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Chapter 808

Chapter 808: Rock Pool

Xiao Yan bitterly laughed when he heard this. Currently, preserving his life was the most important thing. Who would be bothered about whether this ‘Demon Poison Spot’ contained all of the Dou Qi of an elite Dou Zong within it?

“How long does this ‘Demon Poison Spot’ take to completely erupt?” Xiao Yan mused for a moment before asking an extremely important question.

The Little Fairy Doctor hesitated once again. Finally, she helplessly whispered a reply a moment later.

“Half a year.”

Xiao Yan felt somewhat irritated when he heard the time that was spat out from the Little Fairy Doctor’s mouth. Half a year. Where would he go and find an elite Dou Zun to help him undo this ‘Demon Poison Spot’ during this time?

“However, you need not be too worried about this. Although I am unable to undo the ‘Demon Poison Spot’, I have the ability to greatly delay its eruption time!” The Little Fairy Doctor mused for a moment upon seeing Xiao Yan’s expression. Finally, she spoke with a shamed expression. If she had not invited Xiao Yan over, it was likely that such a thing would not have occurred. Moreover, she was unable to help settle it after such a problem happened.

Xiao Yan sighed in relief only after hearing this. He turned his head to look at Medusa, who was still clenching her silver teeth, and involuntarily laughed, “Relax, it’s fine. This whatever ‘Demon Poison Spot’ might even really enable my strength to greatly increase.”

Medusa would naturally not be bothered about these words that even Xiao Yan himself did not have much confidence in. However, she did not have even the slightest solution at this moment. She could only turn her head and cut the Little Fairy Doctor with her cold eyes. From how she thought of it, if the latter was able to finish off Xie Bi Yan while they were still within the grayish-purple spatial cage, it was likely that there would not be these troublesome matters that followed.

The Little Fairy Doctor did not voice a retort in the face of Medusa’s icy-cold eyes. The matter of Xiao Yan being poisoned did indeed have quite a lot to do with her.

“Alright, let’s settle the matter here first. After which, we will think of ways to deal with this ‘Demon Poison Spot’…” Xiao Yan inserted himself between the two woman, afraid that the two of them would end up fighting again due to this. After which, he hurriedly laughed.

“Yes.” Little Fairy Doctor faintly nodded. Her body moved and she rushed down from the sky. Currently, the experts from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate were exhausted from death and injuries. They naturally did not have the slightest ability to resist. Being swallowed by the Poison Sect was something that was expected.

Xiao Yan only turned his head to look at Medusa after glancing at Little Fairy Doctor’s back. He said, “Don’t blame her. I am here because of the person from the ‘Hall of Souls’. Encountering such matters is merely an accident.”

Medusa could only sigh as she studied Xiao Yan’s serious face. She nodded before immediately asking in a low voice, “Are you feeling unwell now?”

Xiao Yan sensed the interior of his body, frowned and said, “It seems that this thing does not pose any problem before it erupts. However, once it does, it is likely that it is extremely fatal just like the Little Fairy Doctor said.”

“What is your plan?” Medusa asked once again. How was it so easy to find an elite Dou Zun? Moreover, even if he did find one, who would help someone undo this ‘Demon Poison Spot’ for no reason? Looking at this vicious-looking appearance, one could tell that it would require quite a lot

of effort in order to undo it.

“Everything will be alright when the time comes. Let’s just settle the problem here before talking about it.” Xiao Yan replied somewhat helplessly after hearing her question.

Medusa could only sigh when she heard his response. Her eyes glance down below where the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate was located. A killing intent flashed in her eyes.

After eliminating some of the stubborn remnants of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate, the faction known as the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate could be considered to have been eliminated from the Chu Yun Empire. From today on, the Poison Sect could truly be considered to dominate the Chu Yun Empire by itself. There would no longer be any factions who would dare contend with it.

After giving instructions for some of the follow up after this big battle, the Little Fairy Doctor led Xiao Yan’s three men group and left the Sky Scorpion Mountain Range. After which, they swiftly headed to the Sky Poison City where the headquarters of the Poison Sect was located.

The middle of the Sky Poison City was the headquarters of the Poison Sect. Being the headquarters of the Poison Sect, the defenses of this place were unusually tight. Even an expert of the Dou Huang class would definitely not be able to invade it without anyone knowing. This point had been proved many times during these years.

There was a rock hill that was covered with a lush-green color deep within the headquarters of the Poison Sect. This rock hill was a forbidden ground of the Poison Sect. Normally, only the Little Fairy Doctor could enter. The surroundings of the rock hill were covered by a countless number of sentries. Even a housefly that wanted to enter the area of the rock hill would have to pass by a countless number of scanning eyes before being able to do so.

Strange stones were everywhere within the rock hill. Various kinds of poisonous plants were also growing within it. A faint fishy smell was emitted before lingering over the rock hill. It formed a faint layer of miasma. It was a miasma with an extremely potent poison that even an expert Dou Wang would not dare to easily inhale.

There would occasionally be some poisonous insects and snakes rushing around among the strange rocks. These things were rare creatures in the outside world. However, one was able to see them all over the place in this area. The richness of the Poison Sect’s collection was indeed not merely a rumor.

A small pool that had formed around black rocks was cradled in the middle of the rock forest. The surroundings of the pool had four poisonous snake heads. The enormous snakes’ mouths were wide open and their tongues were extended. Dark-black liquid oozed out before finally dripping into the pool.

