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Chapter 787: First Commander

Xiao Yan was standing on a tall building as he looked at the paper note in his hand with a solemn expression. He flicked his finger a moment later and the paper note turned into flames before swiftly disappearing.

"The 'Hall of Souls' huh…"

Xiao Yan softly muttered in his mouth. A dense, cold killing intent slowly surged within his dark-black eyes. His hatred for this organisation could be said to have seeped deep into his bones. It was because the two people closest to him had already landed in their hands.

A cold glint appeared in Xiao Yan's eyes. He suddenly turned his body a moment later and swiftly walked down from the tall building. Currently, he was totally unaware of this mysterious 'Hall of Souls'. He must have some understanding of them if he wanted to rescue Yao Lao and his father. However, the people from the 'Hall of Souls' were usually mysterious and it was difficult for an ordinary person to find them. Hence, this might be a chance for him.

As long as he could capture a person from the 'Hall of Souls', Xiao Yan would be able to obtain some news about the 'Hall of Souls'. This was of crucial importance to him.

Xiao Yan swiftly found Xiao Ding and the rest as this thought flashed across his heart. He described the situation to them in detail. They were startled when they heard that Xiao Yan was about to leave the Jia Ma Empire and only nodded after being silent for a long while. Xiao Ding clearly understood that if he got Xiao Yan to remain in the Jia Ma Empire, it would end up restraining him. The vast Dou Qi continent might well be the place where Xiao Yan could display his true abilities.

Xiao Yan did not delay any longer after having accounted for the matters in the Yan Alliance. He found Zi Yan within the capital before rising into the air with her as he swiftly flew to the place where the Magical Beast Mountain Range was located. Xiao Yan was fearful of the people from the 'Hall of Souls'. Hence, he naturally needed to gather all of his helpers on his trip to the Chu Yun Empire this time around. Medusa was obviously the best choice.

Currently, the Snake-People Tribe had already settled an area close to the Magical Beast Mountain Range. Although they would engage in fights with some Magical Beast during this period of time, this was not considered a bad thing for some of the Snake-People who were thirsty for battle.

After having stayed within the Jia Ma Empire, the Snake-People Tribe's guard against humans had weakened a little. There was also a passageway on the boundary between the tribe and the outside world. Although there were Snake-People Tribe's soldiers tightly guarding around the passageway, it was undoubtedly much better when compared to the past when they immediately killed upon seeing a human. It was likely that with interaction over a long period of time, the Snake-People Tribe would gradually abandon these guarded thoughts and become members of the Jia Ma Empire.

Although the area where the Snake-People Tribe was located was far from the capital, Xiao Yan and Zi Yan managed to appear at the edge of the Magical Beast Mountain Range after an hour with their speed. Their gazes slowly swept over this vast mountain range. They were able to see those Snake-People passing through the forest.

Some people within the vast forest also noticed them after they had paused in the sky above this place. A couple of figures swiftly rushed to the sky with cautious eyes. They were stunned when they saw Xiao Yan, and the caution in their eyes greatly weakened.

"Friends from the Snake-People Tribe. I would like to meet Queen Medusa over some matters. Can you please lead the way?" Xiao Yan cupped his hands toward the few experts from the Snake-People Tribe, and spoke in a deep voice.

"The tribe leader is in a retreat. If you wish to see her, please follow us to meet with the First Commander first. Only he and the few Elders from the tribe can enter the chamber." A Snake-Person expert hesitated for a moment before opening his mouth to speak.

"First Commander."

Xiao Yan knit his brows upon hearing this. This expert, who was only weaker than Medusa in the entire Snake-People Tribe, was also someone whom he had heard of. However, Xiao Yan had never met him. From the occasional mention by some Snake-People, this person seemed to be a person who was crazy over training. During this big battle between the Jia Ma Empire and the three great empires, this person persisted on taking a retreat for over a year. The desert had completely emptied by the time he exited his retreat. If the Snake-People Tribe did not have a special communication method, it was likely that this fellow would not even be able to locate his tribesmen.

Of course, this was naturally insufficient to cause Xiao Yan to frown in this manner. This training maniac also viewed Medusa as a female deity in his heart, much like most male Snake-People. Due to his strength being inferior to Medusa within the tribe, he would normally be the person who would have the greatest chance to be with her. However, Xiao Yan had suddenly erupted like a tiger that blocked his path. Hence, despite not having met this person, Xiao Yan also knew that it was likely that this person possessed quite the enmity for him.

Xiao Yan could only helplessly shake his head as these thoughts flashed through his heart. He said, "In that case, can you please lead the way." Although Xiao Yan felt that this First Commander, whom he had not met, would be troublesome, Xiao Yan did not fear him. If the other person did not understand the situation, he did not mind showing his hand. In any case, as long as one defeated these top experts from the Snake-People Tribe, one would be able to save a lot of trouble in the future.

The couple of Snake-People experts nodded quite courteously upon seeing this. Their body moved and they shot toward the forest. Xiao Yan and Zi Yan followed close behind.

