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Chapter 918: Exchanging Blows Again

The sudden change that occurred in the sky caused everyone to be stunned. Numerous eyes stared at Han Feng's hand as he slowly withdrew it from Protector Tie's body. Their hearts involuntarily chilled when they saw the savage smile on his face. This fellow… his heart was really vicious. He was actually able to act against his companion without any hesitation.

This vicious tactics of Han Feng shocked quite a number of people. The dislike of him within many people’s hearts also became greater. This included Old Ying Shan. Although he was not considered a good person, he would still not do something as shameless as attack his companions. Moreover, if Han Feng was able to attack Protector Xuan without any scruple, it was likely that Han Feng could decide to attack Old Ying Shan without feeling the slightest burden.

Han Feng was unaware of the thoughts within everyone's heart. At this moment, Protector Xuan's spirit gradually became illusionary after having lost his body because of Han Feng's unexpected murderous act.

Han Feng indifferently looked at this spirit that had become illusionary and the corner of his mouth was lifted into a savage greedy smile. He widened his mouth and black fog agglomerated within his mouth. It immediately transformed into a strange black spiral. The suction force surged as he swallowed Protector Xuan's spirit…

Han Feng's body immediately trembled after Protector Xuan's spirit entered his body. A wildly violent yet majestic aura swept from his body like a tornado. The surrounding air fled under the pressure of such an aura.

A black fog that was so dense that it could almost cover one's mind surged out of Han Feng's body. While his aura surged, Han Feng's size also clearly expanded by two circles. There were even some bubbles that were formed by energy and began to revoltingly pulse on his skin. Clearly, Han Feng had obtained an extremely great Spiritual Strength after swallowing Protector Xuan's spirit but the power of this strength was something that he had difficulty controlling. It was due to this lack of control did these energy bubbles form…

Han Fen never hesitated when he attacked and killed Protector Xuan, nor did he hesitate when he swallowed of his spirit. His actions were extremely smooth and natural. Hence, by the time everyone recovered, they sensed the majestic aura that surged out of Han Feng's body…

The strength of this aura was something that even the Little Fairy Doctor was inferior to. According to her estimation, the strength of the current Han Feng should have already reached the peak of a five star Dou Zong. He was one level higher when compared to the Little Fairy Doctor.

Xiao Yan's brows knit as he sensed the spreading aura from Han Feng's body. This kind of disgusting scene of swallowing a soul was not something that he had seen for the first time. It seemed that most of the people from the 'Hall of Souls' knew this skill, a skill that caused one to feel incomparably disgusted. Relying on swallowing the spirit of a companion to strengthen one's own strength might result in quite a severe sequelae in the future, but they would at least be able to obtain a temporary strength for a certain amount of time.

"I will deal with him…" The grayish-purple eyes of the Little Fairy Doctor stared at Han Feng. She felt his rising aura and softly spoke.

"Together… help me buy some time." Xiao Yan gently exhaled as he replied in a deep voice.

"Ah, although there might be some difficulty defeating him in his current condition, I am absolutely confident that I can delay him." The Little Fairy Doctor smiled sweetly and nodded.

"Try you best not to undo the seal of the 'Woeful Poison Body'…" Xiao Yan glanced at the moving smile on the Little Fairy Doctor before sighing softly.

The Little Fairy Doctor was slightly startled as she softly replied, "I'll try my best. However, the opponent we face this time is not weak. It will be quite troublesome to deal with them if I don't undo the seal."

Xiao Yan bitterly laughed upon hearing her reply. He said, "The reason I asked you to follow beside me was to help you control the 'Woeful Poison Body.' Instead, the time until your 'Woeful Poison Body' erupts is growing closer… if any sudden situation were to occur and something happened to you, how do you expect me to have a peace of mind?"

The Little Fairy Doctor gently smiled. She said, "Although this period of time is filled with danger, I have been far happier than when I was alone in the Chu Yun Empire. Hence, if anything were to happen, it is because I have a terrible fate. It has nothing to do with you…"

"Do you think that I will think this way?" Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head as he replied.

The Little Fairy Doctor covered her small mouth, and her long eyelashes came together. She blinked as she laughed in spite of herself and said, "It seems that you won't…"

"Is your flirting over? If it is, you can all prepare to die." A cold voice that contained an incomparable killing intent suddenly sounded, interrupting the conversation between Xiao Yan and the Little Fairy Doctor. Their eyes slide to Han Feng, who was suspended in the sky covered in a black fog…

At this moment, it seemed that Han Feng had already absorbed Protector Xuan's Spiritual Strength. This caused his strength to leap forward for a short period of time. As he sensed the powerful energy flowing within his body, the slight fear he felt for the Little Fairy Doctor completely vanished. A dense killing intent that was difficult to extinguish replaced it.

Han Feng was suspended in the sky. Under the cover of the surrounding black fog that traveled in all directions, he appeared just like a demon that had climbed from hell, filled with evil and a dark, cold aura…

The Little Fairy Doctor took a couple of steps as she walked through the empty air. Waves of majestic gray-colored Dou Qi poured out of her body like floodwater after she slowly took a couple of steps forward. Her Dou Qi then lingered around her body. Traces of a stench vaguely appeared. The extremely strong corrosive properties contained within the Dou Qi caused even the air to transmit waves of unusual acidity.

