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Chapter 769

Chapter 769: Prestige

The surging fire wave swept down from the sky. Finally, it occupied a thousand-foot-diameter from the ground to the clouds. A terrifying three colored fire cloud covered the sky. At this moment, even the sunlight had difficulty penetrating it.

The fire wave spread out in a ripple-like manner before its speed suddenly soared. It was as though some powerful energy was pushing it. With a bang, it carried a loud explosion sound as it swept toward the horizon with an extremely fast speed.

The wild, violent wind that was carried by the sweeping fire wave also spread toward the ground. Immediately, those black masses of soldiers outside of the fortress were like dominoes that had been put together as they completely collapsed to the ground with some noise. In an instant, the chaotic sound charged to the clouds. It was a long while later before they barely managed to arrange their formation and raise their heads. Their eyes were dull and their throats rolled violently as they looked at the thick fire cloud in the sky. Even someone as strong as an elite Dou Zong was likely not going to do well in the face of such a terrifying fire explosion.

Those experts from the three sects in the air were shaken by the initial frightening fire lotus wave until their faces were somewhat pale. Their eyes still had some remaining fear by the time the fire wave passed. Such an explosion was indeed too frightening…

The two Mulan Elders also exchanged looks with one another at this moment. Their eyes contained some relief on top of the shock. It was fortunate that Xiao Yan did not use such a frightening Dou Technique when they were fighting against him. Otherwise… even though they had the ‘Three Beast Savage Skill’, it was likely that they would have difficulty withstanding such a frightening attack.

“No wonder this little fellow could become the chief of the Yan Alliance. He does indeed have some strength.” The two of them softly spoke while they wiped cold sweat off their forehead while feeling some lingering fear.

“I wonder how that Yan Luo Tian is? However, in the face of this frightening energy explosion, he would definitely not end up in a good state even though he is an expert Dou Zong.”

A countless number of gazes on the battleground were paused on the thick fire cloud in the sky for a moment. After which, those gazes turned toward the figure that was still falling through the air. It was the person who had unleashed this terrifying attack.

Hai Bodong, who had just withdrawn toward the side of the wall, also turned his head and saw the falling Xiao Yan at this moment. He was immediately stunned before he looked at Xiao Ding and the others with an embarrassed smile. He hurriedly turned his body once again and swiftly rushed toward Xiao Yan. However, the latter’s body suddenly moved when he had reached a spot not far from Xiao Yan. Those fire wings on Xiao Yan’s back were extended out once again. After struggling twice, he actually once again stood in the air with some difficulty.

“Are you alright?” Hai Bodong also sighed in relief when he saw that Xiao Yan still possessed the strength to remain in the air. He hurried over and quickly inquired when he saw that Xiao Yan’s body was covered in injuries.

“*Cough*” Xiao Yan let out a couple of intense coughs. Although his face was pale-white, it seemed that his aura was still quite stable. He did not end up in a state where even his consciousness became blurry like the last time at the Misty Cloud Sect.

“I’m fine. It is just that I feel somewhat weary. The energy that that thing exhausts is really too great.” Xiao Yan waved his hand. This action pulled at the injuries on his body, causing him to gently inhale a cool breath of air. He took out two to three jade bottles from his

storage ring before flicking his finger. He removed the medicinal liquid within them and scattered it over those injuries on his body.

Xiao Yan once again took out a couple of medicinal pills to recover Dou Qi after having completed all these steps. He stuffed them into his mouth before letting out a long breath.

“You are really reckless…” Hai Bodong finally spoke with a bitter smile after seeing Xiao Yan complete all of his actions.

“There’s no choice. It is natural that one must pay a price in order to deal with an elite Dou Zong. However, this is already much better compared to the last time.” Xiao Yan carelessly laughed

Hai Bodong could only bitterly laugh when he heard his response. However, he did have to admit in his heart that Xiao Yan was much better when compared to the previous time. At that time, if Xiao Yan’s constitution had not been extremely strong and that he was an alchemist who knew how to use the correct medicines, the frightening injuries that Xiao Yan received would have caused anyone else to suffer from a sequelae even if they managed to completely recover. Their future achievements might even end up remaining at the Dou Wang class forever.

“Is that fellow dead?” Hai Bodong threw his gaze toward three colored fire clouds in the sky where even sunlight could not shine through while he asked with some hesitation.

“Although the strength of the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ is great, I am after all one class away from the Dou Zong class. It will naturally be a little difficult to kill him. However, it is not impossible for him to end up with serious injuries or even be crippled despite the difficulty of him dying.” Xiao Yan laughed. The corner of his mouth carried an arc that was filled with coldness.

Hai Bodong smiled when he heard Xiao Yan’s words. He was just about to speak when the thick fire clouds emitted waves of intense fluctuations. A hole was immediately created in the fire cloud in front of a countless number of gazes. Immediately, a dim golden glow rushed out from within it. One could even hear a couple of blood vomiting sounds during this time.

