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Chapter 933-935

Chapter 933: The Mighty Pressure from the Bloodline

The most important part of refining a medicinal pill was to perfectly merge the various medicinal strengths within the many medicinal ingredients. This merger process needed to be maintained with precise control. That's why Spiritual Strength was the most important thing in determining the achievement of an alchemist.

This unexpected change that had occurred this time around seemed to have been beyond Xiao Yan's expectations. The reason was that every step he took earlier were completely done by following what was stated on the medicinal formula. There was not the slightest mistake. However, a problem still occurred. Clearly, there was something that had yet to be controlled by him while following these footsteps.

The earlier Xiao Yan was also similarly unaware of the step he had deviated from. However, he came to a sudden understanding the instant the flame surged in both his eyes. The problem did not originate from the medicinal powder nor medicinal liquid he had refined. Instead, it had come from the drop of green-red blood.

This drop of green-red blood was refined from the Demon Beast's dried corpse. The wild, violent energy contained within it had far exceeded the requirement it fulfilled for the refinement of the Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill. Just the strength of the Dragon Blood Ganoderma, Bone Spirit Fruit, and Mysterious Sky Green Vine had difficulty completing the neutralization. In other words, it meant that the blood's strength was too strong and the medicinal ingredients' strength was too weak. The two had difficulty reaching an equilibrium…

The tight frown on Xiao Yan's face did not relax after he understood the source of the problem. At this moment, if he failed to neutralize the blood strength, he would only be able to use another rank 7 Magical Beasts blood. However, Xiao Yan had not prepared any other essence blood other than the green-red blood… thus, he could only choose the former option.

Xiao Yan's mind also became focused as this thought flashed through his heart. He waved his hand and the many light clusters that were pausing in the air were absorbed by him into the medicinal cauldron. The jade-green flame swept over them and within a couple of minutes, those medicinal ingredients slowly merged into a pale-blue liquid under Xiao Yan's precise control.

Xiao Yan looked at the blue-colored liquid that contained a gentle strength. He directed it with his hand as it slowly descended. It landed on the green-red liquid, which surface was churning with increasing intensity.

After this drop of liquid, that contained numerous medicinal ingredient's essence strengths, fell into the green-red liquid, the gentle strength contained within it had an immediate effect. The surface of the liquid blood swiftly shrank into a long narrow thorn that slowly disappeared back into the liquid.

Xiao Yan sighed in relief when he saw this scene. However, the breath had just exited his throat when he suddenly stiffened. He had clearly sensed a pressurizing feeling slowly spread from the green-red blood…

The appearance of this pressurizing feeling caused the Dou Qi within Xiao Yan's body to be sluggish. The green-red liquid, that had just calmed down, appeared to be boiling as it wildly surged. A wild and violent strength that caused one's expression to change swiftly rose within it.

The sudden unexpected change that had occurred also caused the expressions of everyone present to change. This pressure that had spread out from the blood caused even Su Qian's group to feel an instantaneous shock.

"What happened?"

"There's a problem with the green-red blood that Xiao Yan had taken out… just what kind of Magical Beast did this essence blood come from? Even some ordinary rank 7 Magical Beasts would not be able to unleash such

a powerful pressure."

The many Elders in the sky revealed shocked faces as they looked to the rock platform. After which, all of them began to engage in private whispers.

Su Qian and the Little Fairy Doctor exchanged looks. A solemn expression flashed across their eyes. Looking at this pressure, it seemed that the owner of this essence blood definitely possessed an extremely terrifying strength when it was still alive. It might even be a rank 8 peerless beast. Just where did Xiao Yan get his hands on such a high ranked Magical Beast's blood?

While everyone was stunned, no one realized that Zi Yan's gem-like eyes, who was standing beside the Little Fairy Doctor, had started to release a strange purple glow when the pressure had appeared.

