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Chapter 911

Chapter 911: The Deterrence Created By Speed

Han Feng’s gaze was dense as he watched Xiao Yan’s group slowly walk into the open ground. This was especially the case when he did not discover the existence of Old Qian and Old Bai. The cold glow in his eyes suddenly soared.

“Xiao Yan, it is unexpected that you actually possess the guts to deliver yourself here. Do you really treat everyone seated here like grass?” Han Feng slowly stood up from his seat and coldly laughed. While he spoke, he quietly threw a look to an expert from the Demon Flame Valley, ordering him to swiftly gather the guards from the Demon Flame Valley.

“The only person I am against is Han Feng and the Demon Flame Valley. It has nothing to do with anyone else. However, if an outsider intervenes, I will naturally not show any mercy.” Xiao Yan slowly walked to the open ground. His soft ‘sha sha’ footsteps caused quite a number of people seated to feel a pressure. After the matter that had caused an uproar some time, Xiao Yan’s fierce reputation had become even greater within the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ Hence, no one dared to underestimate this man, who looked quite young.

“You need not inform the guards from outside of the Demon Flame Valley. We already got rid of them when we entered…” The quiet action of Han Feng did not escape Xiao Yan’s notice. The latter immediately smiled. His smile emitted a bloody scent.

Han Feng and the many Demon Flame Valley experts were stunned when they heard this. Han Feng immediately and furiously cried out, “What a vicious little fellow! Do you really intend to kill off the Demon Flame Valley and not leave anything alive?”

Xiao Yan smiled faintly. His voice was calm as he replied, “When the Demon Flame Valley attacked some of the innocent students from the Jia Nan Academy, it should have expected something like this to happen. Although the Jia Nan Academy dislikes a massacre, she is not foolish enough to be kind to her enemies.”

Han Feng narrowed his eyes. A cold glint and killing intent surged within them. Majestic Dou Qi lingered over his body. Under the pressure of the Dou Qi, even the tough table in front of him began to split with a cracking sound.

“Looks like you have really come here with the intention of destroying the Demon Flame Valley today. However, it is likely that this plan of yours has gone wrong. With sect leader Mo and Old Ying Shan present, you, as a younger generation, are not allowed to act presumptuously! If you are tactful, you should obediently hand over the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva!” Han Feng cried out in a sinister manner.

Xiao Yan’s eyes moved and turned to Mo Tian Xing and Old Ying Shan by the side. One could neither hear joy nor anger in his tone as he inquired, “Does sect leader Mo and Old Ying Shan plan to stand on the side of the Demon Flame Valley and Han Feng?”

Su Qian and the Little Fairy Doctor behind Xiao Yan stepped forward softly while Xiao Yan spoke. Their eyes locked onto Mo Tian Xing and Old Ying Shan. There was a sense that they would break into a fight at the first disagreement.

Xiao Yan’s sudden appearance had clearly exceeded the expectations of Mo Tian Xing and Old Ying Shan. Due to the Old Ground Demon Ghost, their hearts were quite afraid of him. This was especially the case with Su Qian and the Little Fairy Doctor, two elite Dou Zongs supporting him. The aura of these two people involuntarily weakened a little.

“Chief Xiao, the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva really possesses too much of an attraction to the both of us. Han Feng has used this as an item of persuasion, and the two of us had difficulty rejecting him…” Mo Tian Xing gently rubbed his beard and slowly responded.

“If you ar

e willing to hand the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva over, the two of us will leave immediately. We will not intervene in the matter between you and Han Feng.” Old Ying Shan’s gaze locked onto Xiao Yan as he spoke with a deep voice.

A fury immediately surged in Han Feng’s heart when he heard these words of these two old fellows. These two fellows’ words clearly indicated that they had the intention to give in. It was fine if this occurred during an ordinary time. However, Han Feng still needed to borrow their force to form an alliance. By showing their fear in front of Xiao Yan, the other factions and experts would definitely show some intention of withdrawing.

Han Feng’s gaze swept over the grounds as this thought flashed in his heart. He did indeed discover that some experts eyes had begun to avoid him. It seemed that the mighty arrival of Xioa Yan had caused quite a number of people to be afraid of participating in this matter…

Xiao Yan was non-committal to Mo Tian Xing’s and Old Ying Shan’s words. The Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva was an essential ingredient in order to be used to help the Little Fairy Doctor control her ‘Woeful Poison Body’. Hence, it was impossible for him to hand it over. It appeared that an intense battle was unavoidable today…

“Today is the settling of a grudge between Xiao Gate and the Demon Flame Valley. I hope that anyone not involved will not join in. Anyone who does not stand on the Demon Flame Valley’s side will be Xiao Yan’s and Xiao Gate’s friend. I, Xiao Yan, am still quite friendly to my friends. However, if my enemy is before me… I will definitely eliminate them at their roots!” Xiao Yan climbed the open ground that was built from Black Metal Rock. His aura had suddenly rose as his soft cry clearly resounded beside the ears of everyone present.

