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Chapter 827

Chapter 827: Success

The silent atmosphere in the hall continued for around one minute. Qi Shan finally could not endure it any longer as he said in an enigmatic manner, “Hey Old Yan. Although your success rate in refining a Dou Spirit Pill is extremely low, aren’t you valuing this Dou Spirit Pill too highly.”

Old Yan from the Thousand Medicinal House faintly swept his eyes over Qi Shan after hearing the latter speak these words. He coldly smiled and said, “Perhaps I might not be comparable to you when it came to medicinal refinement skills. However, the old me is not afraid of you when it comes to having eyes for medicinal pills.”

Qi Shan choked on these words of Old Yan until he became dull. He also felt somewhat bitter. When it came to having eyes for medicinal pills, he had no choice but admit that he could not match the former.

“This mister, are you really planning to use this Dou Spirit Pill to exchange for these three medicinal ingredients?” Owner Yao’s face was full of smiles as she looked at Xiao Yan. Her voice contained some uncertainty. The value of this Dou Spirit Pill was greater than these three medicinal ingredients. In order to succeed in sealing this deal, she was even willing to leave Qi Shan hanging dry by the side. A Dou Spirit Pill even Old Yan praised could definitely be considered the top of the top among the tier 5 medicinal pills. Although her Thousand Medicinal House was weary of Qi Shan, it could not be considered terrified.

Xiao Yan also understood the uncertainty in Owner Yao’s words. He naturally understood that the value of the Dou Spirit Pill was far higher than these three medicinal ingredients. However, his Storage Ring only had this tier 5 medicinal pill he had refined back then. Although he had some other medicinal pills, they were either a lot better than this Dou Ling Pill or too low for him to take out. Therefore, he could only allow the boss of this Thousand Medicinal House to have the advantage in the deal. However, it was fortunate that Xiao Yan did have a positive impression of her because of her earlier hidden reminder. It was fine to allow her to gain more from the deal.

“If Owner Yao does not have any objections, I will take these three medicinal ingredients.” Xiao Yan smiled and nodded before speaking.

A wild joy immediately surfaced on Owner Yao’s face when she heard this. She was just about to nod her head when Qi Shan by the side suddenly slammed his hand on the table and furiously cried out, “Wait!”

Owner Yao’s expression slightly sank upon being interrupted by Qi Shan. Her pretty eyes flipped to Qi Shan and her voice contained suppressed anger, “Old Qi, Qie-shen respects you as an important person in the Black Emperor City and gives you an unusually great amount of respect. Please do not get my Thousand Medicinal House to give an order preventing your entry!”

By being able to have such a booming business within the Black Emperor City and even possess the help of an alchemist with Old Yan’s ability, the Thousand Medicinal House was naturally not one that could be easily manipulated by anyone. Although Qi Shan’s background was quite strong, it was not possible for him to squat over them and shit…

Qi Shan’s expression changed when he heard Owner Yao’s furious words. He immediately let out a cold snort as his gaze viciously stared at Xiao Yan and said, “Isn’t it just a Dou Spirit Pill? Don’t think that the old me cannot take it out.”


Qi Shan swung his hand after his voice sounded. A jade bottle flashed out and immediately landed heavily on the table’s surface.

The hall immediately let out another uproar when they saw this action of Xie Shan. Those gazes that were looking at Xie Shan were filled

with shock and disbelief. Did this old fellow take the wrong medicine today? Not only was he not thinking of taking advantage of others but he was actually willing to spend so much and take out a Dou Spirit Pill?

Blood was dripping from Qi Shan’s heart amid the surrounding shock gazes. He was currently intending to attempt to refine a tier 6 medicinal pill. The main ingredient in it was the ‘Jade Bone Fruit’. Hence, he held an attitude of having to obtain this thing at all cost. Additionally, he had been provoked by Xiao Yan. If news were to spread in the future that the top alchemist of the Black Emperor Sect was actually unable to compete with a little brat, how would someone as prideful as him feel?

Being urged on by these two conditions, Qi Shan finally clenched his teeth, endured the pain in his heart, and took out the only Dou Spirit Pill in his store.

This action of Qi Shan had clearly exceeded the expectations of Owner Yao and Old Yan. They had never expected to gain an advantage from this old fellow… the two of them looked at each other and felt somewhat awkward.

Old Yan hesitated for a moment before slowly extending his hand to receive that jade bottle. After which, he emptied medicinal pill from the bottle. His gaze swept over it only for him to frown.

Owner Yao’s heart sank when she saw this from the side. She asked, “Old Yan?”

“This is indeed also a Dou Spirit Pill…” Old Yan slowly withdraw his gaze and glanced at Qi Yan. He spoke in a faint voice, “However, its quality… is far inferior compared to that of this little friend.”

“Nonsense! The old me is a tier 6 alchemist. How can the medicinal pill that I refined be inferior to that little brat?” Qi Shan immediately became furious. He angrily cried out after hearing Old Yan’s words.

Old Yan was too lazy to be bothered about the furious Qi Shan. His right hand held that Dou Spirit Pill from Xiao Yan while his left hand held the one from Qi Shan. After which, he spoke to all the alchemists within the hall, “Everyone here is alchemists who possess quite a great reputation within the Black Emperor City. You should all be in possession of some pill identifying abilities. Everyone, please tell me just which of these two Dou Spirit Pills is better.”

Numerous gazes within the hall immediately shot over upon hearing the words of Old Yan. After which, they slowly lingered for a moment over the two medicinal pills. Their expressions all became somewhat unusual. Regardless of whether it was the luster or the pill fragrance that it emitted, the pill from Xiao Yan was undoubtedly superior compared to the one from Qi Shan.

