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Chapter 907

Chapter 907: Information

Xiao Yan involuntarily smiled when he saw the old figure that had descended from the hole. He spoke with a clear voice, “Why does First Elder have the time to come here today?”

The old figure remained slowly suspended in the when he heard Xiao Yan’s voice. He glanced at Xiao Yan who had a naked upper body and snapped, “You have stayed below for such a long time. I thought that you had met with a troublesome matter… Zi Yan and those fellows have repeatedly asked me if they could come down here. How can I agree to their request given the danger of this place? Hence, I can only come down on my own.”

Xiao Yan laughed when he heard this. He pulled the snow-white ring that hid Tian Huo zun-zhe up his sleeve without drawing any attention. It was better to keep the matter of Tian Huo zun-zhe a secret. It would be more of a disadvantage than advantage if other people were to know about it. Although Xiao Yan trusted First Elder Su Qian, this was after all something related to an expert who was once an elite Dou Zun. Hence, it was best if fewer people knew about it.

First Elder Su Qian naturally did not notice the little actions of Xiao Yan. His feet stepped on the empty air and paused at the cave. His eyes swept over Xiao Yan and he involuntarily let out an exclamation when he sensed the change in the latter’s aura. He asked, “You have broken through?”

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He said, “I have coincidentally broken through just before First Elder descended…”

“Tsk tsk, you little fellow… this training speed is really a little too much like a monster. Back then, when I was still at the Dou Haung class, my fastest advancement took me around a year or so… but compared to you, it is really somewhat embarrassing.” Su Qian helplessly shook his head. This fellow’s training speed was really somewhat of a blow to others.

Xiao Yan rubbed his head and smiled. He did not tell First Elder Su Qian about the fire lizard people under the magma nor about the matter of the flame beads. It was best if no one else enters this place after he left. After all, there was a secret that was kept forever in Xiao Yan’s heart at the bottom of the magma. The moment that the secret was revealed, it was likely that the entire Dou Qi continent would tremble because of it…

Something left behind by a Dou Di was enough to cause everyone’s eyes to go red with envy and act crazy!

Xiao Yan randomly took a robe and placed it over his body. After which, he flipped his hand and the ‘Flame Gathering Pot’ appeared in his hand. He smiled secretively to Su Qian and said, “First Elder, take a look and see what this is…”

“Ke ke, why? Have you stored the Heart Flame in it?” Su Qian smiled when he saw this. After which, he received the ‘Flame Gathering Pot’ and glanced over it. His face instantly stiffened when he sensed the rising Heart Flame in his body a moment later. With his current strength, how could an ordinary Heart Flame maneuver the Heart Flame within his body?

“This… this is…” The stiffness on Su Qian’s face continued for a moment. After which, Su Qian appeared to have recalled something and shock filled with disbelief instantly surged into his eyes. He felt dull when he looked at Xiao Yan again. Awhile later, he suddenly frowned and asked in a deep voice, “Have you placed the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ into it?”

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded when he heard this. He said, “This is indeed a genuine ‘Fallen Heart Flame…’”

“You… ugh, why is it that you don’t use your brain? I have already said that the Fallen Heart Flame’s absence from the Inner Academy could save us s

ome trouble. Now that you have already subdued it, taking it out again would harm you a ton! You might end up remaining at this level forever. How will you go and battle with the ‘Hall of Souls’ in this manner?” Su Qian clenched his teeth and spoke with resentment that stemmed from Xiao Yan being unable to meet his expectations.

Xiao Yan was stunned when he saw the First Elder Su Qian’s manner. He immediately recovered after coming to a sudden understanding. It seemed that Su Qian had thought that Xiao Yan had taken the Fallen Heart Flame out of his body. Xiao Yan involuntarily laughed. A warmth also appeared in his heart as he did so…

“First Elder, you are mistaken. This is indeed the Fallen Heart Flame. However, it is not the one from the past. Otherwise, how could its might be so weak?” Xiao Yan shook his head and softly laughed.

“It is not the Fallen Heart Flame from the past?” Su Qian was startled when he heard Xiao Yan’s words. Only then did he recover. The Fallen Heart Flame in this ‘Flame Gathering Pot’ seemed to be a little too weak. It was far inferior to the horror of the Fallen Heart Flame in the past…

Su Qian held the Flame Gathering Pot with both hands. He was stunned for a minute before he seemed to have thought of something. A wild joy that was difficult to hid surged into his eyes as he joyfully said, “You mean… you have found another Fallen Heart Flame?”

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He said, “This Fallen Heart Flame is also something that was found in the magma world. However, it is currently still in its infant stage. As long as the Elders from the Inner Academy who practice fire affinity Qi Methods pour an unceasing amount of Dou Qi into it, the Heart Flame that it could provide would still enable the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower to once again regain its use. After more time passes, this Fallen Heart Flame might also be able to once again evolve and possess its own intelligence. At that time, it would definitely not reject the Inner Academy after the Inner Academy has groomed it for so long. Therefore, the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower might be able to remain open forever…”

The joy on Su Qian’s face became very dense while listening to Xiao Yan’s gentle words. Clearly, he was extremely excited at being able to revive the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower once again.