"Xiao Yan, relax. I will help you beat that whatever First Commander up if he dares to speak some nonsense!" Zi Yan moved close to Xiao Yan and laughed. She seemed to also be aware of the well-known First Commander from the Snake-People Tribe.

"You should be more obedient. Otherwise, I will not bring you along anymore." Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head as he responded.

"Chi, if you don't bring me away, I will run away by myself just like Liu Qing, Lin Yan, and the others." Zi Yan curled her lips and was not the least bit afraid of Xiao Yan's threat.

Xiao Yan could only roll his eyes when he heard this. He cursed Lin Yan and the two other bastards in his heart. They actually dared to flee by themselves. He would definitely teach them a proper lesson the next time that they meet.

During the one year that Xiao Yan was undertaking a retreat, Lin Yan and the two others had felt bored from staying in the Jia Ma Empire. Therefore, they left the Jia Ma Empire together and headed on a journey after leaving behind a message. However, they might not have been aware that a big battle erupted within the Jia Ma Empire not long after they had left.

The sight of the forest in front of Xiao Yan suddenly broadened while he was cursing those three people in his heart. A tribe that occupied an extremely large space appeared in his sight.

The tribe's buildings were built beside the mountain, and its shape appeared as though it was embedded within the mountain's body. Hustling and bustling Snake-People were moving to and fro in this area. Some of the Snake-People soldiers stood on certain tall spots fully armed. Their sharp eyes were observing the surrounding situation at all times.

Xiao Yan and Zi Yan followed the experts from the Snake-People Tribe and passed through the tribe. Some time later, they gradually came to a stop at a wide open ground deep within the tribe. There was a flight of rock stairs that extended deep into the mountains behind the open ground. However, this flight of stone stairs was currently guarded by many experts from the Snake-People Tribe.

Xiao Yan's eyes were thrown toward the rock stairs that extended to the edge of his sight as he stood in the open ground. Finally, they paused among the many Snake-People guards at that spot. At that location was a bald male Snake-Person with his eyes shut. Threads of violent aura lingered over his body. That shiny bald head was covered with a grayish-white snake tattoo. It appeared just like a grayish-white poison snake lying there, causing one to shudder without feeling cold.

Xiao Yan's eyes narrowed as his gaze paused on that bald-headed Snake-Person. He could sense that this person's strength was currently around the peak of the Dou Huang class. Other than Masuda and the four Elders, it was likely that he was the strongest within the entire Snake-People Tribe. Since that was the case, it seemed that this bald-headed Snake-Person ought to be that First Commander of the Snake-People Tribe…

The bald-headed Snake-Person seemed to have sensed something when Xiao Yan threw his gaze over. Those shut eyes were suddenly opened and triangular-shaped pupils stared intently at Xiao Yan like an enormous python that was about to swallow a person.

"Xiao Yan from the Yan Alliance requests to meet Queen Medusa. Please notify her!" Xiao Yan's expression did not change in the face of the Snake-Person's gaze which would cause one's hairs to stand on end. He cupped his hand and slowly spoke.

"Xiao Yan?"

The ruthless aura of the bald-headed Snake-Person immediately soared upon hearing this name that had recently become a blotch in his heart. Suddenly, he stood up.

"You are that Xiao Yan?" The bald-headed Snake-Person's tail was swung and his body strangely appeared at a spot not far from Xiao Yan. His eyes stared at Xiao Yan while he spoke in a somewhat dark, cold manner.

Xiao Yan knit his brows slightly when he sensed the enmity within the other party's words. He immediately nodded.

A battle smile surfaced on the face of the bald-headed Snake-Person when he saw Xiao Yan nod his head. He did not say any other nonsense as he tightly clenched his fist. Green light lingered and appeared. Dense snake scales surfaced. His fist carried a dark, cold force as it violently smashed toward Xiao Yan with a furious roar.

Xiao Yan's expression turned much darker as he sensed the cold, sharp wind that was on the other party's fist. His legs stomped gently as a powerful dark-green flame suddenly surged from his body.

The flame rose and the ground swiftly became dry. Numerous cracks swiftly spread from the dryness. The faces of the surrounding experts from the Snake-People Tribe were shock as they hurriedly moved back. Being naturally born with a cold constitution, they were most afraid of these kind of things.

Surprise flashed across the eyes of the bald-headed Snake-Person when he saw the jade-green flame on Xiao Yan's body. However, his fist did not pause even a little. The force on it instead became more vicious.

A small lovely body suddenly appeared when this fist made contact with a layer of the jade-green flame. A lovely cry sounded and a tiny fist collided with the Snake-Person in front of the stunned eyes from the surrounding Snake-People.


A low, muffled explosion sounded upon contact. Immediately, a frightening ripple spread out. Zi Yan and that bald-headed Snake Person both took a couple of heavy steps back.