At this moment, Xiao Yan's gaze was firmly locked on green-red blood. The biggest problem had indeed originated from this…

"According to what Mo Tian Xing had mentioned back then, the strength of this Magical Beast when it was alive should be around the peak of rank 7 and was about to breakthrough to rank 8. Even a Magical Beast of this rank would have difficulty emitting such a powerful pressure from just a drop of essence blood. It seemed like… this Magical Beast's background is really somewhat extraordinary."

A glow flashed across Xiao Yan's eyes. The pressure that was emitted from the green-red blood repeatedly destroyed the equilibrium of the many medicinal ingredients. It seemed that there was a remnant arrogant instinct present within the blood, an instinct that originated from its bloodline. This arrogant instinct did not allow it to be refined into a medicinal pill that a person could absorb!

"Regardless of how strong you were when you were alive, you are merely just a drop of blood now. I don't believe that I cannot subdue you!"

A thread of anger had risen within Xiao Yan's heart because of the resistance being emitted by the blood. He let out a cold snort and flicked his finger. A Dragon Blood Ganoderma once again appeared in his hand. A flame swiftly churned and rose on his hand and swallowed the Dragon Blood Ganoderma. After which, an unceasing number of medicinal ingredients also flew out from his storage ring and were thrown into the flame.

The resistance of this drop of blood had far exceeded Xiao Yan's expectations. However, from this, he could tell just how vast and mighty the energy contained within it was. If he could successfully refine the Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill this time around, it was likely that the pill would be of a very high quality.

This Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill was something that Xiao Yan was refining for Medusa. If the interior of her body was really as they thought, he might be refining it for his son or daughter. Xiao Yan always sought the best in everything he did. Since he wanted to refine the pill, he would naturally refine the best one!

While the thoughts in Xiao Yan's heart churned, a drop of a blood-red-colored liquid surfaced within the flame on Xiao Yan's palm.

"I don't believe that I cannot subdue you!"

Xiao Yan clenched his teeth as he looked at the blood-red liquid. He flicked his finger and the liquid transformed into a red figure that was thrown into the green-red blood.

The wild, violent strength of the green-red blood weakened the moment the blood-red-colored medicinal liquid was thrown in. However, the pressure began to rise again immediately. Moreover, it seemed that the pressure, seeping out of the blood, was becoming stronger and stronger because of Xiao Yan's repeated offenses. In the end, Xiao Yan's sight had become somewhat dim. He could vaguely see an extremely savage, enormous beast head pouncing out of the medicinal cauldron as it violently came toward him.

The illusionary beast head did not appear, but Xiao Yan's throat still emitted a low muffled groan. He was somewhat shocked to realize that his Spiritual Strength had suddenly shown signs of weakening…

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air. The shock within his eyes had become denser. He also rejoiced a little amid this shock. It was fortunate that he did not recklessly swallow this blood. Otherwise, would his body not end up being turned into chaos by this thing?

The refinement of the medicinal pill had also been interrupted by this damn blood. If he were unable to expel the pressure from within it, he would never be able to successfully refine this medicinal pill.

Everyone looking at the solemn expression on Xiao Yan's face on the rock platform knew that an extremely great trouble seemed to have appeared.

"I wonder where big brother Xiao got his hands on this Magical Beast essence blood. It actually contains such a pressure. According to what I know, every single tribe member in some of those powerful Magical Beast Tribes in the Central Plains possesses a spiritual tablet. There is a thread of remnant spirit within the spiritual tablet. As long as this thread of remnant spirit is not scattered, the blood within its body will not be obtained by anyone else… it is quite similar to this scene. However, this is the 'Black-Corner Region.' How could a Magical Beast possessing a Spiritual Tablet appear here?" Xin Lan's eyebrows were vertical. She stood on the pavilion and muttered somewhat doubtfully in her heart.

Xiao Yan was naturally unaware whether or not this damn Magical Beast was some member of a powerful tribe in the Central Plains. The current him had already been placed in a terrible fix by the green-red blood.

A purple glow once again flashed across the pupils of Zi Yan in the distance while Xiao Yan was feeling a headache. Her body immediately moved and rushed toward the rock platform. Her lovely body penetrated through the spatial lock and appeared above the rock platform.

