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Chapter 759: Big Battle!

The vast, endless plains possessed two towering mountain ranges that stood with their peaks piercing the sky. Such a tall mountain range was a place that an ordinary person would have difficulty climbing. An incomparably huge fortress guarded the gap between these two mountain ranges like a fierce prehistoric beast, protecting the main road that lead into and out of the Jia Ma Empire. This fortress was the most important defensive line in the hearts of the people of the Jia Ma Empire. If this defensive line was torn apart, the three empires armies would march straight into the Jia Ma Empire!

The size of the fortress was so large that it left one speechless. Compared to the Zhen Gui Pass that Xiao Yan had visited back then, it was undoubtedly a junior meeting a senior. The walls of this fortress was completely built from the dark-black volcanic rock. It had an unusually frightening toughness. Such a wall would likely be able to hold out for a long time even against the attacks of an elite Dou Huang.

Densely packed soldiers could be seen all over the fortress' wall. There were also countless number of enormous ballistas faintly present. Steel arrows that were as thick as one's thigh had been loaded onto the ballistas and were ready to unleash a frightening strength at any moment. This defensive line was worthy of being as firm as metal under the protection of a countless number of soldiers. Even the three empire alliance would have to pay a hefty and bloody price in order to forcefully attack and tear this defensive line apart.

Over ten human figures with quite a great reputation within the empire stood on the middle of the city wall. At this moment, their gazes carried a thread of worry as they looked at an extremely far spot from the fortress. Densely packed armies rolled out like dark clouds from that spot. At a glance, one could see an endless number of them. From the looks of the large flags that the armies carried, they were the alliance military from the three large empires.

Of course, the thing that caused them the most worry was not these ordinary soldiers. Instead it was the three elite Dou Zongs who were hidden within the army. In the eyes of a truly strong person, an ordinary army did not pose much of a threat. As long as one was an expert Dou Wang, one would be able to easily defend against a ten thousand man strong army. This was also the reason why the strong possessed a position that exceeded that of royalty on this continent!

The strong reigned supreme in the Dou Qi continent. Royal authority was second!

"Ugh, I heard that the ones who have led everyone over this time around are Yan Luo Tian and the three Elders from the Mulan Valley… although the most troublesome Sect Leader of the Poison Sect will not appear, this is already enough to feel an extremely great pressure. After all, this is equivalent to two elite Dou Zongs." Hai Bodong's gaze stared into the distance for a moment before withdrawing it and sighing.

The current Hai Bodong had truly reached the peak of the Dou Huang class where he was comparable to Jia Lao after the repeated big fights during the past year. Breaking through to the Dou Zong class was only one step away. Of course, the distance of this one step was such that it was an ordinary thing for one to be unable to cross in one's lifetime if one did not have the opportunity. After all, there were an unknown number of people on the Dou Qi continent who had ended up stopping at this stage.

Despite this, a Dou Huang was ultimately a Dou Huang. Unless one possessed some unusual abnormal Dou Skills, it was basically impossible to leap across the class and challenge an elite Dou Zong. After all, not everyone was like Xiao Yan. He not only possessed the mysterious 'Flame Mantra' Qi Method but also unique treasures like three 'Heavenly Flames' and the 'God Seal Skill'.

"I have already dispatched some people to the 'Black-Corner Region' to search for Second Brother. He will definitely come and lend a hand if he receives the news. However… a distant water source cannot quench one's immediate thirst. It is likely going to be a different situation by the time he leads people over." Xiao Ding, who was seated on a wheelchair, softly sighed. During this period of time, he had spent a great amount of effort and thought in order to deal with the attacks of the three sects. However, the other party had people who were equivalent to three elite Dou Zongs. This was ultimately a huge weight that was pressing on the hearts of everyone in the Jia Ma Empire.

"Your Majesty, are your injuries alright?" Xiao Ding's hand patted gently on his wheelchair before he turned his head to look at the cold pretty face of the bewitching lady beside him. Her moving appearance was indeed a rare beauty in this kind of place that was filled with blood and killing.

Perhaps it was due to Xiao Ding's relationship with someone but the coldness on Medusa's bewitching face, which was staring into the distance with cold eyes, slowly became warmer. She said, "I have consumed the medicinal pill that the Yan Alliance alchemists have refined and recovered quite a bit. Although my fighting strength is slightly weakened, there are no serious problems."