The effect of a Dou Spirit Pill was to allow a Dou Wang class expert to raise his strength by one star. This kind of advancement had some chances of failure. At this time, one must look at the quality of the medicinal pill. Putting it simply, if an expert Dou Wang consume Xiao Yan’s and Qi Shan’s Dou Spirit Pill, the former’s medicinal pill would definitely have a greater chance of success!

A Dou Wang could only consume one Dou Spirit Pill. Hence, if they wanted to purchase a medicinal pill, they would likely choose to first purchase Xiao Yan’s medicinal pill even if they had to spend their entire fortune to do so.

By comparing it in this manner, the difference between the two could naturally be identified.

Of course, despite knowing which of these two medicinal pills was superior, no one dared to say anything. After all, if they were to say something at this moment, it was likely that they would offend Qi Shan. Therefore, the entire hall descended into an awkward silence in an instant.

Although the place was silent, the gaze of almost everyone in the hall had stopped on the right hand of Old Yan. The medicinal pill there was the Dou Spirit Pill that belonged to Xiao Yan.

This scene was naturally sensed by Qi Shan. Regardless of how thick his skin was, his face still swiftly turned a flushed red. A dark solemness gradually surged into the gaze which he was throwing at Xiao Yan by his side. Clearly, this narrow-minded old fellow felt a great hatred for Xiao Yan who had shaved off his prestige.

Old Yan slowly withdrew his hands. He placed the two medicinal pill back into their individual jade bottles. After which, he immediately returned one jade bottle to a spot in front of Qi Shan. His meaning could be comprehended without the need to say anything.
“Mister Yan, these three medicinal ingredients belong to you.” Owner Yao quietly sighed in relief when she saw this action of Old Yan. She immediately smiled to Xiao Yan.

“Thank you very much…” Xiao Yan similarly sighed in relief in his heart. These three medicinal ingredients were too difficult to find. During their tens of thousands of kilometer journey from the Chu Yun Empire to the Black-Corner Region, he was unable to find even the slightest news of these three medicinal ingredients. Now that he had luckily found them in this place, he would definitely not give up regardless of what happened.

Xiao Yan ignored the furious and gloomy gaze of Qi Shan behind him as he received the three jade boxes. However, his face changed before he could store the jade boxes into his Storage Ring. He suddenly felt a powerful wind behind him, a forewarning of a fierce attacked.

Xiao Yan was naturally aware of who had unleashed this sudden attack. His expression instantly sank. A cold snort sounded as powerful Dou Qi erupted from Xiao Yan’s body like a volcano in all directions within an instant.

The Dou Qi that surged out of his body writhed. Finally, it appeared to be invocated by something and smashed furiously toward the attack behind him.


A deep energy explosion resounded within the hall. An energy ripple burst forth, causing everyone in the hall to hurriedly move back to dodge it. Numerous stunned gazes were immediately thrown toward Xiao Yan, whose body was covered by jade-green Dou Qi. Quite a number of people exclaimed when they sensed the degree of the Dou Qi’s strength.

“Dou Huang?”

After blocking that attack, Xiao Yan’s expression was dark and cold as he turned around. Those eyes of his were dense as he glared at Qi Shan, whose expression had also changed after having discovered Xiao Yan’s strength.

“Ke ke, it is unexpected that this friend is actually an expert Dou Huang. The old me can be considered blind… my emotions were unstable a moment ago. Please do forgive me for any offence.” Qi Shan appeared to have sensed the frigid killing intent in Xiao Yan’s eyes. He hurriedly took two steps back and laughed.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were filled with ice as he stared at Qi Shan. He spoke with a dense voice, “Don’t think that I don’t dare to kill you just because you are the top alchemist within the Black Demon Sect…”

Two human figures slowly walked to Xiao Yan’s side as he spoke. Their gaze were filled with ill intent while they were looking at Qi Shan on the opposite side. That manner appeared as though they would immediately attack and get this hateful old fellow to forever remain behind should Xiao Yan open his mouth.

Xiao Yan’s words caused Qi Shan’s face to twitch. However, after having exchanged blows earlier, he already knew that Xiao Yan’s strength was not any weaker than him. Even if they were to really fight, it was difficult to say just who would be victorious. Moreover, Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan by the side faintly gave him a dangerous feeling. Hence, he could only dryly laugh as he spoke with a superficial smile, “The temper of the young people these days is really getting worse. Hopefully, you can still be this arrogant the next time we meet…”

Qi Shan swung his sleeves after leaving these words behind. He carried a fury within him as he turned around and walked down the stairs before disappearing from everyone’s sight.

Those alchemists who had remained behind in the hall knew that it was unwise to stay in this place for much longer after seeing Qi Shan leave. They cupped their hands toward Owner Yao before descending from the second story one after another…

“Mister Yan, it is fortunate that you did not attack just now. This Qi Shan might be unlikable, but his influence in the Black Demon City is extremely big. Moreover, he is also the top alchemist in the Black Demon Sect. The Black Demon Sect would not simply let things rest if anything were to happen to him…” Owner Yao slowly walked forward after the last alchemist left and sighed to Xiao Yan.

“That old fellow is a narrow-minded person. If you do not have any overly important matters to deal with in the Black Demon City, it will be best for you to leave quickly…”

“Ke ke, thank you for your reminder Owner Yao.” Xiao Yan smiled in a noncommittal manner. He turned his hand and stored the medicinal ingredients into his Storage Ring. His footsteps paused just before he was about to leave as he suddenly asked, “Owner Yao, I have something to ask and I wonder if you will answer me?”

“Nothing will be hidden from you if qie-shen knows about it.” Owner Yao was startled before she immediately replied with a smile.

Xiao Yan licked his lips. He hesitated for a moment before slowly inquiring, “May I know if Owner Yao has ever heard of the ‘Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva’?”

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