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Chapter 854: Rank 7 Monster Core

Xiao Yan's eyes were heated as he looked over the enormous Magical Beast's rotten skin and its shriveled head. Although this thing seemed no different than a pile of garbage, Xiao Yan already knew from his refinements earlier that this mysterious Magical Beast corpse was different than an ordinary Magical Beast. All of its treasures were hidden in places where an ordinary person would have difficulty finding unless they used an unusual method.

Xiao Yan waved his sleeves and a soft wind blew the Magical Beast's skin until it floated in the air. He flicked his finger and a jade-green flame spluttered from his fingertip. Finally, it turned into a fierce flame that burned beneath the floating skin.

The enormous skin began to slowly shrink under the grilling of the jade-green flame. However, the expected Monster Core did not appear.

Xiao Yan slowly frowned when he saw this. After being scorched by the 'Heavenly Flame', this Magical Beast's skin began to reveal something a little different. Despite the latter's weakened form, it was actually able to endure this long above the 'Heavenly Flame' without turning into ashes. The only transformation was that it was like the curling of a snake's skin.

With the flow of time, the originally large Magical Beast's skin had already shrunk like a rolling picture. However, the Monster Core Xiao Yan anticipated did not show any signs of appearing.

At this moment, Xiao Yan finally understood that this method of his seemed to be a little wrong…

He wonder what he was doing wrong. In the end, he could only turn his head to throw his gaze at Zi Yan. He only saw that see the latter was gloatingly staring at his perspiration-filled body.

"Little girl, if you continue to watch the show, return to me those ten bone spikes." Xiao Yan rolled his eyes and viciously spoke.

Zi Yan curled her small mouth in the face of Xiao Yan's threat. She lazily said, "Stupid, the energy of the Monster Core is indeed hidden in the Magical Beast's skin. However, if you brutally use a 'Heavenly Flame' to grill it, all you will do is cause the energy within to gradually evaporate. In the end, this thing really will become something useless."

Xiao Yan's hand immediately shook when he heard this. The jade-green flame that spread out instantly disappeared. He furiously cried, "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"You simply acted without asking me, yet you dare be angry with me now." Zi Yan spread her small hands and replied with the great grievances she felt.

Xiao Yan was infuriated by this girl until he rolled his eyes. A moment later, he could only inhale a breath of air and say with bitter smile, "Little grandaunt, please stop playing with me. Hurry up and tell me what to do."

Zi Yan's pushed her small lips out and snorted with great unwillingness, "Use a drop of that green-red blood on the dry skin. After that, use the 'Heavenly Flame' to grill it. That way, the Monster Core can be forced out."

"Are you certain?" Xiao Yan began to hesitate a little. He cautiously questioned her when he heard that he needed to use the rare green-red blood.

"You can forget it if you don't believe me." Zi Yan was extremely unhappy about Xiao Yan's doubt. She smacked her lips and said, "You can grill it by yourself. I will watch where you go to cry after destroying all of the energy hidden in it."

Xiao Yan clenched his teeth and immediately said, "Forget it. I will trust you this once." Xiao Yan's hand flipped after his voice sounded. The jade bottle from earlier appeared in his hand. He curled his finger and a drop of the green-red blood flew out. Finally, it floated in front of Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan involuntarily felt some pain while he stared at this drop of green-red blood that contained a shocking wild and violent energy. He had only ended up obtaining five drops after refining all of the Magical Beast's flesh. In the end, he would have to use one drop of it at this moment. If not for that Monster Core, he would not spend such a luxury even if he was beaten to death.

Xiao Yan endured the pain and flicked his finger. The green-red blood flew out before landing on the Magical Beast's skin that was curling together.

The green-red blood had just landed on the dry skin when it swiftly entered it. The dry skin, that contained a grayish-white color, appeared to have suffered an intense stimulation as it began to wiggle like a snake. A green-red color swiftly spread from the spot where the blood had landed.

This green-red color spread at an extremely fast rate. Within a couple of blinks, the dry skin was completely transformed. The grayish-white color had been replaced by an unusual green-red color. It was completely different from its earlier self. Moreover, the completely silent dry skin emitted a shocking energy ripple while the green-red color spread.

