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Chapter 836

Chapter 836: Activity

A faint flower-like fragrance lingered in the large quiet hall where the Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan relaxed. The bigger one was still alright, but the smaller one’s face was filled with impatience.

“He has been in the hidden chamber for two days, why is he still not done?” After sitting for a moment, Zi Yan leaped to her feet after failing to control herself.

“Refining pills exhausts a great amount of time. One cannot rush it.” The Little Fairy Doctor placed down a slightly yellowish book in her hand. Her pretty eyes gently glanced at the secret chamber as she said, “Let’s wait a little longer. It should be soon.”

“You have already said these words almost ten times.” Zi Yan curled her lips as she muttered to herself. She could only return to her seat. However, the entire room suddenly and intensely shook just as she sat down.

The sudden shaking caused the Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan to be startled. Their gazes turned to the secret chamber in unison. An unusually dense energy ripple was swiftly being formed in that direction.

“Looks like the pill refinement is about to succeed.” Joy flashed through the Little Fairy Doctor’s pretty eyes when she sensed that rich energy ripple. Although she was not an alchemist, she could still be considered quite experienced after all these years. She naturally knew that some high tier medicinal pills would create quite the commotion when they took shape.

“Pay more attention. Do not allow anyone to come here to disturb him. This Black Emperor Pavilion is very crowded with many experts. The activity here will not remain hidden from everyone.” The Little Fairy Doctor spoke with a deep voice. However, her voice had just sounded when the energy ripple from the secret chamber suddenly soared to a frightening degree. One could immediately hear a ‘bang’ and half-a-foot-thick energy light pillar shot out of the secret chamber. Finally, it broke through the ceiling and charged to the sky.

Even the Little Fairy Doctor’s expression involuntarily changed a little when she saw the light pillar that had broken through the ceiling and rushed to the sky. She immediately knit her brows and softly wondered aloud, “What medicinal pill is Xiao Yan refining? The activity it created is very large. Looks like the entire Black Emperor Pavilion has been disturbed by this. Zi Yan, you should guard this place. Kill anyone who enters this room!”

The Little Fairy Doctor’s tone was filled with a dense coldness by the end of her words.

“What about you?” Zi Yan nodded before she immediately spoke in a hurried manner.

“I must reveal myself and deter those old demons who have ill intentions.” A cold glint flashed across the Little Fairy Doctor’s grayish-purple eyes. This kind of commotion would definitely attract some elite Dou Zongs. If any old man interrupted in a random manner, it would likely result in Xiao Yan suffering quite a serious injury.

The Little Fairy Doctor’s body moved after her words sounded. She disappeared from the room in a strange manner and was already on the roof the next time she reappeared. Her cold eyes slowly swept around.

It was just as the Little Fairy Doctor had anticipated. This pillar of light that had suddenly shot to the sky had almost instantly attracted the attention of all the experts within the Black Emperor Pavilion. The faces of quite a number of people were shocked as they sensed the pure energy contained in this pillar of light. They immediately rushed out of their rooms. Within less than a minute the treetop and roofs of the buildings around the pavilion that Xiao Yan’s group resided in was filled with human figures.

Some of the experts finally identified the origin of the light p

illar following their observation from a close proximity. Numerous exclamations immediately sounded.

“The light pillar is filled with a pill fragrance. It looks like there is someone refining medicinal pills within the room.”

“A high tier medicinal pill might be able to create some activity, but unless it is a tier 7 medicinal pill, there is seldom such an unusual phenomenon? Don’t tell me that there is someone refining a tier 7 medicinal pill here?”

“Impossible! The activity from the pill formation of a tier 7 medicinal pill is much bigger than this. It should be a rare high grade medicinal pill from among the tier 6 medicinal pills!”

“Tsk tsk, a medicinal pill that is able to stir such an activity is definitely not an ordinary item. Hee hee, I wonder which alchemist grandmaster is below? Don’t tell me it is Qi Shan from the Black Emperor Sect?”

“Hei, Qi Shan just advanced to a tier 6 alchemist not long ago. How is it possible for him to possess the ability to refine this kind of high grade tier 6 medicinal pill.”

Private conversations began to increase following a greater number of experts appearing around the building. The eyes of some of those people who had heard these words were gradually filled with an additional greed when they looked at the light pillar. A medicinal pill that could stir such a commotion was definitely not an ordinary item.

“Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!”

Waves of rushing wind sounds suddenly appeared. Immediately some human figures flashed over before remaining suspended in the sky. Their eyes revealed some surprise as they observed the light pillar that surged to the sky.

“It is unexpected that there is such an alchemist grandmaster within the Black Emperor City. I wonder which great person he is.” Over ten human figures stood in the air at a spot in the sky. Their leader, a white-haired old man with a Doupeng, spoke in a surprised voice.
TL: Doupeng – a conical hat with a cloth hanging over it to cover one’s face.