Xiao Ding laughed bitterly and nodded slightly. He said, "It's been tough on you."

"I am also thinking of the Snake-People Race. Now that everyone's relationship is one where the death of anyone will cause the other to suffer, the losses from any single side will result in a destructive end." Medusa shook her head. She turned her head slightly as her eyes looked toward the distant Magical Beast Mountain Range. She clenched her silver teeth and sighed within her heart, "Have you not come out of your retreat? If you are a little later, it is likely that the Jia Ma Empire will really be destroyed…"

"Ugh, I wonder how third brother doing. His retreat actually took an entire year. It is best that no accident has happened to him…." Xiao Ding also understood what Medusa was thinking when he saw her gaze. He rubbed his forehead and bitterly laughed.

"This little bastard always plays it like this… if he does not return soon, this Yan Alliance will be finished." Hai Bodong by his side could not resist opening his mouth to speak when he heard Xiao Ding's words.

"I think it should be soon. As long as we are able to endure until he comes out from his retreat, the situation will be much better. After all, that fellow may be a Dou Huang but if he unleashes his full strength, he is able to contend against an elite Dou Zong. At that time, our side will have two elite Dou Zongs. Even the people from the three sects would not dare to act rashly. If we were to really go into an all out fight, this Queen would at the very least be able to drag one of them down even if I end up dying!" Medusa voiced her thoughts. A dense chill immediately flashed across her pupils.

"That Sect Leader of the Poison Sect, Yan Luo Tian from the Gold Geese Sect, and the three Elders from the Mulan Valley are afraid that you will do this. Hence, they have not been engaging in a deathmatch with you. However, this time, it is likely that they have made preparations when they join hands. Your Majesty, you should be more careful." Jia Xing Tian by the other side spoke in a deep voice while wearing a respectful expression.

Medusa nodded slightly. She was about to speak when a thunder-like drumbeat began to spread over from far away in a mighty manner. It immediately affected the entire fortress.
"They are about to begin their attack!" The expressions of Medusa and the others were tense as they heard this hurried drumbeat.

The ground began to tremble not long after the drumbeat sounded. The enormous endless sea of people in the distance began to rush over toward the fortress like ocean waves. The orderly bang as their feet landed on the ground resounded over this place like a thunderous roar, giving people a heavy feeling within their hearts.

"All the experts Dou Wangs from the Yan Alliance and the Snake-People Race, spread yourself all over the defensive lines. Tightly guard against the enemy's expert Dou Wangs!" Xiao Ding's expression gradually became solemn as he turned his head and spoke in a stern manner.

A large number of people responded behind him upon hearing the order. Immediately, numerous human figures flew out in a lightning-like manner.

"Everyone, today's big battle affects the survival of our Jia Ma Empire and the Snake-People Race. Therefore, let's go all out!" Xiao Ding's gaze slowly swept over everyone as he spoke in a deep voice.

Everyone nodded their heads heavily with a solemn expression when they heard his words. This battle concerned their survival!

While the fortress entered into a battle ready mode, the black masses of human heads began to flood over amid the loud battle cries that soared to the sky. Numerous rays of light flew through the air above this sea of people. These were the experts from the three sects, the figures who caused the pressure on the Black Mountain Fortress to soar.

When the endless black masses of human flow were still around a thousand meters from the fortress, a killing aura surged to the sky with a loud stomping sound. It spread out before covering the entire Black Mountain Fortress into it!

The rays of light flew across in the sky while numerous people with Dou Qi wings on their backs appeared. Their gazes carried cold smiles as they observed the tightly guarded Black Mountain Fortress.

"Ke ke, it is really unexpected that your Jia Ma Empire is so stubborn. You are actually able to endure for nearly a year in the face of our three empire alliance. Even though your Jia Ma Empire will be completely defeated in this battle, your Jia Ma Empire's reputation could be considered to have soared in this northwestern region." A powerful wild laugh suddenly sounded while the armies faced each other. Finally, it resounded over the sky.

"Yan Luo Tian!" The face of Medusa and the others in the fortress immediately turned cold upon hearing the laughter. Their mouths spat out a name that was incomparably prestigious within the Luo Yan Empire.

A bright golden glow suddenly shot into the sky from the large army after the laughter sounded. It immediately stayed suspended in the sky. Everyone's eyes drifted over, only to see a man who was wearing golden clothes floating in the sky. A pair of unusually large gold-colored goose wings flickered, appearing much like a divine being.