Joy surfaced in Xiao Yan's eyes when he saw this transformation. This method had indeed been effective.

"Why aren't you using the 'Heavenly Flame' to refine it? Do you want to wait for the energy to scatter?" Zi Yan coldly snorted.

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this. The flame immediately moved with his thoughts, and a jade-green flame was once again strutted out. It immediately wrapped around the dry skin that had changed color.

Following the burning this time around, a situation that was similar to the scene earlier ceased to appear. Instead, the green-red Magical Beast skin began to slowly emit threads of green-red fog as it melted under the high temperature of the 'Heavenly Flame'. Xiao Yan sensed a frightening energy ripple through this fog.

Joy flashed through Xiao Yan's eyes when he observed this scene. He quickly increased the temperature of the 'Heavenly Flame'.

The green-red fog that seeped out of the Magical Beast's skin began to become denser following the intense burning of the jade-green flame. In the end, it almost permeated the air in the room. The majestic energy ripples began to grow more intense following the increase in the density of the green-red fog. In the end, the green-red fog lingered in the room like clouds. It emitted a frightening energy pressure that caused Xiao Yan's and Zi Yan's expressions to change.

"What a frightening energy pressure…" Xiao Yan's expression was solemn as he looked at the green-red clouds in the air. He pulled Zi Yan behind him and a thought passed through his mind. The Glazed Lotus Heart Flame that was wrapped around the Magical Beast skin became increasingly more hot and wild.

More and more of the green-red energy fog seeped from the Magical Beast's skin as the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame blazed. The energy fog gathered without scattering. It lingered in the air above the room. An kind of unusually low, deep roar faintly sounded from within it.

The blood in Xiao Yan's body involuntarily began to show signs of boiling when the roar sounded. It shocked him to the point where he hurriedly circulated his Dou Qi to suppress this agitation.

An energy movement was suddenly transmitted from behind Xiao Yan after he had just suppressed the agitation within his body. He suddenly turned around only to see that Zi Yan's body had gained a layer of purple light. Under this layer of strange purple light, even Xiao Yan could sense the hint of a dangerous aura. Moreover, her pained gem-like pupils also hid a purple glint. Her gaze carried the threads of her wild nature as she stared intently at the cluster of green-red clouds in the air. It seemed as though she was facing some great enemy in the cloud.

"Zi Yan!"

Xiao Yan hurriedly cried out when he saw this unusual situation. The cry that contained Dou Qi blasted Zi Yan's ears, shaking her until she awoke.

With the recovery of Zi Yan's consciousness, the purple glow that lingered around her body slowly disappeared. She glanced at Xiao Yan with eyes that were at a lost before muttering, "What is it?"

Xiao Yan's expression gradually turned solemn when he saw her lost manner. In his heart, he clearly knew that this mysterious Magical Beast's corpse was definitely not an ordinary thing. Moreover, it might have some relation with Zi Yan's actual form.

"Just what kind of Magical Beast is this thing? Despite having been dead for so many years, such a frightening energy and pressure still remains." Xiao Yan knit his brows together as these thoughts flashed across his heart.


A slight 'chi chi' noise suddenly sounded in the room while this thought flashed in Xiao Yan's mind. His eyes moved to the sound. He looked over only to see that the Magical Beast's dry skin, being burned by the 'Heavenly Flame,' had completely turned to ashes. They scattered through the air, forming a thin layer of gray ash that covered the ground.

Following the disappearance of the Magical Beast's skin, the last thread of the green-red fog slowly drifted into that thick green-red cloud.

This thread of green-red fog had just entered the green-red cloud when the latter began to ripple. One could see a small vortex appearing in the middle of the cloud. That cloud also followed its rotation as it slowly began to spin.

Threads of majestic, wild, violent energy began to enter the vortex in the middle as the cloud rotated. Following the energy's entrance, the size of the green-red cloud began to slowly shrink at a speed visible to the naked eye…

Xiao Yan did not feel too much joy as observed this change. Instead, his expression was solemn as he pulled Zi Yan two steps back. The Dou Qi within his body began to swiftly circulate, ready to deal with any sudden scenario.

