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Chapter 915

Chapter 915: Meeting In Battle

Protector Xuan’s wild laughter reverberated over the sky like thunder, causing the expressions of quite a number of people below to change. Immediately, numerous gazes instantly turned to the dense-black cloud. Although the black cloud had already ceased churning at this moment, a solemn-red color was emitted. Some of the people present, who were weaker, felt a violent emotion quietly rising from deep within their hearts wherever this blood-red color move. They quickly guarded their minds while adopting shocked faces.

Su Qian and the Little Fairy Doctor by the side also knit their brows slightly as they sensed the fierceness that was spreading from the black cloud. They did not understand why Xiao Yan did not act earlier. Did he really feel confident enough to finish off this fierce spirit, who would a strength that was sufficient to contend with an elite Dou Zong?

the Little Fairy Doctor might not understand this within her heart but she had exceptional trust in Xiao Yan. She knew that given Xiao Yan’s character, he would definitely not do something so foolish…

“Everyone, be careful!” Xiao Li’s expression was also solemn. He waved his hand toward everyone and cried out softly.

Without needing a reminder from Xiao Li, the Dou Qi within everyone’s body was circulated at their maximum speed. Powerful Dou Qi lingered over the surface of their bodies without scattering. The numerous colors radiating out gave the area an extremely beautiful appearance.

“Tsk tsk, so what if you are careful? Once the fierce spirit is formed, all of you will definitely die today!”

The strange laughter of Protector Xuan was suddenly transmitted from the black cloud. Immediately, the black cloud rippled and began to swiftly scatter. Within a short while, the black cloud that covered the sky above the valley completely dispersed. Warm sunlight once again scattered down from the sky. However, at this moment, everyone did not sense much warmth from the light. There was only a coldness present. The source of this dense coldness was from the blood-red human figure in the sky…

The size of the human figure was similar to an ordinary person. The blood color that spread over its body was exceptionally dark and gloomy. It appeared as though an unimaginable number of parts had been agglomerated from fresh blood. There was a feeling discharging from it that caused one’s head to feel a dense coldness. Additionally, this somewhat illusionary human figure did not possess a face. Only a pair of blood-colored eyes shot out from the spot where the head was located…

The blood-colored eyes did not register even the slightest emotion that a human possessed. Only a kind of endless violence and killing intent was present. This thing was basically a monster that was born to kill…

Xiao Yan and the others watched this blood-colored human figure. Their brows were slightly knit. Was this that so-called fierce spirit? It was indeed very powerful. If one were to be contaminated by that violence and other negative emotions that could influence one’s mind, it was likely that there would be a lot of trouble.

Protector Xuan, who was completely wrapped under a black fog, stood in the empty air beside the blood-colored human figure in the sky. He smiled as he looked at the fierce spirit, permeated by violent emotions. He involuntarily parted his mouth and smiled. After looking down at Xiao Yan’s group from a high spot, he laughed in a strange manner, “This Protector’s target is Xiao Yan. If those unrelated people were to withdraw now, I can allow you to leave.”

Although these words appeared to have been spoken to everyone, Protector Xuan’s eyes merely paused on Su Qian and the Little Fairy Doctor. Clearly, the only people who could caused him to

feel fear among those present were these two individuals.

Su Qian and the Little Fairy Doctor naturally ignored these words of his. The two of them exchanged looks before gently exhaling. Two mighty auras suddenly surged. Sensing the pressure of this powerful force, some of the experts who had come forward to lend a hand from behind Xiao Yan finally relaxed their tensed hearts a little. Experts of the Dou Zong class were existences that could make others feel safe regardless of where they were.

“Protector Xuan, you should not show such mercy to these fellows who intend to seek death. These people are those that will not cry until they are about to die…” Han Feng’s face involuntarily revealed a smile upon seeing Protector Xuan successfully agglomerating the fierce spirit. He raised his head and laughed loudly.

“In that case, it looks like this Protector can only reluctantly accept the spirits belonging to two experts of the Dou Zong class. Tsk tsk, if I were to possess these two spirits along with the two kinds of ‘Heavenly Flames’ within Xiao Yan’s body, whose credit can be greater than mine when I return to the hall this time around?” Protector Xuan spoke sinisterly.

Han Feng smiled. His gaze was savage as he stared at Xiao Yan and said, “My good junior. If you had continued to hide in the Jia Nan Academy, I would have been unable to do anything to you. However, you delivered yourself to this place. You cannot blame this senior for being tough.”

Xiao Yan glanced at Han Feng as he softly said, “A mere dog that has lost its home. This only allows you to live for a little longer. There is no need to be this happy.”

“You still have the razor tongue that you have always possessed…” The savageness on Han Feng’s face grew denser. His eyes took one look around him before he smiled and spoke in a sinister manner, “Currently, our side has five elite Dou Zongs in total. Today, I will see just who will laugh in the end. We have exchanged blows so many times. This time around, it is likely that this senior will be allowed to win one final exchange!”

Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed. His eyes suddenly stared at Mo Tian Xing by the side.

“Hee hee, sect leader Mo, do you really think that this little fellow will be able to escape alive this time around? I have said that I have also dabbled a little in poisons and will definitely help expel the poison from your son after this is over. Why do you want to place yourself in a risky position because of a little fellow in decline?” Han Feng glanced at Mo Tian Xing and laughed coldly after sensing Xiao Yan’s gaze.

