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Chapter 867

Chapter 867: Wrathful and Uncontrollable Zi Yan

Xiao Yan softly exhaled as his gaze coldly glanced at Fang Yan who was swiftly losing his life. The former beckoned with his hand and the storage ring on the latter’s finger was removed before ultimately landing in Xiao Yan’s hands.

Fang Yan had already died. Hence, the spiritual imprint that had been placed on the storage ring had disappeared along with him. Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength was unobstructed as it entered that storage ring. He flipped through it before a flame-like scroll appeared in his hand. He glanced over the scroll which had three large glaring words, ‘Flame Creation Skill’.

Xiao Yan sighed in relief only after seeing this ‘Flame Creation Skill’ landing in his hand. He randomly tossed Fang Yan’s cooling corpse onto the ground before storing the scroll into his Storage Ring.

After the earlier battle, the interest Xiao Yan had in this so-called ‘Flame Creation Skill’ had increased. The name of this Dou Technique was nothing special. In fact, it was a little too dull and common. Xiao Yan had seen some Dou Technique’s that possessed a similar name in the past. However, if one were to compare their benefits, this ‘Flame Creation Skill’ from the Demon Flame Valley was clearly superior. The man-made ‘Heavenly Flame’ might not be comparable to a genuine ‘Heavenly Flame’. However, it was much stronger than an ordinary Flame…

Of course, the thing that Xiao Yan coveted the greatest was not this man-made flame. Instead, it was the flame control that this ‘Flame Creation Skill’ gave. After that big battle with Fang Yan’s group earlier, Xiao Yan could tell that the Spiritual Strength of those three had not been overly strong. However, they were able to control the ‘Life Transforming Flame’ until it agglomerated and formed the ‘Star Fire Phoenix’. This degree of control was clearly a benefit of the ‘Flame Creation Skill’. Hence, if Xiao Yan were to practice this Dou Technique, his degree of control over the ‘Heavenly Flame’ would likely tremendously improve.

After finishing off Fang Yan’s three men group with the greatest speed, Xiao Yan’s gaze turned to the other battlegrounds in the sky. A deep muffled sound appeared in the sky just as he started to look around, so it attracted Xiao Yan’s gaze over.


The spot where the energy explosion sound was transmitted from was the battleground where Zi Yan was located. At this moment, she appeared slightly miserable under the combined attacks of Mo Ya and Qi Shan. Although her strength was frightening, Mo Ya seemed to practice a force reducing skill that specifically targeted this kind of brute force. Each time her strength was removed, Zi Yan would feel a kind of depressed feeling as though her fist had struck cotton. That cunning old fellow Qi Shan would then take the opportunity to launch an attack. Hence, she had fallen into a momentary disadvantage. If the two of them were not afraid of her terrifying strength, it was likely that she would have long since been defeated.


Zi Yan’s fists once again collided with Mo Ya’s attack. However, the other party’s body twisted in a strange manner, and the force on Zi Yan’s fist dissipated in a strange manner. Qi Shan by the side immediately saw an opening and abruptly rushed forward. His shoulders collided with Zi Yan’s body. The strength that had suddenly erupted shook Zi Yan until she was forced to pull back.

Zi Yan’s feet took a couple of steps in the sky before she slowly stabilized her body. Her small hand wiped away the remnant blood trace on the corner of her mouth while a faint purple glow was partially visible in her gem-like eyes.

“There is no need for you to help. Leave them to me. Go and help the others.”

Zi Yan suddenly turned her head after stabilizing her body. She softly spoke to Xiao Yan who was rushing over. At this moment, her small face no longer showed her usual smile. Instead, it was a seriousness and stubbornness that was hidden deep within her bones.

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard Zi Yan’s words. His gaze carefully swept over the former’s face. Currently, she no longer seemed to be like the tender young girl she usually was. Instead… she seemed more like an infuriated beast king that was planning to go all out to defend the pride in her bones…

“Yes.” Xiao Yan did not reject Zi Yan’s words this time around. He nodded slightly before slowly stepping back. He was clearly aware that a frightening energy was hidden within this little girl. Should that energy erupt, Zi Yan would even be able to fight with an elite Dou Zong.

After hearing Zi Yan’s words, Mo Ya and Qi Shan finally discovered that Xiao Yan had already killed the three Elders from the Demon Flame Valley. Their faces immediately changed. One of those people had half a foot in the Dou Zong class and the other two were experts who were near the peak of the Dou Huang class. How was it possible for Xiao Yan to achieve this with his strength that seemed to be that of a four star Dou Huang?

Mo Ya and Qi Shan exchanged gazes in their shock. There was some lingering fear within them. It was fortunate that they did not face such a frightening fellow first…

“Let’s quickly capture this little girl and use her as a hostage to force Xiao Yan to hand over the ‘Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva’ and the Zong Breaking Pill.” Mo Ya’s eyes changed as a dark coldness appeared in them. Finally, he turned to Qi Shan and whispered.

Qi Shan was startled when he heard this. He immediately nodded. This act might be a little despicable, but they could not be bothered with such things at this moment. Moreover this purple-haired, little girl in front of them was not as easy to deal with as they had imagined. That frightening strength had nearly killed them a couple of times.

