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Chapter 824: Pill Exchange Gathering

The second story of the Thousand Medicinal House was not as luxurious as Xiao Yan had imagined. The somewhat ancient decorations caused it to possess a great atmosphere that would never be out of fashion. From this, it can be seen that the owner of the Thousand Medicinal House was someone who had some taste.

At this moment, some crystal counters were positioned in the hall of the second storey. Some jade boxes were placed in these crystal counters. A faint glow could be vaguely seen from the jade boxes. At a glance, one could tell that they were not ordinary things.

There were quite a number of human figures scattered throughout the large hall. Looking at their clothing, they were mostly alchemists. It seemed that they were thinking of exchanging for some rare medicinal ingredients in this second story.

Xiao Yan's three man group attracted quite a number of gazes when they came up. However, when they saw that the former was not wearing an alchemist's robe, they slowly withdrew their gazes. If the person himself did not show his skill, another alchemist would have difficulty identifying the exact ability of that person. Hence, someone like Xiao Yan, who did not wear an alchemist robe, would have difficulty attracting the attention of others. Instead, more of those gazes paused on the Little Fairy Doctor who was behind Xiao Yan.

"Mister, please feel free to look around. I will go and look for the person-in-charge…" The old man, who had followed them up, respectfully spoke to Xiao Yan before bowing and leaving.

Xiao Yan vaguely nodded. He led the Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan down the large hall. After which, they arrived at those crystal counter. Their gazes swept over them and some surprise surged into their eyes.

"Green Rock Wood… Blood Ganoderma… Cultured Marrow Root…"

Seeing these rare medicinal ingredients, that would arouse the envy of many alchemists if placed in the outside world, displayed together in this place, Xiao Yan could not help but let out a praise despite his experience. It seemed that he did not come to this second story for nothing…

"This 'Black-Corner Region… is indeed extraordinary…" Amazement also surfaced on the face of the Little Fairy Doctor by the side as she softly spoke.

Zi Yan's small face was bending over the crystal counter. Her large gem-like eyes stared at the medicinal ingredients within without blinking. Her coveting looks seemed as though her jaw was about to fall off…

Xiao Yan involuntarily rolled his eyes when he saw this manner of hers. He hurriedly pulled the unwilling Zi Yan over. His finger violently tapped on the latter's forehead as he softly said, "Little grandaunt, the tier of the medicinal ingredients that you eat is not any lower than these. Therefore, don't embarrass me…"

"Hmph, most of those medicinal ingredients that we found have been forcefully plundered by you. Since when did I eat them!" Zi Yan clenched her silver teeth as she replied. The gaze which she was used to glare at Xiao Yan was extremely resentful.

Xiao Yan softly coughed. He swallowed and replied, "Those medicinal ingredients are naturally the safest with me. The way you eat them is really wasting these things…"

Zi Yan naturally ignored this explanation that Xiao Yan had gave many times before. The gaze in those large eyes became more resentful.

The Little Fairy Doctor involuntarily smiled when she observed these two people. They were fighting because of medicinal ingredients. Her warm moving smile attracted quite a number of gazes within the large hall. The way the current Little Fairy Doctor was dressed was similar to the her in Qingshan Town back then. Her white clothes caused some ethereal feeling to be added to her extraordinary demeanor. However, it might be because this demeanor was far too intoxicating to other people, but it was likely that no one could imagine that this woman, who seemed warm and moving, would immediately turn from a fairy to a death god that sought lives should she become angry…

"Ke ke, mister, are you planning to exchange for medicinal ingredients?" A soft woman's voice that carried an unusual charm sounded behind Xiao Yan while he and Zi Yan were arguing over the ownership of the medicinal ingredients.

Xiao Yan turned his head when he heard her voice only to see a woman wearing a red-colored palace robe standing beautifully behind him. The woman's face was extremely beautiful and her well-proportioned body appeared extremely delightful under the wraps of the palace gown. It emitted a special moving scent that a matured woman specifically possessed. The thing that attracted the most attention was this woman's watery eyes. There was a thread of teasing forever hidden in them. Her picture-like eyebrows were like crescent moons that emitted a thread of enchantment.

