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Chapter 843

Chapter 843: Auctioning Corpse

Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings. This was something that he had obtained from the sect leader of the Gold Geese Sect back then. After obtaining this scroll to manufacture a flying Dou Technique, Xiao Yan had frequently practiced it and had gained some understanding on the creation of this thing.

On a whole, the Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings did indeed have some unique points. From a certain point of view, they could be considered a different type of evolved flying wings. This was because the degree of strength of this kind of flying Dou Technique was completely determined by the ingredients. If the ingredients used to construct it were of a high grade, they would be a great help to even some experts of the Dou Zong class. However, if the ingredients were not up to par, they would be of little help.

The most important ingredient in refining the Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings was the wings of some flying Magical Beast. According to the records on the scroll, the Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings of Luo Yan Tian were created from the wings of a rank 6 Magical Beast. They could not really be considered a high grade. However, its flying speed was something that even Medusa could not catch up with. If they had not launched a sneak attack that night, it would have really been quite difficult to take this fellow’s life. After all, once he failed to beat his opponent, he could simply fly. With the speed of the Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings, who would be able to catch up to him?

After having obtained it back then, Xiao Yan had greatly coveted the Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings manufacturing method. However, after his understanding of it increased, he also understood the difficulty of manufacturing this thing. Moreover, with Xiao Yan’s character, he would naturally spend more effort and time to manufacture a good set rather than find some Magical Beast wings to make up the numbers. Therefore, this thing had been placed within his Storage Ring and was seldom thought about until the appearance of the corpse of this mysterious Magical beast, which clearly had an extraordinary origin…

Xiao Yan’s heart was quite satisfied with this Magical Beast’s dried corpse. By relying on his outstanding Spiritual Perception, he was able to vaguely sense that its gem-like white bone wings contained a frighteningly pure energy. Hence, he did somewhat believe the old man when he said that this Magical beast was one that was about to enter the eighth rank. After all, the wings were still able to possess such a frightening amount of energy even after having been dead for so long. This was the first time that Xiao Yan had witnessed such a thing.

Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed as they slowly swept over the dried corpse of the enormous Magical Beast. He nodded slightly a moment later. He could ascertain that if he used these gem-like bone wings to refine the Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings, its speed would definitely be even faster than Luo Yan Tian. If he possessed such flying wings, it was likely that there would hardly be anyone in the Dou Zong class who could compare with him in terms of speed. He might not be able to win if he were to fight with some elite Dou Zongs, but it should not be too difficult if he wanted to flee.

Zi Yan, who was wrapped in a black robe, suddenly trembled while these thoughts lingered in Xiao Yan’s heart. Although this trembling was extremely slight, it was still sensed by Xiao Yan since he was close to her. He immediately asked in a soft, doubtful voice, “What is it?”

“For some unknown reason, I started feeling somewhat uncomfortable the moment this Magical Beast corpse appeared…” Zi Yan blinked her eyes under the black robe as she spoke with a soft somewhat lost voice.

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this. An incredible thought suddenly flashed across his heart. He spoke in a disbelievi

ng manner, “That… this Magical Beast corpse doesn’t have any relation to you, will it?”

Zi Yan was originally a kind of somewhat mysterious Magical Beast. Moreover, no one knew just what kind of Magical Beast she belonged to because of her inability to transform back to her original form. However, according to what First Elder Su Qian had said, Zi Yan was brought back by him from deep within the mountains. This mysterious Magical Beast corpse in front of him was also something that the Black Emperor Sect had met by chance in a mountain forest. Was it possible that some relationship existed between the two? Perhaps… this dried Magical Beast corpse was one of Zi Yan’s… parents?”

“You are the one who has a relationship with it…” Zi Yan spoke in a somewhat angry and displeased manner. There was a blood telepathy between Magical Beasts. If this Magical Beast corpse had any relationship with her, Zi Yan would definitely be able to sense it. However, the discomfort that she sensed was not this kind of feeling. Instead, it was like the meeting of natural enemies. A feeling that would cause both parties to feel uncomfortable. Of course, the Magical Beast corpse had already lost any trace of life and it would naturally not feel any discomfort…

Xiao Yan softly sighed in relief when he heard Zi Yan’s words. If this Magical Beast corpse was related to her, Xiao Yan would not dare to separate its corpse to use it to create the Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings no matter how he yearned to…

“Perhaps you have such a feeling because your strength is inferior to this Magical Beast corpse. The senses of a Magical Beast are far sharper than that of a human…” Xiao Yan patted Zi Yan’s little head as he comforted with a smile.

“Yes.” Zi Yan nodded in a depressed manner. The gem-like pupils, which contained a purple color, involuntarily paused on the body of the enormous Magical Beast. Her narrow eyebrows became vertical.