The black masses of soldiers immediately erupted into an earth-shaking cheer when this gold-clothed man appeared. Clearly, this Yan Luo Tian possessed an extremely high reputation among them.

Medusa's face was icy-cold as she looked at Yan Luo Tian. Her body moved and she was already in the sky outside of the fortress the next time she appeared. Her gaze swept over Yan Luo Tian only to laugh, "A mere two star Dou Zong also dares to act presumptuous in front of this Queen?"

"Hee hee, Medusa's beauty has been spread among a number of countries around. You really live up to your reputation. This ancestor (refer to himself as a Dou Zong) knows that I alone will be no match for you. Hence, I am naturally not intending to fight alone…" A cold smile surfaced on the corner of Yan Luo Tian's mouth as he slowly spoke.

"Ha ha, you are indeed worthy of being Queen Medusa. You are really a hero among women. Today, allow the three of us and the Geese Sect's Leader to exchange blows with you…" Three different rays of light shot out from the army below just after Yan Luo Tian's voice sounded. Finally, three smiling Elders appeared in the air.

Medusa's eyes shrank slightly as she looked at the three old men. Her face was icy as she emphasized every word with a pause.

"Mulan. Three. Elders."

Chapter 760: Three Beast Savage Skill

The three old men who appeared in the sky were wearing green-colored robes. However, there was a lion, a tiger and a bear on their three respective robes. These drawings did not appear to be something created from ordinary sewing. Instead, they appeared to have been agglomerated from a certain kind of mysterious energy. Hence, when a person's eyes swept over them, the three unusually savage beasts seemed to be staring with their bright-red vicious eyes. If it was someone who did not have a strong mental strength, their legs would involuntarily become limp under these violent gazes that were filled with killing intent.

Although the auras of these three green-robed old men were merely at the peak of the Dou Huang class, a seriousness that was difficult to hide covered Medusa's face. The 'Three Beast Savage Skill' that these three people practiced was extremely strange. The fighting strength when they fought together was extremely shocking. Even she had to treat them seriously.

The black masses of the army from the three empire alliance outside of the fortress immediately erupted into a thunder-like cheer the moment the three Great Elders from the Mulan Valley appeared. Compared to the great increase in their morale, Xiao Ding and the others in the fortress felt their hearts slightly sink.

"Dammit, these shameless bastards. No matter how one puts it, they are experts who possess great reputations in the northwestern region. Yet, they actually bully others with numbers." Hai Bodong's expression was ugly as he looked at the three old men who had appeared in the sky. He could not resist cursing angrily.

Jia Xing Tian's expression was similarly ugly as he nodded. He mused for a moment, clenched his teeth and said, "Why don't the two of us go out and help Medusa block them for a moment? It would be good if we can buy her some time."

"Hold your horses. If the both of you also attack, the other experts from the three sects would definitely not just stand back and watch. At that time, we will end up bringing forward the eruption of the big battle. It would also be extremely difficult to achieve your intentions." Xiao Ding's expression was solemn as he shook his head and spoke.

"What do we do then? Don't tell me that we should just watch her get surrounded and attacked?" Hai Bodong frowned intently as he replied.

"Ugh, all we can do now is to hope that Queen Medusa will be able to block them. There is no other solution." Xiao Ding bitterly laughed and sighed. Any planning would not help this situation where they were had a disadvantage in all aspects.

Hai Bodong and Jia Xing Tian could only unwillingly storm their feet when they heard this. They were at a complete disadvantage in this situation. However, it was just as Xiao Ding had said, they had no solution despite knowing that they were at a disadvantage. The number of the other party's elite Dou Zongs was not lesser than their side. They also had more experts in the Dou Huang and Dou Wang class. What else could they do but end up in a disadvantageous situation?"

"It would be fine if Xiao Yan was here. With his strength, it should not be too much trouble blocking Yan Luo Tian and the three Elders from the Mulan Valley. As long as Medusa is given some time, it is possible to defeat one of them…" Fa Ma by the side, who had not spoken for a long time, softly sighed.

Xiao Ding and the others also sighed when they heard this. Although this was indeed the case, that fellow was undertaking a retreat. Who knew just when it would end?

"Ke ke, Queen Medusa, don't blame us for not being a gentleman. After all, you are not some weakling. If we don't join hands, it is likely that we would be unable to do anything to you." The flickering gold goose wings on Yan Luo Tian's back were flapped as he laughed toward the solemn Medusa.

