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Chapter 810

Chapter 810: Two Star Dou Huang

The jade-green flame burned fiercely as a hot film spread out. This caused the interior of Xiao Yan’s entire body to appear to be grilled. However, it was fortunate that the ‘Glazed Lotus Heart Flame’ had been completely refined by Xiao Yan. The high temperature that was released did not adversely affect Xiao Yan. Otherwise, no one else would dare allow a ‘Heavenly Flame’ to burn without care in their body.

A dark-black energy line was rolling intensely like a small snake within that cluster of jade-green flame. Following each rotation, the dark-black color surrounding its body would scatter a little while being grilled by the ‘Glazed Lotus Heart Flame’.

Although this kind of scattering speed was extremely slow, the dark-black color would sooner or later be completely incinerated into nothingness since it was not supported by any supplements. As long as the black color that contained an intense poison was removed, the pure Dou Qi that was contained in this ‘Demon Poison Spot’ would be easily absorbed by Xiao Yan. Moreover, it would become a nourishing substance that would allow Xiao Yan’s strength to improve.

Xiao Yan’s mind was focused on this thread of dark-black poison as his heart emitted a cold laugh. Given his current strength, he really did not dare to provoke that ‘Demon Poison Spot’. However, such a tiny thread of poison line without any source supporting it from behind actually dared to randomly move around? It seemed that it really thought the ‘Glazed Lotus Heart Flame’ within his body, that was formed from two ‘Heavenly Flames,’ did not possess much threat.

Xiao Yan’s attention was focused on the dark-black poison line’s color, which was gradually turning pale. He also possessed some understanding of this so-called ‘Demon Poison Spot’. This thing was indeed as the Little Fairy Doctor had described. It was extremely dark and poisonous. With his current Dou Huang strength, it was indeed extremely difficult to remove. However, by looking at what the ‘Glazed Lotus Heart Flame’ was currently doing, he was not totally without the ability to resist this so-called ‘Demon Poison Spot’.

The ‘Glazed Lotus Heart Flame’ formed from the combination of two ‘Heavenly Flames’ was able to refine the poison of this ‘Demon Poison Spot’. Although the speed of this refinement was extremely slow and its target was merely a tiny poison line, this ‘Glazed Lotus Heart Flame’ was at the very least able to refine it!

Hence, Xiao Yan’s heart quietly made a conjecture that if another ‘Heavenly Flame’ was to merge with his ‘Glazed Lotus Heart Flame’, attempting to refine the entire ‘Demon Poison Spot’ might not be too difficult!

Of course… the degree of difficulty in attempting to merge another ‘Heavenly Flame’ was not any less than finding an elite Dou Zun to lend a hand and remove the poison. This Dou Qi continent was so huge. Yet, a ‘Heavenly Flame’ was very rare. Finding it was an extremely lucky thing. Moreover, even if one found it, attempting to refine it was extremely difficult. Additionally… a ‘Heavenly Flame’ was not something that was only used by an alchemist. If those experts who practiced fire affinity Dou Qi as well as those who used similar tactics were able to refine it, they would be able to use it. Hence, there were many experts who had the ability to refine a ‘Heavenly Flame’ on the Dou Qi continent. Who did not covet it?

Once word of a ‘Heavenly Flame’ spread, it was likely that it would invite experts from all directions with the aim of snatching it. It would be even more difficult to successfully obtain the &l

squo;Heavenly Flame’ from these experts.

Back then, Xiao Yan had spent nearly an entire year within the Jia Nan Academy in order to obtain the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’. Only then did he manage to obtain the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ by using the opportunity of the big battle between the Jia Nan Academy and the experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Moreover, this was after he had undergone a life and death struggle…

Hence, the difficulty of finding a ‘Heavenly Flame’ and merging it would not be any easier than looking for an elite Dou Zun…

Of course, if it was a third kind of ‘Heavenly Flame’, the interior of Xiao Yan’s body did indeed possess one. The ‘Bone Chilling Flame’ that Yao Lao had left behind. However, this ‘Heavenly Flame’ possessed Yao Lao’s spiritual imprint. Unless Yao Lao’s spirit was completely destroyed, one had to first remove the spiritual imprint of Yao Lao in order to merge it. This was naturally something impossible for Xiao Yan. He was hoping to use this ‘Bone Chilling Flame’ to sense whether Yao Lao was alive or dead.

Yao Lao had said that Xiao Yan should refine and merge the ‘Bone Chilling Flame’ if the fire seal on his forehead disappeared, and the fire seal was still present despite it not emitting any heat. Moreover, given Xiao Yan’s character, it was likely that he would have difficulty swallowing and refining this flame without feeling bad even after the fire seal on his forehead disappeared. It was for no other reason than that the situation he was most worried about would have occurred when it came to that point…

The color of the ‘Demon Black Spot’ within the jade-green flame had become much paler while these thoughts lingered in Xiao Yan’s heart. He could faintly see the thick, pure liquid-like Dou Qi within it.

“It is indeed worthy of being a sinister thing gathered by all of the Dou Qi in an elite Dou Zong for it to be actually able to endure this long against a ‘Heavenly Flame’…” Xiao Yan helplessly sighed as he observed the black poison line that still remained. A thought appeared in his mind and the cluster of jade-green flame suddenly became much brighter. The hot temperature also grew.