"Girl, now, I don't have time to help you refine Danwan to eat…" Xiao Yan waved his hand and helplessly spoke when he saw Zi Yan barge in.

"You will never be able to expel that pressure by using medicinal things because this kind of pressure originates from the bloodline. Although I am not certain just what kind of Magical Beast this fellow is, its background is definitely extraordinary. It might even be some ancient beast's descendant." Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Xiao Yan and crisply replied.

Xiao Yan was also startled when he heard this. He bitterly laughed. Currently, he really did not wish to think about whether or not the owner of this blood was a unique beast of ancient times. He only knew that if he did not remove the thread of pressure within the blood, the medicinal ingredients that he had found with much difficulty would be wasted for naught.

"Use my blood…" Zi Yan's eyes stared intently at the drop of green-red blood within the medicinal cauldron. The purple glow in her eyes also became more and more dense. She immediately bit the tip of her tongue without waiting for Xiao Yan's reply. A drop of blood that contained a thread of purpleness slowly drifted out and landed in front of Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan was stunned as he studied this drop of blood, that contained a purple luster. He asked, "Your blood can expel the pressure within the blood?"

"Although I am not aware just what kind of Magical Beast it is, my instincts tells me that my blood is even stronger than it!"Zi Yan proudly lifted her chin and snorted.

Xiao Yan doubtfully looked at this proud little fellow. He mused for a moment before sighing out loud. With the current situation, he could only try everything even if it was impossible. If this failed, he would have to push this pill refinement back.

Xiao Yan beckoned with his finger as this thought flashed across his heart. This drop of blood in front of him that contained a purpleness flew into the medicinal cauldron. After which, it landed in the green-red blood and began to swiftly merge with it at a pace visible to the naked eye…

With the entrance of this drop of blood, an instantaneous silence seemed to have appeared. Xiao Yan was stunned to discover that the powerful pressure that had been spreading out from the green-red blood swiftly scattered like snow meeting some boiling water…

Xiao Yan was stunned as he looked at the change within the medicinal cauldron. Due to his Spiritual Strength covering the entire interior, Xiao Yan could clearly sense that there was the faint feeling of being terrified like having met one's nemesis…

Within a couple of breaths, that pressure that had given Xiao Yan an incomparable headache had completely disappeared. This kind of transformation caused him to duly look at Zi Yan, whose small face was filled with a proud expression. His heart was filled with uncertainty and curiosity. Just what exactly was this girl's actual form?

Chapter 934: Pill Formed

With the expulsion of the pressure within the blood liquid, the medicinal strength of the Dragon Blood Ganoderma and the other medicinal ingredients was finally released. After which, they steadily interacted with the majestic force within the blood and began a slow merger. A powerful strength repeatedly flowed within…

By borrowing Zi Yan's strength, Xiao Yan barely passed this roadblock. Although it was filled with danger, Xiao Yan was not completely without gain. Currently, the strength contained within this cluster of medicinal liquid was quite strong. After all, not only did it contain a drop of Magical Beast blood within it, but it also possessed a drop of essence blood from Zi Yan. Although Xiao Yan did not know exactly what kind of Magical Beast Zi Yan was, she was definitely an extraordinary from the way it was able to suppress the powerful pressure. If this pill refinement succeeded, it was likely that this Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill would be the highest grade Secret Technique that the Snake-People Race had ever used…

After helping Xiao Yan settle the pressure issue, Zi Yan did not remain and disturb him. She glanced at the churning medicinal liquid in the medicinal cauldron with envy before smacking her mouth. Her body moved and she rushed out of the area where the rock platform was located.

Su Qian and the others only sighed in relief when they saw Zi Yan coming out. They were naturally able to tell that this little girl had lent a big helping hand to Xiao Yan earlier.

"Currently, the problem has been resolved. It is likely that the subsequent refining is only a problem of time, right? Ke ke, if this little fellow is able to refine a tier 7 medicinal pill on the first attempt, he will really be somewhat incredible. According to what I know, there is a great chance of failure even when some tier 7 alchemists refine a tier 7 medicinal pill." Su Qian laughed while fondling his beard. He looked at Xiao Yan on the rock platform, whose expression had once again become solemn.