However, the troublesome matter that Xiao Yan had expected did not appear. The vortex's rotation speed began to quicken. The final thread of the green-red cloud was absorbed into that vortex.

The vortex suddenly paused after the final layer of the green-red cloud disappeared. Immediately, glaring green-red glow erupted from within it.

Xiao Yan waved his sleeve when he saw this sudden change. A layer of jade-green flame appeared in front of him. He narrowed his eyes, and watched the spot where the intense light was emitted.

The eruption of the intense light merely lasted for an instant before it slowly disappeared. Xiao Yan's eyes were gradually opened following the scattering of the last thread of light, only for his gaze to suddenly stiffened.

A green-red somewhat uneven-shaped crystal body was suspended in the the air without any support in front of Xiao Yan's eyes. A faint green-red glow was emitted as it slowly rotated. Just this mere light energy that had overflowed from it caused the surrounding space to show some signs of distortion.

Xiao Yan's stared at this crystal body that clearly contained an extremely frightening energy. He inhaled a deep breath of air and a shocking heat erupted from his eyes.

"This… is this its Monster Core?"

Chapter 855: Heart Flame Seed

Xiao Yan gently inhaled a breath of air as he studied the green-red crystal body that was suspended in the air. It was a long while later before he suppressed the excitement in his heart. His hand slightly curled and a gentle suction force erupted from it.

The Monster Core that faintly emitted a frightening energy fluctuation did not resist this gentle force. Instead, it smoothly rushed down from above before remaining suspended at a spot that was two inches from Xiao Yan's hand.

The slightly flickering green-red fire illuminated Xiao Yan's face, reflecting an unusually evil luster.

Zi Yan suddenly pulled at Xiao Yan's sleeve just as he became absent-minded because of this Monster Core, abruptly waking him up from his absent-minded state.

Xiao Yan, who had recovered, instantly shifted his eyes away from this green-red Monster Core. He immediately exhaled a deep breath. Shock flashed across his eyes. This damn thing was filled with a kind of bewitchment both inside and out. He did not know just what kind of frightening unique beast it was before it died.

With a flick of Xiao Yan's hand, an emerald-colored jade box appeared in his hand. He felt extremely afraid of this Monster Core. Hence, Xiao Yan did not dare to carelessly touch it in a random manner. He used a gentle force to wrap around the Monster Core to carefully pull it into the jade box.


The jade box was gently closed, isolating the Monster Core that emitted an unusual bewitchment. Only then did Xiao Yan relax his heart. His hand moved and the jade box was carefully placed into his Storage Ring.

"This damn thing…"

Xiao Yan finished putting the jade box into his Storage Ring. He wiped off the cold perspiration on his forehead. He suddenly discovered that his back was drenched from perspiration. He involuntarily cursed while feeling some lingering fear. Just this corpse, that had been dead for an unknown number of years, had turned him into such a miserable and uneasy state. Such a supernatural thing was a first encounter for Xiao Yan in many years.

On top of feeling a lingering fear, Xiao Yan involuntarily felt a little lucky and joyful. Regardless of how great a danger he had experienced tonight, this reward was at the very least able to make up for all the fear.

"It is but just a corpse, yet it has actually frightened you to such an extent. How shameful…" Zi Yan by his side covered her mouth and laughed when she saw Xiao Yan's expression.

Xiao Yan snappily glanced at this little girl. However, when he recalled that the large corpse of this Magical Beast would have just been trash without her help tonight, he did not argue with her. His hand used a great force to rub Zi Yan's head as he said, "Alright, the matter is already over. You should also go back and rest. Remember, do not mention what happened tonight to anyone else."

Although Xiao Yan was uncertain about the origin of this damn Magical Beast, it was clear from the many near misses tonight that it was not an ordinary being. It was likely that this matter would attract quite a lot of trouble should it be spread around.

Zi Yan clearly understood this point; therefore, she did not argue with Xiao Yan. In any case, the ten extremely sharp and hard bone spikes had already satisfied her. She immediately nodded and turned around. Her purple ponytail swung past Xiao Yan as she swaggered out of the door.