"Ah…" Xiao Yan's gaze drifted to the back of the woman in the gown. Other than that old man who had gone to pass on a message earlier, there was a white-haired, old man dressed in ancient robes. At this moment, the old man had his eyes slightly shut, appearing as though he was in a fake sleep. However, with Xiao Yan's Spiritual Perception that was even more outstanding than a tier 6 alchemist, he could tell that this old man was also an alchemist. Moreover, it was likely that his tier was quite high. At the very least, it would not be any lousier than Fa Ma's tier.

"It seems that this 'Black-Corner Region' is really a place where dragons and tigers hide. A medicinal house actually possess quite a high tier alchemist…" Awe flashed across Xiao Yan's heart. Xiao Yan began to raise his perception of the strength of this Thousand Medicinal House. Being able to recruit an alchemist of such a tier was not something that could be done through an ordinary price.

That white-haired, old man suddenly opened his eyes after appearing to sense Xiao Yan's gaze. The eyes of both him and Xiao Yan met.

For some unknown reason, the white-haired, old man faintly sensed an unusually hot aura from those seemingly bottomless dark-black eyes. He could not help but immediately let out a surprised 'huh'.

"What is it? Old Yan?" That woman in a palace gown was startled when she heard the surprised 'huh' from the white-haired, old man. She uncertainly asked.

"Nothing…" The eyes of the white-haired, old man, who was called Old Yan flickered, before he immediately shook his head.

Although Old Yan did not say anything, the palace-robed woman seemed to have sensed something. Her pretty eyes slid to Xiao Yan while containing a deep thought. The smile on her face became even more moving.

This enchanting palace-gowned woman seemed to possess quite a high reputation and popularity in this place. Hence, many gazes were thrown over from the hall the moment she appeared. She smiled and greeted all of these gazes one at a time. Her etiquette was one that no one could find fault with.

"Qie-shen is the owner of this Thousand Medicinal House. Mister can call me Owner Yao. May I know mister's name?" The palace-robed lady covered her alluring red lips and smiled. Her full voice caused a person's heart to suddenly pound for some reason.
TL: Qie-shen – A humble way in which a woman calls herself. Apparently, it can be attractive to some men. For simplicity, it can be taken as the word I/me

"Owner Yao can call me Yan Xiao."

Xiao Yan faintly smiled. However, caution rose in his heart. This woman possessed an unusual allure when she spoke. If one did not have a great mental fortitude, it was likely that one's heart would be unknowingly influenced by her. If this occurred when one was discussing a price or condition, it was likely that he would be eaten by the other party until even his bones were gone. It seemed that this woman did not only rely on her outstanding appearance in order to become the owner of such a large Thousand Medicinal House as a woman.

Surprise that was difficult to discover flashed across the eyes of this woman in her palace gowns when she saw Xiao Yan's calm manner. It was unexpected that despite being young, the other party was actually able to ignore her enchantment skill that came from the special Qi Method she practiced. It seemed that this person was indeed not simple…

"Owner Yao, I think that you should also be aware of why I have come to the second story of this store. May I know if you have the three medicinal ingredients I require?" Xiao Yan did not say any more courteous words as he started on the main topic.

"Ke ke, the three medicinal ingredients that mister needs can be considered among the top items even in the second story of my Thousand Medicinal House. Mister is aware of our Thousand Medicinal House rules, no?" Owner Yao smiled in a bewitching manner.

"Yes, may I know what kind of medicinal pill I need in order to exchange for them?" Xiao Yan nodded slightly and asked after a deep thought.

"Ke ke, there is no hurry. All the alchemist in the hall have come to my Thousand Medicinal House because of these rare medicinal ingredients. These precious medicinal ingredients are not commonly found. My Thousand Medicinal House has bitterly searched for them for a period of time in order to obtain…" Owner Yao smiled as she said, "Each time we find the medicinal ingredients, there would be quite a number of alchemists who would come and exchange for them. Today is coincidentally the day that my Thousand Medicinal House is exchanging for medicinal pills. Mister Yan Xiao has really come at the right time."

"In this way, won't I have to compete with the other alchemist for the medicinal ingredients?" Xiao Yan knit his brows and inquired after hearing this.