"If you want to join hands then just do so. There is no need to find some sad sounding excuse? Aren't you afraid of disgracing your status as the Sect Leader of the Gold Geese Sect?" Medusa coldly laughed. Her words were filled with ridicule.

Yan Luo Tian laughed. However, he was unconcerned with Medusa's ridicule. He clenched his hand and a golden glow appeared. Finally, it transformed into a strange golden-colored longsword. The longsword was covered with goose feathers like sharp thorns.

"Hee hee, Sect Leader Yan, Queen Medusa is not an ordinary person. Even by joining hands, we will not pose much pressure to her…" A Mulan Valley Elder whose robe showed a black bear on it laughed in a somewhat sharp voice while a blood-red glow flickered across his dense eyes.

Yan Luo Tian laughed. His eyes glanced at the enormous Black Mountain Fortress behind only to suddenly speak, "Queen Medusa, all we are after is the Jia Ma Empire. It has not much to do with your Snake-People Race. If you are willing to lead your Snake-People Race away from this place, our three large empires will promise to allow you to reproduce on this plot of land. Why do you wish to join them in their dying struggle?"

Medusa's eyes indifferently swept over him when she heard this. She questioned, "Do you really treat this Queen as a three year old? Isn't saying such things now a little too childish?"

The smile on Yan Luo Tian's face became slightly stiff. He gently shook the goose wing sword in his hand and laughed faintly, "In that case, I will make the Snake-People Race disappear from this northwestern region forever…"

"With you?" Medusa raised her eyebrows. The ridicule on her bewitching face was even greater.

"By the three Elders from the Mulan Valley and me." Yan Luo Tian laughed. He turned his head to the three Elders from the Mulan Valley. "Three Elders, let's do it!"


The three green-robed Elders nodded when they heard this. They immediately took a step back and formed a brilliant formation that could attack and defend. Following the appearance of this formation, three powerful Dou Qis that were green, red, and blue surged out from the bodies of the three of them!

The Dou Qi that surged out did not scatter. Instead, they moved in that formation and rushed out. Finally, the three Dou Qis intertwined with each other and formed a perfect ring that linked the essence of the three of them.

Following the completion of the ring, the robes of the three Elders immediately unleashed an earth-shaking beast roar that was filled with a savage aura. Their clothes flapped and the fierce lion, tiger, and bear turned into a bloody-red energy. The energy surged out and covered the bodies of the three people.

When this blood-red energy surged out, the fighting aura belonging to the three old men also gradually scattered. Replacing them was a frightening aura that was not any weaker than Yan Luo Tian's aura!

"Ke ke, the Mulan Valley's 'Three Beast Savage Skill' is indeed worthy of being a Middle Di Class Qi Method that has been passed down from ancient times. Such a combined body effect is really incomparably marvelous…" Yan Luo Tian immediately laughed out loud as he sensed the majestic aura that was faintly emitting a savage feeling. However, a deep greediness flashed across his eyes while he laughed.

"It is but some fluff. How could it be more intricate than the Sky Walking Goose agility Dou Technique of the Gold Geese Sect…" The blood-red energy wrapped around the three green-robed Elders. Finally, it transformed into a blood-red beast head on their heads. Looking from a distant, the three Elders from the Mulan Valley seemed to have become three half-human half-beast creatures. That voice from earlier had been emitted from the mouth of the old man who had transformed into a tiger-headed human.

Perhaps it was due to the Qi Method but this old man's voice also faintly carried a tiger roar that shook one's soul.

Medusa's eyes were solemn as they swept over the three Elders from the Mulan Valley. She also sighed softly in his heart. A big fight today was indeed unavoidable.

Medusa swiftly focused her mind after she sighed. She tossed aside the distractions in her heart. A majestic seven colored energy surged out from her body like a torrent before turning into a seven colored rainbow that fell from the sky. Her body was in the middle of that rainbow.

Yan Luo Tian's eyes shrank slightly when he saw this aura of Medusa. She was indeed worthy of being an existence who could contend with that abnormal fellow from the poison sect. He admitted that he was inferior to that majestic Dou Qi. However, it was fortunate that he was not alone today…

He quietly gave a look to the three Elders of the Mulan Valley. Immediately, the four people shot out together. They instantly unleashed an earth-shaking Dou Qi that caused a countless number of people below to feel a fear.