Xiao Yan sighed in relief after sending off this little grandaunt. He waved his sleeves and a gentle wind tightly shut the door. After which, he stretched his lazy waist. After all the activity late in the night, he felt quite exhausted. His body immediately moved and flashed onto the bed. The fire light in the room slowly dimmed with a flick of his finger.
TL: The term grandaunt is used to describe a female who is very difficult to serve.

A night of danger passed in this peaceful manner. Although the process was risky, Xiao Yan was able to obtain an extremely rich reward.


The tightly shut door was slowly pulled open the morning of the next day. Xiao Yan slowly walked out. His narrowed eyes glanced at the sun in the sky that was emitting warm sunlight, causing him to involuntarily smiled. He walked to the spacious yard, and the Dou Qi within his body moved with just a thought, circulating through his limbs and bones.


A low cry was suddenly emitted from Xiao Yan's mouth as he sensed the feeling of the interior of his body being filled with strength. His body moved and a fist technique that stirred violent wind was displayed in an extremely natural manner without the slightest pause in between. Although this fist technique could not be considered a profound Dou Skill, it still possessed a lot of momentum under the support of Xiao Yan's powerful Dou Qi. When the wind from his fist flew by, the withered leaves on the ground shook until they scattered in all directions.

His fist technique flowed as smoothly as flowing water. A moment later, Xiao Yan withdrew his fist and stood tall. He did not know if it was because he had absorbed a little of the wild and violent energy from the green-red blood yesterday, but he had the feeling that the force he threw out with his fist was strengthened compared to the past.

"*Clap* *Clap*!"

A clapping sound suddenly sounded after Xiao Yan had withdrew his fist. Immediately, a laugh followed, "What powerful Dou Qi. Despite being this far away, the Dou Qi in my body was shaken by it until it became agitated. An expert Dou Huang really lives up to his reputation."

Xiao Yan's gaze searched for the source of the clapping sound. He looked over after finding it only to see that Xiao Li was unknowingly standing by the entrance to the yard with a smile he was looking at Xiao Yan while he clapped.

"Second brother." Xiao Yan smiled and called Xiao Li.

"Feeling how powerful your Dou Qi is, I think that your strength is not merely at the initial stage of the Dou Haung class, right?" Xiao Li smiled as he walked closer and asked with some uncertainty. He had also met some experts at the initial stage of the Dou Huang class. However, the other party's Dou Qi would not cause the Dou Qi to be stimulated in this manner.

"I should be considered a four star Dou Huang." Xiao Yan carelessly smiled as he replied. He did not have anything to hide in the face of Xiao Li. Of course, he might be a four star Dou Haung on the surface, but his true combat strength was comparable to someone at the peak of the Dou Huang class. If he were to display some of his trump cards, he would even have the ability to fight an elite Dou Zong. The only disadvantage was that each time he met an elite Dou Zong, he would need to stake this life of his…

Even though Xiao Li was prepared, his face still involuntarily displayed a dumbfounded look when he heard Xiao Yan's reply. He bitterly smiled, shook his head and sighed, "Your training speed can really embarrass others to death."

"Second brother is currently at the peak of the Dou Wang class, no? Your training speed is also quite quick. As long as you are able to breakthrough to a Dou Huang in the remaining time, the 'Life Devouring Pill' could be considered to have been overcome." Xiao Yan's gaze swept over Xiao Li. With his current eyesight, he was naturally able to tell that the latter was already at the peak of the Dou Wang class. There was only a line's gap to the Dou Huang class.

"Yes, but it is all thanks to the 'Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower' within the Inner Academy. I frequently head to the bottom level to train during these two years. There my training speed is much faster when compared with it outside. Unfortunately, the Heart Flame was exhausted…" Xiao Li helplessly explained.

Xiao Yan felt a little embarrassed upon hearing this. It seemed that this time around, he would need to think of an everlasting method. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to return to the Inner Academy to replenish the heart flame everyone one to two years. After all, who could anticipate whether he would require another couple of years in his next retreat. It was not as though such a thing had happened for the first time.

"It seems that the heart flame does provide quite the great increase to second brother's training speed…" Xiao Yan rubbed his lower chin and suddenly mused.

