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Chapter 880

Chapter 880: Unexpected Reward

Following the determination in Xiao Yan’s heart, the struggle within his eyes disappeared. He inhaled a deep breath as his gaze focused intently on the jade bone wings suspended in front of him. His fists gradually tightened as a ferocious expression appeared on his face.

“I don’t believe that I cannot deal with a pair of bone wings!”

Xiao Yan violently clenched his teeth. He beckoned with his hand and the jade bone wings fell. Finally, they paused around half-a-foot in front of him.

The seal formed by Xiao Yan’s hand moved as his eyes once again glanced over the bone wings. After which, he gently shut his eyes and a powerful Spiritual Strength slowly spread out from between his brows. Eventually, the Spiritual Strength gathered together and carefully surrounded the bone wings.


A low, deep, muffled sound immediately exploded within Xiao Yan’s mind the moment his Spiritual Strength made contact with the jade bone wings. His mind was at a loss, and the world in front of him drastically changed.

Xiao Yan was in a dusky world, void of any life. His spirit was suspended high in the sky. He frowned as his gaze swept over this overcast world. He muttered, “Is this within the bone wings? Where is its remnant aura?”

While Xiao Yan was looking all around, the duskiness around him slightly fluctuated. Immediately, substance-like gray air slowly spread out. As the gray-colored airflow gathered, a pair of blood-red eyes abruptly formed. The blood-colored light pillars focused on Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan’s spirit faintly smelled a dense bloody stench when the blood-colored light pillar appeared. That smell was filled with a fierce violence that was difficult to hide. This negative emotion seemed to have the ability of infecting others. After having just come into contact with it, Xiao Yan’s breathing became rough and heavy.

“What a strange thing…” The change in Xiao Yan’s body did not escape his notice. His expression immediately changed as he hurriedly calmed his mind. He expelled the negative emotion that filled his body and avoided being infected by the gray air.


A soul-stirring beast roar suddenly reverberated from the gray airflow, that had expanded, while Xiao Yan was stabilizing his mind. The roar was filled with a violent fierceness that caused one to feel horrified. Following the sound of the beast roar, the gray-colored airflow seemed to have received an instruction. It suddenly surged toward Xiao Yan from all directions.

Xiao Yan’s heart coldly shivered with as he studied the transformation of the gray-colored airflow. He hurriedly maneuvered his Spiritual Strength to form a spiritual barrier around him, isolating the gray airflow.

After the formation of the spiritual barrier, the gray-colored airflow, that was spreading around, began to swiftly wiggle. Within a couple of blinks, it had transformed into an enormous beast body made out of the gray airflow. Due to the gray airflow being thin, Xiao Yan was unable to clearly see the actual body of the Magical Beast. Nevertheless, a pair of bright-red light pillars, filled with an incomparable ferocity, once again appeared on the head of the Magical Beast, like a pair of terrifying eyes.


The vague Magical Beast body had just been formed when its ferocious blood-red eyes locked onto Xiao Yan. It immediately let out another roar before mimicking a running rhinoceros as it violently collided with the spiritual barrier.


When the two made contact, the energy of the airflow, which was clearly translucent, became substance-like as it collided with the barrier, causing the invisible spiritual barrier to repeatedly emit waves of ripples.

Xiao Yan&rs

quo;s spirit also let out a low muffled moan following the fierce collision. Currently, he was in a spiritual form. His Spiritual Strength in the outside world and his soul had a direct connection. If his Spiritual Strength were to suffer, some injuries would also appear on his soul.

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air in his heart. He hurriedly maneuvered his Spiritual Strength and once again stabilized the spiritual barrier in the outer world. However, his expression immediately changed a little. He was somewhat shocked to discover that following the collision of the mysterious gray airflow Magical Beast and his barrier, the fierceness that permeated its body seemed like invisible flowing air as it quietly seeped into his spiritual barrier…

A solemness surfaced on Xiao Yan’s face. He decisively scattered a thread of Spiritual Strength that had been eroded. Then, he swiftly maneuvered new Spiritual Strength from his body and formed a barrier to protect himself again.

The layer of spiritual barrier had just appeared when the mysterious Magical Beast’s illusionary body, that had been repelled by the spiritual barrier earlier, agglomerated back into another form. It immediately gathered its strength like it did earlier and violently collided with the spiritual barrier.


“Groan!” The next violent collision caused Xiao Yan to emit a low and muffled moan. His finger moved and he did not hesitate to scatter the spiritual barrier in front of him. His gaze was gloomy as he looked at the illusionary Magical Beast figure that was lingering around. It was unexpected that this remnant aura would actually be so difficult to subdue, but the results he had gained until now were because of his powerful Spiritual Strength. If it had been some other expert, it was likely that their rational would have long been occupied by the ferociousness of the beast, eventually becoming a killing machine who only knew how to kill people.