“It is really unexpected that this magma world actually made another Fallen Heart Flame. Even the headmaster back then did not discover it…” Su Qian sighed first before shaking his head. After which, he held the Flame Gathering Pot as though it was a treasure and faced Xiao Yan with a face full of smiles. He said, “It has been tough on you… little fellow. You have taken away a matured ‘Heavenly Flame’ with a wild character that is difficult to tame, but end up returning to the Inner Academy an obedient infant ‘Heavenly Flame.’ All of this can be said to cancel each other out. Hence, you need not feel guilty in the future…”

Xiao Yan smiled slightly and nodded. Now, he was truly relieved. He also had quite the feelings for the Inner Academy. The Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower was extremely important to the Inner Academy. However, it had lost its effect because of him. He was quite happy that he was currently able to make up for it.

“Ugh, with this thing, I will at least be able to account to the headmaster when he asks about it in the future… the Fallen Heart Flame is something that he had spent quite a lot of effort in order to seal. The establishment of the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower is also the idea of him. If he were to return and see that this thing had lost its effect, it is likely that I will not be able to avoid being turned into a mess…” Su Qian’s hand rubbed the Flame Gathering pot, and he sighed before laughing out loud.

Xiao Yan felt a little ashamed as he looked at Su Qian who appeared as though he had relieved a big burden. In that past, the First Elder had always said that everything was fine. Yet, his heart had actually been thinking about this matter to such an extent. However, it made sense if one thought about it. The Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower was so important. If it simply disappeared, even Xiao Yan’s heart would unavoidably feel a disappointment.

“Ke ke, let’s not talk about this…” Su Qian hurriedly waved his hand after appearing to have seen through Xiao Yan’s thoughts. He smiled and said, “One of the reasons that I have entered this place this time round is to see if any accident happened to you. Another reason is to inform you that we have news about Han Feng.”

“Han Feng?” Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this. The smile on his face was withdrawn slightly. A coldness also flashed in his eyes. That fellow had taken advantage of the chaos back then to flee. Xiao Yan had been thinking about this matter. After all, this fellow had remained in the ‘Hall of Souls’ for a period of time. He might be aware of the place where teacher was locked. Moreover, even if Han Feng was unaware of it, Xiao Yan must personally kill this person who had betrayed his teacher. Otherwise, how could he be worthy of Yao Lao, who had placed high hopes on him?

“Ever since that fellow fled back then, he disappeared for a period of time. Originally, we would also have great difficulty finding him. However, a couple of days ago, Xiao Gate suddenly passed information saying that this fellow seems to have appeared at the Demon Flame Valley…” Su Qian slowly spoke.

“Demon Flame Valley?” Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed slightly. He immediately laughed coldly, “Looks like this fellow is planning to take advantage of the death of the Old Ground Demon Ghost to completely take over everything that belonged to him…”

“Aye, Han Feng possesses great ambition. He has encroached deep into the ‘Black-Corner Region’ and possesses a large network there. If he is given sufficient time, he would definitely become an overlord of the area. It is not difficult for him to achieve this with his status as an alchemist.” Su Qian nodded and said.

“This time around, he has secretly took over the Demon Flame Valley and he did it in a quiet manner. If Xiao Gate hadn’t been lucky, it is likely that they would have difficulty obtaining this information.”

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. The corner of his mouth was lifted to form a cold expression. It was good as long as this fellow did not enter the vast mountain forest. As long as he was in the Black-Corner Region, Xiao Yan would have the confidence to capture this dog that had lost its home!

“What do you plan to do?” Su Qian glanced at Xiao Yan and asked.

“This fellow cannot be let off no matter what. Otherwise, there will be a lot of trouble in the future.” Xiao Yan slowly tightened his fist and softly said, “Gather some people. This time around, I will definitely not allow this fellow to flee alive. I need to know some information from his mouth.”

Su Qian smiled slightly and nodded. He said, “It seems that it is not impossible to capture him with the strength of our side… when will you act?”

Xiao Yan’s hand grabbed toward the back of the cave. A black figure carried a clearly low whistle shot out. Finally, it transformed into a heavy ruler that fell into Xiao Yan’s hand. He flipped with his hand and the heavy ruler was inserted behind him. The corner of his mouth was immediately lifted into a cold smile as he said in a dense manner, “Now!”

Xiao Yan’s shoulder shook slightly when his words sounded. A pair of beautiful jade-like bone wings slowly extended out. After which, the bone wings were flapped. A faint thunder roar resounded over this quiet magma world as Xiao Yan’s figure turned into a blur that shot to the entrance hole!

Su Qian involuntarily fondled his beard as he looked at the back of Xiao Yan which was filled with a killing aura. He muttered, “What a pitiful Han Feng. Originally, he could have been considered a great authority within the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ In the end, he unluckily met Xiao Yan. It looks like the eyes of Yao zun-zhe have become sharper and sharper…”

Su Qian also smiled gloatingly after saying this. After which, his footsteps stepped on the empty air as his body followed close behind Xiao Yan in a lightning-like manner.

This time around, the fight between these two, who had the same teacher, will likely reach a conclusion!

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