After forcefully stabilizing his body, the bald-headed Snake-Person's eye were solemn as he looked at Zi Yan who was rubbing her small fist. After which, he gave a cold smile to Xiao Yan. A palm-sized jade-green lotus flame slowly drifted up from the hands of the indifferent-looking Xiao Yan just before the bald-headed Snake-Person was about to ridicule. A faint, cold voice resounded across the open ground.

"If you take another step forward, you better be prepared to lie in a bed for a couple of months."

The bald-headed Snake-Person swallowed a mouthful of saliva as his eyes shrank. He looked at the jade-green fire lotus. He could sense that an extremely wild, violent, frightening energy was contained within it.

Chapter 788: Inviting Helpers

The bald-headed Snake-Person stared at the jade-green fire lotus that lingered in front of Xiao Yan with eyes that were unusually solemn. He clearly understood from the completely still gaze of Xiao Yan that if he really took another step forward, the fire lotus, that contained a frightening wild and violent energy, would definitely be shot over.

"Brat, you really are worthy of being the chief of the Yan Alliance. You do have some skill…"

The bald-headed Snake-Person licked his lips and laughed. However, the slighting attitude from earlier had vanished from his current tone. Now, he somewhat began to believe the rumors in the tribe that Xiao Yan was able to defeat an expert Dou Zong. This exquisite fire lotus did caused a fear to seep out from deep within his soul.

"I do not wish to fight with you. Please pass a message to Medusa." Xiao Yan raised his eyes, lifted his hand, and continued to hold the jade green fire lotus in his palm. He glanced at the Snake-Person before speaking in a faint voice.

"The tribe leader is undertaking a retreat. No one can randomly disturb her." The bald-headed Snake-Person shook his head and laughed.

Xiao Yan knit his brows. He did not say anything. He simply flicked his finger. The fire lotus in his hand suddenly flew toward the bald-headed Snake-Person. It carried a fire tail along the way and appeared like a tiny falling star.

The bald-headed Snake-Person's face involuntarily changed upon seeing that Xiao Yan had actually launched the fire lotus, that contained a frightening energy, without any hesitation. He swung his tail and swiftly moved back.

However, no matter how his body dodged, that jade-green fire lotus followed close behind, seeming to possess a tracking device.

Hence a comical scene appeared in that open ground. One of the strongest people greatly respected within the Snake-People's eyes was actually being chased by that small jade-green flame until he was dodging all over the place. This scene caused the surrounding Snake-People to look at each other. The eyes that they used to look at Xiao Yan, who was slightly moving his hand, carried a vague aghast look.

"Dammit, are you done?" The bald-headed Snake-Person dodged once again before throwing his gaze at the fire lotus that Xiao Yan had shot over. He furiously roared out.

The fire lotus came to a slow stop. Finally, it remained suspended in the air around two to three meters away from the bald-headed Snake-Person. The high temperature that was being emitted from it caused dense droplets of perspiration to appear on the forehead of that bald Snake-Person.

"Can First Commander help pass the message now?" Xiao Yan faintly laughed.

"You…" The bald-headed First Commander grit his teeth, but he immediately glanced at the slowly rotating fire lotus a short distance in front of him. His heart shuddered. If this thing were to explode, he might end up keeping his life but living after that would be nothing good.

"Wait here!"

The bald-headed First Commander struggled for a moment before finally giving up. He spoke fiercely toward Xiao Yan before his body flashed as he traveled to the stone stairs. After which, he swiftly rushed into the deep mountains.

Xiao Yan smiled when he saw the bald-headed First Commander fleeing so agilely. He beckoned with his hand and the fire lotus which the latter greatly feared obediently shot back. After which, it remained suspended above his hand before it transformed into a cluster of jade-green flame amid an unusual ripple. The flame entered his body.

Xiao Yan ignored those many curious and respectful gazes after having returned the fire lotus to his body. He slowly shut his eyes and quietly waited for Medusa to appear.

The bored Zi Yan by Xiao Yan's side was observing all around her with curious eyes. Perhaps it was because she was unhurt after having received a punch from the First Commander earlier, but the surrounding Snake-People were extremely courteous to her. They revealed a friendly smile when they saw her looking over.

The two of them quietly waited. Around ten minutes after the bald-headed Snake-Person entered the deep mountains, two rays of light swiftly rushed out from within. Finally, they stayed suspended in the sky above the open ground before they steadily landed.

The surrounding Snake-People and guards in the open ground respectfully bowed upon seeing the light figure at the front.

"Why do you have time to come and look for me in the Snake-People Tribe today?" The only one who was able to possess such prestige within the Snake-People Tribe was naturally Medusa. Her eyes looked at Xiao Yan and Zi Yan after having landed. She involuntarily inquired with some surprise.

"Cai Lin jie (elder sister)." Zi Yan jumped for joy when she saw Medusa appearing
She immediately ran toward her, knocking into the latter's embrace when she did so.

Medusa's delicate hand rubbed Zi Yan's small head and a moving smile was revealed on her face. This extremely rare smile caused the bald-headed First Commander by the side to turn dull after seeing it.