"This is also a kind of auction. The one who offers the highest price will obtain the thing he wants. However, this place of ours does not want gold coins. Instead, we will see if the people bidding are able to refine a medicinal pill that satisfies us… of course… normally speaking, unless both parties urgently require such a medicinal ingredient, there would still be people withdrawing from the big." Owner Yao smiled. She immediately turned to the white-haired, old man beside her and said, "Old Yan, it is almost time. Let's start the Pill Exchange Gathering."

"Yes." The white-haired, old man slightly nodded. He immediately walked toward a tall stage in the hall. He raised his hand once there and knocked it against the bronze bell by the side. A clear ringing resounded throughout the hall.

"Bring the medicine."

The white-haired, old man commanded. Over ten pretty female servants immediately brought forth silver plates in a respectful manner. Tightly shut jade boxes were neatly arranged on the silver plates.

When these figures passed by, the jade boxes were neatly placed on a rock platform one after another. The jade boxes were all opened and a rich medicinal fragrance instantly surged out. Within a short while, quite a number of alchemists began to softly inhale. A joy was revealed on their faces. Clearly, this batch of rare medicinal ingredients from the Thousand Medicinal House caused them to feel a great satisfaction.

"Ke ke, everyone, this batch of medicinal ingredients is something that my Thousand Medicinal House has paid a large price in order to obtain. The quality of the medicinal ingredients are quite good. Therefore, everyone should prepare themselves…" Owner Yao slowly walked onto the stage and spoke with a smile to everyone below.

Quite a number of alchemists below nodded helplessly the moment her words sounded. Although this Thousand Medicinal House had many rare medicinal ingredients, their prices were quite expensive. If one did not have some wealth and ability, it was better not to come to the second story to lose face.

"In that case, let our Pill Exchange Gathering begin. The old rules apply. The first will be those with the lowest quality while the high quality ones will be left for last." Owner Yao laughed and waved her hand. Her index finger pointed at the medicinal ingredients on the rock platform.

"Ha ha, Owner Yao, why is it that this Pill Exchange Gathering does not wait for me? Don't tell me you are afraid I cannot afford it?"

A thunder-like laugh was suddenly transmitted from the stairs while everyone was browsing the medicinal ingredients.

The sudden arrival of the laughter caused the fieriness in the hall to become a lot more quiet. Numerous surprised gazes slipped toward the stairs.

Heavy footsteps gradually approached. A moment later, a red-faced, old man wearing a pale-yellow robe appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes as he looked at this red-faced, old man. Surprise flashed across his face. This old man was actually an alchemist. Moreover, it was likely that his ability was a little stronger than the white-haired, old man from earlier.

Chapter 825: Red-Faced Elder

"It is indeed worthy of being the 'Black-Corner Region'… within a day, two alchemists of such tier have appeared… it looks like I really did not come here for nothing today."

The appearance of this red-faced elder caused the voices of the many alchemist in the hall to become much softer. Some of those whose abilities were a little stronger displayed somewhat unnatural expressions.

Owner Yao on the stage was slightly startled. A warm smile was immediately pushed onto her face as she hurriedly descended the stage and headed to the red-faced elder. Her mouth laughed in a loving manner, "Old Qi is honoring us with his presence. This time around, the Black Emperor City is holding a large-scale auction and I thought that Old Qi will not have the spare time to come…"

"Hee hee, what is Owner Yao saying? The quality of the medicinal ingredients in the Thousand Medicinal House is extraordinary. Even the old me cannot help but feel interested. Moreover, this Pill Exchange Gathering is not frequently held. Therefore, the old me will definitely come over and take a look regardless of how busy I am." The old man who was addressed as Old Qi laughed out loud. His voice was extremely clear. When he laughed loudly, quite a number of people within the hall knit their brows. However, due to the former's position and background within the Black Emperor City, no one dared to voice their thoughts.

"Qie-shen is extremely happy that Old Qi is able to come visit this store. Fortunately, this Pill Exchange Gathering has yet to formally start. Old Qi, please take a sit." Owner Yao smiled as she spoke. She immediately inclined her body and made a respectfully inviting stance.
TL: Qie-shen – A humble way in which a woman calls herself. For simplicity, it can be taken as the word I/me

Seeing this, the red-faced elder bluntly let out a loud laugh and unceremoniously headed to the row in front of the stage. After which, he sat down on a chair at the most important spot. His faint gaze took one look around before finally pausing for a moment on Xiao Yan, who was a short distance away. After which, he immediately withdrew his gaze.

