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Chapter 884

Chapter 884: Old Ground Demon Ghost

The thunder-like cry resounded mightily over the Inner Academy. The echo reverberated all around, shaking one’s heart as it did.

Human figures suddenly flashed and appeared from all over the Inner Academy not long after this old cry sounded. Immediately, numerous human figures appeared in the sky above the area where Xiao Yan was located. The first person was naturally First Elder Su Qian. At this moment, his expression was solemn as he studied the direction where the cry originated from. He clenched his fist slightly and muttered, “Old Ground Demon Ghost…”

Su Qian slowly lowered his head. He exchanged looks with Xiao Yan and the others below before knitting his brows. It seemed that this trouble had really found them.

Waves of rushing wind sounds suddenly appeared at the edge of the sky not long after that old cry was transmitted from afar. A large group of small black spots appeared in everyone’s sight a moment later. Within a couple of blinks, they transformed into a group of people that were filled with a fierce aura that soon paused in the sky above the Inner Academy.

Xiao Yan’s eyes slowly swept over this group of twenty or so human figures. His gaze immediately stopped on two people right at the center of the group. One of these two people was a familiar face who could not be anyone else but Han Feng. The other person was a blood-haired old man who wore a skull yellow robe. The old man’s face was skinny, and he basically belonged to the type where there was only skin above their bones. At a glance, he was just like a skull. His deep eyes revealed a serene luster, appearing much like a ghost flame as it emitted a strange and ghastly aura.

This blood-haired old man stood unsupported in the empty air. His deep eyes indifferently watched the Inner Academy below. Each time his sleeves flapped gently with the wind, the surrounding space would quietly emit a slight ripple. These ripples might be extremely weak, but they were still detected by Xiao Yan. The latter’s eyes immediately shrunk slightly. Such a profound Dou Qi could really be considered something that he had seen for the first time in many years. It seemed that this person should be the founder of the Demon Flame Valley, the Old Ground Demon Ghost, who First Elder Su Qian and the others were extremely afraid of.

A pressure descended from the sky after this group of human figures, with a fierce aura permeating around, appeared. It covered the entire Inner Academy. The expressions of some of the weaker students immediately changed a little. When they exchanged glances with each other, their eyes contained fear.

Su Qian frowned slightly as he sensed the pressure of silence from the Inner Academy. He raised his head, looked at the blood-haired old man and slowly said, “After having not seen you for so many years, it is unexpected that your strength has once again advanced this much,”

“You are Su Qian, no…” The Old Ground Demon Ghost glanced faintly at Su Qian and said, “It is unexpected that you have also advanced to the Dou Zong class. When I met you back then, you were merely an Elder at the peak of the Dou Huang class. You should be clear about the reason the old me has come today. Hand over that little fellow called Xiao Yan. He killed three Great Elders of my Demon Flame Valley. I must seek repayment for this debt. Otherwise, how will my Demon Flame Valley survive within the ‘Black-Corner Region?’”

Su Qian’s expression sank slightly. He coldly cried out, “Old Ground Demon Ghost, there is an explanation for Xiao Yan killing Fang Yan and the two others. It is unavoidable that there are some injuries when one fights. Moreover, Fang Yan and the three others launched a fatal attack on him. Should he just allow them to kill him?”

“The old me doesn’t care about any of this. All I know is that Xiao Yan has killed three Elders of my Demon Flame Valley!” The Old Ground Demon Ghost waved his sleeves and coldly laughed. “I will not waste my breath with you. Directly call Mang Tian Chi out to discuss with me.”

A cold smile surfaced on Su Qian’s face when he heard this. He said, “Old Ground Demon Ghost, aren’t you afraid of the other people laughing at you by saying this? Would you still dare to lead such a great force over if the headmaster was in the Inner Academy?”

A fierce glint immediately flashed across the Old Ground Demon Ghost when he heard Su Qian’s ridicule tone. He said, “Su Qian, you shouldn’t think that the old me is afraid of Mang Tian Chi. Moreover, even if I am afraid of him, you do not have the qualification to say such words to the old me! Today, the old me shall throw some harsh words here. If you do not hand over Xiao Yan, this Inner Academy of yours need not continue operating in the future!”

The expressions of the many Inner Academy Elders changed after the Old Ground Demon Ghost’s words sounded. A fury immediately surged on their faces. This old person who would not die was really too wild and arrogant.

“He he, to have such an expert remember my name has really caused the little me to be surprised…” A clear laugh suddenly sounded over the open ground. Jade-green fire wings was extended out from behind Xiao Yan. He immediately flapped his wings and rushed to the sky before stopping beside Su Qian. Finally, he spoke with a laugh to the Old Ground Demon Ghost.

The Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan closely followed after Xiao Yan revealed himself. Their bodies moved and they appeared in the sky. Both of their gazes were staring at the Old Ground Demon Ghost’s group.

“You are Xiao Yan?” The Old Ground Demon Ghost dark and cold gaze slowly turned to Xiao Yan. The moment he parted his voice, his dense voice caused a chilliness to permeate the place despite it being daytime.

“He he, senior Ground Demon, he is Xiao Yan. Fang Yan and the other two died by his hands. The Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva has also landed in his hands.” Before Xiao Yan could reply, Han Feng, who was beside the Old Ground Demon Ghost, interrupted and laughed. After speaking, he also threw a dark and dense look at Xiao Yan. The savage smile in his eyes was extremely obvious. It seemed that he had spent quite a lot of effort in order to get Xiao Yan to die.

