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Chapter 751

Chapter 751: Deep Spiritual Observation

After Medusa left, the valley became completely silent. The space lock in the sky had caused the small valley to become a place that was isolated from the outside world. No one would accidently charge into this quiet ground.

However, other than the lack of sound Medusa departure did not so much as cause a wave within the valley. That pile of rock fragments over the entrance of the cave still did not have any response. The enormous light cocoon within the valley similarly showed no sign of breaking through. Although it appeared similar to the past, any person with extremely strong spiritual perception would be able to discover that these two unusually powerful auras were quietly being concealed, awaiting the moment they would be reborn.

Although the valley had reared some Magical Beasts, they did not dare to take even half a step into the deep valley because of the pressure that the light cocoon faintly emitted. They also did not dare to emit a roar that was too loud, afraid they would disturb the existence that filled them with great fear.

Hence, the deep part of the valley had turned into one where humans and beasts were rare. The wild grass in the valley rapidly grew under the influence of the dense energy. In the end, the wild grass swept over the light cocoon. It continued to intertwine to form a green-colored web around the mountain cave and the light cocoon. In this way, a desolation was added to this valley. Only the enormous colorful energy swirl in the mid-air was emitting some life.

Time swiftly flowed past within this deep valley that was isolated from the outside world. One day after another past. Spring disappeared and autumn arrived. Without realizing it, around half a year had past since Medusa had left. By counting the time that past, Xiao Yan’s and Zi Yan’s retreats had nearly reached a year. Although such a long time was exhausted, there was still not the slightest unusual activity from the valley. The desolate quiet valley seemed to have quietly forgotten about them.

Medusa did not return during this half a year. No one knew what happened to her…

Wild grass was still growing all over the place within the deep valley. If no accident were to occur, it would soon occupy the entire mountain valley within a short period of time. Finally, it would follow the mountain wall and climbed out, appearing like blind green snake as it spread out.

Time quietly flowed by within the desolate, deep valley. On a certain day, a slight unusual movement that was different than the usual monotony finally appeared in the deep valley. One could see that large energy swirl that was slowly rotating in the sky suddenly began to gradually cease spinning. Majestic energy poured down like a storm before finally transforming into two mountainous torrent-like energy pillars. One of these energy pillars charged into the valley, which was now hidden by the wild grass, while the other landed on the light cocoon, which was covered by wild grass.

These two energy pillars that were over ten feet large cut through the air. The air emitted a sharp-tearing sound as they did so. From this, it was sufficient to see just what kind of enormous energy was contained within these two energy pillars. Under such a large amount of energy, the wild grass within the valley suddenly withered at a speed visible to the naked eye. Within a couple of short breaths, it completely returned to how it was before. The large purple-colored light cocoon in the valley and the mountain cave blocked with rock fragments slowly reappeared.

One of the two enormous energy pillars entered the light cocoon while the other entered the cave. They immediately ceased having any other unusual movements after that.

The energy swirl in the air had already completely disappeared. The intense natural energy in the valley also gradually returne

d to its normal state. From the looks of the situation, it seemed that the two fellows who required an enormous amount of energy had already reached a stage where they were full.

The light cocoon within the valley turned an increasingly deeper color after absorbing that enormous energy pillar. Some strange seals gradually appeared on the surface of the light cocoon. The glows that were gradually emitted from these seals appeared to be quite mysterious.

There was no other activity after this change occurred within the valley. In the blink of an eye, another half a month past. Within the cave, whose entrance was firmly blocked by a pile of rock fragments, the eyes that had been shut for nearly one year finally shook a little as they slowly opened!

A storm full of lightning flashed through his dark-black eyes one bolt after another as they opened. At that moment, even the air within the solemn mountain cave emitted a slight crackling sound.

A majestic aura that had been silent for nearly one year finally became like a fierce tiger following the opening of his eyes. He slowly raised his head, faced the sky and emitted an earth-shaking roar.

Even the mountain cave began to shake under the majestic aura that was more than a couple of times stronger than before. Numerous thick arm-sized crack lines spread out like spiderwebs from the spot where the black-robed, young man sat with his legs crossed. Finally, they spread over every single corner of the cave.


The slight sound suddenly appeared while the black-robed, young man was seated on the green rock. Immediately, numerous tiny crack lines appeared. After which, they swiftly spread over the entire green rock before the green rock burst apart. It transformed into a countless number of fragments amid a low and deep rumble.

The black-robed, young man seated on the green rock did not move even a little despite it bursting apart. Both of his legs were suspended on empty air and he continued to remain afloat in the air in this matter without borrowing any external strength.