Yan Luo Tian's speed was extremely quick. In merely a breath, he had appeared in front of Medusa. The goose wing sword in his hand shook, and the sword shot out like a poisonous serpent. A sharp sword aura caused the surrounding space to fluctuate intensely.

Medusa's expression did not change as she observed this sudden attack. She clenched her delicate hand and a seven colored snake-shaped longsword agglomerated and appeared. She swung her hand and the sword's body was twisted into a strange arc. Its tip went around the goose wing sword on Yan Luo Tian's hand and immediately pushed violently forward!


A frightening force swarmed over from the body of the sword. Yan Luo Tian let out a muffled snort and the large goose wings on his back suddenly flapped. The goose wings immediately became like sharp arrows as they attacked every single part of Medusa's body.

The longsword in Medusa's hand emitted a clear sword whistle as she sensed the cold air around her. The longsword immediately shook and dense afterimages quickly appeared, covering her body within a short instance.

Qiang! Qiang!

The goose wings shot over and smashed against the dense sword images. The sword images swiftly transformed into nothingness as both parties depleted their strength.

The moment the sword images finally transformed into nothingness, Yan Luo Tian's eyes flickered. A seal was formed in his hand and a bright-golden light that contained a powerful energy surfaced in front of him. Finally, it shot toward Medusa, who was close by.

The seven colored sword images flashed. Medusa was just about to receive this attack head-on when a low and deep roar that contained a savage aura suddenly appeared behind her. A sharp fist wind that carried the sharp sound of space-tearing violently appeared.

The sudden sneak attack caused Medusa's face to change a little. She clenched her delicate hand and a seven colored energy swiftly agglomerated. Finally, she violently threw it to her back.


The clear sound of energy exploding suddenly resounded over the sky. Medusa let out a muffled snort in front of a countless number of gazes and her body withdrew over ten steps. On the other hand, Yan Luo Tian and the three Mulan Elders only took two steps back. Clearly, Medusa was at a disadvantage by fighting two people in this exchange by herself.

"Despicable! Fighting two against one and yet you still dare to use a sneak attack!" Hai Bodong and the others on the wall once again let out a furious curse upon seeing this.

"Ha ha, Medusa, it seems that you were seriously injured in your fight with the Sect Leader of the Poison Sect. I want to see just what you can rely on to block us today!" Yan Luo Tian laughed out loud. A joy erupted in his eyes when he learned of Medusa's injuries.

Medusa's face was chilly. She did not argue with him as the Dou Qi in her body galloped like floodwater. The natural energy in the outside world began to fluctuate intensely upon being beckoned by the Dou Qi within her body. From the looks of it, it seemed that she was really planning to go all out.

Yan Luo Tian and those three Mulan Elders were startled when they saw this action of hers. They immediately laughed coldly and began to maneuver the Dou Qi within his body.

A countless number of gazes watched the intense fluctuations of natural energy in the sky. All of them knew that a frighteningly big Dou Zong class battle was about to completely erupt!

"Ugh… things are really bad."

Chapter 761: Fighting Mulan Three Elders

Hai Bodong and the others in the fortress sighed. Medusa had already been injured. Now, she still needed to fight two people on her own. How can this situation be good? However, in this situation, who else could they rely on but her?

The big fight in the sky abruptly erupted while they sighed quietly in their hearts. Just as both parties' energies were about to pull at each other, a faint thunderous roar whizzed down from the sky. A clear laugh mightily resounded.

"Ha ha, how can I, the chief of Yan Alliance, be missing from this big battle?"

A vast and mighty laugh resonated over the sky before finally spreading all over like furious rolling-thunder. It reverberated beside the ears of a countless number of people.

Xiao Ding and the others on the fortress were initially startled upon hearing this somewhat familiar laughter. A wild joy immediately surged within their eyes.

"It's Xiao Yan! This fellow has finally hurried back!" Hai Bodong could not control the excitement in his heart as he laughed out loud.

Jia Xing Tian beside him also quietly wiped off the cold sweat from his forehead. This fellow always liked to appear at the last moment. However, it was fortunate that he had made it in time.

