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Chapter 861

Chapter 861: Five Great Dou Zong

An old white-haired human figure was smiling and looking down at everyone below while remaining suspended in the sky. From his appearance, it was surprisingly First Elder Su Qian from the Inner Academy.

“Ke ke, so the fun show is actually here. The old me nearly missed it.” Su Qian smiled descended from the sky. He stopped beside Xiao Yan’s group. Surprise flashed in his eyes as he looked at Han Feng. “It is unexpected that you are not dead and have also broken through to the Dou Zong class. This is really surprising.”

“This is also all thanks to all of you.” Han Feng’s expression was dark and cold. His heart slightly sank. The sudden appearance of Su Qian had caught him somewhat off guard. He was clearly aware of the other party’s strength. Although he was currently no longer afraid of Su Qian in a one-on-one fight, the other party also had a mysterious Dou Zong woman of unknown origin. If these two elite Dou Zongs joined hands, even the many people from the Demon Flame Valley would find it quite difficult to resist them…

Moreover, the other party still had the existence of Xiao Yan. Han Feng might possess an extreme hatred from this junior of his in name, but he was also clearly aware in his heart that Xiao Yan possess a fighting ability that far exceeded his level. Back then, when the latter was still an expert Dou Wang, this fellow was able to seriously injure him, someone who had half a foot in the Dou Zong class. Now… Xiao Yan had advanced to a Dou Huang. His fighting strength should have greatly soared. With this situation today, it was likely that his Demon Flame Valley alone would really have difficulty gaining the upper hand in this battle.

“If I can kill you once, I will naturally be able to kill you again. Hence, there is no need for you to act like a villain who is holding sway.” Xiao Yan glanced at Han Feng and Su Qian before laughing with ridicule.

Han Feng’s expression once again became darker and more solemn. The fists under his sleeves creaked out loud. A dense killing intent surged out from his body.

Su Qian’s appearance also caused Mo Tian Xing’s and Old Ying Shan’s faces to change a little. No one would dare to easily slight an elite Dou Zong. This was especially the case in this situation where things were clearly defined.

“First Elder, why have you come? What about the matter over there?” The ferocity on Xiao Yan’s face had completely disappeared. Earlier Han Feng had spent a great amount of effort to anger Xiao Yan, but he had underestimated the latter’s mental strength. After experiencing the initial anger, the deep killing intent was gradually suppressed deep within his heart. He did not allow his emotions to disrupt his reasoning.

“That spiritual avatar has already disappeared… hence, I have followed the signs that you left behind to come over. Xiao Li and the others will arrive soon.” Su Qian gaze turned to Old Ying Shan in the col as he frowned and spoke.

“Disappeared?” Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this. His gaze immediately turned to Old Ying Shan. All he could hear was cold laughter before the latter’s feet violently stomped on the ground. A gray-colored fountain erupted from the ground. Immediately, an invisible Spiritual Strength broke from it in a lightning-like manner and entered his body.

As this spiritual strength returned, Old Ying Shan’s strength quickly grew and in a short moment, he was nearly back to his peak.

Old Ying Shan’s transformation also attracted the attention of Han Feng, Mo Tian Xing and the others. Their expressions immediately changed. From the looks of this situation, it seemed that this cunning old fellow had used the delay caused by their presence to successfu

lly withdraw the spiritual avatar into his body. At this moment, his fighting strength would likely not be inferior to anyone present.

“Tsk tsk, thanks for all of your help.” Old Ying Shan laughed to Xiao Yan and the others in a strange manner. His confidence became much greater with the recovery of his strength.

Mo Tian Xing’s expression slightly sank. He immediately raised his head to Xiao Yan, Han Feng, and the rest before laughing, “Everyone, now is not the time for internal conflict. I assume that everyone is quite interested in this Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva. Since this is the case, I feel that we should join hands and snatch that thing from old demon Ying’s hands. Otherwise, given this old fellow’s craftiness, he might use some tactic to flee. Where will we go and find him at that time? The matter regarding the distribution can be discussed at a later time. What do you say?”

Xiao Yan and the rest were startled when they heard this. They immediately mused in their hearts and actually nodded slightly a moment later.

“What sect leader Mo said is true. The thing we should do now is to snatch the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva from this old demon’s hands… why don’t we do this. The four of us will attack and use the fastest speed to finish him off. What do you say?” Han Feng laughed while a slyness flashed across his eyes.

Xiao Yan’s gaze glanced at Han Feng before nodding slightly to the Little Fairy Doctor and Su Qian. Immediately, he used a voice that only the three of them could hear as he whispered, “Be careful, these bastards are those who can swallow a person, including his bones. Do not fall for their underhanded tactics.”

Su Qian smiled and nodded. He said, “Little fellow, do you really think that the old me is an old stubborn man who only knows how to train? Do I need you to remind me of such a matter?”