Owner Yao let out a soft sigh without anyone noticing after seeing that the red-faced elder had sat down. Her heart quietly cursed, "Each time this old fellow comes, he always rely on his background within the Black Emperor City which causes the other competitors to be afraid of bidding against him."

This red-faced elder had quite the powerful background. He was the top alchemist within the Black Emperor Sect. It was rumored that he had reached the 6th tier not long ago. He could be considered to be the person who had the greatest medicinal refining ability within the Black Emperor City. Moreover, by relying on the strength of the Black Emperor Sect, he could be considered an important person whose words mattered greatly to everyone in the Black Emperor City. An ordinary person naturally did not dare to bid against him. In this way, it was undoubtedly not something good from the Thousand Medicinal House point of view. After all, they required both parties to bid against each other in order to maximize their profits. The actions of the former undoubtedly broke the rules.

Although Owner Yao felt dissatisfaction, she did not dare to say too much because of the influence of the red-faced elder within the Black Emperor City. Therefore, she did not feel much joy for this big fellow who had come uninvited.

"This old fellow has sharp eyes. I wonder what medicinal ingredient he will take away this time around…" Owner Yao's hand involuntarily tightened under her sleeves. These medicinal ingredients were obtained after their Thousand Medicinal House had risked the lives of quite a number of medicinal harvesters. That price was quite great…

Owner Yao shook her head slightly as these thoughts flashed across her heart. She suppressed the emotions in her heart before swiftly walking back to the tall stage. A smile once again surged onto her face as she began to host this Pill Exchange Gathering.

Xiao Yan's group sat at a spot toward the back. The medicinal ingredients that had appeared earlier were not those that he needed, and his gaze had paused on the red-faced elder most of the time. From the expressions of the surrounding alchemists when this old man appeared earlier, it seemed that he possessed quite a high position within the Black Emperor City. Another thing was that this person did not seem likable. However, many people did not dare to voice their anger due to some reason.

By relying on his outstanding Spiritual Perception, Xiao Yan could sense that this red-faced elder's alchemist tier was likely a little higher than Yan Alliance's Fa Ma. However, when compared to Gu He, he would likely appear a little weaker. He could be considered a genuine alchemist grandmaster that would be greatly sought after by many competing factions within the 'Black-Corner Region'.

The so-called Pill Exchange Gathering had formally began while these thoughts lingered in Xiao Yan's heart. Some of the alchemists' gazes swept over the medicinal ingredients on display. Should they discover anything suitable, they would step forward. However, in order to take the medicinal ingredients they were interested in, they would need to pay with a medicinal pill that was of similar value to the medicinal ingredient.

Xiao Yan faintly understood something as he observed this Pill Exchange Gathering. He discovered that the value of these medicinal ingredients was about half or less of the value of the medicinal pill that they could be refined into. For example, if it was a medicinal ingredient that could refine a tier 4 medicinal pill, one would need a tier 3 medicinal pill in order to successfully exchange for it. However, what kind of tier 3 medicinal pill was decided by the Thousand Medicinal House. If the person had already prepared it for the business, that person could just exchange for the medicinal ingredient. If he had not, there was a medicinal cauldron of quite a high grade prepared for them on a rock platform by the side. Clearly, it was for people to refine the pill on the spot.

The first batch of medicinal ingredients did not enter Xiao Yan's discerning eyes. However, there were still quite a number of tier 3 and tier 4 alchemists who were interested in them. After which, they began the exchange according to the rules. If these people did not possess a ready-made medicinal pill, some of the alchemists would resort to refining them on the spot. In an instant, the temperature of the hall rose. Some of the people who were not interested in the first batch of medicinal ingredients merely turned their eyes to the flame rising in the medicinal cauldron. They would observe the refining methods of other people while feeling bored.

Xiao Yan's group randomly watched the other alchemists refining pills on the spot in their boredom. Not long after that, Xiao Yan withdrew his gaze and shook his head. With his current ability, the refining methods of the alchemists at these tiers appeared very simple and crude in his eyes. There was not the slightest thing for him to learn from them.

