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Chapter 935: Pill Lightning

This strange phenomenon that had suddenly appeared in the sky also alarmed Su Qian and the others. Immediately, a round of rushing sounds reverberated across the sky. Numerous figures flashed and appeared before floating in the air. Their faces were solemn as they looked at the dark clouds that permeated the sky.

“Pill Lightning…”

Su Qian remained suspended in the sky. His expression was solemn as he looked at the silver-snake-like lightning that was roaming within the dark clouds before slowly speaking in a deep voice.

The Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan stood in the empty sky beside Su Qian. Even their hearts felt some fear in the face of this natural pressure.

“All Elders, listen up. Begin to place a formation in the Inner Academy. Act immediately should any Pill Lightning fall into the Inner Academy!” The thick dark clouds in the sky seemed to have covered half of the Inner Academy. Seeing this, Su Qian finally cried out loud with a serious face.

“Yes sir!”

None of the many Inner Academy Elders dared to slight the order given by Su Qian. They immediately replied in union before rushing down and scattering themselves to all the corners of the Inner Academy. Powerful Dou Qi surged out of their bodies and immediately began to act in concert with one another.

“All students of the Inner Academy are to return to their dormitories immediately. Do not loiter around this place!” Su Qian was still somewhat worried after seeing the many Elders obeying his orders. He ended up turning his head and shouting at the Inner Academy.

Seeing the solemn old face of Su Qian, the students could only obediently head back to their dormitories despite quite a number of them feeling curious about the unusual change in the sky. After which, they stood at the entrance of their dormitories and carefully watched the sky.

“When some overly high tier medicinal pills are born, the powerful strength sparks a fluctuation in nature and the Pill Lightning eventually appears. The old me has seen Pill Lightning twice in my life. Once when I was training in the Central Plains when I was young, I saw a tier 7 alchemist refining a medicinal pill. Finally, the sky was full of faint lightning when the pill was formed. The second time is now… moreover, the Pill Lightning that Xiao Yan has initiated is even stronger than the tier 7 alchemist back then.” Su Qian finally sighed a little after giving the orders. He raised his head, and looked at the layers of dark clouds that repeatedly emitting thunderous noises before slowly speaking.

“First Elder, in your opinion… can Xiao Yan receive this Pill Lightning?” The Little Fairy Doctor’s pretty eyes glanced at the black-robed, young man standing with his hands behind his back on the rock platform before she involuntarily asked in a somewhat concerned manner.

Su Qian also hesitated a little when he heard this. Immediately, he smiled bitterly and shook his head. He said, “I am also not certain about this. After all, the number of Pill Lightnings that I have witnessed is limited. However, during the Pill Lightning I saw back then, the alchemist had invited three experts with the strength of three star Dou Zong in order to block it. The Pill Lightning of Xiao Yan this time around is clearly even stronger. With his strength alone, perhaps… there will be some difficulty.”

The Little Fairy Doctor tightened her hand slightly as she quietly nodded. The majestic Dou Qi within her body began to quietly flow. She had already made up her mind to immediately intervene should Xiao Yan show any signs of being unable to endure!

“Ugh, watch him closely. The both of us will intervene if something goes wrong. Although I don’t know if I can block the Pill Lightning, I will, at the very least, be able to share a significant amount of Xiao Yan’s burden…” Su Qian also sighed and spoke.

The Little Fairy Doctor lowered her snow-white chin and said, “We’ll trouble First Elder…”

While the two of them were conversing, the dark clouds in the sky had become much thicker. From a distance, they appeared to be about to touch the ground, causing one to feel an extremely great pressure.

From the view of the people within the Inner Academy below, the top of Xiao Yan’s head was currently filled with layers of dark clouds. Silver-colored lightning flowed all over the interior of the clouds. They would occasionally collide together and the loud sound of thunder would erupt. That heavenly might caused one’s heart to panic.

Hence, all the students and even some Elders admired Xiao Yan for being able to remain impassive as he stood on the rock platform in the face of this situation.

Chi La!

An arm thick silver glow rushed down from a dark cloud in the sky. The light was so glaring that it caused the dark sky to light up.

Xiao Yan on the rock platform lifted his head and watched the thick, dark clouds within close proximity. The churning lightning within appeared to be blasting his ears, causing a ringing sensation to be transmitted from his eardrums.

“Is this the Pill Lightning?”

Xiao Yan stared intently at the silver-snake-like lightning flowing within the dark clouds. He sensed the enormous energy contained within it. Surprise and some heat flashed across his eyes…

The greatest hope of a countless number of alchemists was to be able to refine a high tier medicinal pill that could summon Pill Lightning. From the way they saw it, this was a kind of great honor. It was the same for Xiao Yan. He clearly recalled that even when Yao Lao acted to refine the Ground Spirit Pill back then, he did not stir such a terrifying scene. It was likely that Yao Lao would feel gratified if he were aware of this scene today…

“Teacher… you mentioned back then that if this disciple were able to refine a medicinal pill that could summon the Pill Lightning, this disciple would have already reached the qualification to graduate. Unfortunately, you are unable to personally witness this scene…”

Silver-colored lightning repeatedly flashed in Xiao Yan’s dark-black eyes. His hand gently rubbed the fire seal on his forehead as he softly muttered.