Xiao Ding slowly sagged against the backrest of his wheelchair. He let out a long breath as he said, "We are finally able to resolve this big battle…"

Everyone by his side also sighed in relief and nodded their heads. With Xiao Yan's ability, he would be able to block Yan Luo Tian or the three Mulan Elders if he were to unleash his full strength. Given Medusa's strength, it would not be difficult to defeat the remaining person. Once these two elite Dou Zongs were defeated, the morale of the Jia Ma Empire would definitely soar. They would also truly possess a trump card to contend with the three sects in the future.

That thunderous roar once again sounded while everyone was conversing. Three rays of light rushed over from the sky in front of the eyes of a countless number of people. They appeared in the air above the fortress within a short couple of breaths.

The first of the three people who had appeared was a black-robed, young man. Behind him was a lovely, pretty little girl who had long purple-colored hair as well as a female Snake-Person. They were naturally Xiao Yan, Zi Yan, and Yue Mei who had rushed over.

The fortress immediately erupted into an earth-shaking cheer as they looked at the black-robed, young man in the sky, who had arrived at such a crucial moment. Being people from the Jia Ma Empire, not a single one of them was unfamiliar with this name. Although the Jia Ma Empire had been repeatedly defeated during the big fights in the past year, many people did not give up. This was because they held a faint hope within their hearts. That was the chief of the Yan Alliance, Xiao Yan!

Many placed their hope this young man, who had repeatedly created miracles. They hoped that he would appear and lead the empire out of its plight of destruction.

Now that the person whom they had placed their hopes on in their hearts had appeared, how could these people, who had been pressured by potential destruction until they could hardly breathe, not be crazily excited?

Medusa was startled as she looked at the black-robed, young man who had flashed and appeared. A moment later, she let out a long sigh within her heart. This fellow had finally hurried over… Medusa's body moved while she sighed in relief, appearing beside Xiao Yan. Her eyes swept over the latter as she asked, "Have you broken through?"

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He softly questioned, "You are slightly injured?"

"It is merely a small injury. It's nothing." Medusa's tone was quite careless. Her gaze glanced at Yan Luo Tian and the Mulan Three Elders who had ceased their attacks because of Xiao Yan's appearance. She asked, "Do you have the confidence to stop one of them? Of course, those three old men can only be considered as one."

Xiao Yan smiled when he heard this. He raised his head. His narrowed dark-black pupils swept over Yan Luo Tian's group as he smiled and said, "Aye. You can just relax and choose one. I will take care of the other…"

"Ke ke, what arrogant words. A mere Dou Huang actually dares to make such a bold and outrageous statement in front of us. Aren't you afraid of biting your tongue?" Yan Luo Tian on the other side trembled and laughed coldly upon hearing these words of Xiao Yan.

"Brat, who are you? I advise you not to get involved in a fight of this class. Us three Elders have seen quite a number of haughty young heroes. Unfortunately, none of them have had a good ending." The Mulan Valley Elder who had transformed into a tiger-headed person swept his bloody gaze over Xiao Yan's body. Perhaps it was because their Qi Method had bestowed them an instinct that was even sharper than others of similar class, but he kept feeling that this young man in front of them was unusual. Hence, he could only suppress the bloodthirstiness within his heart and open his mouth to speak in a dark, solemn manner.

Surprise flashed across the eyes of Yan Luo Tian by the side when he heard the words that this tiger-headed Elder said. He immediately re-evaluated Xiao Yan before speaking with a slight frown, "Chief Yan? Are you that chief of the Yan Alliance who has been hiding for an entire year?"

Xiao Yan's finger gently flicked on his sleeves. It was unexpected that his one year retreat was actually seen as miserable hiding in the eyes of the people from the three sects. It seemed that he had the duty of strengthening his name today…

"The two of you should withdraw first." Xiao Yan turned his head over and spoke to Yue Mei and Zi Yan behind him.

"You… can you do it? The other party is equivalent to two elite Dou Zongs." Zi Yan did not hesitate when she heard Xiao Yan's words. She turned around and rushed to the fortress. Yue Mei, on the other hand, hesitated for a moment before speaking. It seemed that from the way she saw it, even though Xiao Yan's strength was quite strong, his was ultimately facing an elite Dou Zong. The gap between a Dou Huang and a Dou Zong…

Xiao Yan merely smiled and waved his hand in the face of Yue Mei's uneasiness. He said, "Relax…"

Yue Mei could only helplessly nod her head when she saw his insistence. When she was withdrawing, her gaze swept over Medusa respectively while her heart quietly wondered why Her Majesty would trust that this fellow could handle an elite Dou Zong.