While this ill thought was lingering in Mo Ya’s and Qi Shan’s hearts, Zi Yan, who was a short distance in front of them, began to gradually emit a strange purple light from the surface of her body. Under this purple-colored light’s influence, her large watery eyes appeared like sapphires, appearing bright and attractive…


Crack lines suddenly formed on the clothes on Zi Yan’s small body as the purple light spread. Immediately, her body swiftly became taller in front of Xiao Yan’s stunned eyes.

Her purple hair had begun to grow longer. In the end, it extended to her protruding butt before finally coming to a slow stop. The person who currently appeared in front of Xiao Yan no longer held the slightest appearance to the little girl from earlier…

A tall figure, a delicate waist, full breasts, and long purple-colored hair that extended to her buttocks, the current Zi Yan evolved from a small girl to a pretty and valiant matured beauty, who was filled with an unusual allure. Of course, this was not the first time that Xiao Yan had seen this appearance. When Zi Yan had evolved in the small valley back then, this form had also appeared once. At that time, she was completely naked. Of course, Xiao Yan must admit that at this moment, Zi Yan, who was revealing a partial nakedness through her torn clothes, caused him to feel even more amazed.

After her body completed this transformation, Zi Yan’s eyes were filled with a purple glow. They slowly swept toward the stunned Mo Ya and Qi Sha. Her sleek small red mouth slightly moved. It was lifted into a small arc that was filled with a stunning allure. The Dou Qi wings behind her were suddenly flapped and her body appeared in front of Mo Ya in a lightning-like manner. Her long and extremely flexible legs was swung at the latter’s head without any fancy maneuvers. The frightening strength contained in her strike expelled all the air in front of it. What sounded like an invisible air cannon was the first noise heard.

Mo Ya’s expression immediately turned ugly when he sensed the frightening strength of Zi Yan had suddenly soared by more than a couple of times. Both of his hands immediately displayed a strange stance in front of him as he swiftly met that strength.

However, this time around, Mo Ya did not gain the same achievement as he did the last time. When Zi Yan’s long leg made contact with his hand, the frightening strength brutally destroyed his force reducing skill. Having lost that force reduction, Zi Yan’s frightening strength poured into Mo Ya’s body.


Zi Yan’s leg was smacked against Mo Ya’s hand. Within an instant, a wave of bone-cracking sounds appeared. Mo Ya’s expression was distorted into a ferocious one.


Mo Ya spat out a mouthful of blood as an enormous force that could not be blocked swarmed over. His body shot forth like a cannonball as it fell to the ground. Finally, he violently smashed into the forest. The ripple that was created from the force of his landing destroyed the surrounding forest while an arm-thick crack line spread out like an enormous snake.

From outside the battleground, Xiao Yan watched Mo Ya get beaten like a dead dog by Zi Yan with just one kick. He gently exhaled a breath of air. After which, he raised his thumb to the matured great beauty. Finally, he ceased being distracted by her and turned his gaze to the other two important battlegrounds.


The activity from Han Feng’s and Mo Tian Xing’s battle with First Elder Su Qian and the Little Fairy Doctor was extensive. Waves of frightening energy swept out with just a raise of a hand, causing the space to repeatedly fluctuate. Outsiders did not dare enter the area consumed by these energy ripples, afraid that they might be implicated in the battle.

Xiao Yan’s gaze swept over these two battlegrounds, and he knit his brows. Mo Tian Xing’s and Little Fairy Doctor’s strengths were similar, both were around the strength of a four star Dou Zong. However, the Little Fairy Doctor appeared to have gained the upper hand by relying on her unpredictable poison skill. Xiao Yan was not too worried about her battle. Although both parties were four star Dou Zongs, Xiao Yan knew that the Little Fairy Doctor still possessed a killing move, the ‘Woeful Poison Body’. If this thing were to be unsealed, it should not be too difficult to kill Mo Tian Xing. However, First Elder Su Qian’s battle was not looking too good.

If one were to talk about First Elder Su Qian’s strength, he was weaker than both the Little Fairy Doctor and Mo Tian Xing. Back then, his strength had been around that of a two star Dou Zong. His strength had improved during these few years, but it had only remained at the peak of a three star Dou Zong. It would not have been a problem for him to deal with Han Feng of the past with this strength. Now, however, things were different…

After undergoing a life and death catastrophe, not only did Han Feng not lose his life, but his strength had instead soared to the point where it was comparable to that of a senior Dou Zong much like Mo Tian Xing. Hence, First Elder Su Qian had fallen into a disadvantage in his battle with Han Feng. However, nothing overly risky had occurred. Although Han Feng was stronger than him, it was definitely impossible for Han Feng to kill him unless the former paid a high price.

If one did not stake one’s life and engage in a life and death battle in a fight between Dou Zongs, such a battle would be able to last for a very long time. Moreover, Han Feng, Su Qian, and the others only had a small difference in strength. Hence, they were destined to be long battles. However, this was on the precondition that no outsiders intervened…

“This fellow. It looks like the ‘Hall of Souls’ has given him quite a bit of help… I wonder if the current him can consume one ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’?” Xiao Yan muttered to himself before the corner of his mouth quietly lifted into a sinister smile. His eyes appeared frigid as he scanned Han Feng, who appeared quite proud about having forced Su Qian into a disadvantage.

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