The silver-colored lightning began to intersect with each other, becoming more intense. In the end, the atmosphere of the entire sky had become extremely pressurizing. Around ten plus seconds later, the dark cloud suddenly split into a crack line. Immediately, a half-foot-wide silver lightning carried a loud sound, that reverberated over the sky, as it shot out from the dark clouds like an enormous silver-colored python. Its target was surprisingly the…purple-red medicinal pill in front of Xiao Yan on the rock platform!

A solemness also flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes when he saw the silver lightning suddenly make its move. He clenched his hand and an enormous Heavy Xuan Ruler appeared.

“Six Joint Body Flowing Ruler!”

A low cry sounded and the ruler figures suddenly appeared in a closely packed manner. Within two to three breaths, they transformed into a layer of ruler figures so dense that wind could not pass through. They also wrapped around Xiao Yan’s body.


The silver lightning arrived suddenly. Although it was weakened a little by the spatial mark surrounding the rock platform, it still carried a natural might that violently smashed against the ruler’s figure. A loud sound immediately resounded over the sky.

Countless numbers of tiny lightning bolts were directed away by the ruler figures when the fierce lightning arrived. They were like extremely dense tiny silver snakes that were thrown all over the rock platform.

“Raging Flame!”

The ruler figure piled layer after layer, appearing endless as it received the silver lightning. A moment later, a low cry sounded and a couple of large ruler glows suddenly crossed each other before immediately shooting out and colliding violently with the silver lightning, breaking apart the latter.

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air after having broken a fierce bolt of lightning with one strike. He clenched his somewhat numb hand before heavily inserting the Heavy Xuan Ruler into the ground. He raised his head and cried out, “Continue!”

Due to Xiao Yan’s provocation, the black cloud mass began to churn more violently. A moment later, a ‘chi la’ sound once again rang out. A silver-colored lightning that was at least double the size of the one earlier once again shot out from within the black cloud.

“Ha ha!”

Xiao Yan’s heated eyes looked at the silver-colored lightning that transversed across the sky. He immediately laughed out loud as both his hands formed a seal in a lightning-like manner.

“Open Mountain Seal! Break it!”

An enormous energy handprint surfaced in front of Xiao Yan. In an instant, it whizzed out and finally met with the enormous lightning without shrinking back in front of a countless number of shocked gazes below.


The energy handprint collided with the enormous lightning with a bang. Enormous silver glows blasted apart like fireworks in the sky. The next instant, the energy hand seal swiftly turned pale. The silver lightning that had become much darker still continued to head for Xiao Yan in an extremely stubborn manner.

“It is indeed worthy of the strength of nature. However, I want to see just how many times you can resist!”

Surprise flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes when he saw that the silver lightning forcefully shatter the Open Mountain Seal. He immediately laughed and his hand seal was once again formed.

Another enormous energy hand seal appeared when the seals on his hands changed. It blatantly collided with the remnant lightning. Finally, both of them were annihilated amid a thunderous explosion.

A countless number of people in the Inner Academy were stunned when they saw Xiao Yan forcefully shatter two lightning bolts. There was also an excitement that they had difficulty suppressing along with their shock. Fighting the might of nature with one’s own strength. This feat caused all men to feel their blood boil, much less these students who were still in their youth.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The continuous shattering of two silver lightning by Xiao Yan seemed to have caused the dark clouds to become even more furious. Immediately, a countless number of silver glows flashed as numerous silver-python-like lightning strikes broke through the restraints of the dark clouds and violently smashed toward Xiao Yan on the rock platform one after another.

A wild heat flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes as he took in the densely packed silver lightning falling from the sky. His experience these years had created his cool character. However, it might have been because he would be leaving soon, but the current him appeared exceptionally arrogant. It must be said that only the current Xiao Yan had a demeanor that truly belonged to someone of his age group…

A young person must be bold and willing to fight. He dared to confront even nature itself!

A jade-green flame rose around Xiao Yan’s body as he raised his head and wildly laughed. His laughter was like thunder as it resounded unceasingly across the entire Inner Academy. He wildly flapped his sleeves as numerous ten-foot-large Dou Qi pillars shot from his body and met the silver lightning permeating the sky without fear…

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Loud, thunderous explosions repeatedly erupted across the sky. Each time they erupted, another ripple would appear in the sky.

The silver lightning in the sky came down from all directions. This doomsday-like manner caused the deep recesses of one’s spirit to emit fear.

After fighting head-on with the silver lightning for dozens of exchanges, Xiao Yan on the rock platform had begun to gradually reveal a pale expression on his face. A trace of blood even appeared on the corner of his mouth. Despite this, the wild heat within his eyes was not the least bit weakened…

Numerous numbing lightning strengths swiftly flowed within Xiao Yan’s body, causing him to feel a lack of strength. He had gradually fallen into a disadvantage during his resistance.

Xiao Yan’s retaliation slowly weakened. However, the Pill Lightning became even fiercer. That momentum was as though it would never give up if it did not shatter the medicinal pill.


A silver glow lit the entire place as a five-foot-wide silver-colored Pill Lightning once again shot down from the dark clouds!

Su Qian’s and the Little Fairy Doctor’s expressions changed a little as they sensed the strength of this silver lightning. Their bodies moved and were just about to launch a rescue when Xiao Yan’s loud laughter was once again transmitted from the rock platform.

“Earth Demon Puppet, appear!”

A silver-colored figure appeared out of nowhere in front of Xiao Yan as his loud laughter sounded. Its fist was immediately clenched and thrown out without any fancy skills!

The lightning shattered as the fist was thrown out!

Silence permeated the sky. Numerous stunned gazes solidified…

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