The many Elders around, who shared the same thoughts, also smiled and nodded when they heard Su Qian's words. A tier 7 medicinal pill belonged to the legendary level to them. Forget about consuming one. The number of times that they had seen such a pill with their own eyes in their lifetime could be counted with one's fingers. After all, it had been many years since an alchemist who had the ability to refine a tier 7 medicinal pill had appeared within the 'Black-Corner Region.' Even Han Feng back then had never successfully refined a tier 7 medicinal pill…

While everyone was heaving a sigh of relief, Xiao Yan's mind was once again focused on the interior of the medicinal cauldron. His Spiritual Strength was poured into it, processing information about the flame temperature and the various reactions of the different medicinal liquids during the merger.

The jade-green flame wrapped around a half-fist-sized cluster of medicinal liquid within the cauldron. This cluster of liquid was somewhat colorful. On a whole, most of it was a bright-red color. However, that bright-red color contained quite a number of energies that possessed various colors that were slowly being merged…

Xiao Yan sighed in relief as his Spiritual Strength sensed the calmness in the cluster of liquid. After the earlier unexpected change, the situation now had become much more stable. From the looks of it, he would be able to agglomerate it into a medicinal pill embryo after all the medicinal strength within it had completely merged.

Of course, this was a slow process. Xiao Yan expected that the time needed for this merger would be at least five days…

Xiao Yan inhaled a slow breath in his heart. His eyes were slowly shut as he split some attention to circulate the Flame Mantra and absorb the surrounding natural energy. His Spiritual Strength continued to linger within the medicinal cauldron, controlling the flame temperature as well as the merger between the various medicinal strengths…

All that he needed to do, at this moment, was quietly wait.

The wait took a total of six days.

During these six days, the human crowd that had gathered within the Inner Academy had gradually scattered. However, everyone's gaze would involuntarily be thrown to the rock platform everyday when they woke up. They would look at the unmoving rock-like figure and would feel some respect.

Almost everyone had gotten used to the scene on the rock platform during the six days. They were uncertain just how long Xiao Yan needed for this kind of pill refinement. However, they would involuntarily click their tongue after personally witnessing this pill refinement. No wonder a tier 7 medicinal pill was so precious. It was unexpected that the refinement alone was so troublesome and complicated. A lot of time and effort would have to be spent. The alchemist would even have to gamble his own life…

Su Qian, the Little Fairy Doctor, and the others would habitually and frequently wait for a period of time in the sky during these six days. Only after seeing that Xiao Yan did not show any activity did they slowly left.

Xiao Yan's aura during these couple of days had also gradually become one that was vaguely present. Even his breathing had become extremely faint. He appeared just like an old monk who was about to die in a sitting posture. His aura was fleeting and difficult to pinpoint. If not for Su Qian's extraordinary experience, which allowed him determine that Xiao Yan was in a mysterious and profound condition, it was likely that he would have been worried that some trouble had occurred during the pill refinement…

Although Xiao Yan had fallen into a silence like a meditating old monk, the interior of the medicinal cauldron seemed to be like a ground flame, that had been started by lightning from the sky, as it emitted repeated banging sounds. An extremely frightening Spiritual Strength whistled and lingered within. Under this Spiritual Strength, even the Glazed Lotus Core Flame could only obediently allow itself to be ordered around…

If some high tier alchemist were to be present at this moment to witness the appearance of Xiao Yan, it was likely that they would be extremely stunned. This was because the condition that Xiao Yan was currently in was called the 'Pill Spirit Realm' in the alchemist world. Within this kind of mysterious condition, one's Spiritual Strength would be magnified without limit. In front of this short-lived but extremely frightening Spiritual Strength, the pill refinement would not possess even the slightest chance of failure. In other words, as long as one entered this condition, this pill refinement would definitely succeed!

