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Chapter 926

Chapter 926: Seal

The pretty, red-faced Little Fairy Doctor shrank under the thin quilt. Her wonderful eyes, staring at Xiao Yan, were so red it seemed that water was about to seep out from them.

Xiao Yan was somewhat embarrassed when he was stared at in this manner. He immediately thickened the skin of his face as he said, “It is indeed necessary for the seal…”

The bright-redness on Little Fairy Doctor’s face was reduced greatly when she saw Xiao Yan’s embarrassed manner. The back of her teeth bit her red lower lip. After which, she straightened her body in a mermaid-like manner. Her delicate hands trembled slightly as she removed her clothes.

Her delicate hands moved and her clothes quietly fell. Immediately, a lovely suet-like naked body appeared in front of Xiao Yan, causing a certain person’s breathing to involuntarily become a little heavier. If he were able to maintain a calm mind during such a situation, it was likely that he was not a man…

Xiao Yan violently clenched his teeth. He gave himself two tight slaps in his heart. After which, he forcefully turned his gaze away and inhaled a deep breath. He attempted to maintain an unchanged tone as he said, “Lie down…”

After watching Xiao Yan, the embarrassment and anxiety within the Little Fairy Doctor’s heart became fainter without her realizing it. She slowly lay down as she was told and gently shut her pretty eyes.

The corner of Xiao Yan’s eyes saw the Little Fairy Doctor lay down. He once again inhaled a couple of deep breaths and got himself to completely calm down. After which, he slowly extended a finger. A wisp of a jade-green flame was vaguely visible on its tip.

“It might be a little painful, but it will work if you endure it.”

Xiao Yan softly said. After which, his finger paused for a moment before falling suddenly. Eventually, it landed at a point below the Little Fairy Doctor’s neck, but above her breasts. When the finger pressed on this spot, the Little Fairy Doctor’s smooth jade-like skin emitted waves of white smoke. Some grayish air was faintly present within the smoke.

A low muffled moan was emitted from the Little Fairy Doctor’s mouth as the white smoke rose. The Little Fairy Doctor’s eyebrows were vertical. At a glance, she really caused others to feel a tender affection for her.

A faint green point appeared where Xiao Yan’s finger had landed. Xiao Yan endured the comfort brought about by the gentle sensation as his finger slowly rolled down according to the route of the ‘All Sky Fire Seal’…

Threads of white fog once again rose as Xiao Yan’s finger moved. A faint-green fire scar slowly appeared on her perfect artwork-like body. This additional green-colored fire scar not only did not cause even the slightest flaw to appear on this lovely body but had instead given it an additional sexy feeling.

Xiao Yan’s expression had become more and more solemn following the movement of his finger. At this moment, he needed to control the flame on the tip of his finger at an extremely precise temperature, so he could complete the seal and not cause the flame to harm the Little Fairy Doctor.

Xiao Yan’s finger was like a paint brush as it gently shifted around the Little Fairy Doctor’s body. It created many strange crisscrossing lines. These lines faintly emitted a profoundness as they crossed each other.

As these numerous faint green-colored fire scars appeared on her body, the Little Fairy Doctor had gotten used to the searing pain. A strange feeling slowly spread out from the bottom of her heart. This feeling caused her to feel extremely comfortable. However, the faint restraint of a woman caused her to tightly clench the her teeth and not allow a moan to be emitted. Under this kind of sta

lemate, a bright-red color quietly surfaced on her jade-white skin. At a glance, it appeared dreamlike and breathtaking.

At this moment, Xiao Yan’s eyes were observing his nose and his nose was observing his heart. His mind was completely focused while his hand followed the seal drawing in his mind and moved slowly, sketching something…

With the tracing of Xiao Yan’s finger, a fire scar drawing that emitted threads of profoundness gradually appeared on the Little Fairy Doctor’s body. Perhaps it was because the sealing method was about to take shape, but the poison gas that had spread from Little Fairy Doctor’s body became swifter and more fierce. However, it was fortunate that Xiao Yan had the protection of a ‘Heavenly Flame.’ The poison fog was completely vaporized by the frighteningly high temperature of the ‘Heavenly Flame’ when it pounced over.

The solemn look in Xiao Yan’s eyes became denser. He appeared to have sensed the change of the poison gas within the Little Fairy Doctor’s body, and the speed at which his finger moved also increased. Numerous green-colored fire scars covered Little Fairy Doctor’s entire body in a gradual manner.


With the quicker movement of Xiao Yan’s hand, the strange feeling within the Little Fairy Doctor’s body became more concentrated. The faint searing pain feeling seemed to have transformed into an unusual pleasure at this moment. In the end, the Little Fairy Doctor was unable to endure it any longer. A numb, lazy moan was secretly emitted from her small mouth.

Xiao Yan’s body quivered violently under the moan. His teeth bit the tip of his tongue with all his might, using the pain to suppress the nefarious flame that had suddenly rose within his body. He smiled bitterly and said, “Please, if you do not wish for your consciousness to be corroded by the poison gas, please, endure a little more. Don’t distract me.”

The Little Fairy Doctor’s pretty face once again turned fiery hot when she heard Xiao Yan’s words. She appeared just like a bright-red apple. No matter how cold and indifferent she usually was, her current expression was no different than an ordinary girl.

