He could not even imagine that he had failed to defeat his opponent after displaying the Lightning God Descend…

“If you only have these tactics, it will be my turn next…”

A cold smile was lifted on the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth as he stood within the flame. His seal suddenly changed as a low cry resounded in his heart.

“Skyfire Three Mysterious Change: Glazed Change!”

When that cry sounded, the flame that covered the surface of Xiao Yan’s body immediately began to writhe intensely. Finally, it completely shrank into his body. At the same time, his aura also began to swiftly rise like Hong Chen’s from earlier. Within a short instance, it surpass his aura. A stunned expression swiftly climbed onto the faces of everyone present almost instantaneously…

A startled look flashed across the eyes of that gray-clothed, old man in the seats of the Hong clan. He muttered, “Just where did this little fellow come from. He actually hides so deep. This time around, it is likely that things will be a little disadvantageous for Hong Chen…”

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