"Cai Lin jie, this bald person actually dared to attack me just now. If Zi Yan had not already advanced to the Dou Huang class, it is likely that he would have killed me with that one punch." Zi Yan's head nestled in Medusa's embrace before suddenly pointing at the First Commander by her side as she angrily spoke.

The forehead of Xiao Yan and the First Commander began to reveal some perspiration when they saw this act of Zi Yan. This little fellow actually dared to complain.

Medusa gently patted Zi Yan head. After which, her pretty eyes indifferently glanced at the bald-headed First Commander by her side. The latter's body immediately stiffened as he dryly laughed, "Tribe leader, there was a misunderstanding earlier. I merely wanted to test Xiao Yan's skills and did not intend to attack this cute little girl."

From the manner in which Medusa treated Zi Yan, the bald-headed First Commander naturally understood how close the relationship between the two of them was. He immediately began to fawn with his words.

However, he did not notice that Medusa's brows immediately knit slightly after he had spoken. She waved her delicate hand and spoke in an indifferent voice, "Xiao Yan is a Snake-People Tribe guest that the Elders have acknowledged. How can you just attack him as you wish? Go to the Snake Cave by yourself and come out one month later."

The bald-headed First Elder's expression became dull when he heard this. However, he did not dare to resist and could only weakly nod his head.

"You should leave first." Medusa dismissed the bald-headed First Commander before pulling Zi Yan as she slowly walked toward Xiao Yan. She lifted her pretty eyes slightly and asked, "Is something the matter?"

Xiao Yan rubbed his head when he saw Medusa's calm face. He helplessly said, "I wish to obtain your help. Little Fairy Doctor has sent information over that she has discovered traces of someone from the 'Hall of Souls' in the Chu Yun Empire. Hence…"

"Do you have some information about that person from the 'Hall of Souls'? For example his strength?" Medusa voiced her thoughts.

"No. However, I think that with the three of us together, we should be able to restrain that Protector Wu even if we meet him again." Xiao Yan shook his head as he replied. He had already successfully advanced to the Dou Huang class. He would no longer need to stake his life and go all out like he did back then when facing an elite Dou Zong. Moreover, he currently not only had Medusa, but also Little Fairy Doctor, who was not any inferior to her. This lineup could likely be considered quite strong even on the Dou Qi continent.

Medusa's eyes slightly moved. She spoke somewhat uneasily, "This could indeed be considered true. However, I am uneasy about that Little Fairy Doctor. Moreover, this time around, we are entering deep into the Chu Yun Empire. That place is her territory. If she wished to play a trick…"

Xiao Yan could only roll his eyes within his heart when she heard this. It was indeed not easy to resolve enmity that was formed between women. It seemed that he would need quite a lot of time to get Medusa to trust Little Fairy Doctor.

"Forget it, since you trust her, we will do as you say. Otherwise, you will blame me for being narrow-minded in your heart." The corner of Medusa's lips curled when she saw Xiao Yan's bitter smile. After which she waved her hand and spoke in a faint voice.

Xiao Yan was startled when he saw Medusa lift her delicate hand. He involuntarily extended his hand and grabbed it. He frowned upon seeing a scar on her arm that had been hidden by her sleeves before asking, "You are injured? What happened?"

A sleek redness surfaced on Medusa's bewitching face when her hand was grabbed by Xiao Yan in front of so many tribesmen. She hurriedly withdrew it and said, "It is a small injury. We want to built a tribe in this place that is close to the Magical Beast Mountain Range and naturally needed to move land and trees. In the end, we attracted quite a number of powerful Magical Beasts. This is caused by a Magical Beast that clawed at me in my carelessness during battle."

"Why did you not send someone to the Yan Alliance to look for me? With the Yan Alliance's current strength, it is sufficient to create a safe area for you." Xiao Yan frowned as he responded

"It is not as though I cannot settle these issues. There is no need to trouble all of you…" Medusa vaguely smiled. She felt a faint warmth flowing from Xiao Yan at this moment and her heart was somewhat comfortable.

"When are we leaving?" Medusa did not wish to be entangled on this topic for long. She changed the topic and asked a question.

"As soon as possible." Xiao Yan replied in a deep voice.

"In that case, wait for me for awhile. I will address some of the issues within the clan and follow you." Medusa did not hesitate eve a little when she heard this. She nodded and turned her body only to be grabbed by Xiao Yan. She was able to hear a soft voice being transmitted from the other party's mouth while she was feeling stunned.


Medusa was startled when she heard this word. She immediately smiled and said, "Just treat this as a reward for you helping me refine the 'Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill'." She moved her delicate hand after speaking and fled from Xiao Yan's grip. After which, she rushed to a Meeting Room within the tribe.

Xiao Yan softly sighed as he looked at Medusa's back. His heart was filled with a complicated feeling. The danger of their current trip to the Chu Yun Empire was something that was needless to say. Moreover, the Jia Ma Empire had gradually become peaceful and the Snake-People Tribe had recently moved. There was definitely many things changing in her tribe. Yet, she still did not reject…

Xiao Yan's heart was not made of stone. He also felt faintly moved in his heart when the other party put in all this effort.


