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Chapter 764

Chapter 764: Scam

This scene that had suddenly occurred in the sky also attracted the attention of a countless number of gazes below. Numerous uproars resounded all over the place.

Hai Bodong was somewhat stunned as he watched the silver-colored glow that had suddenly split into three human figures. He exclaimed a moment later, “Why is it that we have never seen this skill of the little fellow before?”

Jia Xing Tian shook his head. His eyes were filled with a seriousness while he said with some hesitation, “It seems that this is the agility Dou Skill that he frequently uses. However, it seems that the level that he can control it to has risen. Looks like this should be because he has advanced to the Dou Huang class?”

“These three light figures… can any of you identify which is the actual body?” Fa Ma’s eyes stared intently at the three silver-colored light figures in the sky and asked with a bitter smile. He discovered that despite having unleashed his Spiritual Perception to its limit, he was still unable to identify which of these three light figures was the actual Xiao Yan.

Jia Xing Tian and Hai Bodong exchanged looks with each other when they heard this before they smiled bitterly and shook their heads.

“This agility skill is really somewhat unusual. Won’t it be equivalent of having two additional avatars if one used it in this manner? As long as this original body remains hidden within them if one were to fight with another, one would definitely be able to unleash a blow that would catch the other party off-guard.” The three people exchanged glances before smacking their lips and exclaiming. This fellow seems to have a never-ending number of trump cards.

The three Mulan Elders in the sky watched the three silver-colored light figures that were shooting over. Their expressions had finally turned solemn. Just like Hai Bodon’s group, they were unable to identify which of these three light figures was Xiao Yan.

A family member was aware of the matters within the family. The three Mulan clans were naturally extremely clear about the greatest weakness of this Qi Method of theirs. It was that they would have difficulty fighting with many people. If they did fight with many, they would not have enough time to transfer their strength. Although their only opponent today was Xiao Yan, who would have expected him to be able to form two light figures that could not be told apart with the original. This undoubtedly caused the Mulan three Elders to descend into a dilemma.

Two of the three light figures were illusionary while one was the actual person. If they were to randomly maneuver that merged Dou Zong strength, it was likely that one person would truly face Xiao Yan’s wild, violent attack should there be a mistake. Although it was an instantaneous matter, a moment was sufficient to change the victor and loser when it came to their class.

The silver-colored glow in the eyes of the three people swiftly expanded. It danced on the faces of the three people who appeared to be unusually volatile.

“Everyone, be careful. Maneuver the strength by yourself should you discover the actual body!” The tiger-headed Elder clenched his teeth and cried out sternly at this crucial moment. Being uncertain at this moment would cause them to completely fall into a disadvantage. If one were to make careful observations, one might be able to see some openings in Xiao Yan’s unusual agility skill, and unleash a fatal blow at that time.

The other two Mulan Elders also nodded when they heard this. Their eyes were dark and solemn as they looked at the two light figures that had swiftly flashed over. Their gazes flickered as they repeatedly attempted to find some openings that would be revealed by the light figures.

The three light figures had arrived abruptly w

hile these three people’s eyes were faintly flickering. A strong silver glow not only caused their sight to be somewhat blocked, but also caused their hearts to sink. They discovered that the three light figures were faintly suppressing a surging strength.

The silver-colored light figures came increasingly closer but the tiger-headed Elder’s figure did not move. His eyes stared intently at that light figure. His eyes shrank a little at a certain instant. Perhaps it was because his eyes were extremely focused, but he had suddenly discovered this light figure suddenly fluctuating. That layer of bright-silver glow weakened a little. The instant it weakened, his eyes coincidentally saw the cold, stern face that was hidden within the silver glow.

This fleeting glance immediately caused the pores all over the tiger-headed person to open. His eyes quickly twinkled. Although he had seen the face within the silver glow, he did not dare to be certain. It might be intentional on the other party’s part with the aim of pulling that Dou Zong strength toward him.

This thought had only lasted for an instant. After which, he saw the dense, cold smile that was lifted slightly on that face.

“It really is him!”

The tiger-headed Elder’s mind suddenly blasted out loud when he saw the slight human-like face. He ceased having any hesitation within his heart as the seal on his hands moved. The Dou Zong strength that was lingering between the three of them merged into his body in a lightning-like manner.

“Brat, come out and die!”

A savage look surged on the tiger-headed Elder’s face as he sensed the energy within his body that had suddenly surged. His throat emitted a furious roar as a blood luminescence swiftly agglomerated on his fist. In the blink of an eye, it agglomerated into a large tiger head made out of energy. The mouth of the tiger widened and a stench pounced over. The sharp fangs appeared to possess a limitless amount of energy. Anything that it bit would instantly turn into powder!