The expressions of quite a number of people changed a little as they sensed the powerful aura that spread from Xiao Yan’s body. Xiao Yan’s current strength had already reached a six star Dou Huang. Adding the effect of ‘Flame Mantra’ and the ‘Heavenly Flames,’ the strength of the force was sufficient to contend with an expert at the peak of the Dou Huang class. Other than Han Feng and a couple of others who were not influenced by it, the remaining people felt a muffled feeling of a large rock blocking their chest.

A surprise flashed across the eyes of Han Feng, Mo Tian Xing, and the others in the face of Xiao Yan’s even more powerful aura. After they sensed it carefully, they finally understood that Xiao Yan’s strength had advanced a little within these few months. Although his strength had only been raised by one star, this speed was quite terrifying.

“We cannot allow this fellow to act so mightily without any fear…” A coldness flashed across Han Feng’s eyes. He turned his head and threw a look toward the gold-silver elders beside him.

The gold-silver elders hesitated for a moment after receiving Han Feng’s look. They immediately flashed forward in unison before gently landing on the open ground. Powerful force surged out before finally blocking Xiao Yan’s aura. The hearts of the two of them clearly knew that they were unaware of Xiao Yan’s true level. All they knew was that he possessed some extremely frightening Dou Technique. As long as Xiao Yan did not use these Dou Techniques, the gold-silver elders had the confidence to hold him back.

However, their understanding of Xiao Yan came from their exchange a couple of years ago. Now… if they were to use the same method to measure him, it was likely that they would pay quite a hefty price.

“Chief Xiao, today is the day where the Demon Flame Valley has invited guest. Those who have come uninvited should leave!” The gold-silver elders cupped their hands to Xiao Yan as they cried out in cold voices.

The instant the two people’s words sounded, the slight sound of thunder suddenly spread across the sky. Immediately a pair of long hands grabbed the necks of the two from behind. The bodies of the two people stiffened abruptly the moment the somewhat icy hand landed on their necks. Shock slowly solidified on their faces.

“The two of you no longer have the qualifications to speak to me in this manner…”

A young face slowly extended out from behind the two of them. The force on his hands gradually increased. At this moment, all he needed to do was to exert a little force in order to break the necks of these two people on the spot!

“What… what frightening speed!”

“How can a Dou Huang achieve such a speed?”

The entire place became quiet as they looked at the black-robed, young man who had appeared behind the gold-silver elders as though he had teleported. Surprised voices involuntarily sounded.

At this moment, Xiao Yan maintained his stance with both his hands clenched around the neck of the gold-silver elders. A pair of ten-foot-long bone wings slowly flapped behind him. Each time the bone wings flapped, the slight sound of thunderous roar would appear in the air. A slight wind would also spread with the flapping of the bone wings.

Xiao Yan’s speed reached a level where even an ordinary elite Dou Zong had difficulty matching him after unfurling his ‘Jade Bone Wings.’ Adding this to the ignorance of the gold-silver elders, Xiao Yan had easily restrained them at the first contact. This kind of visual assault gave everyone an enormous shock.

Under the provocation of the vague killing intent that spread from behind them, the forehead of the gold-silver elders emitted a dense, cold perspiration. Their bodies did not dare to even tremble a little. They could clearly sense a hidden force lingering on Xiao Yan’s palm. Once this force was unleashed, they, who lacked any defense, would likely lose their lives on the spot!

“Chief… chief Xiao, please… please show mercy.”

The gold elder swallowed his saliva and spoke with a quivering voice. He did not even show the slightest hint of the imposing manner from earlier. Xiao Yan’s thunderbolt-like assault had left behind a phobia in their hearts that was difficult to remove. Only now did they understood that the strength of the current Xiao Yan was ahead of them.

Actually, the two of them were unaware that had they not been careless by failing to put up any defenses, Xiao Yan would have difficulty restraining them in the blink of an eye even if he possessed a frightening speed comparable to a Dou Zong. In the end, it was these two old fellows who were careless…

“These two fools. They clearly understand that Xiao Yan is not an ordinary Dou Huang, yet they actually dared to be this careless…” Han Feng’s facial skin twitched with great force as he sat on his head. He had similarly not expected the gold-silver elders to be defeated at first contact. Would this not end up bestowing Xiao Yan an opportunity to deter everyone? He involuntarily cursed angrily within his heart.

Mo Tian Xing and Old Ying Shan frowned as they looked at the pair of jade bone wings from under the leader’s seat. With their eyesight, they were naturally able to tell that the reason Xiao Yan possessed such a frightening speed was because of the effect of the bone wings… moreover, they clearly remembered that Xiao Yan’s speed was far inferior to this during their first exchange.

Mo Tian Xing knit his brows as he stared at the extremely familiar bone wings. A moment later, he finally recalled something. Was this pair of bone wings not the bone wings from the Magical Beast corpse that Xiao Yan had obtained from the auction?

It was unexpected that the Magical Beast corpse that they had deemed to be useless would actually be fiddled with by Xiao Yan until it possess such a frightening impact. From the looks of it, Mo Tian Xing had really suffered extreme losses from this transaction…

“Dammit… I was taken advantaged by this brat…”

Mo Tian Xing’s heart released such a thought as he stared at the bone wings with heated eyes.

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