"Leave Luo Yan Tian to me to deal with. You can block these Mulan Three Elders. Be careful, they know a combined fighting method. When they join together, they are not weaker than an elite Dou Zong." Medusa uttered. Her gaze turned to Yan Luo Tian on the other side after seeing Zi Yan and Yue Mei withdrawing.

Although Yan Luo Tian and the Mulan Three Elders had the strength to be able to fight against an elite Dou Zong, the former ultimately had genuine strength while the latter could only rely on their Qi Method in order to mysteriously merge their strength. If one were to compare them, the latter were undoubtedly easier to deal with. Hence, Medusa also handed this slightly easier opponent to Xiao Yan.

"Yes." Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He glanced at the three Mulan Elders. They wore three ferocious and savage beast heads over their human heads. He said, "You can just relax and deal with that Yan Luo Tian. These three people will no longer bother you even a little."

Yan Luo Tian's face clearly trembled upon seeing Medusa's gaze locking onto him. He immediately laughed dryly, "Since you wish to allow this youngling to go and court death, we will accept it reluctantly." He turned his head to the three Mulan Elders after saying this and spoke with a sinister voice, "Three Elders, it should not be too much of a problem dealing with a little Dou Huang brat, right?"

That tiger-headed Elder hesitated for a moment when he heard this. Finally, he nodded and said, "Although this brat is a little strange, we should be able to finish him off within ten exchanges. After which, we will help you deal with Medusa."

Although Xiao Yan in front of them gave them an unusual feeling, the former was a Dou Huang no matter how one put it. In these many years, the number of elite Dou Huangs who were killed by their hands was something that they could not count even with two hands. Hence, they did not truly place Xiao Yan in their hearts.

Yan Luo Tian finally nodded with satisfaction when he heard the tiger-headed Elder's words. His gaze swept toward Medusa as he coldly laughed. A majestic Dou Qi explosively surged out from his body and the large goose wings on his back were flapped. He actually took the lead to attack Medusa.

"Be careful." Medusa's face was serious when she saw Yan Luo Tian's actions. She turned her head and reminded Xiao Yan before suddenly rushing out. When her body was rushing past Xiao Yan, she clearly sensed a round object being stuffed into her palm. Xiao Yan's laughter sounded beside her ear while she was hesitating, "Consume it. It will allow you to recover from your injuries at a faster pace. You will also be less worried when you fight."

Medusa was slightly stunned. A smile that was undetectable immediately surfaced on her cold pretty face. She swiftly stuffed the medicinal pill into her mouth and her eyes once again returned to being sharp and stern. Her body shot out and met with Yan Luo Tian.

A powerful energy ripple erupted when the two figures made contact. Perhaps it was because both of them wanted to pull their battle circle away, but their two bodies drifted for some distance during their lightning-like exchange, leaving behind sufficient space for Xiao Yan and the three Mulan Elders.

Xiao Yan's gaze swept over the battleground where a frighteningly powerful ripple was spreading. He immediately glanced at the three Mulan Elders in front of him as a bizarre look flashed across his eyes. The Gold Silver Brothers from the 'Black-Corner Region' were able to rely on their seamless Qi Method to battle an elite Dou Zong because they were twins. Yet, these three people in front of them had clearly acquired the skill from training. However, this kind of fighting method had extremely harsh training requirements. It was also unusually troublesome to groom. One must overcome various limitations. However, if one managed to groom a group, their fighting strength would indeed be extremely frightening.

"Hee hee. It is unexpected that a little brat like this is actually the chief of the Yan Alliance. No wonder the Jia Ma Empire ended up in such a state…" The lion-headed Elder's dark, cold gaze swept over Xiao Yan. He involuntarily shook his head and let out a cold laugh.

"Don't waste your breath. Quickly finish him off. Yan Luo Tian alone will have difficulty dealing with Medusa." The tiger-headed Elder spoke in a deep voice.

The other two Elders nodded. They laughed coldly and their strengths began to merge together. A majestic Dou Qi immediately erupted and swept over the sky.

"It is indeed a Dou Zong class aura…"

Xiao Yan raised his brows as he sensed this aura. He did not expect that he would meet such a strong person just after he had broken through to the next class. The other party was really a good opponent.

The people on the fortress held their breaths as they stared at both parties who were facing off against each other in the sky. Xiao Yan's ability to delay the three Mulan Elders would be the most crucial factor of this battle!

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