“This… is the strength of a Dou Huang huh…”

Xiao Yan’s hand slowly moved. He sensed the majestic mountainous torrent-like Dou Qi erupting within his body. A faint arc seeped out from the corner of his mouth. At this moment, a kind of heroic feeling of having everything held in one’s hand surfaced within his heart. A powerful Spiritual Strength swept out in a lightning-like manner and spread in all directions like a storm with his body at the middle.

The powerful Spiritual Strength was swiftly spread out of the cave and wrapped the entire valley within it. Using the Spiritual Strength to scan the place, Xiao Yan was able to see an enormous purple-colored light cocoon within the valley. Moreover, since he was relying on the sensitive Spiritual Strength, he could vaguely sense a powerful life being agglomerated within the cocoon!

The Spiritual Strength spread to the valley. However, it did not stop because of this. Instead, it continued to head for the enormous Magical Beast Mountain Range and spread over it. Following the spreading of his Spiritual Strength, a countless number of scenes were reflected within Xiao Yan’s head. Of course, there were quite a large number of powerful Magical Beasts within the Magical Beast Mountain Range. Hence, this overbearing spiritual scanning by Xiao Yan did not escape their notice. It was because of this that the vast mountain range immediately began to emit numerous earth-shaking furious roars. Countless numbers of low rank Magical Beasts began to tremble amid these roars.

Despite being able to sense Xiao Yan’s spiritual scan, most of these powerful Magical Beasts, with the exception of those that possessed special abilities, were unable to cause much damage to Xiao Yan’s spirit. Therefore, Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength did not receive even the slightest attack during this overbearing scan of the place.

The majestic Spiritual Strength spread over a fifty kilometer radius. However, this seemed to be the hard limit. As a result, Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength had difficulty advancing even an inch after having spread to encompass a mountain. Xiao Yan’s mind moved upon seeing this. The Spiritual Strength that had spread out began to shrink in a lightning-like manner like floodwater. With a couple of breaths, it had completely shrunk back into his body.

Xiao Yan lifted his head slightly after the Spiritual Strength completely returned to his body. He let out a long breath and had just wanted to try to converge his Spiritual Strength deep within him when a thought suddenly struck him. His finger gently touched the dense white fire imprint on his forehead. Some unknown trembling quietly appeared deep within his spirit.

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of moist air. His eyes flickered slightly before they immediately narrowed. His mind suddenly moved and a majestic Spiritual Strength once again swept out. However, it did not spread out this time around. Instead, it rushed into that fire seal on his forehead!

Xiao Yan Spiritual Strength had just charge into the fire seal when a low, deep, muffled sound exploded with a ‘bang’ within his mind. Immediately, his eyes turned black and a small path that was formed from dense white flames appeared in front of him. There was a deep bottomless darkness on the two sides of the small path.

There seemed to be no end to the small flame path at a glance. Xiao Yan’s body moved and did not hesitate as he rushed down the small flame path. When the Spiritual Strength from earlier had reached a certain point, his usage of his Spiritual Strength appeared to be much clearer…

The small path was indeed long. However, under the speed of his Spiritual Strength, which was faster than lightning, it only required over ten minutes before a flame hole appeared at the end of the small flame path. Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength trembled slightly before ruthlessly charging over.

Xiao Yan’s spirit charged into the fire hole. The glaring dense white flame suddenly disappeared. Replacing it was an extremely pressuring darkness. This dark place seemed to be an enormous hall. The hall was so wide that it was somewhat frightening. A stone pillar that was over a thousand feet long reached into the sky as it supported this unusually large hall. This hall was covered with a countless number of clusters of light wrapped within a jade-green glow. Xiao Yan’s spirit swept over them and was shocked to realize that those clusters of light actually contained a living spiritual body within each of them.

Xiao Yan’s spirit rolled intensely because of this shocking scene. His spirit swiftly swept over the place. A moment later, his shock suddenly agglomerated on a cluster of jade-green light that was near the middle spot of the large hall. Within it was an old man who had his eyes tightly shut. The thing that caused a storm to brew within Xiao Yan’s heart was that this old man was Yao Lao who had been captured by the ‘Hall of Souls’!

“This is… is the ‘Hall of Souls’?”

Xiao Yan’s spirit emitted a dull voice. The moment his voice had just sounded, the space in front of him suddenly fluctuated. Immediately, the space blasted apart like a broken mirror. A frightening Spiritual Strength that even the space could not withstand carrying an unusually dense darkness suddenly erupted. Mere contact with it shattered the spiritual remnant of Xiao Yan into nothingness!

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