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Chapter 845

Chapter 845: Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva

Everyone in the auction grounds stared at these two people who had just completed massive business transaction within a couple of sentences. They involuntarily wiped off the cold sweat on their foreheads. These two fellows were indeed not ordinary people. It was likely that there were hardly anyone present who possessed such resolution.

Three Dou Spirit Pills and two Mighty Huang Pills. Quite a number of people violently swallowed a mouthful of saliva upon hearing the condition that was spat from Xiao Yan’s mouth. Their gazes emitted a greenish light as they stared at Xiao Yan. Being able to take out five medicinal pills of such tier in one go was something that many people were witnessing for the first time. This action was far more resolute that tossing around thousands of gold.

Quite a number of people on the VIP seats used surprised gazes to sweep across Xiao Yan and the smiling Mo Tian Xing. Their hearts felt surprised at the mysterious alchemists great wealth. He was indeed worthy of being an alchemist who could refine a top grade tier 6 medicinal pill. This person did not even blink his eyes despite having taken out so many medicinal pills in one go.

This transaction was successfully completed in front of many flabbergasted gazes. The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth contained a smile as he returned to his seat. His thoughts were different from other people. He was unconcerned about whether there were any treasures within this dried Magical Beast’s corpse. This was because his main aim was actually its gem-like bone wings. As long as this thing was present, he would not lose out even if he forked out three Dou Spirit Pills and two Mighty Huang Pills. This was because Xiao Yan would be able to refine a high quality Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings with these wings. At that time, he would really be able to travel anywhere in the world.

Being able to exchange for this kind of fabulous item that could protect his life with just five medicinal pill was considered to be very favorable from Xiao Yan’s point of view. He naturally understood that the Black Emperor Sect would definitely have used various methods to investigate this Magical Beasts corpse before they were willing to take it out to be auctioned. This Magical Beast might really only be a pile of dried rotten meat just as he had mentioned. If Xiao Yan did not possess the manufacturing method for the Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings, Xiao Yan would definitely not use such a price to exchange for it. Based on Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Perception, he could gain a smattering of beneficial knowledge, Hence, this transaction might appear to possess a great amount of risk from another person’s point of view. Risk where one would suffer a complete lost if one was careless. However, from the way Xiao Yan saw it, it was a transaction that he would never lose.

On the auction stage, the smile on Mo Tian Xing’s face was not hidden after having successfully getting Xiao Yan to take out three Dou Spirit Pills and two Mighty Huang Pills. He clapped his hands and a group of large men appeared once again. They spent a great amount of effort to carefully pick up that Magical Beast corpse to carry it away.

Mo Tian Xing did not leave the stage after watching the Magical Beast corpse be carried away. He waved his hand toward the white-haired old man and the latter sighed in relief. The latter immediately bowed and withdrew. From the looks of it, the subsequent auction would be personally hosted by Mo Tian Xing. A fiery heat suddenly surged from the hearts of quite a number of people in the VIP seats when they saw this exchange. What else other than the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva, which had been well promoted, could get this old fellow to personally auction it off?

Mo Tian Xing steadily took out a pair of purplish-golden gloves from his Storag

e Ring in front of the many fiery hot eyes present. After which, he gently waved his hand.

As his hand was waved, the ground once again split apart. Immediately, a couple of black-clothed old men with stern faces slowly walked out. One of the old men’s hands held a small box that was covered by a yellow cloth.

The few old men maintained a fixed distance while they walked. A faint but sharp Dou Qi lingered over their bodies and their eagle-like eyes slowly swept around them. At this moment, any unusual movement would cause these few people to enter into a combat state.

Seeing the careful formation that appeared as though these people were facing an enemy, the entire auction ground began to gradually become quiet. An unusual atmosphere covered the place, causing one to feel some pressure.

“I think everyone should be aware of the highlight of the auction that my Black Emperor Sect has held this time around. The old me is aware that quite a number of people seated here have come because of this thing.” Mo Tian Xing spoke with a deep voice. He wore the purplish-golden gloves and the smile on his face was slowly withdrawn.

The couple of black-clothed old men gently placed that small box, covered by a yellow cloth, onto the auction table in an extremely cautious manner while Mo Tian Xing spoke. After which, they slowly withdrew before forming a mysterious formation that locked the auction table within it. If anyone thought of trying to forcefully take it, these five Black Emperor Sect Elders, whose strengths were all at the Dou Huang class, would go all out to crush that person. Moreover, even if one defeated them, one would have to face a genuine elite Dou Zong, Mo Tian Xing.