Xiao Yan gently exhaled as he looked at the Little Fairy Doctor, who had stepped forward. His eyes revealed his indifference as he glanced at Han Feng. After which, Xiao Yan slowly stepped back. The Green Lotus Core Flame, Fallen Heart Flame, and even the Bone Chilling Flame… quietly appeared as he stepped back…


Han Feng understood what Xiao Yan was planning to do after seeing the three 'Heavenly Flames' around him. He immediately let out a cold snort. The snort was wrapped by powerful Dou Qi and swiftly spread out. The air fluctuated slightly wherever it passed.

A cold indifference flashed across the Little Fairy Doctor's grayish-purples eyes. She waved her delicate hand, and the surging gray-colored Dou Qi lingering around her moved with a whistle, forming an enormous Dou Qi light curtain appeared in front of her.

The sonic wave continued on before finally colliding against the Dou Qi light curtain with a bang, causing ripples to rise on the surface.


The sonic wave suddenly smashed into the light curtain. However, it did not shatter the light curtain. This was merely a probing attack by Han Feng. He clenched his hand one again, and the black fog around him swiftly gathered, transforming into an enormous hundred-foot-tall longsword. Sharp miserable screeches were repeatedly transmitted from the longsword. A faint spiritual finger emanated from all over the sword's body.


Han Feng's gaze was filled with a stern killing intent. He flicked his finger and a cold cry was transmitted from his mouth. The enormous fog longsword trembled before gradually turning illusionary…

A solemness flashed in the Little Fairy Doctor's eyes as she watched the unusual longsword. She could clearly sense just what kind of frightening energy was contained in the black sword. Dou Qi and Spiritual Strength mixed with one another. The strength that was formed from their mixture was far stronger than ordinary Dou Qi.

The Little Fairy Doctor inhaled a deep breath. Her long hands suddenly formed seals. Immediately, waves of deep-grayish Dou Qi began to spurt from her body like a fountain.

"Sky Corrosive Rain!"

The Dou Qi flew into the sky and swiftly agglomerated into a gray-colored cloud layer. Soon deep-gray colored rain scattered down from above in all directions. This gray-colored liquid body might appear to be without any energy, but a sharp-eyed person would be able to notice an extremely faint black scar appear in the air where the rain droplet fell…

These rain droplets that contained a lethal poison did not land on the ground. When they had descended a certain distance, they would suddenly scatter before transforming into a poison gas that rose and reentered the gray cloud. After which, they once again transformed into a raindrop and scattered down. This cycle repeated endlessly…

Xi! Xi!

The densely packed deep-gray raindrops fell from the sky as a black figure broke through the air and appeared in the rain. Its sharp sword aura shot toward the Little Fairy Doctor.

However, the moment the enormous black-colored longsword revealed itself, the countless raindrops seemed to be pulled by a suction force as they shot toward it from all directions. The black fog on the longsword's surface emitted waves of 'Chi Chi' sounds as it gradually became fainter. Its penetrating speed had also become much slowly, appearing as though it had been inserted into an extremely deep quagmire.

Han Feng in the distance frowned when he saw that the black fog longsword appeared to have difficulty progressing even an inch within the rain. The Little Fairy Doctor's tactics were strange. This kind of potent poison strength could even corrode Dou Qi…

"It might have been difficult for me to defeat you in the past. Now, however…"

"Spiritual Chant!"

A cold smile surfaced on Han Feng's face. His hand suddenly changed and an extremely powerful Spiritual Strength surged from between his brows!


The black fog longsword trembled intensely while the Spiritual Strength flowed. Immediately, a strange sonic wave spread out from within it…

The Little Fairy Doctor's body trembled slightly as the sonic wave entered her ear. The waves of piercing pain that were transmitted from within her spirit caused her expression to change. This black fog longsword was able to attack one's spirit?

An emptiness appeared within the Little Fairy Doctor's grayish-purple eyes as her spirit was damaged. The black fog longsword grabbed this opening and transformed into black-colored lightning that broke through the rain's restriction. It carried a sharp force as it viciously shot toward the Little Fairy Doctor's vital point, her throat.

The sharp wind produced a tiny blood trace on the Little Fairy Doctor's long snow-white neck. However, at this instant, the emptiness within the Little Fairy Doctor's eyes suddenly disappeared. Her originally grayish-purple eyes were instantly transformed into different colored eyes that were pure-purple and pure-gray respectively…

At this moment, the seal of the 'Woeful Poison Body' was once again activated…

Chapter 919: Fire Lotus, Kill!

The space in front of the Little Fairy Doctor had strangely become much more distorted with the transformation of her eyes. The speed of the black-colored longsword, that seemed to have shot over like lightning, slowed again when it entered the distorted space!

"Sky Sinister Poison Hand!"

A voice that was void of any emotion was softly spat out from the Little Fairy Doctor's mouth. Immediately, a grayish-purple majestic Dou Qi surged out of her body. It instantly formed two enormous Dou Qi hands. These Dou Qi hands were extended and immediately grabbed the black fog longsword.