Xiao Yan let out a long sigh from his mouth. He patted Zi Yan's head but his heart was somewhat chaotic. She had helped him too much…

Medusa did not take too much time to settle some issues. After about half an hour, she had appropriately settled everything. She swiftly left the Snake-People Tribe ground with Xiao Yan and Zi Yan. They began to fly toward the border of the empire.

There was quite some distance to the border of the empire. Even with the speed of Xiao Yan's group, they only managed to reach it in the evening.

Chapter 789: Hurrying to Chu Yun!

Three rays of light flashed over from a distant mountain peak at the border of the Chu Yun Empire. A moment later, they turned into three human figures.

"In front is the Chu Yun Empire. It is rumored that Poison Masters dominate the interior of this empire. We must be more careful when we act in the future." Xiao Yan looked at a vague fortress at the edge of his sight from a tall vintage point before turning his head to remind Medusa and Zi Yan.

"Yes." The two of them nodded. Medusa looked at Zi Yan beside her, hesitated a little, before saying, "Are you certain that you want to bring Zi Yan along? This trip to the Chu Yun Empire is not some tour."

Zi Yan's small face immediately became anxious when she heard Medusa's words. She was unwilling to remain alone in the Jia Ma Empire. That was so boring.

"Ke ke, relax. Don't underestimate this little girl. She is also an expert Dou Huang. Adding her frightening strange strength, she is even able to contend with ordinary experts at the peak of the Dou Huang class. Moreover, when it comes to a life and death situation, it is likely that she has even better skills than the both of us when it comes to preserving her life." Xiao Yan rubbed Zi Yan's head and laughed.

Hearing this, Medusa also recalled that Zi Yan had actually relied on her Dou Wang class strength to receive a blow from protector Wu back on the Misty Cloud Mountains. She immediately ceased saying any other things. She smiled at Zi Yan and said, "In that case, you can follow. However, I will say this first. You cannot be the least bit mischievous this time around. You better not touch anything that you should not touch. Most of the experts from the Chu Yun Empire carry some sort of dirty poison."

Zi Yan hurriedly nodded her small head when she saw that Medusa was willing to agree.

"Ke ke, in that case, let's go. The headquarters of the Poison Sect is located in a city at the middle of the Chu Yun Empire. There is still some distance we need to cover to get to that place…" Xiao Yan laughed.


Medusa faintly nodded. She immediately pulled Zi Yan and the two of them swiftly rose into the air. They flew hurriedly toward the Chu Yun Empire under the cover of the night sky. Xiao Yan followed behind them.

The territory of the Chu Yun Empire was not smaller compared to the Jia Ma Empire. From a certain point of view, it was even larger than the Jia Ma Empire. However, this empire was undoubtedly much more chaotic when compared to the Jia Ma Empire.

Poison Masters, an occupation that was spurned by almost everyone in the Jia Ma Empire, developed exceptionally well within the Chu Yun Empire. One could almost see people wearing the robes of a Poison Master within any single city. The Chu Yun Empire also showed a scene which was rarely seen within the Jia Ma Empire — the sale of poison.

There were some shops that specialized in the sale of poison in every single city of this empire. As long as it was something related to poison, it was possible to purchase them from these places. Things with greater poison properties would be more expensive.

There was a kind of Dou Qi within the Chu Yun Empire that was many times more common than any other Dou Qi affinity. The people from the Chu Yun Empire called it the poison Dou Qi.

The poison Dou Qi was also divided into a countless number of branches but they were still approximately the same. All of them contained a lethal poison. Of course, such an unusual poison affinity was naturally not an ordinary affinity. Instead it was a man-made mutated product. An ordinary person would have to soak one's body within poison water and train in it before one became a Dou Zhe. The poison would slowly seep into one's body and finally intertwine with the Dou Qi within one's body. After a long time, the originally normal Dou Qi would become a poison Dou Qi that possessed different kinds of effects!

Compared to ordinary Dou Qi, the lethality of poison Dou Qi would indeed possess some advantages. However, poison was ultimately poison. This thing did not differentiate between enemies and oneself. An increase in training would cause the body to become weaker under the corrosion of the poison. Unless one was able to advance to an expert Dou Huang, an ordinary person who practiced a poison affinity Dou Qi would have a much shorter lifespan compared to an ordinary person.

Having various poisons mixed into one's body would also result in some people's characters deviating from the normal. This also resulted in the Chu Yun Empire being quite chaotic. Sparing and all out fights were undoubtedly much more frequent compared to the Jia Ma Empire. Moreover, perhaps it was because the poison within one's body might attack one's heart at any moment, but the people within the Chu Yun Empire were a little more crazy when it came to training. This was because everyone knew that if they did not reach the Dou Huang class, the poison Dou Qi that they practiced would sooner or later consume this life of theirs.