"It is indeed useful. However, that is only the case at the lowest level of the 'Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower'. If it is a little higher, there would not be much effect." Xiao Li nodded as he replied.

"Second brother needs not go and train there in the future…" Xiao Yan mused for a moment before suddenly grinning. He immediately flicked his finger in front of Xiao Li's uncertain gaze. An invisible flame curled and rose on his finger.

The invisible flame was just like a tiny long snake that lingered over Xiao Yan's finger. It immediately shot out from the tip of Xiao Yan's finger to being gently pressed against the skin outside Xiao Li's heart.


A hot temperature was emitted. The clothes on Xiao Li's chest were turned to powder. The invisible flame made contact with Xiao Li's body and immediately emitted a 'chi chi' sound. His body had suddenly tensed up. A bean-sized droplet of sweat swiftly rolled down his forehead. However, he did not resist even a little. Instead, he tightly clenched his fist and forcefully resisted the searing pain. He knew that Xiao Yan would definitely not perform something that did not benefit him.

The invisible flame remained for an instant before it strangely passed through Xiao Li's skin, and entered his body. After the invisible flame entered his body, a flame picture appeared on the skin where Xiao Li's heart was.

Xiao Li's body relaxed following the appearance of the fire picture. He wiped the perspiration off his forehead, and studied the flame picture on his chest before speaking with a bitter smile, "Third brother, what are you doing?"

Xiao Yan's expression was somewhat pale. He smiled at Xiao Li and said, "This is a flame seed that I have placed in your body using the 'Fallen Heart Flame'. If you use Dou Qi to activate it while training in the future, you will be able to obtain an even greater effect than at the bottom of the 'Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower'. Moreover, according to my expectations, this heart flame seed should be maintained for one to two years. During that time, it is likely that you will break through to the Dou Huang class. At that time, the flame seed's effect of increasing your training speed will greatly weaken. Hence, its disappearance will not matter."

Xiao Yan knew that the 'Life Devouring Pill' within Xiao Li's body had yet to be completely overcome. If he was unable to breakthrough to the Dou Huang class within the stipulated time, his life would come to an end. Hence, Xiao Yan did not hesitate to spend great effort to plant a heart flame seed within Xiao Li's body. In this way, the latter's speed would be able to significantly accelerate.

Xiao Li was also startled when he heard this. Joy immediately surfaced on his face. Even he felt quite surprised that Xiao Yan could utilize such a method. However, after recalling that the interior of Xiao Yan's body had the ancestor of this heart flame, the 'Fallen Heart Flame', his surprise was greatly reduced.

Little fellow, you are now in possession of more and more tactics…" Xiao Li patted Xiao Yan's shoulder as he loudly laughed.

Xiao Yan vaguely smiled. He was just about to speak when a 'Xiao Gate' Elder suddenly entered the yard. He hurriedly reported with a respectful voice when he saw the two of them, "Two chiefs, First Elder Su Qian asks both of you to hurry to the front yard. He says that Old Ying Shan is about to leave the city!"

Xiao Yan's eyes slightly shrank the moment he heard these words. He muttered, "Finally… he is willing to leave the city."

Chapter 856: Tailing

By the time Xiao Yan and Xiao Li had rushed to the hall, quite a number of people were already present. Even the Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan were among the people already there.

Su Qian quietly sat in the hall. He involuntarily smiled when he saw Xiao Yan and Xiao Li entering. A female servant with sharp eyes and quick hands respectfully placed two empty chairs in the leader's position.

Xiao Yan and Xiao Li slowly walked into the hall and unceremoniously sat in those chairs. Only then did they smile. One asked Su Qian, "First Elder, is there news of Old Ying Shan?"

Su Qian nodded slightly and slowly replied, "According to the information that was received earlier, it seemed that Old Ying Shan has already left the city. However, there is something strange. This old fellow did not do anything to hide his trace. Instead, he walked out of the eastern gate where the greatest number of people are. Currently, it is likely that quite a number of factions within the Black Emperor City have already received this information."

Xiao Yan involuntarily frowned when he heard this. What was this Old Ying Shan planning to do? He was actually acting with such a high profile in the face of such a situation where everyone was looking at him with ill intent. Even though he was an elite Dou Zong, it was likely that it would be troublesome dealing with those many greedy people who would come in a wave-like manner.