The human figure that had suddenly broken through the fire cloud was naturally Yan Luo Tian, who had been violently struck by the three colored lotus flame. However, the latter was currently so miserable that he appeared unsightly. His clothes only thorns and the beautiful, enormous wings on his back seemed to have become like the wings of birds who had all their feathers plucked. The wings were without feathers and extremely ugly. Xiao Yan’s hair was scattered in front of his forehead. His body was covered with fresh blood. Of course, the most important thing was that the current Yan Luo Tian’s aura had been weakened to an extremely weary state. From the looks of it, it was obvious that he had suffered serious internal injuries from the explosion despite having preserved his life.

The entire place was completely silent as everyone looked at this miserable looking Yan Luo Tian. A moment later, an earth-shaking cheer suddenly resounded over the sky above the fortress. They had once again witnessed this young man creating another miracle with their own eyes.

Xiao Yan had defeated the three Mulan Elders and Yan Luo Tian within one day. These were two expert Dou Zongs. Such a grand battle achievement was enough to allow Xiao Yan to become famous throughout this northwestern region. Along with it, the status of the Yan Alliance and the Jia Ma Empire would definitely be raised in this northwestern region!

All of these were fought for by the pale-faced, black-robed, young man in the sky by staking his life. He had rescued the Jia Ma Empire, which was facing the fate of being destroyed, and saved the countless number of people from the Jia Ma Empire from becoming displaced!

From today on, Xiao Yan would completely become the most respected hero in the Jia Ma Empire. This prestige would be something that was never achieved by even previous emperors and even the Misty Cloud Sect back then!

The young man had advanced step by step from being the trash of the Xiao clan until today. Perhaps after many years, that city called Wu Tan City would proudly tell everyone who arrived at that place that their city had produced a hero who had rescued the entire Jia Ma Empire. His name was called Xiao Yan!

Xiao Yan and Hai Bodong smiled slightly when they heard the earth-shaking cheers that were emitted from the fortress. They raised their heads and looked at Yan Luo Tian, who appeared quite miserable in the sky. After he had revealed himself, the latter had used a terrified gaze to look at Xiao Yan below. After which, he hurriedly maneuvered his terribly damaged body to the alliance army’s side in a miserable manner.

Xiao Yan did not give chase after seeing Yan Luo Tian flee. After having used the three colored fire lotus, the Dou Qi in his body had been greatly diminished. Even if he gave chase, it would be difficult for him to stop the other party. Moreover, given the injuries within the body of the former, Xiao Yan expected him to be unable to completely recover within half a year. Hence, there was no need to be afraid of him.

Xiao Yan’s eyes shifted away from Yan Luo Tian’s back. Finally, they paused on the battleground between Medusa and the Sect Leader of the Poison Sect. At this moment, the two were engaged in a fiery hot battle. Even the fire lotus explosion earlier did not cause them to be distracted. Of course, it was not because they were unable to hear or sense it, they just could not afford to be even slightly distracted. When facing such an opponent, even a slight mistake could result in them ending in a terrible state.

Xiao Yan flapped his fire wings. He paused his body at a spot not far from the battleground before crying out in a stern manner, “Leader of the Poison Sect, two of your three Sect Alliance’s Dou Zongs have been defeated today. Xiao Yan advises you to withdraw as soon as possible.”

The two people who were engaging in the intense battle ignored Xiao Yan’s cry. Clearly, the two people were fighting in an intense and vicious manner.

Xiao Yan could only helplessly shake his head when he saw that his cry was useless. He did not dare to join or enter that battleground in his current condition. Hence, he could only just wait by the side.

Perhaps Xiao Yan’s presence affected someone’s attention, but the originally fiery hot exchange in the battleground was filled with sudden unexpected changes. One could see that the originally quick body belonging to the leader of the Poison Sect abruptly slowed. Medusa caught this opening in an extremely cunning manner. Her delicate hand was suddenly extended like a poisonous snake before strangely imprinting itself on the former’s chest.


A mouthful of blood was spat out from the mouth of the sect leader of the Poison Sect after she received the blow. However, that fresh blood that had been spat out strangely transformed into a bloody arrow that shot toward Medusa’s face.

The sudden blood arrow also caught Medusa off-guard. At this critical moment, she could only extend her palm and grab it furiously. However, the arrow melted abruptly after she had grabbed it before strangely entering into Medusa’s hand.

All of these changes occurred in a split second. By the time Xiao Yan had reacted, he discovered that the both of them had already taken a couple of steps back. Their faces appeared somewhat pale.

The sect leader of the Poison Sect stabilized her footing. A cold smile immediately surfaced from the corner of her mouth when she saw the liquid blood entering Medusa’s body. However, her cold smile had just appeared when she appeared to have discovered something. Her hand quickly touched her face only to discover that her veil had been knocked off when that blood arrow had shot out a moment ago.

Xiao Yan’s eyes suddenly shot over while she was touching her face. Immediately, that familiar graceful pretty face appeared in his eyes.

Xiao Yan’s mouth widened slightly as he looked at the face which was still somewhat familiar. His eyes blinked a couple of times. A moment later, his voice involuntarily burst out full of disbelief.

“Little Fairy Doctor?”

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