With the pressure from death, the training atmosphere in the Chu Yun Empire was indeed crazy. It may be the reason why the experts hidden among the people of the Chu Yun Empire were many times more than that within the Jia Ma Empire. These experts would seldom join any major factions. Instead, they would fight alone and go all out to train, hoping that they could completely escape the poison erosion within their bodies.

On the whole, this empire was clearly more chaotic and dangerous than the Jia Ma Empire.

Of course, such a degree of chaos was undoubtedly much weaker when compared to the 'Black-Corner Region,' which was without laws. After all, this place had the Chu Yun Empire imperial family and that enormous being known as the Poison Sect governing it…

Xiao Yan and the other two used nearly four days before they entered the middle region of the Chu Yun Empire after traveling a long distance.

The three of them also gained some understanding of the chaos within the Chu Yun Empire during this journey. This was especially so when they saw poison fogs randomly brewing all around some battles. The danger of this empire that was felt in their hearts rose quite a bit. After understanding all of this, Xiao Yan's heart involuntarily marveled at Little Fairy Doctor's achievement once again.

Being able to establish an enormous faction that nearly ruled over one third of the Chu Yun Empire within this chaotic ground would likely have involved payments with countless amounts of blood. Ordinary gentle tactics would likely have difficulty reining in any experts with extreme characters in the Chu Yun Empire. Only bloody methods were the most effective against them.

Xiao Yan could imagine that the Little Fairy Doctor's path was likely filled with numerous corpses for her to be able to develop the Poison Sect until this stage as a female…

The headquarters of the Poison Sect sat in the middle of the Chu Yun Empire. There was a city called Sky Poison City located at that place. This city was completely controlled in the hands of the Poison Sect. It could be said that this city was the land ruled by the Poison Sect. Even the imperial family from the Chu Yun Empire did not have the slightest authority in this place.

This Sky Poison City was regarded by a countless number of Poison Masters within the Chu Yun Empire as a holy ground in their hearts. Some of the strongest factions within the Chu Yun Empire, over the generations, would establish their headquarters in this place and receive the worship of those Poison Masters from all over the empire.

The Sky Poison City was extremely renowned within the Chu Yun Empire. Hence, Xiao Yan's group only needed to randomly inquire about it to obtain its exact location. With the speed of the three of them, they spent around a day before arriving at this city that was regarded as a holy city.

Xiao Yan's group stood on a mountain peak outside of the Sky Poison City. The travel weary group heaved a long sigh of relief. The way the three dressed had changed a little. Medusa had wore a Doupeng on her head. Her outstanding appearance had attracted quite a lot of trouble during this journey of theirs. Medusa naturally did not show even the slightest mercy to these fellows with ill intent. However, those troublesome flies continued to arrive. In the end, she could only helplessly use a Doupeng to hide her face even with the degree of viciousness in her heart. Their travels had become much smoother once she did this.
(TL: Doupeng – A conical bamboo hat with a veil hanging over it to cover one's face)

"It is unexpected that such a large city is actually controlled by the Poison Sect… looks like the status of this Poison Sect within the Chu Yun Empire is much greater than the Yan Alliance within the Jia Ma Empire." Xiao Yan praised as he looked at the large city below.

"Your tactics are not as ruthless as hers. If you are willing to kill all the people within the imperial family and wash various factions with blood, the Jia Ma Empire could also completely become the land of the Yan Alliance. Moreover, no one would dare to have the slightest objection." Medusa faintly replied.

Xiao Yan laughed bitterly when he heard this. He was really unable to do that.

"Do we need to enter the city?" Medusa did not linger over this topic as she randomly inquired.

"There is no need…" Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head. His hand immediately moved and a gray jade piece appeared in his hand. He gently pressed it and broke it into powder.

Xiao Yan patted his hand after doing this. He sat cross-legged on the mountain peak and spoke with a smile, "Next, we'll wait. She will arrive quickly."

"Hopefully it won't be a group of experts from the Poison Sect." Medusa curled her mouth as she responded.

Xiao Yan involuntarily shook his head in a helpless manner upon hearing this. It seemed that Medusa had quite the grudge with the Little Fairy Doctor. However, he was helpless when it came to such matters. Perhaps things would be a little better after the two of them interacted for a long time.

Xiao Yan's eyes slowly swept over the surroundings of the Sky Poison City while he thought in this manner in his heart. He let out a deep breath and gradually clenched his fist. A cold glint surfaced in his dark-black eyes.

"That fellow from the 'Hall of Souls'… just you wait!"

A blurry black figure finally appeared in their sight around half an hour after Xiao Yan's three men group waited on the mountain peak. Finally, it flashed a couple of times and appeared in the air above this mountain peak.

Chapter 790: Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate

The arrival of the human figure naturally attracted the attention of Xiao Yan's three man group. They immediately became cautious. Only after the black figure appeared and revealed symbolic long white hair did the three of them softly sigh in relief.