"Don't tell me that it is a bait and not his true self?" Xiao Li frowned and questioned.

"There was no lack of experts among those people observing. However, if they could see Old Ying Shan's figure from far away, they would feel shocked. If it is a subsitute, it is impossible for Old Ying Shan to go and find another elite Dou Zong, right? If that is the case, he would be able to ignore everything and just leave. With two Dou Zongs, there would hardly be anyone in the 'Black-Corner Region' who would dare stop them." Su Qian shook his head and explained.

"Don't tell me that he really intends to deal with the many 'Black-Corner Region' factions and experts who are watching him with malicious intent?" Xiao Yan tightly knit his brows as he wondered out loud.

"Given this old fellow's rampant, fierce, brutal character back then, we cannot eliminate this thinking." Su Qian hesitated for a moment before repling to Xiao Yan's random words.

Xiao Yan involuntarily rolled his eyes when he heard this. If this was really the case, would he not appear a little too arrogant? Given his eyesight, Old Ying Shan would naturally be aware that he was not the only elite Dou Zong in the auction ground who had an interest in the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva. If it was just ordinary people, he could rely on his strength and view them without any fear. However, it would be impossible for him to ignore these experts who were of the same class as him, right?

"Has that Demon Flame Valley had any activity?" Xiao Yan's finger gently tapped the table before he suddenly asked.

"They are also aware of the news of Old Ying Shan leaving the city. Currently, they are following a short distance behind him. From the looks of it, they don't appear on to be planning an immediate attack." Su Qian replied.

Xiao Yan faintly nodded. He mused for a moment before slowly standing up. He said in a deep voice, "In that case, we should also move. It is of no help to make random guesses in this place. Instead, we should follow behind Old Ying Shan and see just what he is planning to do. From how I see it, he would definitely not hand something as precious as the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva to someone else to take away given his cautious character. After all, he is quite confident in his strength."

"Yes, I know."

No one rejected Xiao Yan's suggestion. Immediately, the people from 'Xiao Gate' and Jia Nan Academy began to pack everything under Xiao Li's and First Elder Su Qian's orders. After which, they quietly left this compound from the back. They swiftly exited the Black Emperor City and followed the path which Old Ying Shan had taken, attempting to catch up with him.

Not long after Xiao Yan's group left the Black Emperor City, news of their departure was swiftly transmitted to the Black Emperor Sect.

Mo Tian Xing's expression was indifferent as he listened to the report of the spy within the Black Emperor Sect's Meeting Room. A moment later, he nodded and waved his hand to dismiss the spy.

"It is unexpected that this Yan Xiao has actually gotten together with 'Xiao Gate's' group… this is somewhat troublesome. Won't their side have two elite Dou Zong?" Qi Shan watched the spy withdraw from behind Mo Tian Xing. He frowned and asked a question.

"If Yan Xiao and them are not old acquaintances, it might be likely that the people from 'Xiao Gate' gave him the ruler technique Dou Technique. The one they had bought in the auction. It would facilitate cooperation between both parties…" Mo Tian Xing slightly nodded. His expression was somewhat ugly. Originally, he had thought that Xiao Yan and 'Xiao Gate' had formed a grudge after the matters at the auction. It was unexpected that they ended up working together…

"What should we do now? Currently, their strength is even greater after joining hands. We can forget about obtaining that Zong Breaking Pill." Mo Ya by his side could not help but anxiously speak after hearing this. The Zong Breaking Pill was something that even Qi Shan could not refine. If he could not obtain the pill in Xiao Yan's hands, he would not know just when it would be before he gained the chance to obtain another."

"What are you so anxious for? Currently, they are working together. Don't tell me that you can go over and break them apart? Two Dou Zongs. Even I would not dare to act. Now, you will quietly wait here. They are clearly targeting Old Ying Shan. However, this old fellow is also not an ordinary person. It will not be an easy matter to obtain the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva from him." Mo Tian Xing's expression sank as he reprimanded.

Mo Ya could only swallow the resentment he felt after being reprimanded by Mo Tian Xing. He felt bitter, but did not dare to speak.

