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Chapter 895

Chapter 895: Training Venue

The gentle light landed on Xiao Yan’s repeatedly changing face in the room. A cluster of grayish-brown flames slowly rose in front of him, emitting a hot temperature.

This silence continued for a moment before Xiao Yan finally exhaled. He beckoned with his hand and the grayish-brown-colored ‘Life Transforming Flame’ landed in his hand. A bitter laugh sounded as he looked at the flame. Finally, he widened his mouth and once again sucked the flame into his body.

Xiao Yan’s heart ultimately contained the greatest fear for the so-called Central Plains. This place, that gathered the top experts from the Dou Qi continent, was the grandest stage on the entire continent. The strong there were as numerous as the clouds. If one did not have some ability, one would only become other people’s stepping stone if one wanted to do well in that place. Although Xiao Yan had currently advanced to a five star Dou Huang and could enter the level of the experts, he clearly understood that this strength would be considered nothing in the Central Plains. If this were the case, he must have some trump cards to protect his life. This kind of ‘Extermination Fire Lotus,’ formed from the merger of four kinds of flames, possessed the greatest strength. It was this thing that would be Xiao Yan’s final trump card in the future.

Being faced with the choice of immediately raising his strength and leaving behind a trump card, Xiao Yan ended up choosing the latter. He had promised Xin Lan to help her clan re-enter the so-called ‘Pill-Tower’ Elder’s seat. Although he was still uncertain what degree of difficulty this involved, he could vaguely guess that it would definitely not be relaxing. If this were the case, he would need another guarantee on his life…

Therefore, Xiao Yan’s felt confident in the ‘Extermination Fire Lotus,’ that was merged from four kinds of flame. With this thing protecting him, he would be able to feel some confidence even while walking the Central Plains, a place where tigers and dragons hid…

Numerous thoughts churned in his heart like floodwater as Xiao Yan gradually made his decision. He placed the ‘Life Transforming Flame’ in his body as a contingency plan.

The interior of this ‘Life Transforming Flame’ had gathered the powerful Dou Qi of Fang Yan and the other two Demon Flame Valley’s Elders. If it was stored with an ordinary method, it would definitely gradually disappear with the flow of time. However, Xiao Yan was able to wrap it in a ‘Heavenly Flame’ and store it within his body. Thus, he would not need to worry about even the slightest leakage of Dou Qi, and he would able to store it in his body for a long period of time…

Xiao Yan sighed in relief after he carefully stored the ‘Life Transforming Flame’ in his body. He immediately descended into deep thought. After the big battle today, he had also gradually sensed that with his current strength, it was becoming gradually tougher on him to deal with his increasingly stronger opponents. It seemed that he needed to train properly before heading to the Central Plains. He needed to try his best to use the shortest amount of time to raise his strength without affecting the equilibrium of his foundation. This would really benefit him when he ended up walking the Central Plains in the future.

These two requirements might seem simple but they were actually quite harsh. He wanted to obtain both training speed and maintain his steadiness. These two factors were opposing each other. If one wanted to achieve both of them, one would have to find an excellent training ground that was very suitable to train. The conditions that needed to be met were actually not that difficult if he were to think about it. He only required a place where a

massive amount of pure fire energy was gathered. Of course, if this place were serene and quiet and could not be disturbed by outsiders, it would be even more perfect…

These conditions appeared quite simple, but finding the required spot would be difficult. The surroundings of the Inner Academy were mostly deep mountains and old forest. It was not difficult to find a quiet spot. However, the natural energy was quite mottled with many affinity energy gathered together, and Xiao Yan required only the fire affinity energy. Other than areas near a volcano, such places were extremely rare. The Inner Academy’s surrounding also seemed to be void of any volcanic veins…

Xiao Yan frowned and mused for a long time, but was still unable to think of a suitable place near the Inner Academy. He could only shake his head and wave his hand. A flame-like scroll appeared on his palm. There were two paths to raising one’s strength. One was to increase one’s body strength while the other was to practice a Dou Qi with extraordinary strength. Since the first condition was difficult to meet, Xiao Yan could only choose the second approach. Coincidentally, he had yet to find the time to practice the ‘Six Joint Body Flowing Ruler’ that he had obtained from the auction.

This so-called ‘Six Joint Body Flowing Ruler’ was of an even higher class than the ‘Flame Splitting Tsunami.’ It was likely that its strength would be extremely extraordinary. Otherwise, it would not have been worth it to purchase it.

The scroll was completely crimson, appearing like a gorgeous, red-colored crystal. Xiao Yan’s hand slowly pushed open the scroll. His eyes were slightly shut as Spiritual Strength surged from between his brows before finally invading the scroll.