The Black Emperor Sect could not be blamed for creating such a tight defensive formation. This Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva was far too valuable. Of course, the reason that this thing was valuable was largely because of the rumor that one could procure information about the Bodhisattva Heart if one obtained the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva.

Dou Sheng. Just these two simple words were enough to cause any faction’s mental defenses to be withered and destroyed. A person of this level could be considered a heavenly expert who stood at the top of the gold pagoda. They could destroy mountains and split the earth by simply raising their hands. Even space could be shattered. This kind of frightening strength that was able to contend with nature was not something an ordinary expert could imagine…

Hence, despite many people knowing that this might simply a method to hype up the event by the Black Emperor Sect, they were still unable to control the wild heat within their hearts. Therefore, they traveled thousands of kilometers to get to this place…

In the ‘Black-Corner Region’ where there were no rules, the fist was the truth. Under the attraction of this Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva, even some elite Dou Zong demons would throw aside all their face and try to snatch it. This did not cause Xiao Yan to feel surprised nor did it cause Mo Tian Xing to feel surprised. If the Black Emperor Sect was not considered an old faction within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ with quite a strong foundation, it was likely that it would have long been washed with blood. Moreover, it would be the kind of bloodbath where not even their dogs and fowls were spared…

A person might be innocent, but he would be deemed guilty by virtue of possessing a treasure.

Possessing such a precious item was the greatest source of sin. However, it was fortunate that the Black Emperor Sect was not an ordinary faction. Otherwise, the most miserable ending would definitely have befallen them.

Mo Tian Xing observed the many hot gazes that shot over from the VIP seats. His gaze paused at a couple of positions before Dou Qi began to quietly flow within his body. His hand gently grabbed the yellow cloth before suddenly pulling it away.

The yellow cloth was removed under a countless number of heated eyes. A transparent crystal box was revealed, reflecting a glare under the light. At this moment, almost everyone ignored that glaring light as their eyes stared into the crystal box without blinking.

An unusually faint light lingered within the crystal box. A fist-sized cluster of an unusually thick somewhat jade-green item was slowly wiggling and drifting within the box as the light scattered. While it wiggled, layers of liquid began to churn, causing it to appear like a living creature.

The cluster of this thick jade-green liquid remained suspended in the box without borrowing any strength. Moreover, it seemed to possess some intelligence as it slowly drifted about the box. A strange light seeped from its surface, causing it to appear exceptionally mysterious.

“Is this the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva?”

Xiao Yan’s eyes stared intently at the floating viscous jade-green liquid as he softly muttered.

The pretty eyes of the Little Fairy Doctor by his side also stared intently at the thick liquid that emitted a strange glow. An excitement flashed deep within her eyes.

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air and gradually suppressed the fiery heat within his heart. His Spiritual Perception was basically unrestrained as it surged out. Finally, it seemed to meet some resistance just before it came into contact with the crystal and was reflected back.

“It seems that this Black Emperor Sect is really cautious…” Xiao Yan withdrew his Spiritual Perception, raised his eyebrows, and laughed in a cold and low voice.

“All those in attendance, this is the highlight of my Black Emperor Sect’s auction this time around. Quite a number of people have come because of it. It is…” Mo Tian Xing glanced at the strange thick liquid within the crystal box. A greed and yearning also flashed deep within his eyes. After which, he immediately raised his head and spoke one word at a time in a deep voice, “The Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva/”

Mo Tian Xing’s low and deep words appeared to be like a heavy bomb that stirred a great commotion within the auction grounds. A countless number of surprised cries sounded and numerous greedy gazes immediately shot over. Those large factions in the VIP seats that possessed quite a great strength were also included among these people.

Sensing that the auction ground had suddenly become somewhat chaotic, the black-clothed Elders beside the auction table slightly curled their hands. Their eyes immediately became frigid. The sound of bows being strung quietly appeared in the shadows around the auction ground.


A majestic aura suddenly surged out from Mo Tian Xing’s body amid the uproar. A pair of sharp eyes slowly swept over the auction grounds. As his gaze swept over, that chaotic area appeared just like an ice cube in boiling water as it quickly quietened down. No one present could easily ignore the pressure of an elite Dou Zong.

“Everyone, please follow our Black Emperor Sect’s rules. If anyone is interested in this auction, one can open his mouth to call out a bid. There is no need to leave your seat. Otherwise…” Mo Tian Xing faintly spoke. His gaze immediately swept over a couple of areas where the auras were obscured. Finally, he waved his hand and coldly cried out.

“Now… the auction for this Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva shall begin!”

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