This somewhat unusual item that was being auctioned did indeed attract the attention of quite a number of large factions in the VIP seats. A fierce beast that was about to break through to the eighth rank. This was quite a horrifying existence to anyone seated in this place. If this ultimate beast had still been breathing, those extremely strong fellows within the auction ground would rub oil under their feet and flee at the first instance they could. At this level of theirs, they understood more clearly than any ordinary person just what kind of a frightening existence a fierce beast that was about to break through to the 8th rank was…

However, it was fortunate that this was only a Magical Beast’s corpse without any traces of life. Moreover, it was the kind that had been drying for an unknown number of years. In this way, the people seated in this place did not hide the curiosity within their hearts. Some of the factions around began private discussions. From the looks of it, they appeared to possess quite some interest for this thing. Among them, those old fellows from the Demon Flame Valley were the most excited and energetic in their discussion.

The white-haired old man on the auction stage smiled as he looked at the VIP seats where private conversations had broken out. He knew that these fellows were the people with the richest stores. Only they were truly able to take out something that would interest the Black Emperor Sect.

“Ha ha, everyone, ever since our Black Emperor Sect has obtained this Magical Beast corpse, we have been preserving it perfectly and did not allow it to suffer any damage. Moreover, I can guarantee to everyone that our Black Emperor Sect has never touched this Magical Beast corpse. In other words, we are also not certain of what is in this Magical Beast’s body. Similarly, we are unaware whether there is a Monster Core about to break through to the eighth rank within it or not.”

The words of the white-haired old man undoubtedly threw a bomb that possessed great firepower. Everyone knew that the entire body of this kind of ultimate fierce beast could be considered a treasure. Its skin could be used as armor and its claws were even sharper than some weapons manufactured from metals. Of course, the most important thing was its Monster Core. It could be imagined just what kind of frightening strength was contained within a Monster Core that was about to break through to the 8th rank!

The value of all of this was difficult to estimate. Hence, the words that the white-haired old man had mentioned had instantly caused the value of this Magical Beast corpse to soar greatly…

“Stop saying any more nonsense. Just state a price.”

Private conversations sounded repeatedly in the auction ground. A long while later, a man in a VIP seat finally cried out with some impatience.

The smile on the white-haired old man’s face was not reduced when he heard this cry. He shook his head slightly at the auction ground and said with a smile, “All customers, I think everyone knows just how great the value of a Magical Beast that was about to break through to the 8th rank is. Gold coins are unable to measure its worth. Hence, for this auction, we will not be selling it for gold. Instead, we will engage in a barter trade!”

Quite a number of people in the VIP seats knit their brows when they heard the request of the white-haired old man. They immediately fell into a silence. For them, they could always get their hands on more gold coins once they ran out. They need not worry about getting their hands on something like money. However, if they had to exchange an item for another, they would have to at least take out some truly valuable things in order to exchange for this Magical Beast corpse. However, who did not treat something of this grade as a treasure to be kept? They would feel a physical pain if they were asked to take such treasures out to exchange for something. Moreover, quite a number of those in the VIP seats were planning to leave their treasures for the last item. They were going to use them to compete for the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva. If they were to waste them here, they would lose quite a bit of confidence in the competition after this.

Although the smile on the face of the white-haired old man remained on his face as he glanced over the auction grounds, which had become quiet, some perspiration had begun to seep from his forehead. This Magical Beast corpse was actually not as valuable as he had said. Otherwise, the Black Emperor Sect would not take it out to auctioned. This Magical beast had been dead for many years. After rotting over time, there was already not much energy left in its body. Moreover, they had used a secret technique to detect that the blood contained within this dried corpse was so little that it was pitiful. As for the Monster Core… *cough*, they did not sense anything. In other words, it meant that whoever purchased this Magical Beast corpse must be prepared to gamble. If there was a Monster Core, liquid blood, or other things like that, they would profit. However, if there was only a pile of dried flesh within it, they would have to be prepared to make a terrible loss…

These people in the VIP seats were no fools. They were similarly aware of this point. The guarantee from the white-haired old man was just like a promise from a prostitute in their eyes. There was no credibility to it. Hence, many people did not have any idea whether they really wanted to bid.

Minute by minute, time began to pass by. The atmosphere within the auction ground remained silent. By this time, the vest of the white-haired old man was already drenched in perspiration. The sect had high hopes for this dried Magical Beast corpse. If he was unable auction it off, it would be considered to have failed his job and would face the punishment of the sect.

The silence continued. Just when the white-haired old man was somewhat unable to endure any longer, a human figure wearing black robes slowly stood up from the VIP seats. His faint voice broke the silence in the auction ground.

“One Dou Spirit Pill, one Mighty Huang Pill.”

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