Following the contact of Xiao Yan’s spiritual strength on the scroll, a faint-red light radiated out and fiery-red words appeared in Xiao Yan’s spiritual sight…

This was a magma lake. Hot bubbles repeatedly boiled on the surface of the lake. Each time it parted, a faint, hot fog would rise. Xiao Yan’s heart clearly understood that the creator had used his Spiritual Strength to engrave this scroll. It was specifically used to record some high class Dou Skill. This kind of scroll, that was recorded using Spiritual Strength, contained some of the owner’s comprehension of the Dou Skill. The people who practiced it after would be imparted with some experience. It would also be somewhat easier for them to practice it.

A yellow-colored figure slowly appeared on the surface of the magma lake following the entrance of Xiao Yan’s spiritual strength. This human figure stood on the empty air above the magma. His hand carried a five-foot-long red-colored metal ruler.

This red-colored metal ruler was not as heavy as the Heavy Xuan Ruler, but there was an additional agility to it. Xiao Yan also knew that the vague human figure was a little spiritual imprint of the creator.

The vague human figure had just appeared when it began to move. One could see that its feet violently stomped down and a powerful energy shook the magma lake until a monstrous fire wave appeared. His body suddenly moved and the red ruler drew numerous mysterious locuses…

The yellow figure’s dancing ruler’s speed was not quick. However, it gave Xiao Yan a kind of smooth feeling as natural as the floating clouds and flowing water. One ruler technique followed another with the beginning connecting to the end. Numerous red figures surrounded his body. The dense magma that came churning over was received by the ruler’s figure as it whistled past. Not a drop of magma penetrated the ruler’s defense to land on the yellow figure’s body.

Xiao Yan’s spirit was somewhat shocked as he watched the willfulness of the yellow-colored figure, dancing as he pleased on the magma lake. With his eyesight, he naturally knew that this yellow figure did not use Dou Qi to isolate his body. Instead, he had relied completely on the profoundness of the ruler technique to wrap himself within a layer of ruler defenses where even air could not penetrate. One did not even need to talk about whether this ruler technique had a strong offensive strength or not. Just this defensive technique alone had interested Xiao Yan.

“Six Joint Body Flowing Ruler, attacking and defending as one. It can attack when one advances and defend when one withdraws. It is the top Dou Skill that this Venerate (Dou Zun) has created. The ruler technique is separated into three levels: Splitting Fire, Body Flowing Fire, and Six Joint Fire. One can find a magma lake to train, lifting the magma wave and penetrating it. If one were to be able to pass through magma field as one pleases without relying on one’s Dou Qi with not even the slightest magma liquid touching oneself, then one could be considered to have gained a foothold in this skill. If one were to be sufficiently hard working, one would be able to achieve complete mastery over time, able to attack and defend together. No one of the same class or below would be able to approach one’s body!”

“Next is some of the essence of training the ‘Six Joint Body Flowing Ruler.’ Successors should listen properly.”

An old voice slowly resounded over this spiritual space while Xiao Yan was feeling shocked from the display of the mysterious ruler technique by the yellow figure. It likely belonged to the creator of this ruler technique.

Xiao Yan hurriedly braced his attention when he heard this old voice. After which, he absorbed all the explanations of the ‘Six Joint Body Flowing Ruler’ into his mind…

Xiao Yan gradually recovered when the final word of the old voice sounded. When his eyes once again looked to the yellow figure that was displaying the ruler technique tirelessly, some understanding slowly surged into his eyes. He also had gained an initial understanding of the ruler technique that had seemed flawless in his eyes earlier.

After quietly watching the yellow figure dance for over a hundred times, Xiao Yan finally let out a long breath. A smile as though he had been unladen of a heavy burden appeared on his face. It was indeed worthy of a Dou Skill which he had spent a high price to purchase. Not only did it possess a spiritual imprint, but there was actually a remnant Spiritual Strength to explain the ruler technique. The explanation earlier did not last for long but it was a great help to Xiao Yan, allowing him to practice the Six Joint Body Flowing Ruler. Simply put, with that explanation, Xiao Yan would at least save half the time he needed to read and study the scroll.

Xiao Yan’s mind moved slightly and his spirit slowly withdrew from the scroll. After which, he carefully put away the scroll and softly muttered, “It is best that I successfully master this ‘Six Joint Body Flowing Ruler’ before I leave. However, where would I go and find a magma lake?”

Xiao Yan knit his brows slightly. His finger slowly tapped on the bed’s headboard. A moment later, he seemed to have thought of something and his finger came to a sudden stop. A joy that was difficult to hide surfaced in his dark-black eyes.

“Under the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower… isn’t it a magma world…”

When he thought of the underground world in where Xiao Yan had slumbered for nearly two years, his eyes began to flicker. The fire affinity energy there was large and pure. It would likely enable his strength to soar within a short period of time if he were to use it to train!

“I nearly forgot about that place…”
[a]If I recall correctly, it should be 2 years

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