The enormous black fog sword had difficulty penetrating further after facing such resistance. However, the sharp, dark, cold sword aura at its tip caused the Little Fairy Doctor's skin to emit waves of piercing pain. After having swallowed Protector Xuan's spirit, Han Feng's strength was greater than hers. It was naturally no longer as relaxing as it was in the past to block him. After all, each star level within the Dou Zong class was an enormous gap. It was quite difficult to leap across it.

The grayish-purple Dou Qi hands and the black fog longsword descended into a stalemate. A moment later, a cold glint flickered through the Little Fairy Doctor's eyes. The seal on her hand suddenly changed and a soft cry was spat from her mouth!

The cry had just sounded when the large Dou Qi hands expanded. Immediately, one of them grabbed the tip of the sword while the other grabbed its hilt. The grayish-purple Dou Qi, which was extremely corrosive, swiftly surrounded the sword. After which, the sword suddenly snapped.


A clear sound resounded over the sky. One could see that the enormous black fog longsword had been broken into two by the Little Fairy Doctor. The Dou Qi and Spiritual Strength contained within it was swiftly corroded by the grayish-purple Dou Qi…


Han Feng's body also shook when the black fog longsword was brutally destroyed by the Little Fairy Doctor. His throat emitted a faint voice as he laughed in a dark manner, "One really could not tell that a woman like you would possess such powerful tactics. However, despite having destroyed my spirit sword, it is likely that the spirit glow on it has given you a hard time, right?:"

The Little Fairy Doctor's face was cold and indifferent. She ignored Han Feng's words. Her delicate hands that were forming a seal trembled gently a couple of times. The unusual spirit sword glow had mostly ignored her Dou Qi defenses, and had instead attacked her spirit. Had she not been an elite Dou Zong and had not possessed great Spiritual Strength, it was likely that she would have suffered a serious injury this time around.

Dou Qi slowly rotated on the Little Fairy Doctor's hand. The piercing pain and numbness gradually paled. Her eyes glanced at Xiao Yan, who was putting all his attention on merging the fire lotus. Finally, she sighed in relief after sensing that the fire lotus within Xiao Yan's hand was agglomerating into an embryonic form.

At this moment, Han Feng had similarly sensed the frightening energy ripple spreading from Xiao Yan's hands. His expression changed slightly. With a slight movement of his body, he instantly disappeared from where he had been before. He appeared again not too far away from Xiao Yan. However, before he could advance again, a graceful figure appeared in front of him like maggots in the tarsal bones. She swung her sharp grayish-purple fingernails. They gently cut through the sky as they pierced toward his chest.

Han Feng's heart became furious after his body was blocked. His footstep gently stepped aside, dodging the Little Fairy Doctor's attack. Instantly, his figure flashed and once again rushed toward Xiao Yan without giving up. However, he had only taken a couple of steps when the Little Fairy Doctor once again appeared in front of him. This continued a couple of times, causing Han Feng's face to be filled with a greenish color. He let out a cold cry and powerful Dou Qi surged out, traveling in all directions. The wind from his fist sounded like thunder strikes as it formed a dark, cold hurricane that swept toward the Little Fairy Doctor.

The Little Fairy Doctor did not dare slight Han Feng's furious attack. The Dou Qi within her body was circulated to its maximum speed. Undoing the seal of the 'Woeful Poison Body' had also caused the poison within her Dou Qi to become even more potent. This poison was what Han Feng was most afraid of. Hence, he had not dared to attempt anything risky during these exchanges despite having gained the upper hand.

Two blurry figures crossed each other in a lightning-like manner in the sky. An ordinary expert could not even see the figures of these two. Only those with sharp eyes could use the help of the ripples being created to lock onto the two figures.

Su Qian and Old Ying Shan faced each other from a distance not far below the battleground of the Little Fairy Doctor and Han Feng. They did not use their full strength in their occasional exchanges because Old Ying Shan already had a retreating notion within his heart. He knew that the so called union today was most likely going to fail. Moreover, Xiao Yan's group clearly had a grudge that was difficult to resolve with Han Feng. All that he was after, on the other hand, was the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva. He did not wish to participate in all the problematic matters between the others. Hence, he did not reveal any ability when fighting with Su Qian. Su Qian understood this point. In any case, his aim was to delay Old Ying Shan and prevent him from intervening in the battle above. Since Old Ying Shan was happy to delay time, Su Qian would naturally not object…

If Han Feng were to know that the helper he had spent great effort to invite was playing such a trick at this critical time, it was likely that he would be so furious that his Dou Qi would not even be able to flow properly.

The open ground was completely silent. At this moment, the experts invited by both sides did not fight because they knew that the true battleground was above… They were only here for support and not actual use. Although the many experts present would be able to pose some threat to a Dou Zong if they were to join hands, they were not foolish enough to do something that required them to risk their lives and offend an elite Dou Zong for no reason.

Today's matter was a grudge between Xiao Gate and the Demon Flame Valley, Xiao Yan and Han Feng. These experts did not wish to get involved with this matter… after all, if they were to stand on the wrong side, they would end up suffering in the future. Hence, remaining neutral at this moment and not helping either side was the most appropriate choice.