"Sect leader, there seems to be something wrong with Old Ying Shan. Given his cautious character, it is impossible for him to leave the city in such a flagrant manner. He should also know that there are many experts waiting for him outside of the city." Qi Shan frowned as he hesitatingly spoke.

"This old fellow is also cautious and crafty. It is naturally impossible for him to do such a thing." Mo Tian Xing's face revealed a strange smile as he softly replied.

Qi Shan and Mo Ya by the side involuntarily exchanged covert gazes with one another when they saw that strange smile on Mo Tian Xing's face. However, while they wanted to wait for Mo Tian Xing to continue speaking, the latter shut his mouth. Qi Shan could not help but carefully asked, "Does sect leader know what that old fellow is planning?"

"You will naturally know when the time come. This Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva is not something that our Black Emperor Sect is willing to simply take out…" Mo Tian Xing waved his hand. His eyes revealed a denseness as he coldly laughed, "Now, we will just watch these factions get entangled in a bloody battle with Old Ying Shan. The more people die the better."

Qi Shan and Mo Ya looked at each other after hearing this. They immediately laughed and agreed.

"Ugh, if our Black Emperor Sect had not failed to obtain even a little information about the Bodhisattva Heart from this Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva despite studying it for such a long time, we would definitely not have taken this thing out to auction." Mo Tian Xing knit his brows as his eyes swept to a distant area outside of the Black Emperor City.

"However, regardless of whether we are able to study and find something, it is always best if the thing is in our hands… other people can forget about obtaining the thing that our Black Emperor Sect fails to obtain!"

Xiao Yan's group looked down at the main road within the woods from a small hill. A gray-haired old man at one side of the road appeared as though he did not sense the strange atmosphere as he slowly walked as he pleased. Human figures were leaping and rushing from behind him as numerous fiery hot gazes penetrated the cover of the forest. They stared intently at the back of the old man in front.

Although the greed in their hearts was burning their rational thoughts, no one dares to make the slightest unusual movement in front of the frightening strength of Old Ying Shan. They merely continued to follow. However, this state of tracking would instantly be broken with the increase in one's greed. The allure of the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva was too difficult for everyone to resist.

"This old fellow is actually not the least bit anxious? By traveling at such a tepid pace, is he not trying to cause more and more people to be attracted over?" Xiao Yan stared at the old back in the forest from the hill as he frowned and questioned.

Xiao Li and Su Qian knit their brows as they stood by Xiao Yan's side. The actions of Old Ying Shan caused them to feel quite uncertain. Based on common sense, anyone who had obtained such a rare treasure would naturally use the fastest speed to leave this dangerous place. In the end, this old fellow… Displayed this strange scene? Did he really intend to rely on his own strength to contend with the many experts from the 'Black-Corner Region'?

"The number of auras that have appeared in this forest are increasing. There are quite a number of people among them who are quite skilled. Should someone end up taking the lead to attack, it would likely end up affecting the entire situation, sparking this chaotic situation. At that time, Old Ying Shan would have some trouble." Su Qian slowly spoke.

Xiao Yan vaguely nodded. His gaze swept over the forest and suddenly asked, "Where are the people from the Demon Flame Valley?"

"They should also be keeping their eyes on Old Ying Shan. However, quite a number of powerful experts have been sent from the Demon Flame Valley this time around. It is extremely difficult to discover them if they hid in this mountain forest." Su Qian whispered.

Xiao Yan inclined his chin. His gaze swept over the road in the forest. Finally, he stared intently at Old Ying Shan's back. For some unknown reason, he felt a persistent feeling that something was not quite right. Everyone kept saying that this old fellow was crafty. Yet, he was currently moving in this manner. This did not match his description…

A commotion suddenly occurred within the crowd that was following behind Old Ying Shan while this thought flashed through Xiao Yan's heart.

Xiao Yan slid his eyes over when he sensed the commotion. His eyes immediately solidified as he softly asked, "Are they about to strike?"

The mountain forest that was covered by a layer of strange atmosphere suddenly froze. The source of this solidification was ten shadowy-faced human figures among the large group of people following behind.

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