Unfortunately, this kind of condition was something that one could only encounter by chance and not something that one could obtain by wishing for it. Encountering it entirely depended on one's luck. Clearly, Xiao Yan had been blessed by the Heavens this time around…

Six days slowly passed. When the seventh morning arrived, a thread of sunlight broke over the land. It shot over from the sea of trees in the distance before shining on the rock platform, wrapping around the black-robed, young man.

Under this warm sunlight, Xiao Yan, who had shut his eyes tightly for six days, trembled a little before slowly opening them.

His dark-black eyes reflected the shining sunlight that caused people to feel dizzy. His eyes contained a powerful strength along with a layer of fog. It seemed that he had advanced by a level. Moreover, a quiet aura slowly spread from Xiao Yan's body like an awakened lion. This aura was actually much purer compared to six days ago. If Xiao Yan was at the initial stage of a six star Dou Haung in the past, the current him was standing at the peak of a six star Dou Huang. Breaking through to the seventh star was within reach…

This pill refinement was really beneficial to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan was also slightly startled when he sensed the aura that spread out of his body. A deep thought flashed across his eyes. Clearly, he did not expect himself to undergo such a great change. During these couple of days, he had indeed been in a kind of mysterious and profound condition. In that condition, his Spiritual Strength seemed to have undergone the greatest transformation. The extremely complex medicinal strength merger within the medicinal cauldron was not only agglomerated by him, but there had not been the least bit of unnecessary exhaustion in the process.

Based on common sense, the chances of successfully refining the Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill this time around would not have been very high because the pill contained the additional medicinal strength of a Dragon Blood Ganoderma and also a drop of Zi Yan's essence blood. Thus, it no longer completely adhered to the method in the medicinal formula. It should be known that even if an inconspicuous medicinal ingredient from the medicinal formula was missing, there was a chance of it causing the pill refinement to fail. After all, each medicinal formula was successful after a countless number of attempts by the predecessors. One could just imagine the difficulty the later generation would face by attempting to change it out of the blue…

If Xiao Yan had not luckily enter that kind of mysterious and profound condition where his Spiritual Strength had been limitlessly magnified, it was likely that even if Xiao Yan could not have forcefully formed a medicinal pill embryo, he would definitely have failed at the last step. It must be said that he was extremely lucky to be able to succeed by such an unbelievable opportunity…

Xiao Yan's gaze slowly slide toward the medicinal cauldron. He looked at the purple-red-colored embryonic medicinal pill that was wrapped within the flame. A smile of having been relieved of a great burden also surfaced on Xiao Yan's face.

The embryonic medicinal pill was around the size of a dragon's eye. Its entire body was purple-red in color. Its surface was filled with potholes, giving it an ugly appearance. However, Xiao Yan could sense the majestic medicinal strength within it. This kind of strength had the mysterious effect of improving a person's training talent.

It was commonly known that one's training talent came during one's birth. It was extremely difficult to raise it. However, this so-called Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill was able to improve it. Just this point made it worthy of its tier 7 name…

The embryonic medicinal pill had already been formed. Next was the final pill brewing step. This step was completely without any risk after Xiao Yan had entered that kind of 'Pill Spirit Realm' condition because all of the medicinal strength had already been perfectly merged when the embryonic pill was formed. In other words, even if Xiao Yan did not perform this last step, this embryonic medicinal pill's effect would not be any different…

Of course, being an alchemist, Xiao Yan would naturally pursue perfection. Hence, he did not skip the final step. He maneuvered his strength and repeatedly suppressed the medicinal pill. The jade-green flame that lingered around it slowly weakened. It emitted a faint warmth that slowly seeped into the embryonic medicinal pill. The pungent fragrance that was emitted by the medicinal pill was sufficient to cause one's heart to be stirred…

The final pill brewing step did not last for too long. Around ten hours later, the embryonic medicinal pill that was filled with potholes had transformed into a thumb-sized pill. The ugly potholes on the surface had quietly disappeared. A red and a purple color covered the outer shell of the sleek, round medicinal pill, causing one to be fond of it. At this moment, even the most ignorant farmer knew that this medicinal pill was extraordinary.