Xiao Yan was unaware of how long this extremely slow refinement continued. All he knew was that almost two-thirds of the Dou Qi within his body had already disappeared in order to refine this ‘Demon Poison Spot’ line. From this, it was possible to see just how troublesome the ‘Demon Poison Spot’ was. A mere thread had already turned Xiao Yan into this state…

That fiercely churning jade-green flame suddenly revealed a pure, powerful Dou Qi while he was shaking his head and sighing in his heart. Xiao Yan’s spirit was suddenly braced. His mind moved and saw that the originally dark-black poison line within the flame had already lost its dark-black color at this moment. Replacing it was an almost invisible color. There was pure Dou Qi slowly flowing within. This Dou Qi was originally filled with poison. However, after the refinement of the ‘Glazed Lotus Heart Flame’ over such a long period of time, the impurities within it were completely expelled. Only the purest Dou Qi remained. As long as it was someone who could endure it, one would be able to absorb such an energy without any side effects…

The jade-green flame slowly disappeared. However, as a precaution, there was still a cluster floating by the side, awaiting Xiao Yan’s order at any moment.

Xiao Yan’s consciousness carefully moved forward before gently touching the pure Dou Qi. After finding nothing wrong, he slowly invaded it with his consciousness.

The entry of his consciousness was almost unhindered. The instant he entered, Xiao Yan obtained authority over this pure Dou Qi. He forcefully suppressed the joy within his heart. His consciousness moved, and he directed this pure Dou Qi along the route of the ‘Flame Mantra’ Qi Method. It swiftly began to circulate…

The circulating speed became faster following the increase in the intensity of the pure Dou Qi cycle. In the end, it appeared like an energy hurricane within his body as it carried a strange whistling sound.

This kind of energy hurricane did not bring about any discomfort to Xiao Yan. Instead, thick liquid droplets of of pure Dou Qi scattered wherever the energy hurricane passed. An extremely comfortable feeling spread out from deep within Xiao Yan’s bones wherever that pure Dou Qi dripped. This caused him to involuntarily let out a groan…

The hurricane arrived quickly and disappeared quickly. It slowly vanished after thirty plus drops of thick liquid Dou Qi were scattered. The pure Dou Qi gradually became pale. It spread all over Xiao Yan’s body before finally dispersing.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were tightly shut while he was in the rock pool. The water in the pool had already fallen from his shoulders to his waist. Moreover the black poison water seemed like boiling water as numerous bubbles appeared. Each time a bubble burst, it emitted a dense poison fog.

The Little Fairy Doctor stood prettily by the side of the rock pool. She had already put on her garments. Her pretty eyes that were studying the black water within the pool as she displayed a helpless expression. It was unexpected that the ‘Heavenly Flame’ within Xiao Yan’s body was actually this terrifying. The temperature that it emitted when it was refining the ‘Demon Poison Spot’ line had boiled this pool of valuable poison water, causing some of it to evaporate.

In the pool, the body of Xiao Yan, who had his eyes tightly shut, trembled slightly as Little Fairy Doctor felt somewhat helpless. His eyes immediately shook as they slowly opened.

A wave of powerful aura, that was a little stronger than earlier, suddenly expanded after Xiao Yan opened his eyes. It created a five-foot-tall wave in the pool.

The spreading aura slowly shrank back a moment later. After which, it completely re-entered Xiao Yan’s body. A glow flickered within his eyes as his aura was gradually restrained.

The Little Fairy Doctor felt some joy when she sensed Xiao Yan’s somewhat powerful aura. She revealed a slight smile.

Xiao Yan’s toes pressed on the bottom of the pool. He borrowed the water’s slight buoyant force to leap up in a supple manner. His feet landed beside the rock pool as he awkwardly smiled at the Little Fairy Doctor.

The Little Fairy Doctor hurriedly shifted her eyes away when she saw Xiao Yan leap out of the pool. Her mouth hurriedly scolded, “You, why aren’t you putting on your clothes?”

Xiao Yan was embarrassed to discover that his entire body was naked. He let out a dry laugh, and hurriedly took out some clothes from his storage ring before pulling them onto his body in a chaotic manner.

The Little Fairy Doctor only turned her eyes back after Xiao Yan had finished putting on his clothes. Her delicate hand pulled back her long white hair that had drifted over her forehead. Her face still revealed some remnant redness. However, moment later she steadied her mind. Her pretty eyes observed Xiao Yan’s body before she curiously asked, “How much did your strength increase after refining that thread of ‘Demon Poison Spot’ line that tried to escape?”

Xiao Yan sensed himself for a moment before laughing, “Not much. Currently, I am merely at the peak of a two star Dou Huang.”

“It is sufficient… advancing too quickly is not a good thing. In any case, the ‘Demon Poison Spot’ is in your body. Once you have the ability in the future, you can completely refine it. At that time, your strength will greatly soar.” The Little Fairy Doctor laughed. The smile on her face seemed to appear more often when the two of them were alone together.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He clearly understood just how difficult it was to raise one’s strength by one star at the Dou Huang class. Many people had difficulty achieving an advancement even after training for a year. Therefore, increasing his strength by one star after refining a thread of ‘Demon Poison Spot’ line had already exceeded his expectations.

“I wonder if I can reach the peak of the Dou Huang class if I completely refine it?”

Xiao Yan’s hand rubbed the ‘Demon Poison Spot’ on his chest as he quietly laughed in his heart. Suddenly, he felt as though he did not despise or resist this thing as much as he had before…

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