Quite a number of people quietly wiped off some cold perspiration as they watched the shocking momentum of the battle in the sky. The fight between experts of the Dou Zong class was indeed dazzling. This kind of majestic strength where one could shake space with the raise of one's hand was the level that a countless number of people pursued.


An intense energy explosion resounded through the sky with a 'bang.' Enormous Dou Qi fireworks accompanied the powerful ripple-like hurricane as it spread out. The two crossing figures also quickly withdrew with heavy footsteps.

The Little Fairy Doctor's feet ruthlessly stomped on empty air. Each time her foot landed, the air would emit some waves. This continued for over a dozen steps before the Little Fairy Doctor finally stabilized her body. She gently inhaled and exhaled a couple of times, wiped off a thread of blood on the corner of her mouth, and raised her head. Her gaze was icy-cold as she glared at Han Feng on the opposite side with his sleeves shattered.

Compared to the Little Fairy Doctor, Han Feng's appearance was a little miserable. On the whole, however, his injuries were much lighter than the Little Fairy Doctor's wounds after the earlier stunning battle. His strength had already exceeded the Little Fairy Doctor after having swallowed Protector Xuan's spirit.

The Little Fairy Doctor's breathing slowly calmed. A cold smile gradually surfaced on her face. She could sense an unusually wild and violent, frighteningly hot energy agglomerating not far behind her…

Shifting her eyes slightly, she could see that Xiao Yan was flapping his bone wings to remain suspended in the air not far behind her. A three colored fire lotus slowly rotated above his palm.The space surrounding it formed threads of spatial cracks as this little thing rotated…

Xiao Yan nodded to the Little Fairy Doctor after seeing her catching her eyes. His mouth gently moved.

The Little Fairy Doctor's eyes blinked as she absorbed the sound transmitted from Xiao Yan to her ear. She immediately nodded without anyone noticing.


Han Feng had also sensed when the fire lotus in Xiao Yan's hand was formed. His expression instantly became much uglier as his heart violently cursed.

Cursing was one thing, but Han Feng's actions were not the least bit slow. He clearly understood just how frightening this fire lotus, merged from three kinds of 'Heavenly Flames,' was. He did not dare to slight it. Dark-black fog surged out of his body in all directions. In merely a short moment, it formed a black cloud that covered the sky. The thick, black fog emitted a chillness that caused one to feel extremely pressured.

The black fog covered the sky. It emitted a tidal-wave-like cold feeling. Waves swept continuously as though there was no end to it. This black fog sea was formed from all of the Dou Qi within Han Feng's body, and possessed an extraordinary might…

A cold smile flowed over Xiao Yan's face as he watched the black fog that covered the sky. He gently waved his sleeves and the three color fire lotus left his palm. With a flick of his finger, it swiftly shot toward the black fog…

The Little Fairy Doctor's eyes stared intently at the fire lotus that shot over. She suddenly bit the tip of her tongue when it passed by her head. A mouthful of fresh blood, that contained a hint of purple, was spat out before it adhered to a part of the fire lotus…

"Hurry and withdraw!"

Xiao Li's heart was shocked when he saw the fire lotus in Xiao Yan's hand fly out. He immediately pulled at Zi Yan beside him and hurriedly withdrew… he knew just how terrifying the strength of the fire lotus was.

Su Mei and the others were startled upon hearing Xiao Li's cry. They did not hesitate as all of them hurriedly withdrew out of the valley like rabbits. Some of the experts and faction leaders in the open ground also followed. However, some of the more cautious people hesitated and refused to follow, afraid they might fall for a trap…

Xiao Li's group had just rushed out of the valley when the three colored fire lotus in the sky, carrying a gorgeous fire tail, charged into the cold fog that permeated the sky…


The silence continued for a moment after the fire lotus rushed into the black fog region. After which, a soul-stirring explosion suddenly resounded from the black fog. A frightening fire wave, a thousand feet tall, suddenly spread out of the black fog.

The entire valley began to shake from the spreading remnant fire wave. Enormous crack lines began to climb out like spiderwebs as huge rocks fell with loud bangs. The entire valley that had built from Black Metal Rock suddenly collapsed.

Upon seeing this scene, the expressions of the many experts who had not left earlier instantly turned white…

Chapter 920: The Final Victor

The enormous fire wave swept out in all directions from the black fog sea. The remnant waves created by the fire wave caused the trees within a thousand meters of the valley to emit a 'puff' sound as they turned to ashes…

If one were to look down on the scene from above, one would be able to see a lush green color within a thousand meter radius disappear almost instantly, with the Demon Flame Valley as its center. Even the forest more than a thousand meters away had turned to a withering yellow. Clearly, the high temperature contained within the fire wave had vaporized all the moisture within this region.

The might of the fire lotus was this frightening!

At this moment, the Demon Flame Valley was in complete chaos. The enormous rocks that rolled down from the wall caused the people from the Demon Flame Valley, who did not have time to prepare themselves, to suffer great losses. It was still alright for some agile experts. They were still able to dodge this great calamity with their speed. However, those who were slow were buried in an enormous rock ruin.