The purple and red colors were just like a Yin Yang fish as they outlined the surface of the medicinal pill. At a glance, it seemed to possess some intelligence and was extremely mysterious. The faint clear fragrance around the medicinal pill braced one's attention each time one sniffed it.

The moment the medicinal pill was about to be formed, the sky within the Inner Academy suddenly and swiftly became dark. Layers of dark clouds swiftly agglomerated in the sky. One could see silver-colored lightning within the dark clouds, swimming like silver snakes.

This scene that had suddenly appeared in the sky caused everyone in the academy to stop. They looked at the dark murky clouds in the sky. An instant later, they appeared to share the same thought as their eyes suddenly turned to the direction where the rock platform was located. At this moment, a black figure was standing with his hands behind his back at that spot. His gaze was studying the unusual change in the sky with neither shock nor fear…

"A tier 7 medicinal pill… is it about to be born? Big brother Xiao Yan… he actually succeeded?"

Xin Lan raised her head from within a yard in the 'Pan's Gate' manor. She looked at the dark clouds in the sky and a trembling excitement quietly rose within her heart.

Chapter 935: Pill Lightning

This strange phenomenon that had suddenly appeared in the sky also alarmed Su Qian and the others. Immediately, a round of rushing sounds reverberated across the sky. Numerous figures flashed and appeared before floating in the air. Their faces were solemn as they looked at the dark clouds that permeated the sky.

"Pill Lightning…"

Su Qian remained suspended in the sky. His expression was solemn as he looked at the silver-snake-like lightning that was roaming within the dark clouds before slowly speaking in a deep voice.

The Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan stood in the empty sky beside Su Qian. Even their hearts felt some fear in the face of this natural pressure.

"All Elders, listen up. Begin to place a formation in the Inner Academy. Act immediately should any Pill Lightning fall into the Inner Academy!" The thick dark clouds in the sky seemed to have covered half of the Inner Academy. Seeing this, Su Qian finally cried out loud with a serious face.

"Yes sir!"

None of the many Inner Academy Elders dared to slight the order given by Su Qian. They immediately replied in union before rushing down and scattering themselves to all the corners of the Inner Academy. Powerful Dou Qi surged out of their bodies and immediately began to act in concert with one another.

"All students of the Inner Academy are to return to their dormitories immediately. Do not loiter around this place!" Su Qian was still somewhat worried after seeing the many Elders obeying his orders. He ended up turning his head and shouting at the Inner Academy.

Seeing the solemn old face of Su Qian, the students could only obediently head back to their dormitories despite quite a number of them feeling curious about the unusual change in the sky. After which, they stood at the entrance of their dormitories and carefully watched the sky.

"When some overly high tier medicinal pills are born, the powerful strength sparks a fluctuation in nature and the Pill Lightning eventually appears. The old me has seen Pill Lightning twice in my life. Once when I was training in the Central Plains when I was young, I saw a tier 7 alchemist refining a medicinal pill. Finally, the sky was full of faint lightning when the pill was formed. The second time is now… moreover, the Pill Lightning that Xiao Yan has initiated is even stronger than the tier 7 alchemist back then." Su Qian finally sighed a little after giving the orders. He raised his head, and looked at the layers of dark clouds that repeatedly emitting thunderous noises before slowly speaking.

"First Elder, in your opinion… can Xiao Yan receive this Pill Lightning?" The Little Fairy Doctor's pretty eyes glanced at the black-robed, young man standing with his hands behind his back on the rock platform before she involuntarily asked in a somewhat concerned manner.

Su Qian also hesitated a little when he heard this. Immediately, he smiled bitterly and shook his head. He said, "I am also not certain about this. After all, the number of Pill Lightnings that I have witnessed is limited. However, during the Pill Lightning I saw back then, the alchemist had invited three experts with the strength of three star Dou Zong in order to block it. The Pill Lightning of Xiao Yan this time around is clearly even stronger. With his strength alone, perhaps… there will be some difficulty."