The Old Ground Demon Ghost nodded his head slightly. One could see neither joy nor anger on his dry face. His serene ghost-fire-like eyes stared at Xiao Yan, and he said in a calm voice, “Are you going to come with me by yourself or should the old me personally act to break your four limbs and lead you away?”

“Old Ground Demon Ghost, this is the Inner Academy, not your Demon Flame Valley. You should look at where you are before acting so arrogantly. The old me will also throw some harsh words here today. If you dare to attack in this Inner Academy, the old me will let you know that my Jia Nan Academy is not some soft mud even if I have to stake my life!” Su Qian’s eyes suddenly widened as he cried out in a stern voice.

The atmosphere in the sky suddenly become tense after this tit for tat cry by Su Qian sounded. Everyone knew that it was likely that the matter today would not be peacefully resolved…

“Tsk tsk, you are indeed worthy of being the First Elder of the Inner Academy. What great prestige. However, do you really think that you are Mang Tian Chi?” The Old Ground Demon Ghost let out a strange laugh as he spoke in a sinister manner, “If you really insist on intervening today, the old me does not mind giving you a lesson in front of all the students within the Inner Academy. Otherwise they might end up offending someone with their words in the future. Xiao Yan has killed three of my Demon Flame Valley Elders. Anyone who helps him today will be an enemy of my Demon Flame Valley!”

“I think that your motive is likely the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva, right? Your excuse is indeed quite good. Your skin is also becoming thicker.” Xiao Yan suddenly laughed in a faint voice.

“What a sharp tongue!” The eyes of the Old Ground Demon Ghost suddenly turned cold. His five fingers moved and five sharp Dou Qis that contained a chillness suddenly shot explosively from his finger. They carried a fierce wind as they shot toward Xiao Yan’s head.

The five cold glints were still around ten feet from Xiao Yan when a graceful, white figure suddenly flashed and appeared. A majestic aura erupted in a volcano-like manner. The gray-color Dou Qi that contained a faint fishy scent shook the five sharp Dou Qi until they were scattered. However, the white figure trembled slightly when the five sharp Dou Qi scattered. The figure immediately emitted a soft muffled groan before taking a step back.

Xiao Yan’s expression sunk when he saw the Little Fairy Doctor being forced back. He hurriedly asked, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. This old fellow’s strength is extremely great. Moreover, his Dou Qi contained a chill. With your current strength, you would likely suffer a serious injury if you were to be struck by it.” The Little Fairy Doctor shook her head. Her face revealed a solemness as she reminded.


The eyes of the Old Ground Demon Ghost flickered slightly after the attack was scattered. He immediately looked at the Little Fairy Doctor who had appeared in front of Xiao Yan and slowly said, “It is unexpected that you have reached the Dou Zong class at such an age. How unexpected. Don’t tell me that it is actually easy to rise to the Dou Zong class nowadays?”

“Old fellow, do you really think that everyone is like you and doesn’t improve after training for so many years?” Xiao Yan coldly laughed. His words did not give this old fellow even the slightest face.

The corner of the Old Ground Demon Ghost’s eyes involuntarily twitched after he heard these Xiao Yan’s mean words. A fierceness flashed within his eyes. His talent was not considered poor. Otherwise, he would not have reached this level. However, compared to Mang Tian Chi and those old fellows from a similar generation who had left the ‘Black-Corner Region’ he could be considered the last rank. Now, Mang Tian Chi had long since become an elite Dou Zun. On the other hand, he was still lingering in the Dou Zong class. This point had always been a pain in his heart. These words of Xiao Yan now seemed to have viciously gave his wound a bloody cut.

“Senior Ground Demon need not bother with this little fellow. His mouth has always been vicious. Currently, it is useless to waste your breath on him. You should just attack. Once you capture him, pull out all his teeth, and cut his tongue. We will see just how he will argue with another then!” Han Feng by the side spoke with a cold smile.

“You can just leave Su Qian to me. Xiao Yan and the white-clothed Dou Zong will have to rely on Senior Ground Demon. With your ability, it should not be difficult to finish them off.” A thread of cunningness that was difficult to discover flashed through Han Feng’s eyes as he spoke. He had always been quite afraid of Xiao Yan’s endless tactics, and was quite fearful of the extremely mysterious Little Fairy Doctor. He had now left them to the Old Ground Demon Ghost. He, on the other hand, would contribute by handling First Elder Su Qian, who was much easier to deal with.

The Old Ground Demon Ghost nodded. A savage killing intent surged within his deep eyes.

After sensing the dark and dense killing intent from the Old Ground Demon Ghost, the many Elders in the Inner Academy immediately became cautious. Powerful Dou Qi slowly flowed within their bodies as they prepared to act at any moment.

While the sky’s atmosphere had turned into one where swords were drawn, the many students of the Inner Academy below were speechless. Their hearts were full of admiration for Xiao Yan since he dared to rudely mock an elite Dou Zong. He was indeed worthy of being able to become a legendary figure of the Jia Nan Academy. This courage was something no one could match…

However, they were involuntarily a little worried on top of their admiration. This time around, the one who had come was an old demon expert who had been alive for as long as the mysterious headmaster.

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