The interior of the pool was some extremely dark water. The pool’s water was completely black, causing one to be unable to see the bottom. Even Spiritual Strength would be reflected when it attempted to enter it.

A faint fog hovered over the pool. It carried a fishy scent. Clearly, this was a very poisonous thing.

There were currently three human figures standing around the rock pool. They were all intently observing the naked young man within the rock pool.

“The poison water in this pool of yours won’t harm Xiao Yan, right?” Medusa’s eyes were observing the black pool of water as she cautiously asked.

“This pool of poison water is something that I have used over a hundred kinds of poisonous plants and insects in order to create. The various poison within it are integrated with each other, which causes it to possess an extremely great amount of energy.” The Little Fairy Doctor squatted down and her delicate hand touched it like an ordinary person. Her hand stirred the poison water that could even corrode a hand. Finally, she softly said, “However, poison water is ultimately poison water. The poison contained within it is also extremely potent, but this is what Xiao Yan requires. He is suffering from the vicious ‘Demon Poison Spot’. If he trains in this pool along with my guidance, it is possible to fight poison with poison and temporarily suppress the ‘Demon Poison Spot’ in his body. This would achieve the effect of delaying the time for when the ‘Demon Poison Spot’ will completely erupt.”

Hearing this, Medusa glanced at Xiao Yan in the pool who had his eyes shut. At this moment, nothing appeared to be wrong with the latter. Only then did she sigh in relief.

The Little Fairy Doctor slowly walked to the other side of the pool. Her pretty eyes looked at the black spot on Xiao Yan’s chest. At this moment, some grayish-purple small dots had appeared around the black spot. These small dots were suppressing the ‘Demon Poison Spot’ until it was forced to spread at a much slower pace.

The Little Fairy Doctor gently sighed in relief when she saw this. Her eyes immediately flicked to the top Xiao Yan head, and observed the faint white fog that was slowly rising from it. After which, she sensed the high temperature that was being emitted from Xiao Yan’s body. She said, “The situation is a little better than what I expected. There is the presence of a ‘Heavenly Flame’ in Xiao Yan’s body. Although it is impossible to resolve the ‘Demon Poison Spot’, it is able to help hinder the poison. Adding this pool of poison water, it is likely that the ‘Demon Poison Spot’ will be suppressed for an even longer time.”

Medusa and Zi Yan sighed in relief when they heard this. The former mused for a moment before inquiring, “Is it alright like it is now?”

The Little Fairy Doctor shook her head slightly and said, “The poison water is merely entering Xiao Yan’s body without any will. This is insufficient. It must be directed in order to completely suppress the ‘Demon Poison Spot’.”

“Then what are you dawdling for? Hurry up and do it.” Medusa knit her brows. She seemed to be quite dissatisfied with the way the Little Fairy Doctor was still dawdling in this place.

The Little Fairy Doctor immediately curled her mouth when she heard this. She was planning to retort, but was afraid of waking Xiao Yan. All she could do was coldly snort and say, “What are you pressing for? One must wait for an opportunity in order to channel the poison. What is the point of rushing?”

“Has the opportunity arrived yet?” Medusa was similarly afraid of disturbing Xiao Yan. Hence, she did not dare to argue with the Little Fairy Doctor despite holding many grudges against the Little Fairy Doctor.

The Little Fairy Doctor helplessly nodded her head upon being pressed by Medusa in this manner. She immediately seemed to have thought of something and an alluring bright redness suddenly surfaced onto her face. The back of her teeth bit her lower red lip before she said, “Both of you should leave first. Wait outside of the rock forest.”

The large and small beauties immediately threw doubtful eyes at her the moment they heard this. Medusa crossed her hands in front of her chest and did not have the slightest intention of leaving. She indifferently said, “What shameful acts are there? I must be here to ensure Xiao Yan’s safety. Who knows what kind of tricks you will pull?”

“You…” The Little Fairy Doctor was a little anxious when she heard Medusa’s doubtful words. However, when her eyes swept over Xiao Yan in the pool, who had his eyes tightly shut, she immediately clenched her teeth and replied, “Forget it, it’s up to you. You can remain if you want to.”

The Little Fairy Doctor immediately stood up when her voice sounded. She hesitated for a moment and her delicate hands gently undid the buttons of her clothes. She gently bit her lower lip and a lovely, well-proportioned, naked body with skin as white as an elephant’s tusk was revealed in front of Medusa’s and Zi Yan’s stunned eyes.

A rarely seen bright-redness involuntarily appeared on Medusa’s face when she saw the Little Fairy Doctor’s action. She let out a soft cough before immediately turning her body around as though nothing had happened. While she turned, she also pulled Zi Yan around, who had been secretly watching through the gaps between her fingers that were covering her eyes. After which, she headed toward the rock forest.

“Hee hee, fortunately, they are not as big as my adult form…”

Zi Yan secretly laughed while being dragged by Medusa. Medusa increased the pace of her footsteps when these words sounded. An embarrassed look surfaced on the face of the Little Fairy Doctor who was by the pool. However, she merely clenched her silver teeth after watching the two human figures swiftly disappearing.

The Little Fairy Doctor cut the black poison water with her legs after having withdrawn her gaze from the exit. Her movements were as though she was a mermaid who was about to get in the water. She appeared extremely lovely. Just when she was about to enter the pool, she suddenly sensed something, and raised her eyes. Immediately… she saw bright eyes from the pool that similarly carried a thread of shock.

The eyes of the two intertwined with each other, and the Little Fairy Doctor’s face instantly became boiling hot.

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