The Little Fairy Doctor tightened her hand slightly as she quietly nodded. The majestic Dou Qi within her body began to quietly flow. She had already made up her mind to immediately intervene should Xiao Yan show any signs of being unable to endure!

"Ugh, watch him closely. The both of us will intervene if something goes wrong. Although I don't know if I can block the Pill Lightning, I will, at the very least, be able to share a significant amount of Xiao Yan's burden…" Su Qian also sighed and spoke.

The Little Fairy Doctor lowered her snow-white chin and said, "We'll trouble First Elder…"

While the two of them were conversing, the dark clouds in the sky had become much thicker. From a distance, they appeared to be about to touch the ground, causing one to feel an extremely great pressure.

From the view of the people within the Inner Academy below, the top of Xiao Yan's head was currently filled with layers of dark clouds. Silver-colored lightning flowed all over the interior of the clouds. They would occasionally collide together and the loud sound of thunder would erupt. That heavenly might caused one's heart to panic.

Hence, all the students and even some Elders admired Xiao Yan for being able to remain impassive as he stood on the rock platform in the face of this situation.

Chi La!

An arm thick silver glow rushed down from a dark cloud in the sky. The light was so glaring that it caused the dark sky to light up.

Xiao Yan on the rock platform lifted his head and watched the thick, dark clouds within close proximity. The churning lightning within appeared to be blasting his ears, causing a ringing sensation to be transmitted from his eardrums.

"Is this the Pill Lightning?"

Xiao Yan stared intently at the silver-snake-like lightning flowing within the dark clouds. He sensed the enormous energy contained within it. Surprise and some heat flashed across his eyes…

The greatest hope of a countless number of alchemists was to be able to refine a high tier medicinal pill that could summon Pill Lightning. From the way they saw it, this was a kind of great honor. It was the same for Xiao Yan. He clearly recalled that even when Yao Lao acted to refine the Ground Spirit Pill back then, he did not stir such a terrifying scene. It was likely that Yao Lao would feel gratified if he were aware of this scene today…

"Teacher… you mentioned back then that if this disciple were able to refine a medicinal pill that could summon the Pill Lightning, this disciple would have already reached the qualification to graduate. Unfortunately, you are unable to personally witness this scene…"

Silver-colored lightning repeatedly flashed in Xiao Yan's dark-black eyes. His hand gently rubbed the fire seal on his forehead as he softly muttered.


The silver-colored lightning began to intersect with each other, becoming more intense. In the end, the atmosphere of the entire sky had become extremely pressurizing. Around ten plus seconds later, the dark cloud suddenly split into a crack line. Immediately, a half-foot-wide silver lightning carried a loud sound, that reverberated over the sky, as it shot out from the dark clouds like an enormous silver-colored python. Its target was surprisingly the…purple-red medicinal pill in front of Xiao Yan on the rock platform!

A solemness also flashed across Xiao Yan's eyes when he saw the silver lightning suddenly make its move. He clenched his hand and an enormous Heavy Xuan Ruler appeared.

"Six Joint Body Flowing Ruler!"

A low cry sounded and the ruler figures suddenly appeared in a closely packed manner. Within two to three breaths, they transformed into a layer of ruler figures so dense that wind could not pass through. They also wrapped around Xiao Yan's body.


The silver lightning arrived suddenly. Although it was weakened a little by the spatial mark surrounding the rock platform, it still carried a natural might that violently smashed against the ruler's figure. A loud sound immediately resounded over the sky.

Countless numbers of tiny lightning bolts were directed away by the ruler figures when the fierce lightning arrived. They were like extremely dense tiny silver snakes that were thrown all over the rock platform.

"Raging Flame!"

The ruler figure piled layer after layer, appearing endless as it received the silver lightning. A moment later, a low cry sounded and a couple of large ruler glows suddenly crossed each other before immediately shooting out and colliding violently with the silver lightning, breaking apart the latter.

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air after having broken a fierce bolt of lightning with one strike. He clenched his somewhat numb hand before heavily inserting the Heavy Xuan Ruler into the ground. He raised his head and cried out, "Continue!"

