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Chapter 868

Chapter 868: Frighten Off


Two human figures suddenly crossed each other in the sky. A low thunder-like explosion sounded in the sky as a fist and leg made contact.

The figures made momentary contact before they swiftly flashed and retreated. The footsteps of one person was somewhat chaotic. Clearly, he had suffered a small loss from that ferocious collision.

“Hee hee, First Elder Su Qian. Do you really treat me like the Han Feng from back then?” Han Feng’s feet landed in the empty air as he stabilized his body. He coldly laughed at Su Qian, who was staggering not far away.

“It is unexpected that your strength has actually been raised this much during these few years. However, this little tactic is likely insufficient if you wish to defeat the old me!” Su Qian might have fell into a slight disadvantage, but he did not lose himself as he replied in a faint voice.

“Old fellow, I was merely playing with you. Do you really think that I only possess these little tactics? If I had not lost my ‘Sea Heart Flame’, killing you would not require much effort!” Han Feng shook his head. However, his voice had just sounded when an unusually powerful, hot energy fluctuation was suddenly transmitted from the sky a short distance away. Even Han Feng’s expression changed a little when he sensed the power of this energy fluctuation. His gaze hurriedly turned to its source before his eyes abruptly shrank. “Xiao Yan!”

A black-robed, young man was flapping his wings. He was suspended in the air in the direction Han Feng looked. There were two clusters of different colored flames above his hands interacting with one another. They unleashed waves of extremely wild and frighteningly violent energy while they merged…

Han Feng was not unfamiliar with this kind of situation. Back then, he was injured by Xiao Yan’s ‘Heavenly Flame’ Dou Technique. He ended up in the miserable state of having his soul leave his body because of this technique. Hence, his heart violently shivered once he figured out what was happening. He clearly understood that the shocking strength of Xiao Yan’s fire lotus Dou Technique would definitely cause great damage even to an elite Dou Zong.

While Han Feng had sensed Xiao Yan’s actions, Mo Tian Xing, who was having an extremely intense battle with the Little Fairy Doctor, also sensed it. His gaze turned and his expression drastically changed upon seeing the source of the energy. He was currently being engaged by the Little Fairy Doctor and could not free his hands. It would undoubtedly be an extremely bad thing if Xiao Yan were to join the battle at this moment.

“Han Feng, stop him!”

Mo Tian Xing’s body trembled the moment he thought of his fate if was secretly attacked by that frightening thing. Due to him being unable to free himself from the Little Fairy Doctor, he could only furiously cry out in Han Feng’s direction.

Han Feng’s brows twitched a little after he heard Mo Tian Xing’s cry. He grit his teeth and said, “Fang Yan and the other two trash are unable to even block a single person…” His body turned around. He started rushing to where Xiao Yan was located after his words sounded.

“Do you treat the old me as non-existent?”

Su Qian laughed as a human figure flashed and appeared in front of Han Feng the moment the latter moved.

“Get lost, you old fool who will not die!”

Han Feng’s expression turned cold. He waved his sleeves and a powerful Dou Qi pillar shot toward Su Qian.

Su Qian’s footsteps slightly paused. He flicked his sleeves, and the soft cloth around them turned into a metal-like object that struck that pillar. His sleeves shattered the pillar amid a loud, clear energy


“It is indeed quite difficult for the old me to defeat you. However, it should not be much of a problem if I wish to hold you back.” Su Qian smiled at Han Feng as his majestic Dou Qi surged out like a rainbow light. His body transformed into a lightning glow that contained a frightening momentum as he rushed to Han Feng. He firmly stuck to him once again.

Han Feng could only let out a furious roar in the face of Su Qian’s toughness. The powerful Dou Qi in his body completely erupted. A Dou Qi pillar that was a couple of hundred feet in size swept through the sky like an enormous sword. The surrounding mountain peaks cracked apart with a bang following the sweeping of this Dou Qi pillar.

While Xiao Yan and the rest were engaging in a big battle, the soul-stirring aura was sensed by quite a number of people. Not long after this, some experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ hurried over. They hurriedly withdrew some distance with frightened hearts when they saw that soul-stirring big battle in the sky. If they got dragged into a battle of this level, they would suffer even if they did not die.

Following the increase in the intensity of the big battles in this place, a greater number of people were attracted over. At this moment, some people could understand something from this.What thing other than the allure of the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva could cause so many elite Dou Zongs to fight?