The experts in the open ground, who were late to leave, only managed to flee from the valley after some graceful dodging. Due to the frightening wave from the enormous fire in the sky, no one dared to fly. They were afraid of being struck by the wave. Their ending would likely be quite miserable if that happened.

Only after everyone fled the Demon Flame Valley in a miserable manner did they stop running, but they had all been shaken up pretty badly. They stood on a slope and looked at the many mountain peaks around them that had suddenly become empty. All of them involuntarily inhaled a cool breath. The forest of this mountain range had been destroyed by Xiao Yan's fire lotus…

Everyone stood outside of the valley in a hushed manner. The atmosphere was very quiet. There was a look of sedation within the eyes of quite a number of people. It was likely that even an ordinary elite Dou Zong would have difficulty creating such frightening destruction. It was unexpected that it all came from Xiao Yan's hands… only at this moment did the doubt regarding the rumor of Xiao Yan being able to contend with an elite Dou Zong quietly disappear.

Within the crowd, Su Mei, Wu Tie, Old Ying Gu, and the other helpers that Xiao Li had summoned exchanged looks with each other. They could see a shock that was difficult to hide in the eyes of the other party. This was not the first time that they had seen Xiao Yan's fire lotus Dou Technique. When they had followed him to the Jia Ma Empire back then, Xiao Yan had displayed it once against the Misty Cloud Sect. However, the strength then was much weaker compared now. Clearly, the might of this fire lotus Dou Technique had grown extremely quickly following the increase of Xiao Yan's level.

"The might of this skill is this frightening with a mere six star Dou Huang strength… when he reaches the Dou Zong class, it is likely that it will be difficult for him to find an opponent within the Dou Zong class… the growth potential of this person is really too frightening. One should not be enemies with him…"

This thought appeared and remained in the hearts of Su Mei's group at this moment. They had a type of friendship with Xiao Yan, and they also knew a little about him. This young person had made quite a number of enemies during these years. Although many of these opponents were way stronger than him, he was still able to persist until the end. Moreover, the only person who grew stronger during the battle was him alone…

Even Han Feng, who was once regarded as the 'Pill Emperor' of the 'Black-Corner Region,' had declined during such a long battle. Today, he might even completely parish in this place. Although everyone knew that Han Feng was an elite Dou Zong, their hearts gradually leaned in favor of Xiao Yan after experiencing the terror of the fire lotus firsthand.

"This fellow's fire lotus is really stronger…"

Xiao Li looked around. He saw the thousand meters of scarlet ground and involuntarily shook his head. He sighed and laughed. The shock and fear of the experts and leaders of factions from the 'Black-Corner Region' around him were all captured in his eyes. A torrent-like pride quietly surged within his heart. Being able to frighten the rebellious experts from the 'Black-Corner Region' until they were docile was definitely not what an ordinary expert could achieve. Yet, Xiao Yan, his third brother, had done it…

A warm, prideful smile surfaced within Xiao Li's eyes as he raised his head and looked at the skinny back in the distant sky. He had basically seen Xiao Yan grow one step at a time through these years.

The young man back then had endured ridicule as he carried humiliation and the reputation of being a useless person. With his dedication and stubbornness, the young man left his home by himself and roamed the empire. Xiao Li remembered a distant memory of sudden understanding. He finally understood why his father placed hope in his third brother, who everyone had treated as a joke, when he saw the young man carrying an enormous heavy ruler at the edge of the desert, enduring his lonely training.

Time flowed by, and the young man had gradually lost his sentimentalism during his training. He appeared to have undergone a transformation. He and his ruler fought with a mighty being, the Misty Cloud Sect, in front of a countless number of stunned gazes in the Jia Ma Empire…

At that time, many people might have ridiculed the ignorance of trying to do the impossible. However, a couple of years later, when a young figure stood at the Misty Cloud Mountain and used a calm voice to determine the fate of the Misty Cloud Sect, finally someone recalled the scene from back then. On top of letting out a shock of exclamation, they had to learn how to exhale and inhale again. It was indeed the case of not bullying a young man for being poor…
TL: not bullying a young man for being poor – meaning that a young person has limitless potential even if he is currently in a bad state

Time was just like water and the tender youth had transformed into a mature, young man within a couple of years. These years, he had left behind memories as well as a reputation everywhere he had walked.

At this moment, those people who were acquainted with him would involuntarily feel stunned when recalling this scene. Who would have expected a couple of years ago, that this young man, who was looked down upon and discriminated within the clan, would be able to create such a reputation?

"Father… your eyesight is really very good… third brother might well become the most outstanding person in our clan's history. He might even be able to surpass the so-called Xiao clan's ancestors, who might not exist that you mentioned back then…"

Xiao Li's thoughts slowly calmed down as he raised his head, looked at the skinny back in the sky and muttered softly.

The black fog scattered and drifted in the sky. After the frightening eruption of the fire lotus, the originally enormous black fog region had been completely destroyed. The permeating black fog was scattering at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Xiao Yan's eyes were icy-cold as he watched the swiftly scattering black fog. He took out a couple of medicinal pills from his ring and stuffed them into his mouth. Immediately, a faint redness surfaced on his pale-white face. Using the three colored fire lotus exhausted a ton of Dou Qi. However, it was fortunate that Xiao Yan's strength was already mighty. Hence, the sequelae of gradually descending into unconsciousness the moment the fire lotus left his hand did not happen anymore.