Xiao Yan also sighed in relief when he heard the Little Fairy Doctor become quiet. He hurriedly focused his attention and continued to sketch the seal.

With the gradual formation of the seal, the grayish-purple poison fog that had surged out of the Little Fairy Doctor’s body became thicker. In the end, almost every bit of poison fog that surged out violently pounced at Xiao Yan’s body. After which, waves of white smoke and ‘chi chi’ sounds would erupt when they made contact with the jade-green flame.

At this moment, Xiao Yan had begun to feel like he would be unable to endure any longer despite the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame protecting his body. The corrosive strength of the poison gas was really overly frightening. Moreover, there was an endless amount of it. It was as though it would never be exhausted. Hence, the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame on Xiao Yan’s body began to gradually weaken in the face of such a battle. Although the Dou Qi within his body continued to circulate and maneuver the flame, it still had difficulty keeping up because of its exhaustion.

A white fog curled and rose in front of Xiao Yan, shrouding his exceptionally serious face. He knew that this was the retaliation of the Little Fairy Doctor’s ‘Woeful Poison Body,’ attempting to prevent him from completing the seal. Xiao Yan clearly understood that if he did not complete the seal at this moment, it was likely that the Little Fairy Doctor would end up following in the footsteps of those who had possessed the ‘Woeful Poison Body’ before her…

A ruthless expression flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes as the movement of his finger suddenly quickened. Numerous green-colored fire scars were swiftly formed under his finger.

His finger danced. In the end, many afterimages began to appear. Then, his finger paused abruptly and he nodded heavily. The fire scar was quietly drawn and a flawless seal formation formed.

A wisp of extremely faint stench broke through the obstruction of the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame and quietly entered Xiao Yan’s nose the instant that the seal formation was completed.

The stench had just appeared when it was sensed by Xiao Yan. His expression immediately changed. Hesitation flashed across his eyes before he ceased bothering about the poison vapor that had entered his body. The jade-green flame on his hand suddenly soared before landing gently on the smooth, flat abdomen of the Little Fairy Doctor, an abdomen that did not contain even a little fat. This point was the center of the seal formation. As long as he poured energy into this spot, he would be able to activate the seal!

Powerful hot energy followed Xiao Yan’s hand and surged out. It instantly transformed into lines of energy that moved along the numerous fire scars that meandered all around. At this moment, the formation diagram on the Little Fairy Doctor appeared to have been activated as it emitted a luster.

“All Sky Fire Seal, The sky forms the shape, the fire forms the spirit. Seal!”

A cry was suddenly emitted from Xiao Yan’s mouth. Immediately the light around the spot where Xiao Yan’s hand was located became extremely bright!

Almost like it was aware that the seal was about to be completed, the ‘Woeful Poison Body’ went crazy. An extremely thick poisonous vapor rushed out of the pores all over the Little Fairy Doctor’s body. The murky poison gas managed to break through Xiao Yan’s defense even though he was using the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame to protect his body. The poison gas immediately entered his body through all of his pores…

Xiao Yan’s expression became much dimmer when the poison gas entered his body. However, he still clenched his teeth and abruptly withdrew his hand. The intense light weakened and the many fire scars on the surface of the Little Fairy Doctor’s body gradually disappeared, appearing as though they had merged with her body…

The poison gas within the Little Fairy Doctor’s body ceased seeping out the moment the fire scars disappeared. The skin on her body gradually returned to its normal color. The ‘Woeful Poison Body’ that was about to erupt was once again sealed!

The Little Fairy Doctor suddenly opened her eyes the instant the ‘Woeful Poison Body’ was sealed. She opened her small mouth and a suction force surged out. The poison fog that permeated the room immediately began to fluctuate. After which, it transformed into an enormous air dragon that was swallowed by the Little Fairy Doctor.

A strange expression immediately surfaced on the Little Fairy Doctor’s face after the final thread of poison was absorbed into her body. A glint flickered deep within her eyes. Without realizing it, the Little Fairy Doctor’s aura had swiftly become stronger, appearing as though she had taken a tonic. Within a couple of minutes, she broke through the four star level and advanced to the five star level! If an ordinary elite Dou Zong were to see this speed, it was likely that the person would be completely stunned.

The eruption of the ‘Woeful Poison Body’ this time around had not only failed to control the Little Fairy Doctor, but had instead allowed her strength to significantly advance. It was really true, trouble and blessings appeared together. The ending was beyond anyone’s expectations.

The Little Fairy Doctor gently sighed in relief as she sensed her internal body gradually becoming calm. Her delicate hand moved and her clothes rushed over. She swiftly covered her perfect body. Only after doing all this did she turn her head and discover Xiao Yan had collapsed on the bed. Her pretty face became anxious as she hurriedly lifted him up, only to see Xiao Yan’s face being covered by a grayish gas.

“Has the poison invaded his body…”

The Little Fairy Doctor sighed in relief when she realized what had happened to Xiao Yan. She hesitated for a moment before a moving bright-redness surfaced on her face. She lowered her head slightly and her small mouth was gently imprinted on Xiao Yan’s lips. Threads of grayish gas gradually surged out of Xiao Yan’s body. The gas traveled between their mouths, being transferred back to the Little Fairy Doctor’s body.

The quiet, small room radiated the slight feeling of spring in the air…

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