Even though this was the case, the two collisions had caused Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength to be greatly exhausted. On the other hand, the gray-colored airflow, which seemed to possess some intelligence, did not show any sign of weakening. If this were to prolong, the one who would end up exhausted would definitely be Xiao Yan.

“It won’t do to continue in this manner…” Xiao Yan’s eyes stared intently at the gray-colored airflow that lingered around him. After remaining in this place for a long while, even someone with Xiao Yan’s mental strength would involuntarily feel somewhat fretful. He knew that this was caused by the gray airflow.

As this thought lingered in Xiao Yan’s heart, the gray-colored airflow that lingered around Xiao Yan once again agglomerated into an illusionary Magical Beast. It opened its savage, enormous mouth and emitted a roar that contained some ridicule that was cast into Xiao Yan’s direction. Immediately, it once again violently charged over like a rhinoceros.

Xiao Yan’s eyes stared intently at the Magical Beast illusionary figure that was charging over. His expression gradually became solemn and the seal formed by his hands suddenly changed!


Following the change in Xiao Yan’s hand seal, an invisible flame suddenly surged out from within his spirit. It swiftly spread and completely wrapped around Xiao Yan’s body. Then, the Magical Beast’s illusionary figure collided with the invisible flame. Immediately, a white flame emitted a ‘chi chi’ sound as it rose while a sharp miserable cry sounded in this overcast space. The Magical Beast’s figure gradually grew fainter before completely disappearing.

The surrounding gray-colored airflow appeared to have been startled after this sudden unexpected change occurred. It hurriedly spread in all directions and no longer dared to carelessly remain a certain distance away from Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan was slightly startled in the face of this unexpected change. A joy immediately surged up his brows. He did not expect this action to be useful. The Fallen Heart Flame was able directly harm spirits and illusionary substances. Clearly, this gray-colored airflow was among this category… thus, Xiao Yan might have a way to retaliate.

“Hee hee, weren’t you very happy earlier? Why don’t you come and try now!” A cold smile gradually surfaced at the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth as he watched the gray airflow that were hurriedly moving away. He flicked his finger and the Fallen Heart Flame that covered the surface of his body suddenly and fiercely burned. A high temperature swiftly spread over this dusky space.

Following the increase in temperature, a change appeared in this overcast space. The gray airflow began to flow uneasily. A fearful roar was faintly emitted.

“Regardless of how powerful you were when you were alive, the current you is merely a remnant aura that lacks intelligence!” Xiao Yan’s icy-cold gaze stared at the gray-colored airflow that had spread apart. He waved his sleeves and the Fallen Heart Flame immediately transformed into clusters of flames that surged out of his body, shooting toward the gray airflow.

The eruption of the Fallen Heart Flame immediately stirred the anxiety of the separated gray-colored airflows. They appeared to have met their nemesis, so all of them fled in all directions. However, the Fallen Heart Flame bundles under Xiao Yan’s control appeared to possess eyes. They closely followed the gray airflows. After which, the flame bundles suddenly opened their mouths and swallowed the gray air…

Some Fallen Heart Flame bundles returned to Xiao Yan’s spiritual body after swallowing some gray airflows. With the return of these clusters of flame, Xiao Yan suddenly realized with great joy that his Spiritual Strength had slightly grown.

The strengthening of one’s Spiritual Strength was an extremely difficult task. The only ways to increase it would be to advance one’s class or consume a natural treasure that would allow one’s spiritual strength to grow stronger. Currently, however, Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength was fortifying without reason. Clearly, the issue was definitely related to the gray airflow.

More importantly, the fierce and negative emotions hidden in the gray-colored airflows were completely eliminated by the Fallen Heart Flame. Hence, the gray airflow that Xiao Yan had been quite afraid of earlier had currently become a great tonic for Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength.

Having tasted such a benefit, Xiao Yan immediately braced his spirit. He laughed and more Fallen Heart Flame surged out of his body. Finally, they formed groups and began chasing the gray-colored airflows within this overcast space. The gray airflow, which had acted haughtily earlier, had, at this moment, become like a dog that had lost its home…

With Xiao Yan chasing with all his might, an increasing amount of gray airflows became food for the Fallen Heart Flame. Finally, all of them were returned to Xiao Yan’s body. This continued for about half an hour before the overcast space ceased to possess even a trace of gray airflows. The fierceness that had permeated this place had also completely disappeared. By using the Fallen Heart Flame, the remnant aura hidden within the jade bone wings had been completely transformed into a spiritual tonic for Xiao Yan…

Xiao Yan’s spirit stood in the empty sky within this space. He lowered his head and looked at his spiritual body which had become more real than it had been a moment ago. The corner of his mouth involuntarily lifted into a smile. It was unexpected that refining this remnant aura would give him such a bountiful reward. After refining the remnant aura within the jade bone wings, the most troublesome part of crafting the Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings had disappeared. Next, he merely needed to follow the steps and make it!

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