A countless number of gazes were focusing on this battle. When they noticed that the aura of the tiger-headed Elder had soared, they understood that he had already took away that strength. Hence, numerous gazes were gathered on the silver-colored light figure in front of him. If this punch of his struck his target, Xiao Yan would definitely be seriously injured on the spot regardless of how stubbornly strong he was.

The hearts of Hai Bodong and the others on the fortress had been raised to their throats at this moment. Quite a number of people had halted their breathing and their faces had turned bright-red.

This punch from the tiger-headed Elder had gathered everyone’s attention at this moment!

The tiger-headed Elder’s ferocious punch finally carried a strength that came from all directions as it violently smashed onto the silver-colored light figure in front of a countless number of gazes!


The low, deep sound of flesh colliding suddenly resounded over the sky at this moment. The faces of a countless number of people instantly turned white. Had Xiao Yan really been hit?

The huge tiger-headed fist violently smashed into the silver glow. When the low, deep, muffled sound appeared, the tiger head Elder’s face suddenly turned unusually ugly. His voice had become somewhat sharp because of his anxiety, “Be careful, this is a fake!” He hurriedly expelled the Dou Zong strength within his body during that instant when that sharp cry sounded. In this way, his other two companions would be able to immediately obtain the strength when they needed to use it.

The other two Elders’ expressions drastically changed when they heard the sharp scream. The bear-headed Elder was the first to react. He absorbed the Dou Zong strength, which was swimming in a lightning-like manner among the three of them, into his body the instant the silver figure was about to approach his body.


The fist struck the light figure and the expression of the bear-headed Elder once again changed. He spoke furiously, “Third brother, be careful. This is also a fake. His actual body is at your side!”

The final lion-headed Elder’s face had turned unusually ugly when the roar was emitted. This was because the silver-colored light figure was already within close proximity and did not allow him to react. By the time he had sensed the Dou Zong’s strength enter his body, the light figure violently smashed into his body in front of the countless number of shocked gazes. He didn’t even have the time to use the strength.


A thunder-like explosion resounded over the sky in a deafening manner. A frightening fire wave immediately swept over.


A human figure suddenly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood in a wild manner the instant the fire wave swept over the sky. After which, the figure immediately became just like a bird with broken wings as it fell to the ground.

The entire battleground had turned completely silent at this moment as they looked at the fallen figure. This was especially when their gazes gathered on this person’s head. Their heads immediately buzzed and exploded. This was because the seriously injured person was not the lion-headed Elder that everyone expected nor the bear-headed Elder, who was the second to attack, but the first tiger-headed Elder who had clearly attacked but failed to strike that silver-colored light figure!

The dullness continued for a moment before a countless number of gazes suddenly shifted up. After which, everyone could see a black-robed, young man who was panting in the sky. The fire armor on the chest area of the latter had completely burst apart. A bright-red tiger-headed palm print appeared on his chest. Moreover, a thread of remanent blood trace hung on the corner of his mouth.

A countless number of gazes including the remaining two Mulan Elders were dull as they looked at this panting black-robed, young man. A storm of shock surged within their hearts. Among the three silver-colored figures, the one that charged toward the tiger-headed Elder was the true body! The remaining two were illusions!

Who would have imagined that Xiao Yan would actually risk receiving the punch and use a method that other people were unaware of to deceive the tiger-headed Elder. After which, he suddenly revealed his body when the Dou Zong strength had scattered to unleash a fatal blow! The two illusory light figures had become the baits that had caused the Dou Zong strength to be absorbed away by the remaining two people!

Such scheming was indeed deep. By being able to think of such a method of dealing with an enemy within such a short period of time, it must be said that this fellow’s battle experience was really frightening!

Compared to the stunned looks of the remaining people, the hearts of the two Mulan Elders were completely cold. They clearly understood that they still had some confidence even when Xiao Yan had split into three and headed for them. With the speed at which the Dou Zong’s strength was transferred, they were still able to transfer it to the other two during the instant that Xiao Yan had appeared.

In order words, they still had another chance even if one of them made a mistake. It was just like how the tiger-headed Elder still had time left to transfer the Dou Zong’s strength to the bear-headed Elder after using it.

By counting it in this manner, they had two out of three chances of catching Xiao Yan. Instead, Xiao Yan only had one out of three chances to truly unleash his attack. However, no one expected that he would actually receive the blow and use his mysterious agility skill to deceive the tiger-headed Elder. After which, he had unleashed a truly fatal attack when that Dou Zong’s strength was absorbed away by the other two people!

Although he had paid the price of being wounded this time around, he was able to seriously injure the tiger-headed Elder. Next, the two Mulan Elders who had lost the ‘Three Beast Savage Skill’ were merely just ordinary experts at the peak of the Dou Huang class. Even though there might be two of them left, their threat level had greatly declined from how Xiao Yan looked at it!

If one were to describe it in detail, the victor of this battleground had already been decided!

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