“That’s right, looking at this activity, it is likely that the medicinal pill is almost in the 7th tier. Such a medicinal pill is something that even Qi Shan would be unable to refine.” A man was flapping his Dou Qi wings beside the old man with an expression filled with solemness. This person’s expression was somewhat familiar. If one were to look carefully, it was surprisingly Xiao Yan’s second brother, Xiao Li. Who else could that white-haired old man beside him be other than the First Elder of the Inner Academy, Su Qian?

Su Qian slightly nodded. His eyes looked all around him and solidified before speaking faintly, “It is unexpected that the people from the Demon Flame Valley have also arrived.”

Xiao Li was also startled when he heard this. His gaze immediately followed Su Qian’s eyes as he looked over. He saw a group of human figures suspended in the sky not far away. The leader was an old man who was clearly the First Elder from the Demon Flame Valley, Fang Yan.

“We actually ended up meeting this group of bastards in this place. Looks like we cannot allow them to leave smoothly after this matter is over.” Xiao Li’s eyes turned cold as he laughed after seeing the red-haired old man.

“Yes, huh?” Su Qian nodded his head. His gaze swept over the other side in an indifferent manner. He involuntarily let out a surprised ‘huh’ when his eyes swept over the gray-robed person.

“First Elder, what is it?” Xiao Li asked uncertainly.

Su Qian knit his brows slightly only to shake his head a little. When his gaze once again swept over that gray-robed person, the latter gave him the faint feeling of danger for some unknown reason.

During the time that Xiao Li’s group discovered the people from the Demon Flame Valley, the latter’s eyes had also looked over. Both parties’ gazes crossed each other and the air was filled with a dense killing intent.

“It is unexpected that even the old fellow Su Qian is here. Looks like there might be some trouble killing them this time around.” Fang Yan slowly withdrew his eyes and spoke with a frown.

“When the time comes, all we need to do is kill him together with the others.” The sleeves of the gray-robed person shook as his indifferent voice drifted out. “I am currently more curious about who the person refining the pill is. By being able to refine such a medicinal pill, it is likely that his alchemy skill is even greater than Qi Shan from the Black Emperor Sect. Since when did an alchemist of such a tier appear in this ‘Black-Corner Region’?”

“I am also not certain. This time around, the Black Emperor City has gathered experts from everywhere. I think that this person should be one of them.” Fang Yan shook his head as he replied.

“Yes, however, this person actually dares to refine pills in such a place. I think that now should be the crucial moment before the pill is formed. If he is disturbed at this moment, the destruction of the pill is a small matter. He might even receive a backlash…” The gray-robed person spoke with a hoarse, cold laugh.

“Then what result does mister want? An alchemist of this tier should also have a strong soul.” The corner of Fang Yan’s mouth lifted as he asked.

Fang Yan’s words had just sounded when a snow-white figure slowly appeared on top of the building which the light pillar originated from.

“Anyone who comes within a hundred meter radius will die!”

A pair of cold and indifferent grayish-purple eyes slowly swept around once the white figure appeared. Finally, her eyes paused in a couple of directions. A cold, dense cry immediately resounded across the sky.

A majestic aura suddenly swept out from the graceful and moving person’s lovely figure after her cry sounded. The faces of everyone present changed upon sensing the powerful degree of this aura. Involuntary cries repeatedly sounded.

“An elite Dou Zong!”

Quite a number of people felt a chill within their hearts as they sensed the dense cold killing intent that spread over after their voices sounded. They hurriedly withdrew.

“This girl is actually an elite Dou Zong? How is it possible?” Fang Yan could not help but feel somewhat stunned when he sensed that majestic aura. Since when did this ‘Black-Corner Region’ have such a young Dou Zong?

“You have ten breath’s time to get lost!”

Her chilly ice-like gaze suddenly shot toward Fang Yan while he was feeling shock in his heart. The indifferent killing intent contained within those eyes caused the heart of the First Elder from the Demon Flame Valley to feel a little chilled.

Although his heart felt a chill, when had Fang Yan been yelled at by someone given his current position in the Black-Corner Region? Moreover, he had that gray-robed person following him. Hence, his heart was not filled with fear like an ordinary person.

“Let’s withdraw first. Now is not the right time to fight with her. It is not a wise action to randomly form a grudge with an elite Dou Zong.” That gray-robed person slowly spoke just as Fang Yan felt slightly angry in his heart.

Fang Yan was startled when he heard this. He could only nod his head, wave his hand, and force everyone to withdraw.

The surrounding people could not help but smack their lips together when they saw the experts from the Demon Flame Valley forced back by this white-clothed lady with a cry. An elite Dou Zong was indeed not an ordinary person.

Only Xiao Li’s group of people from ‘Xiao Gate’ were left in the sky after the people from the Demon Flame Valley withdrew. Hence, the eyes of the white-clothed lady, which were filled with a killing intent, slowly swept over.

The expressions of Xiao Li’s group changed when they sensed that indifferent gaze. He exchanged glances with Su Qian and was just about to automatically withdraw when the cold and indifferent eyes of the white-clothed lady became slightly surprised. A somewhat uncertain voice was slowly emitted.

“You are people from ‘Xiao Gate’?”

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