The Little Fairy Doctor stood facing the wind beside Xiao Yan. The demonic charm contained in her grayish-purple eyes firmly stared at a certain spot in the black fog. A dense poison fog quietly churned on her hand as she prepared to attack.

The black fog gradually scattered under the watchful eyes of the two people, revealing an extremely miserable figure within…

At this moment, Han Feng's clothes were in tatters. His body did not even have a patch of skin that looked normal. Blood bubbles surfaced in a dense manner and his hair had been completely incinerated. His face and chest were filled with blood traces. If one were to look carefully, half of this fellow's hands had been blasted apart. Fresh blood dripped from them.

Looking at this scene, it was obvious that despite having preserved his life, Han Feng's injuries were extremely frightening. It seemed as though he would remain a cripple even if he healed…

Everyone on the ground looked at Han Feng's appearance and involuntarily wiped off their cold sweat. Their hearts held some lingering fear for the terrifying destructive strength of the fire lotus.

Old Ying Shan, who had already ceased fighting, looked at Han Feng's miserable manner. A fear also surfaced on his old face. He knew that if it had been him instead of Han Feng, it was likely that his fate would have been even worse than Han Feng's appearance now.

"Looks like there is no hope for the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva… this little fellow is too troublesome to deal with… your carefulness is not without reason." Old Ying Shan sighed within his heart. He turned his head and spoke with a bitter smile to Mo Tian Xing by the side.

Hearing this, Mo Tian Xing's face revealed a cold smile. He faintly said, "According to what I know, this fire lotus is still not the strongest trump card of his. This three colored fire lotus's strength might be great, but it is impossible to cause someone at Old Ground Demon Ghost level to be seriously injured…"

Old Ying Shan's eyes immediately shrank when he heard Mo Tian Xing's words. A moment later, he quietly nodded. The greed in his heart for the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva finally paled. A treasure might be good, but that was only the case if one had the life to enjoy it.

Xiao Yan was naturally unaware that Mo Tian Xing's words had dissuaded Old Ying Shan of continuing to pester him. At this moment, the killing intent within his dark-black eyes immediately surged upon seeing Han Feng revealing himself. However, before he could act, the Little Fairy Doctor by his side rushed forward in a lightning-like manner. Within an instant, she appeared in front of Han Feng. Her eyebrows contained an evilness as a cold and indifferent cry was suddenly emitted from her small mouth, "Blood Corrosion!"

Han Feng's body stiffened when the cry sounded. Immediately, a strange blood-red color surfaced on his body, turning him into something like a blood person.

"You… you used poison?"

The boiling feeling that was emitted from the blood within his body caused Han Feng's face to instantly turn pale. His eyes viciously glared at the Little Fairy Doctor as he hissed.

The Little Fairy Doctor's gaze coldly glanced at Han Feng. She extended her finger and immediately pressed it heavily on the latter's head. A strange snort was emitted from her mouth.


Han Feng's eyes suddenly widened as this sound landed in his ears. His eyes appeared to be about to pop out. Then, he heard a muffled sound as his skin burst apart. Fresh blood transformed into a blood fog that scattered into the sky.

The sudden blood fireworks caused everyone to feel stunned. They immediately saw Han Feng's broken body fall head first from the sky. Finally, it landed heavily on a rock. A 'snap' sound appeared and even his bones split apart at this moment…

The world had become completely silent as everyone stared at the pile of rotten flesh. No one expected that Han Feng, who had grand plans just an hour ago, had at this moment… fallen to such an end.

While everyone was hissing, none of them sensed a thread of Spiritual Strength quietly spring out from the pile of bloody meat. It entered the ground and swiftly fled.


Just when the thread of Spiritual Strength was about to flee, a black figure suddenly fell from the sky. A fist violently smashed into the ground and was withdrawn from it. A Spiritual Strength was struggling with all its might in his hand. Han Feng's savage and vicious face faintly surfaced in it.

"Senior… if you were to leave now, how would you be worthy of the big gift that I have given you?"

Xiao Yan smiled slightly as he looked at the Spiritual Strength in his hand. However, his smile contained a blade-like killing intent.

Chapter 921: Treasure Hunting

The almost invisible Spiritual Strength struggled with all its might within Xiao Yan's hand, but it was ultimately unable to escape its restraints. Furious and vicious roars were faintly emitted while it struggled.

Xiao Yan's eyes glanced coldly and indifferently at this spirit. Han Feng was really a decisive person. He was actually willing to abandon most of his Spiritual Strength and use only a trace to escape. This small thread of Spiritual Strength was something that even an ordinary elite Dou Zong would have difficulty sensing. If Xiao Yan had not been present, it was likely that this fellow would have once again fled.

In front of Xiao Yan, who possessed an exceptionally sharp Spiritual Perception, this little trick of Han Feng was not something that could be hidden. This thread of Spiritual Strength had not only failed to hide its figure by fleeing underground, but had instead expose itself to Xiao Yan.