"Sorry, sorry, I am really sorry. The sect was discussing something just now so I have arrived a little late." Little Fairy Doctor softly spoke to Xiao Yan. She swung her narrow waist slightly as she slowly descended. Her eyes swept over Zi Yan and Medusa behind him when she spoke. She involuntarily continued in a faint voice when she saw the Doupeng on the latter's head, "It is not as though I have never seen you. Why did you need to find a Doupeng? Don't tell me that you think you won't be recognized?"

Xiao Yan helplessly cried out 'this is bad' within his heart when he heard these words of Little Fairy Doctor.

As expected, the moment the Little Fairy Doctor's voice sounded, the Doupeng on Medusa's head turned into a black shadow. It carried a sharp wind as it shot viciously toward the former.

The Little Fairy Doctor did not move her body even a little as her eyes stared at the Doupeng that explosively shot over. She flicked her finger and a wisp of wind shot out. Finally, it violently collided with the Doupeng and immediately blasted apart.

"If I really wanted to hide my trail, would you be able to find this Queen with your ability?" Medusa's bewitching appearance was revealed after the Doupeng was thrown away. Her gaze was ice-cold as she looked at Little Fairy Doctor and mocked.

"There is no one that I cannot find in this Chu Yun Empire." The Little Fairy Doctor did not give in as she coldly laughed.

"Enough! The both of you just shut up. All of you better be quiet! I have come looking for all of you, but not to hear you argue!" Xiao Yan felt a headache forming when he heard the way these two people began to argue with each other upon meeting. All he could do was furiously cry out.

After Xiao Yan's furious cry, these two people once again stared coldly at one another before turning their eyes away.

"Little Fairy Doctor, do you have the information about the people from the 'Hall of Souls'?" Xiao Yan only let out a sigh of relief when he saw that the both of them were quiet. He began to open his mouth and inquire about the most important matter of this trip.

"Aye, aye… the someone from the 'Hall of Souls' has come looking for me again when I returned to the Chu Yun Empire. However, he seems to be a little furious at me for not capturing you. He left after a short argument. This time around, I paid a little more attention and gradually discovered the trail of this person." Little Fairy Doctor nodded her head as she slowly replied.

"What is his strength like?" Xiao Yan eyes flickered as he asked in a deep voice.

"It is not weaker than mine. Otherwise, he would not dare to act arrogantly in front of me. Ugh…" Little Fairy Doctor voiced her thoughts. Her gaze immediately glanced at Medusa as she said, "If the three of us were to join hands, we might be able to restrain him."

Xiao Yan nodded once. Some excitement leaped in his eyes. Compared to the situation where he had fled with Yao Lao all over the place, he now began to take the initiative to look for information regarding the people from the 'Hall of Souls'. The difference between the two was extremely great. From this, it was sufficient to indicate the growth of Xiao Yan during these few years.

Perhaps if he was given sufficient time, he might really possess the qualifications to contend with the 'Hall of Souls' head-on!

"It should not be too much of a trouble for the three of us to deal with that expert from the 'Hall of Souls'. However, the troublesome thing is that this fellow from the 'Hall of Souls' has some connection with a faction. If we were to really do something, it is likely that we will come into conflict with this faction." Little Fairy Doctor hesitated for a moment before slowly speaking.

"Isn't it rumored that some of the Poison Master factions have already been eliminated by the Poison Sect?" Xiao Yan asked, feeling startled when he heard this.

"We did indeed eliminate quite a number of them. However, the faction called the 'Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate' is an exception. The faction has an old fellow whose name is extremely renowned within the Chu Yun Empire many years ago. Although he seldom appears these days, he is still indeed alive. When we were prepared to eliminate the 'Ten Thousand Scorpion Sect' the last time, we ended up alerting this old fellow who was in a retreat. I have exchanged a couple of blows with him. He is indeed very troublesome…" Little Fairy Doctor helplessly spoke.

"Moreover, this 'Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate' also possesses quite a number of experts. Although it usually keeps a low profile and does not really intervene in the matters of the empire, they do indeed possess quite a great weight within the Chu Yun Empire." A cold glint slowly flickered in Little Fairy Doctor's eyes. Clearly, she felt a little afraid of this 'Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate'.

Xiao Yan's expression gradually sank when he heard this. If this was the case, would they not have to start a battle with this 'Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate' if they wanted to capture the person from the 'Hall of Souls'? However, this was the Chu Yun Empire. It was difficult for the experts from the Yan Alliance to support them. It would be extremely troublesome if they were to attack.

"Since she is able to call you here, it is only natural that she has a plan. Why don't we listen to her opinion." Medusa opened her mouth, and indifferently spoke when she saw Xiao Yan's expression.

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this. His gaze was thrown toward the Little Fairy Doctor.

The Little Fairy Doctor glanced at Medusa before nodding her head slightly, "During this period of time, news of some conflicts between the 'Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate' and the 'Poison Sect' has been repeatedly transmitted over. Not long ago, we captured a person from the 'Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate' and learned from him that this faction, which usually keeps a low profile, seems to be intending to attack our Poison Sect… according to what I know, it is likely that the person of the 'Hall of Souls' is fanning the flames. Otherwise, that old fellow would not do such a thing given his character."