There were also quite a number of alchemists who sat in the hall without moving. The ability of these people could be considered the middle to upper levels of this place. Therefore, their sights were placed a little higher. This first batch of lower quality medicinal ingredients obviously could not attract them. The ones who felt the greatest leisure among them was naturally that red-faced elder. His face was nearly filled with impatience while viewing these medicinal ingredients that he was completely uninterested in. From his appearance, it was as though he could not wait for the Thousand Medicinal House to immediately take out the highest quality medicinal ingredients.

Following the slow flow of time, these lower quality medicinal ingredients were gradually selected and taken away. After which, more medicinal ingredients continued to appear. Their quality became better and better. Those somewhat stronger alchemists who were originally sitting in their seats without moving finally began to show interest. They started to move forward to negotiate the exchange of items.

The medicinal ingredients on the rock platform diminished as time passed. However, from the dense medicinal fragrances that was seeped from these jade boxes, one could tell that the medicinal ingredients were of a high quality. Some of those even caused the red-faced elder to be moved. However, he did not do anything. From the looks of it, he seemed to have come prepared this time around.

When the medicinal ingredients on the rock platform were reduced to less than ten boxes, there were only a few people left still sitting in their seats without moving. This included Xiao Yan and that red-faced elder.

The red-faced elder was startled when he saw that Xiao Yan's group did not move. He immediately frowned and glanced at Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan turned his head slightly when he sensed that gaze being shot over. Their eyes made contact. A moment later, Xiao Yan turned away as though nothing had happened. His face did not even reveal the slightest fear that the other alchemists displayed when they looked at the red-faced elder.

This calm attitude of Xiao Yan caused the red-faced, old man to be startled. His heart gained some fury. With his current ability and reputation, it had been a long time since he had tasted the feeling of being ignored by another.

The alchemists who had obtained the medicinal ingredients that they needed did not leave the hall. Instead, they glanced at Xiao Yan and the red-faced elder who were still seated in their seats with interested gazes. Normally speaking, the last part of this kind of Pill Exchange Gathering was the true high point…

"He he, next will be a batch of medicinal ingredients that is of the highest quality within my Thousand Medicinal House. Our Thousand Medicinal House has paid an extremely great price for these medicinal ingredients…" Owner Yao smiled as she looked at the few remaining jade boxes on the rock platform. She softly clapped her hands, and a couple of female servants hurried out. After which, they removed the remaining jade boxes and brought over five emerald-jade boxes.

A dense medicinal fragrance suddenly drifted over the large hall when these five jade boxes appeared. Quite a number of alchemists gently inhaled as surprise surged onto their faces.

The red-faced elder, who was leaning against his chair, stood up at this moment. His eyes were somewhat fiery hot as he looked at the jade boxes.

Owner Yao's eyes swept over the hall and immediately paused on Xiao Yan. She laughed, "If the few of you are interested in these five medicinal ingredients, please bid for them."

Xiao Yan's gaze was currently staring intently at three jade boxes on the stage. Within his eyesight, he was naturally able to see that the interior of these three jade boxes were the targets of his trip. They were the last three medicinal ingredients needed to refine the 'Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill'.

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air and stood up under the gaze of everyone in the hall. Finally, he strode over to the rock platform.

The gazes in the hall immediately gathered on Xiao Yan after seeing this action of his. The quality of these few medicinal ingredients were extremely high. If one wanted to exchange for them, it was likely that one must take out a tier 4 or tier 5 medicinal pill. Could this fellow who seemed extremely young take out a medicinal pill of such tier?

Xiao Yan stopped in front of the rock platform in front of the many gazes. He smiled toward the slim and attractive Owner Yao before slowly pulling three jade boxes in front of him. He said, "Owner Yao, please tell me just what kind of medicinal pill I need to create in order to exchange for these three medicinal ingredients."

Owner Yao smiled sweetly when she heard this. She nodded and was just about to speak when her face slightly changed.

A large hand was suddenly extended toward Xiao Yan while her face was changing. It rudely pressed against one of the three jade boxes. His loud voice resounded over the hall.

"This Jade Bone Fruit… I want it."

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