A cluster of jade-green flames rose on his hand, wrapping around the Spiritual Strength. Xiao Yan then took out a jade bottle and threw the Spiritual Strength in. He wiped his hand and a faint fire layer made of jade-green flame was formed at the mouth of the bottle.

"I will entertain you properly once this is over, Senior…" The corner of Xiao Yan's mouth was lifted into a cold smile. With a flip of his hand, he returned the jade bottle to his Storage Ring.

Xiao Yan only raised his head after securing the Spiritual Strength. His eyes looked all around him, and he saw how the Demon Flame Valley had been turned to ruins. His calm eyes slowly took in the open ground.

The area immediately became quiet when they saw Xiao Yan's sweeping gaze. The experts and leaders from the 'Black-Corner Region,' who had been invited by Han Feng, felt their hearts leap. Their gazes drifted uncertainly and were afraid to meet Xiao Yan's eyes. They had witnessed this great battle today. There had been two, or three if one included the so-called fierce spirit, elite Dou Zongs on their side. However… these three elite Dou Zongs had all perished by Xiao Yan's hand…

"It is fortunate that I did not indicate that I wanted to follow Han Feng. Otherwise…" Quite a number of people quietly wiped off cold sweat as they rejoiced in their hearts.

Xiao Yan's gaze did not pause for a long time on these people. After looking once around, it paused on Old Ying Shan.

Old Ying Shan's heart tightened a little after having sensed Xiao Yan's land on him. However, his face did not reveal anything. Powerful Dou Qi also quietly circulated within his body as he prepared himself to fight at any moment.

"Old mister Ying Shan. I can let today's bygones be bygones. However, I hope that this doesn't happen a second time. Otherwise…" A cold glint flashed within Xiao Yan's eyes as he spoke with a deep voice.

Old Ying Shan's expression changed a little upon hearing the hidden threat within Xiao Yan's words. However, his eyes shrank before he could reply. He saw Su Qian and the Little Fairy Doctor quietly appear, one in front and one behind him. Their auras faintly locked onto him.

With Old Ying Shan's strength, just dealing with First Elder Su Qian alone would leave him at a stalemate. If the stronger Little Fairy Doctor joined, he would be left with not even the slightest chance of victory.

Old Ying Shan's eyes flickered, and his expression changed abruptly once again because he had realized that Mo Tian Xing had also shifted a couple of steps away without leaving a trace, coincidentally sealing off his final path of retreat.

"This old fellow is really shameless…"

Being locked onto by three elite Dou Zongs, even Old Ying Shan did not dare to have any unusual thoughts within his heart. A somewhat stiff smile was forced onto his old face as he said to Xiao Yan, "The old me has underestimated little friend. The old me has also been instigated by Han Feng today. Please do not blame me."

The expressions of the many experts present were interesting when they saw that Xiao Yan had made an elite Dou Zong speak such soft words. The gazes that landed on Xiao Yan revealed an even denser respect without their owners realizing it.

Xiao Yan smiled when he saw Old Ying Shan's manner. After a big battle, both the Little Fairy Doctor's condition and his were quite weary. Their fighting strength had been greatly reduced. If he really forced Old Ying Shan to go all out and fight, an unexpected change might occur, especially with a neutral Mo Tian Xing present. Although this fellow appeared to be standing on their side now, one could not guarantee that he would control himself and not intervene should their fight with Old Ying Shan end up with both of them seriously injured… hence, it was naturally the best if they could frighten off Old Ying Shan.

"Is Old Ying Shan willing to part with the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva?" Xiao Yan glanced at Mo Tian Xing and laughed faintly.

Old Ying Shan involuntarily let out a bitter laugh when he heard this. He shook his head and said, "Such a unique treasure deserves to be owned by someone with ability. Since little friend has such power, the old me will naturally cease meddling… however, some people might be having the sweet dream of obtaining both the items and wealth." Old Ying Shan looked at Mo Tian Xing with a cold smile when he spoke until this point.

Mo Tian Xing did not get angry despite being implicitly mocked by Old Ying Shan. He smiled and said, "Old fellow, you should stop trying to find trouble for me. The old me is extremely reassured that the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva is in little friend Xiao Yan's hand."

Not only did Old Ying Shan scoff at these words, but Xiao Yan also involuntarily moved the corner of his mouth. This old fellow really had quite the thick face.

"Ke ke, little friend Xiao Yan. The old me has acted according to our agreement and did not intervene to help Han Feng. May I know…" Mo Tian Xing ignored the thoughts within the hearts of those around him. He changed the topic and smiled as he spoke to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan's eyes landed one the Little Fairy Doctor when he heard this. He nodded slightly, and she waved her hand. A jade bottle was tossed to Mo Tian Xing.

Mo Tian Xing extended his hand and a wind surged out of it after he saw the item tossed over by the Little Fairy Doctor. He immediately grabbed the jade bottle from the air and wrapped various layers of Dou Qi around its surface. Only then did he carefully open the bottle cap and to reveal grayish-brown medicinal powder within.