Due to Xiao Yan's provocation, the black cloud mass began to churn more violently. A moment later, a 'chi la' sound once again rang out. A silver-colored lightning that was at least double the size of the one earlier once again shot out from within the black cloud.

"Ha ha!"

Xiao Yan's heated eyes looked at the silver-colored lightning that transversed across the sky. He immediately laughed out loud as both his hands formed a seal in a lightning-like manner.

"Open Mountain Seal! Break it!"

An enormous energy handprint surfaced in front of Xiao Yan. In an instant, it whizzed out and finally met with the enormous lightning without shrinking back in front of a countless number of shocked gazes below.


The energy handprint collided with the enormous lightning with a bang. Enormous silver glows blasted apart like fireworks in the sky. The next instant, the energy hand seal swiftly turned pale. The silver lightning that had become much darker still continued to head for Xiao Yan in an extremely stubborn manner.

"It is indeed worthy of the strength of nature. However, I want to see just how many times you can resist!"

Surprise flashed across Xiao Yan's eyes when he saw that the silver lightning forcefully shatter the Open Mountain Seal. He immediately laughed and his hand seal was once again formed.

Another enormous energy hand seal appeared when the seals on his hands changed. It blatantly collided with the remnant lightning. Finally, both of them were annihilated amid a thunderous explosion.

A countless number of people in the Inner Academy were stunned when they saw Xiao Yan forcefully shatter two lightning bolts. There was also an excitement that they had difficulty suppressing along with their shock. Fighting the might of nature with one's own strength. This feat caused all men to feel their blood boil, much less these students who were still in their youth.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The continuous shattering of two silver lightning by Xiao Yan seemed to have caused the dark clouds to become even more furious. Immediately, a countless number of silver glows flashed as numerous silver-python-like lightning strikes broke through the restraints of the dark clouds and violently smashed toward Xiao Yan on the rock platform one after another.

A wild heat flashed across Xiao Yan's eyes as he took in the densely packed silver lightning falling from the sky. His experience these years had created his cool character. However, it might have been because he would be leaving soon, but the current him appeared exceptionally arrogant. It must be said that only the current Xiao Yan had a demeanor that truly belonged to someone of his age group…

A young person must be bold and willing to fight. He dared to confront even nature itself!

A jade-green flame rose around Xiao Yan's body as he raised his head and wildly laughed. His laughter was like thunder as it resounded unceasingly across the entire Inner Academy. He wildly flapped his sleeves as numerous ten-foot-large Dou Qi pillars shot from his body and met the silver lightning permeating the sky without fear…

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Loud, thunderous explosions repeatedly erupted across the sky. Each time they erupted, another ripple would appear in the sky.

The silver lightning in the sky came down from all directions. This doomsday-like manner caused the deep recesses of one's spirit to emit fear.

After fighting head-on with the silver lightning for dozens of exchanges, Xiao Yan on the rock platform had begun to gradually reveal a pale expression on his face. A trace of blood even appeared on the corner of his mouth. Despite this, the wild heat within his eyes was not the least bit weakened…

Numerous numbing lightning strengths swiftly flowed within Xiao Yan's body, causing him to feel a lack of strength. He had gradually fallen into a disadvantage during his resistance.

Xiao Yan's retaliation slowly weakened. However, the Pill Lightning became even fiercer. That momentum was as though it would never give up if it did not shatter the medicinal pill.


A silver glow lit the entire place as a five-foot-wide silver-colored Pill Lightning once again shot down from the dark clouds!

Su Qian's and the Little Fairy Doctor's expressions changed a little as they sensed the strength of this silver lightning. Their bodies moved and were just about to launch a rescue when Xiao Yan's loud laughter was once again transmitted from the rock platform.

"Earth Demon Puppet, appear!"

A silver-colored figure appeared out of nowhere in front of Xiao Yan as his loud laughter sounded. Its fist was immediately clenched and thrown out without any fancy skills!

The lightning shattered as the fist was thrown out!

Silence permeated the sky. Numerous stunned gazes solidified…

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