In this current battleground, Xiao Yan’s side could barely contend against three elite Dou Zongs in total. Han Feng’s side, on the hand, would have four experts equivalent to a Dou Zong even after excluding Mo Tian Xing. At a glance, it appeared that Han Feng had obtained the upper hand. Hence, at this moment, Mo Tian Xing’s position was extremely important. If he were to help Han Feng’s group, the chances of Xiao Yan’s group being victorious would be extremely low. However, if he were to help Xiao Yan, the number of experts of both parties would be even… the helper that Han Feng had spent great effort to invite over would be meaningless.

Mo Tian Xing also knew his use in the battleground at this moment. However, he still maintained an expressionless face. He naturally also understood that if one were to look at the battleground on the surface, it would appear that Xiao Yan’s group was at a disadvantage. However, the cautious him was unwilling to join any group in such a random manner. Although he clearly understood that Xiao Yan currently had the strength of a six star Dou Huang, Mo Tian Xing still felt an exceptional fear for him. The degree of fear he felt even exceeded Su Qian and the Little Fairy Doctor…

After all, these two people did not have the ability to beat a seven star Dou Zong class expert until he was nearly crippled…

This thought swiftly flashed within Mo Tian Xing’s heart. A moment later, he smiled faintly and said, “The matter today has become a little too big. The old me does not have the boldness of you young people. Hence, I shall not participate in these matters…”

Han Feng frowned slightly when he heard Mo Tian Xing’s words. A cold glint flashed in the deep region of his eyes. However, he adopted a smiling manner on his face. It was fine if Mo Tian Xing did not help him. As long as he did not run over to help Xiao Yan, Han Feng had the confidence to settle all the grudges from the past today!

Regarding how he should deal with Mo Tian Xing, Han Feng naturally had ways to deal with him once he finished off Xiao Yan, this great enemy…

Xiao Yan appeared to have not heard the conversation between Han Feng and Mo Tian Xing. His body was just like the pole of a spear as he stood straight on the battleground. His finger gently fondled a snow-white ring. A moment later, his chin nodded slightly without anyone noticing. After which, he turned to the Little Fairy Doctor and Su Qian before speaking with a smile, “Leave the fierce spirit and Protector Xuan to me.”

Su Qian and the Little Fairy Doctor were startled when they heard this. The fierce spirit and Protector Xuan were two elite Dou Zongs. Moreover, their spirits were connected to one another, allowing them to collaborate extremely well with one another. Unless Xiao Yan used the frightening fire lotus Dou Technique, it was impossible for him to battle with two elite Dou Zongs even with the bone wings enhancing his speed.

Appearing to understand the shock in the hearts of the two of them, Xiao Yan waved his hand and softly laughed, “Relax, I will not do something that will end up killing me…”

Seeing the smile on Xiao Yan’s face, Su Qian and the Little Fairy Doctor hesitated for a moment before nodding. With Xiao Yan’s usual character, he did not appear to be a reckless person. Since he had said this, it was likely that he might really possess a trump card…

“Tsk tsk, Xiao Yan, you are really as arrogant as Han Feng described. However, it’s fine. This protector likes it…” Protector Xuan was stunned for quite awhile after hearing Xiao Yan’s words from the sky. Only then did he involuntarily laugh out loud.

Han Feng’s brows were knit slightly. He looked at Xiao Yan somewhat uncertainly. This fellow… what was he doing? He was actually challenging two elite Dou Zongs with his Dou Huang class strength? Was he not seeking death?

“First Elder, Little Fairy Doctor, I will leave the others to you…”

Xiao Yan ignored the many gazes filled with ridicule from around him. His shoulders shook and a ten-foot-long jade bone wings slowly extended out. He turned his head to Su Qian and the Little Fairy Doctor before giving them a smile. Immediately, the bone wings were flapped and his body emitted a ‘xiu’ sound as it launched through the sky.

“Honestly speaking this is the first time that I have formed a fierce spirit. Today, I will use you as an offering!”

Protector Xuan coldly laughed when he saw Xiao Yan rushing over in a straight line. A thought passed through his mind and the blood-colored illusionary figure beside him suddenly rushed down in a lightning-like manner. Its fist carried a violent wind and a great pressure as it smashed at Xiao Yan.

The fist had yet to arrive when the wind that was contained on it tore through the air and suddenly reached Xiao Yan!

Xiao Yan’s dark-black eyes were firmly locked on the blood-colored human figure that was rushing over. The corner of his mouth was slowly lifted into a cold smile. The hand he wore the white ring on was slowly tightened before he swung it!

Xiao Yan actually chose the most disadvantageous head-on confrontation when faced with the attack of an elite Dou Zong. Looking at this scene, the swords drawn atmosphere below become dull. This fellow… was he really seeking death?

The instant many people’s expression changed was also the instant that Xiao Yan’s fist made contact with the fierce spirit. However, before the force could erupt, the snow-white ring on his finger suddenly flickered and emitted a glaring glow!

Protector Xuan, who had a spiritual connection with the fierce spirit, changed expression the moment this powerful glow appeared!

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