Although quite a number of people had guessed the cause of the big battle, the waves of terrifying Dou Qi that were repeatedly transmitted from the sky caused even some of those people with greedy hearts to quietly hold back. They did not have the qualification to participate in such a struggle. Hence, these people who yearned for the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva could only stay observers, watching a rarely seen great battle in the sky for free…

In the sky, Xiao Yan’s entire attention was placed on controlling the merger of the two kinds of ‘Heavenly Flames’ in the sky. With his current strength, merging a ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ containing two kinds of ‘Heavenly Flames’ was already something he was quite adept at. There was no longer a helpless and foreign feeling when he controlled it. Hence, the Green Lotus Core Flame and the Fallen Heart Flame swiftly merged under the support of his powerful Spiritual Strength…


A graceful figure flashed through the sky in a lightning-like manner. The frightening strength in her hand appeared to have penetrated through the barrier of the sky. Before her palm arrived, the frightening strength it contained had already landed on the pale-faced Qi Shan.


The frightening strength was transmitted from her hand. A blood color immediately surged onto Qi Shan’s face as a mouthful of fresh blood was involuntarily spat out. Even his chest sank under that enormous strength.

Qi Shan entered a seriously injured condition after receiving such a heavy blow. His body was like a meteorite as it smashed into the vast forest below in front of a countless number of shocked gazes around the mountain range.

Zi Yan gentle exhaled when she defeated Qi Shan with one palm. Her full bosom began to rise and fall unsteadily along with her inhalation and exhalation. The purple light on her body suddenly erupted and Zi Yan’s matured, alluring, lovely body began to shrink amid this purple eruption…

The shrinking continued for a short couple of blinks. The matured beauty once again turned back into that little girl in front of a countless number of stunned gazes…

Zi Yan’s face appeared slightly pale after returning to her original appearance. Clearly, the transformation earlier had exhausted her.

Zi Yan rubbed away the perspiration on her smooth forehead. Her gaze wandered in the direction of Xiao Yan. At this moment, the two colored flames in his hand had completely merged. A palm-sized jade-green fire lotus appeared above his hand.

The jade-green fire lotus was suspended above Xiao Yan’s hand while it slowly rotated. It emitted a faint luster that appeared like perfect and flawless artwork, both beautiful and alluring. However, this beauty hid a destructive energy…

Xiao Yan’s heart sighed in relief when he saw the fire lotus take shape. He slowly raised his head and smiled at Zi Yan a short distance away. With a flick of his hand, a medicinal pill was shot out before landing just in front of the latter.

Zi Yan consumed the medicinal pill without any hesitation. She moved her body and appeared beside Xiao Yan. Those eyes of hers revealed a caution as she scanned the surrounding observers on the mountain range.

“You have done well.”

Xiao Yan patted Zi Yan’s small head and praised her. Immediately, his face was lifted as he glanced between Mo Tian Xing’s and Han Feng’s battlegrounds. A clear voice containing Dou Qi resounded over the mountain range.

“Sect leader Mo, Han Feng, who is willing to receive this?”

Xiao Yan’s voice caused the expressions of Han Feng and Mo Tian Xing, who were engaged in battle, to change. Their opponents were not ordinary people and they had to focus their full attention on the battle. Neither one of them dared to be distracted. If Xiao Yan were to use the frighteningly powerful fire lotus Dou Technique to secretly strike them, it was likely that their fate would be quite terrible. If they were not careful, their opponents would grabbed their openings and deliver a fatal blow…

This thought appeared in both of their hearts in a lightning-like manner. Mo Tian Xing broke free from the Little Fairy Doctor a moment later. He hurriedly smiled and said to Xiao Yan, “Sect leader Xiao, please do not be rash.”

Xiao Yan glanced at Mo Tian Xing. He smiled as he inquired, “Does sect leader Mo wish to continue fighting?”

Mo Tian Xing’s eyes swept once around and his heart sank. He did not expect Xiao Yan to be able to kill the three Elders from the Demon Flame Valley this quickly, causing the situation to become quite bad. He had already fallen into a disadvantage in the battle with the Little Fairy Doctor. If Xiao Yan, with his endless trump cards were to be added, it was only a matter of time before they lost…

Mo Tian Xing’s eyes rapidly jumped around. A moment later, he could only sigh, cup his hands toward Xiao Yan and say, “You are indeed worthy of being the chief of ‘Xiao Gate’. This ancestor (Dou Zong) has now experienced such tactics. Forget it. The Black Emperor Sect will no longer intervene in the matter today!”

An uproar was immediately stirred around the mountain range after Mo Tian Xing’s words sounded. Numerous shocked gazes swept toward the black-robed, young man who had frightened off an elite Dou Zong with one sentence. Such prestige was not something that an ordinary person could achieve. The chief of ‘Xiao Gate’ did indeed possess a frightening ability that even an elite Dou Zong would be afraid of, at least that’s what the rumors claimed.

Mo Tian Xing’s words had also naturally floated into Han Feng’s ears. His expression immediately became extremely ugly. Having lost Mo Tian Xing to restrain the Little Fairy Doctor, how was he going to deal with two Dou Zongs as well as Xiao Yan, who was waiting to pounce from behind, by himself?

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