Xiao Yan smiled in embarrassment. Su Qian was able to become the First Elder of the Inner Academy and enable the Inner Academy to become a peaceful ground within a chaotic place like the ‘Black-Corner Region’. His ability and scheming was naturally something that need not be doubted. The Little Fairy Doctor, was also not an ordinary person in being able to manage an enormous Poison Sect. If one were to talk about it, she was really not at all inferior to him.

Old Ying Shan’s expression suddenly sank when he saw that Xiao Yan’s group had actually agreed to Mo Tian Xing’s suggestion. Although he had just recovered his strength, he would definitely fall into an absolute disadvantage when facing four experts with similar strength. Moreover, he might really even end up leaving his old life in this place…

Old Ying Shan’s feet violently stomped on the ground as these thoughts flashed through his heart. Over ten sturdy ground fountains over ten feet in size surged out from the col amid a low muffled sound. A figure suddenly withdrew while these ground fountains blocked everyone’s view.

“Everyone, let’s move!”

Mo Tian Xing was the first to discover Old Ying Shan’s actions just as the latter moved. He immediately let out a cold cry. After which, he strangely appeared behind Old Ying Shan. His sleeves shook and a dense golden light shot out from his sleeves. It immediately rushed toward the latter’s throat in a lightning-like manner.


A fierce and brutal look flashed across Old Ying Shan’s eyes when he saw Mo Tian Xing attack. His ghost-like shriveled hand-claws were extended from his sleeves. They were immediately curled in a strange manner as they forcefully grabbed the golden light. Glancing over, one might realize that it was a sharp dagger without a handle.

“I will return it to you, old bastard!” Old Ying Shan’s grayish-white nails gently flicked the dagger. With a loud clear sound, that dagger once again transformed into a golden glow that cut through the air as shot back at Mo Tian Xing. Borrowing the force when the dagger was shot out, Old Ying Shan’s body flashed and appeared in the air After which, his body moved and he fled into the deep mountains.

“Hee hee, old demon Ying. Just hand over the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva. Otherwise, you can forget about leaving safely.” Old Ying Shan was just about to flee when a human figure flashed and appeared in front of him in a strange manner. A hot palm wind came violently smashing over.


In his haste, Old Ying Shan also began to hurriedly waved his fist to counteract the wind. Two powerful winds met in the sky and a soul-stirring explosion suddenly sounded. A violent, wild blast swept through the sky, blowing over the entire forest until it emitted a creaking sound.

Old Ying Shan and that human figure swiftly took two steps back as the wind spread. The latter revealed his body along with a face that contained a cold laugh. Who else could it be other than Han Feng?

“You are indeed worthy of being an old expert in the ‘Black-Corner Region. Your strength is indeed extraordinary. Hee hee, however, it is likely that you will have a difficult time escaping from the calamity today.” Han Feng stabilized his body and smiled slightly at the dark, cold face of Old Ying Shan. Immediately, he raised his chin to the sky.

Old Ying Shan’s gaze was slowly shifted. He could see that the three Dou Zongs, namely Mo Tian Xing, Su Qian, and the Little Fairy Doctor, had already surrounded and trapped him. Adding Han Feng in front of him, the four of them had completely sealed off all of Old Ying Shan’s retreat paths. Faced with four elite Dou Zongs, even Old Ying Shan could only feel a kind of helplessness.

A breeze blew through the sky. However, it was unable to remove the tense atmosphere. Five elite Dou Zongs had appeared together. This kind of terrifying line-up was something that Xiao Yan had seen for the first time. It was likely the case for quite a number of people present…

Old Ying Shan’s face was volatile as he was locked onto by four auras. He clearly understood that it was already impossible for him to easily take away the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva with the situation today. Moreover, if he were to continue being stubborn, it was likely… that he would really fall in the hands of these four people.

The thoughts in his heart flashed as quick as lightning. A moment later, Old Ying Shan clenched his teeth hard. He swung his hand and an emerald-like jade box appeared in his hand.

“Take it and leave. The old me will remember the grudge today!”

This Old Ying Shan was a person who was really sensible. After understanding that he already had no other choice in this situation, he let out a furious cry and wildly threw the jade box in his hand into the sky.

Old Ying Shan’s body moved the moment the jade box left his hand. He fled the encirclement. However, his body had just moved when four majestic attacks suddenly arrived, forcing him to quickly dodge in a miserable manner.

“Old fellow, do you really treat us as fools?” Han Feng coldly laughed. His gaze did not even look at the jade box which was tossed high up. From the way he saw it, it was impossible for Old Ying Shan to hand over the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva this easily.

Mo Tian Xing also adopted a similar thought as Han Feng. The Little Fairy Doctor and Su Qian merely looked at the jade box somewhat hesitantly, but did not make any rash movements.

Old Ying Shan cursed furiously because of these words from Han Feng, “You fools!”

Old Ying Shan’s body turned after his curse sounded. He hurriedly rushed toward the jade box that was tossed high into the air. However, a suction force suddenly appeared when he was about to move, causing the jade box to fly off. Finally, it landed in the hands of a black-robed, young man with a somewhat hesitant expression in front of the other party’s extremely furious eyes.

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