One could not blame Mo Tian Xing for being this careful. He knew a little about the Little Fairy Doctor. He knew that her poison skill was deep and unpredictable. If he was careless, it was likely that he would be tricked by her. The scene of Han Feng's body exploding earlier was clearly captured in his eyes. Though part of the reason Han Feng exploded was because he had been seriously injured, but potent poison should never be underestimated.

"Mix the medicinal powder within boiling water. Allow your son to soak within it for one month. The poison will be completely gone by then." The Little Fairy Doctor coldly explained after glancing at Mo Tian Xing, who had carefully received the jade bottle.

"Ke ke, thank you."

Mo Tian Xing sighed in relief after hearing this. He eventually cupped his hands to the Little Fairy Doctor as he replied.

The Little Fairy Doctor ignored this thanks by him. From the way she saw it, this person was too cunning and too much of a hypocrite. He was really detestable.

Xiao Yan looked all around him after dismissing Mo Tian Xing. He looked over the Demon Flame Valley, that had turned to ruins, and a cold smile surfaced on his face. This big battle would really destroy the Demon Flame Valley's reputation. Now that their headquarters was destroyed, this Demon Flame Valley would no longer have the strength to survive in the 'Black-Corner Region.' Xiao Gate would be around to deal with those who had escaped. In the future, these people would have difficulty traveling even an inch in the 'Black-Corner Region.'

Xiao Yan's body moved gently and he appeared beside Xiao Li's group. The many experts around hurriedly cupped their hands together when they saw this. Waves of congratulatory laughs repeatedly sounded.

Xiao Yan also smiled in response to these people. After which, his gaze turned to Xiao Li, who smiled and said, "Relax, I have already arranged for some people to remain outside the Demon Flame Valley. The people from the Demon Flame Valley who escaped will not be able to run very far…"

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. In the 'Black-Corner Region,' kindness was something that could be thrown into a smelly drain. Their grudge with the Demon Flame Valley was something that could not be resolved. Some hidden danger must be removed in order to ensure the safety of the students heading out to train.

While Xiao Yan was chatting with Xiao Li, Xiao Li had managed to instruct the members of Xiao Gate to entertain Su Mei and the others. Those experts and factions who had quite a good relationship with the Demon Flame Valley and Han Feng earlier, quietly left with a new awareness of the situation. They all knew that the Demon Flame Valley would no longer exist in the future. Of course, their hearts did not have any thoughts of taking revenge. Han Feng and the experts from the Demon Flame Valley had mostly died. Who would go and offend Xiao Gate and the Jia Nan Academy for no reason?

After dispatching some members, Xiao Li began to give the order to search the ruins of the Demon Flame Valley. This Demon Flame Valley was an ancient faction. Their accumulation over the many years should result in quite a deep foundation. Various Qi Methods, Dou Techniques, weapons, and the many unique spiritual medicines were things that caused one's eyes to turn red. Now that they had eliminated the Demon Flame Valley, the many things that they had owned would naturally need to be removed. These things were undoubtedly a windfall to Xiao Gate.

Although Xiao Yan and the others had this thought, they were unable to find even a trace of the treasure warehouse after searching for half an hour. It was as though the Demon Flame Valley had never owned these things.

Xiao Yan and Xiao Li brows lightly knit as they looked at the members from Xiao Gate helplessly returning from the ruins. Did the members of the Demon Flame Valley move all of these things away?

In his doubt, Xiao Yan's gaze suddenly glanced at Zi Yan, who had crossed her arms over her chest. He was involuntarily startled as he smiled and said, "I had forgotten about you girl. Isn't searching for treasure your speciality?"

"Hmph, you only remembered me now?" Zi Yan coldly snorted at Xiao Yan's words. Clearly, she was somewhat displeased with Xiao Yan for remembering her only at this moment.

Xiao Yan involuntarily let out a bitter laugh when he saw her pout. He persuaded her with nice words, causing a slight smile appear on this little grand-aunt's face. After which she shut her eyes and slowly opened them a moment later. Her body moved and rushed to the deepest parts of the Demon Flame Valley. Xiao Yan, Xiao Li, the Little Fairy Doctor, and the others behind hurriedly followed upon seeing this.

They followed behind Zi Yan as they passed through a long path within the valley. Around a couple of minutes later, their sight was covered by a rock wall that was filled with wild grass.

The few human figures slowly stopped in front of this rock wall. Their gazes swept over it but they did not sense anything unusual about it. Their gazes immediately swept doubtfully to Zi Yan.

Zi Yan immediately smiled pridefully when she saw the lost look on the faces of most of Xiao Yan's group. Her body flashed and moved, appearing at a certain part of the rock wall. After which, she tightly clenched her little fist and violently smashed it down.


Rock fragments shot in all directions and a crack line formed in the rock wall. Zi Yan once again stepped forward. Her little fist was just like a machine that opened mountains as she forcefully struck the mountain wall and formed a tunnel that was at least ten meters deep. After which, Xiao Yan and the rest saw a dark-black cave hidden deep within the rock wall.

Xiao Yan sighed in relief after seeing the deep cave behind the wall. He helplessly shook his head and bitterly laughed.

"It is indeed here… but this little girl's treasure seeking methods are really too barbaric…"

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