"The sect has decided to preempt the other party and launch an attack after learning of this news. We will eliminate the 'Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate' before they can attack!" A fierce glint flashed in Little Fairy Doctor's eyes as she observed Xiao Yan and said, "If it was in the past, it is likely that we might not be able to eliminate the 'Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate' even if we were to go all out.However, with all of you, our chances will greatly soar."

"See, just see. She has actually got you over to be a fighter." The corner of Medusa's mouth curled as she coldly laughed.

"Medusa! Don't go overboard. Don't think that this ancestor (Dou Zong) is afraid of you!" The Little Fairy Doctor's expression immediately became ice-cold as she furiously cried out, "If you feel that am asking you to come and be a fighter for the Poison Sect, you can leave right now. I will not stop you!"

Medusa narrowed her eyes. She was just about to speak when she glanced at the fury gradually surging on Xiao Yan's face. She immediately swallowed her words and said, "Hopefully, it was just a random guess by this Queen."

"If you wish to argue again, I will go and look for the person from the 'Hall of Souls' by myself. All of you can just go and do whatever you want to do!" Xiao Yan raised his eyes. He did not cry out angrily this time around. All he did was use a calm tone to speak.

However, it was this calm tone that caused Medusa and the Little Fairy Doctor to hurriedly shut their mouths. They could both sense the impatience and fury currently in Xiao Yan's heart.

Zi Yan to the side watched the two people, who had been shaken by Xiao Yan until they shut their mouths. She immediately began to gloatingly laugh.

"Since the 'Poison Sect's' target is the 'Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate' and my target is the person from the 'Hall of Souls' behind the 'Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate', we will naturally cooperate." Xiao Yan's eyes flipped to the Little Fairy Doctor as he spoke in a deep voice after shaking the two of them.

"You can be reassured that I do not think that you have come to look for me in the Jia Ma Empire to be your fighter. If I did not trust you, I would have not hurried over." Xiao Yan waved his hand and spoke after seeing the Little Fairy Doctor's hesitant manner.

Little Fairy Doctor sighed in relief after hearing this. She softly said, "In that case, we will attack tomorrow. The Poison Sect has been prepared for this for a long time and can move anytime."

"Yes. Yes. Yes." Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He voiced his thoughts, "What is the strength of that old fellow from the 'Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate' like?"

"He should be around a three star Dou Zong. His Poison Skill is extremely ruthless. Back then, he could have been considered a fierce star, and was once prominent within the Chu Yun Empire. However, he has been undertaking a retreat and training during these recent few years. Hence, he gradually disappeared from the scene. However, some of the older generations can still remember that vicious old fellow." The Little Fairy Doctor's eyes were solemn as she spoke. She was clearly quite afraid of this old fellow.

"That old fellow should be called Xie Pi Yan, right?" The eyes of Medusa by the side flickered for a moment before she suddenly asked.

"You know him?" Little Fairy Doctor and Xiao Yan were startled when they heard this.

"Yes, aye, we even exchanged blows back then. However, that was the time when I had just become the tribe leader. He was already a renowned expert from the Chu Yun Empire back then. We fought once, but the him back then was merely an expert Dou Huang. It is unexpected that he has not died after so many years, but advanced to the Dou Zong class." Medusa slowly spoke.

"That's right, Hai Bodong had also exchanged blows with him back then, but ended up losing. On the other hand, Jia Xing Tian from the Jia Ma Empire's imperial family took the upper hand in a couple of fights with him. Unfortunate, Xie Bi Yan is currently already an elite Dou Zong while that fellow is still lingering at the peak of the Dou Huang class. If he knew about this information, it is likely that he would be afraid for a long time. However, as a whole, this Xie Bi Yan could be considered to be in the limelight during the fight between the experts from the Jia Ma Empire and the Chu Yun Empire back then. He has surpassed quite a number of experts from the Jia Ma Empire."

Xiao Yan felt somewhat surprised when he heard of some of the old events, that had happened back then, spat from Medusa's mouth. It was unexpected that this Xie Bi Yan was actually an old opponent of the Elders from the Yan Alliance.

"He should be the strongest within the 'Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate.' As long as this old fellow is settled, the remaining people, other than chief Xie Shan and a couple of Elders, should not be too troublesome. It is fine leaving them to the experts from the Poison Sect." Little Fairy Doctor nodded her head and voiced her opinion, "If we include that expert from the 'Hall of Souls' the 'Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate' should have two elite Dou Zongs. She and I should be able to deal with them. Moreover, Xiao Yan, you also possess a trump card that can hurt an elite Dou Zong. Our chances of victory in this battle is quite great."

Xiao Yan smiled when he heard this. He nodded and said, "In that case, we should leave tomorrow. I also want to see just how powerful this person who suppressed the experts in Jia Ma Empire back then is."

"Of course, there is that person from the 'Hall of Souls'. He is the most important target of this trip…" Xiao Yan's expression became somewhat dense as he spoke.

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